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Found 13 results

  1. Hello guys. This is my first post, and I'm very new to script. So, I want some help from you all. Question: What is a "CommonScript" I think this command should be related to some events/stories tbh. For example, "CommonScript 2036" and "CommonScript 2038" in script#1 of a Script File 842. (First ever event on overworld) It's the actual thing, see below Script 1: MecScript LockAll Movement Player Action#1 Movement Overworld.0 Action#2 WaitMovement CommonScript 2036 WaitTime 30 0x800C Movement Overworld.0 Action#3 WaitMovement TextPlayerName 0 GenderMessage 0 1 SetFlag 283 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 2 SetFlag 284 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 3 SetFlag 285 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 4 SetFlag 286 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 5 CloseMessage WaitTime 15 0x800C Movement Overworld.0 Action#4 WaitMovement CommonScript 2038 SetVar 0x4106 1 ReleaseAll End As you see, after those two movements ended, a script will run "CommonScript 2036" obviously. And at the top of the bottom four line does "CommonScript 2038". Of course, I tried these commands for original event script but...It hasn't been worked. Now I have absolutely no idea how are they working. Anyway, thank you for watching my dodgy english writing and teeching me everything what you know
  2. I have created a new scripting language for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. This will make editing scripts much easier and far more intuitive than before. So far only the decompiler is done which converts the raw binary data into human readable .xds scripts. It's quite a big project on it's own so I felt it needed a thread to collect input and document its progress. For now I have dumped every script in the game and uploaded them here: Pokemon XD .xds files A syntax highlighting scheme and a colour scheme for the Sublime Text 3 text editor developed just for .xds files are also included. There are still a lot of undocumented classes and functions in XD's script engine which have just been given default names for now. If you notice any patterns and think you've figured out what a function does then please let me know. Major thanks to @Tux for originally disassembling the scripts in XD. The decompiler is based on his tool. XD Script
  3. I was wondering if it's possible to create a script that reads PK6 files data and puts them in a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Excel)? I'm actually trying to organize my pokemon in a spreadsheet, grabbing the information manually from PKHex. I have more than a thousand pokemon, so I thought that a little automatization would help a lot. If anyone is curious, here's a template https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iQ7AXuvWvheHCwQsgfysnbMGEqJsVuurhTR3b1ZdKiQ/edit?usp=sharing I have absolutely no real coding experience, but this can be a good weekend project to get my mind off real stuff. Thanks in advance for any direction.
  4. This thread is for general help with PPRE Scripts. Do not ask for additions to be made to PPRE. We know that PPRE's script compiler has many flaws, so try and bear with us. You can read about the other PPRE business here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?303-PPRE-Project-Pokemon-s-ROM-Editor. If you need help for a thread, try and do some of it on your own. This is not a script request thread.
  5. I have come to a roadblock in the development of my project. You see, I want to add move legendary pokemon encounters into the game, but if the species isn't already registered as a special encounter, e.g. White/Black Kyurem, Landorus, Musketeers, it will play the standard wild battle music by default. I have a couple questions: How do I indicate/program a special encounter marker? Do I have to edit over an encounter marker? Can I accomplish this easier through scripting? On a side note, If I were to edit the species of an already existing stationary encounter, how would I go about doing so? and yet another question: Can I add roaming encounters similar to Tornadus/Thundurus in Black and White? I know this is a lot to ask, but if this is possible, my project can be extremely better than it is now.
  6. Hi, I need some help, I dont understand some things with adding NPC. I know only how to add NPC with NPCE tool and via HxD editor, but I dont know what to do to speak with that NPC :C 1. For example I want to add NPC in Aspertia City [Overworld 163] X=52, Y=740 2. Next I want to talk with that NPC, but I dont know how to do that :C 3. When I will put that NPC I want to use "Script Event" what I found on this forum: 4. I analized all script and I dont understand these codes: 6D 00 0A 00 74 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00 Move Kyogre to spot 6D 00 0B 00 76 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00 Move PlasmaM to spot 6D 00 0C 00 78 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00 Move PlasmaF to spot 6D 00 0D 00 7A 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00 Move Groudon to spot Can someone explain me what each code does? If someone know how to add NPC and put that event in "Aspertia City" as I want, can someone give me Raw Script? I dont understand this lesson "NPC Manipulation (Add / Remove / MOVE)" on this thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?29456-B2W2-Scripting-Thread There is something like this: 0069 CreateNPC - u16: X coordinate - u16: Y coordinate - u16: Face direction - u16: Overworld ID - u16: Sprite Number - u16: Movement Permission 69 00 01 00 02 00 03 00 41 00 53 00 02 00 make NPC @ (X,Y)=(1,2) facing Right, NPC ID=0x41, sprite=SuitMan, looks around randomly but I dont understand it where I should put these codes, in which narc and in which place in HxD???? Please help :C
  7. Can anyone make an easier tutorial about moving a Npc?? Including an example like moving/walk a npc from xy position to xy position in normal/standard speed pls help
  8. Hi, is there a way to make a flag random turn on?? I want to make appear a npc but making it flag turn on randomly...
  9. Hi, does anyone knows if exists a script that save the game without ask to the player, i want to force the saving after the player receives a pokémon but idk how
  10. So im trying to make a ROM Hack(with the ROM Pokemon Fire Red). I have tried to learn how to script, but it never works, I have always been better at making the maps, so i need someone that can script really well. So these are the positions i need: Scripter (must be able to do lots of complicated thing, like events, ect.): 2-3 people Advance Maper (must know your way around adv map): 3-5 people Person that can make a title screen (From when you turn on the game to all the way until you press START): 1 person (YOU MUST HAVE EXPERINCE IN DOING THIS!) Tester: 2-3 Tile editor: 1 Name Maker (you will make names for the cities and the region): 1-2 Sprite maker: 2-4 Oh and it would be helpful if you know how to use Adcance Map. If you decide to help me, you WILL GET CREDIT!! So if your going to help me PM me. Thanks -PEPITO1O1O
  11. i noticed the php tags and my question is... what php commands are allowed cause i know some php scripting so i might be able to create a little quiz or some thing like that...
  12. *Edit* Never mind, I figured out the issue and it works now. But, I still can't quite get the IV out of a PID. Could someone that knows make a quick guide how you turn PID into IV? I know and I read on smogon.com about it but it was still complicated to me. I bet you want a taste, well here you go: http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/pid/?tid=28404&sid=20506&max=20 Basically tid is trainer id, sid is secret id and max is how many results to show. It caps at 5000 because my PHP script can not allocate more space in the memory buffer. It's like a simpler version of the PID calculation program, at least I try to make it like that.
  13. Did anyone else notice how terrible the English script of Platinum is? I tried to play it when it came out, and I couldn't even make it past Sandgem without vowing to never leave my Japanese version again. I'll post some examples a bit later... But anything the professor says just sounds completely unnatural, and things that he and Dawn say were obviously taken as literal translations from the Japanese... "Please let me pass," she says, as she walks away. What kind of English-speaking 10 year old talks like that unless there's some kind of giant bouncer blocking their way?! I think "Excuse me" or ANYTHING ELSE would have been more natural. The translation seemed to be so poorly done that for a second I thought my copy of the game had been switched with someone's terrible fan-translation. Don't even get me started on all the lame internet memes that the super-nerd translators snuck in there. Did anyone else feel like the English was really unnatural?? Also, do you remember if it was the same script as Diamond and Pearl? I'll replay the intro to Diamond a little later to see if I can find out, but let's discuss this .... issue... here.
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