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Found 17 results

  1. I'd like to know what's the best way to transfer my Pkm (I have VC Gen1-2 legit .cias, Gen3 .GBA roms converted into .cias, Gen4-5 .nds roms and Gen6-7 .3ds converted into .cias // that's the best way or can and should play them in .3ds?) from any gen to any gen using PkHex (or maybe Pksm?). Any uselful guide explaining how to do it? Thanks.
  2. I've read few topics where it was stated that it is possible to link CFW and OFW (emunand and sysnand). Is there anywhere a guide how to do that? If it is just a bug and not a feature then I have another question. I modchiped my switch just to run some save editing in pokemon. Nothing really big. I wanna just edit few files to adjust a couple of mons that I already have. Is installing cfw on sysnand safe to use online? I wanna just use a checkpoint or JKSV. I saw some topics where it was claimed to do that way and not really worry about it and the other where it was said to not go online, ever. If it's not possible to make that - is there a way to enable cfw on sysnand and then disable it and go back to ofw and go full legit and online? I suspect if I take nand backup before cfw then enable it and then restore backup thhen my save file gonna be reversed to original form. I have no knowledge on modding the switch. I managed to do that with 3ds but it was way easier and less convoluted. Have a nice day and thank you, sorry for taking your time, SJLS
  3. Hi all, This is my first post and I really need help. I started a Platinum playthrough on my computer which I enjoyed more than my original. As such, I want to transfer the data from DesMuMe to my original NDS cartridge using 3ds homebrew (Checkpoint). Although I'm fairly new to this type of stuff, I read a few guides and got the homebrew launching successfully,; however, something went wrong when I restored the new .sav on Checkpoint... Whenever I boot the game cart, all I can see is a black screen which lasts for about a minute before reloading the 3ds menu. I tried restoring the original .sav, but I still get the same crash. So here's my question: 1) Can my Pokemon Platinum cart be restored original functionality? How? 2) How do I transfer my DesMuMe save to the DS gamecart? All saves work on DesMuMe when I import them. I used the Export backup save function to convert the .dsv to .sav (RAW and NO$GBA), but I'm not sure if these files need formatting before restoring them to the original cart. Anyway, I'm more concerned that my Platinum is permanently broken... Please help me out.
  4. I'm having a ARM11 error on my 3ds. So, I followed the site instructions to use PKHeX and Homebrew. It's working fine with my pokemon Ultra Moon (downloaded software) but when I try to open my Omega Ruby (physical copy) I get a ARM11 crash. I already tried to use a backup save and even deleting the entire save, but nothing seems to work. I have some crash dump files if needed. Also, I tested the game on my brother's 3ds (no custom firmware) and it works just fine. crash_dump_00000000.dmp
  5. Version 0.3.0.RC1


