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Found 13 results

  1. Explorers Abridged aims to take the games premise and just steer everything in the worst direction imaginable. Main focus is on comedy, gameplay is also harder than base game. Also, there's a LOT of vulgar language. Probably not best for people who are uncomfortable with the such. Only first 3 chapters are currently edited. Video of all the cutscenes is here. Oh yeah, only Charmander (Player) and Bulbasaur (Partner) are playable, cause otherwise it would make even less sense than it does now LOL
  2. PRESENTATION Hello everyone! Here is the presentation of my rom hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Heaven. I've always loved Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but I was always frustrated by the lack of difficulty, and the fact that the game was finishable without using all the QoL offered by the game, like IQ, linked moves and other mechanics. After discovering SkyTemple, I tried to create my own rom hack, and finally get the game I always wanted to play. With Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Heaven, you can expect : - Choose your difficulty - New starters and new Pokemon from generations 5 to 8. - New dungeons, boss battles and items. - The fairy type added. - Mega Evolution - Shiny Hunting - And other features. A secondary version "Explorers of Hell" also exists, and is available by joining the discord. This one has all the dialogues modified with dark humor, so if you are sensitive, I don't recommend you to play it. In this thread, I will present you some new features, you will also have some screenshots of the game, and you will have some data related to the game, like the list of legendary Pokémon that can be found with the mystery part/secret slab or the list of new attacks. First of all, I want to thank the whole SkyTemple team, this would not have been possible without their engine and hard work. I also want to thank the spriters without whom the new Pokémon could not have appeared in my game. Finally, I would like to thank Mond who generally helped me a lot in the creation of my rom hack. He also created his rom hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Alpha, I invite you all to go and see his project. Remember to talk to the Porygon2 in the game crossroad for a detailed list of spécial thanks. FEATURES AND NEW MECHANICS Random features : New gameplay mechanics : New Pokémon : New moves : MASTER PLAYER USEFUL DATA Pokemon shiny location : Location of Pokemon found with the Mystery Part / Secret Slab : All IQ Groups in Heaven and Hell (Thanks to Picalex) : Pokemon Locations (Thanks to Migo) : Général Guide (Thanks to Smash) : SCREENSHOTS : New title screen : New starters / partners : Examples of new boss battles : New shiny Pokémon : Master Player & Difficulties : Old PMD Games ref : Other Screens : SPECIAL THANKS Thanks to the spriters for making the portraits of the old and new Pokémon, as well as for the sprites of the Pokémon from generation 5 to 8 : Thanks to all the SkyTemple team and its community for their help, especially : Thanks to the beta testers for spotting the problems of the game, as well as for helping me with the dialogues : Thanks to Fke for designing the text box and the teams stats. Thanks also to all those I didn't mention. Thanks also to all those who followed the progress of the game and who supported the project since the beginning. It's thanks to your messages and your support that I had the motivation to work for several months on this game, so a huge thank you to you, and I hope you will like the result. DOWNLOAD & DISCORD You will need to patch a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sky Explorer US rom. Avoid using savestates to apply future patches. In the file, you will have a tutorial to patch your rom. Joining the discord will be essential for your adventure. Indeed, you will find there the rom for Explorers of Hell, an active community, guides, information, news about the next updates, and especially: You can try the Master Player challenge! So think about joining us if you want to try the adventure! Here is the link : https://discord.gg/6QbPHYZDtg f
  3. I gotten 392 followers on twitter. to show my thanks and support i made a thank you pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky rom hack i going post it on my twitter but i am sharing it on here too. there now game play in this hack, out my rom hack and merry Christmas and i hope you enjoy 2023 this hack is intended for my twitter followers but thank you for downloading it too. here are some imgs and the download for the rom hack is under them. Here is The Download Link
  4. PMD totodile splash is PMD explores of sky hack made with skytemple about two totodiles who want splash in puddles. can you make a big splash in the rain storm? here is the download for totodile splash
  5. welcome PMD soulless life fans. yes i feel safe posting this hack on here now. PMD soulless life is a rom hack i made for the 2th skytemple hack jam. the creator of skytemple sufferd play my rom hack and people hated it but it now has 97 downloads since of other websites like marius's hack archive website or people just sharing the download link. it is time to share it with you people now. enjoy suffering with capypara. Here is a Link for PMD soulless life 3.7.1
  6. PMD swim in Glass of orange Juice is a PMD explores of sky rom hack what was made for national orange juice day but i finished the hack earlyer then spectated. enjoy swiming in glass of orange juice and stop miltank from replacing it with milk! can you drink all the orange juice before the miltank ruin it? PMD swim in a glass of orange juice download link artwork on hack page is created by @faikuuuu on twitter.
  7. PMD banana is a old PMD sky rom hack i made, i remember it being on here and on other websites but i must of been mistaken or they been removed... so i am posting it now on here. PMD banana is hack about two stoping cheaters from using glitches and using cheats for there own gain. there tons of weird new creatures in this rom hack. Download link here
  8. PMD penguin remaster is a remaster of hack what was never summit to skytemple but was on other websites but now what i fixed soem issues and had Adex and funnykecelonmeme playtest i have figured out the issues. this has Made since people were harming penguins on youtube and show them being harmed and some people found funny. so back then i made this hack out of anger did not find them making jokes about penguin death funny. so i still think harming creatures is not funny or making jokes about killing them your self! but enjoy this short rom hack what is 90% finished. and this last hack i be summiting today, so no other ones coming out today. https://www.mediafire.com/file/rl29ezvzpgj0sp2/PMD_penguin_Remaster_V1.0.xdelta/file
  9. so before news of 3rd hack jam came out i was working on a other project and since my hack project is wait for rom hack tester i choosed to finish PMD Hey Hey Hey. PMD Hey Hey Hey is short hack about two corphish's who want praised and be loved by everyone! so Hey all hail corphish the best water type pokemon ever. https://www.mediafire.com/file/rfgnm0g0ow6swu3/PMD_Hey_Hey_Hey_1.0.xdelta/file
  10. thanks for all the support and since people loved the first one so much i made PMD soulless two. pls enjoy! https://www.mediafire.com/file/mt1gg6y6kxoa3n3/PMD+Soulless+two.xdelta/file
  11. This is a Short hack i Made For Mario Day! Help a Boo and Trapinch stop enemies and get out of the dungeon without dying from worms. PMD_Boo_Day_1.0.xdelta
  12. PMD family day appears is a short hack about pokemon who want to spend there having relaxing family time in the park but Pokemon start ruining there fun! can you stop everyone from ruining your day off? PMD family Day 1.0.1  2023 family day update PMD_The_Family_Day_1.0.xdelta
  13. Version Actually second version...


    This is the save for Team Lovestruck. The reason I am posting this is because I am developing a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game for Windows, Team Lovestruck will be seen in this game. Team Lovestruck consist of 4 members: Leader - Alyx, Lucario, Lvl 100 Partner 1 - Tori, Gallade, Lvl 100 Partner 2 - Ally, Pikachu, Lvl 100 Partner 3 - Holly, Buneary, Lvl 100 Team Info: All members know Attract All members are Level 100 Team is Hyper Rank All members are Female Most members are at full IQ The game I'm developing is called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate of the Shooting Star I am lead developer but the game will belong to Wolf Game, Our website can be found here Wolf Game Official Website I am not releasing spoilers... This save is currently only usable by DeSmuME, To use this save rename the file to whatever your rom name of PMD Sky is and then place this file inside the Battery folder located in the folder where DeSmuME is located.
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