    Utility to read and write save data to and from gba games. Created By pokedoc Changelog - Initial release Version 0.1.1 (12-7-2010) - Fix broken restore sequence (you now need to press (B) on the start screen, instead of (A)) - Fixes and improvements to the restore function (verifies that .sav size >= save chip size, and that a save chip is present at all) Version 0.2 (12-30-2010) - Add an ini file (using libini by Simon White); drop it in the same directory as the homebrew or in the root folder if it does not work - Add Wifi backup/restore mode (using ftplib by Thomas Pfau) - Add File browsing - Add (very experimental) Slot-2 Flash Card detection routine. If this works as expected, I will add a full Slot-2 based backup mechanism later. - (hopefully) fix some issues with the EZFlash 3in1 Version 0.2.1 (1-9-2011) - Definitely fix issues with EZFlash 3in1 mode on the EZFlash Vi (and probably several other cards as well). Version 0.2.2 (2-12-2011) - Fix more glitches with older EZFlash 3in1s. Enable 1-pass restore process. - Add safety mechanism for WiFi restore process; if the file transfer fails, nothing will be deleted. Version 0.2.3 (3-4-2011) - Fix a 3in1 backup bug introduced with 0.2.2, dumping works again. - Improves stability of the WiFi backup/restore processes. The program will no longer freak out if something interferes with the transfer. - Adds partial GBA backup/restore mode (EEPROM is not supported yet). Version 0.2.4 (4-10-2011) - Modify 3in1 backup path so that it supports 3in1 with dead battery. - Make it clearer when FTP mode has hit a small delay and the program is trying to continue. - Program now makes use of lower screen for most messages, which allows longer, more detailled messages. - Adds a Readme file/Manual to the program. Version 0.3.0 RC1 (8-14-2011) This is the first non-beta, feature complete release. It implements everything I know how to do. From now on, progress will be much slower (i.e. only when somebody figures out something new). If you want to start your own fork, this is the perfect time - there will be no more significant updates in the forseeable future (except for bug fixes and new translations). - Adds the ability to translate most parts of the user interface. - Adds Slot 2 backup mode (you will need a Slot 2 flash card; anything that has a DLDI driver should be supported). - Enables FTP restore mode for saves bigger than the memory buffer (usually 2 MB), it now uses multiple passes in this case. - Various stability fixes, especially aimed for R4 clones. - Many behind-the scenes improvements aimed to simplify further hacking. - Instruction file is no longer beta.
  6. 1. I downloaded the TWLSaveTool .zip file and extracted it to the root of my microSD card. 2. I also downloaded the .cia file and left it in microSD/cias/TWLSaveTool.cia 3. I switched to my 2DS XL with pokemon dream radar installed. Then I launched homebrew but TWL save tool had an undecipherable caption and lauching it only loaded one line of text (see pictures provided.) After that. the only thing i can do is power off my 2DS which leads to the picture provided that starts with "An exception occurred." 4. Since homebrew didnt work, i tried installing the .cia file now using fbi first and then dev menu. I got the TWLSaveTool to appear on the home menu but launching it results in the scenario i mentioned; black screen with one line of text. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? CHECK VIDEO PROVIDED AS WELL OF MY 3DS MICRO SD CARD. 20190513_203832.mp4
  7. Im trying to save edit pokemon heartgold on my 3ds using checkpoint to back up data and pokegen to edit. However, when i transfer the save to my computer, pokegen doesnt recognize it. Im sure that im using the correct .sav file and that checkpoint is fully updated. My pkmn heartgold is not bootleg either. I tried loading somebody else's save on pokegen and it worked, so i figured that there's something wrong with what i did. Any suggestions? Ive been trying to get this to work for a while, so any help would be appreciated.
  8. Soooooooooooo...I recently just did the system 3ds update (even tho my gut told me not to) and guess what happened? I can't access homebrew through 3ds sound anymore. Great >__> I can still make pkmn on my laptop which is great but I can't transfer them into game anymore >__< Basically the lesson learned is don't update your 3ds. Ever.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hello readers! Here is another file by me for rom hacking. It is a hybrid Parody of the Windows 8 Internet Explorer logo and the GBA e-Reader logo. As both things died out with a bad reputation, and are significantly different from this, I did no wrong. I also used a Public Domain Wikipedia version of Internet Explorer's Metro Logo, which I modded in GNU Inkscape with 2 simple polygons, (a circle and rectangle,) so as to resemble both logos as an allusion to the Mobile System GB, which had webmail ability. I feel that this makes a perfect joke, and I colored it to black to avoid robots falsely flagging it as copyrighted, when I made it using PD resources to resemble abandoned tech, therefore resulting in no legal trouble. It is in SVG vector format at 256x256, so it will need to be rasterized and recolored to blue to work in a hack before resizing. It cannot go as small as the original, but it is still able to go down to 32 or 64x instead of 16x. It also works at 1bpp, so use as you wish. I offer it as Public Domain under Creative Commons CC-0 PD Dedication. Use it for making distro cards, custom pokedex cards, DS homebrew for Lites with E-readers, and Gamecube Homebrew with anything you want on the cards. This will disclaim it from a real card due to its shape.
  10. Is it possible to use a Homebrew application to gen whatever Pokémon you want for Gen 4/5, I do not have CFW.
  11. I tried using the TLW save manager to backup a save, gen pokemon, then restore it. I did this twice, on two different games (black, white2). When i opened both after restoring, they would load in but only with a black screen nothing else. Im not changing the name of the save at all. I believe im doing everything required, as I've been told by another genner. Any ideas? If you dont have a clue why thats happening, what do you suggest i get so that I can gen in Generation 5 games via pkhex?
  12. rickandmorty100yrs


    Hi everyone I'm having installing pKhex into my 3ds. I just recently purchased a 3ds with the software need to pkhex, but pkhex was not installed into the 3ds. I tried going through the steps of installing it myself but to no success. If there anyone that can help please reply it'll be deeply appreciated.
  13. I am so tired of this homebrew bs, I haven't been able to use PkHex for months because of it. I now have to get the homebrew to use PkHex but the problem is you need a hard copy of Ocarina of Time 3D which I don't have and I don't have the money to go buy one so I can't use PkHex. Seriously who came up with homebrew cause it's a dumb idea. Please please please please bring back the old PkHex, that was just fine.
  14. I could not really find the answer I am looking for so I thought I would post in here. So today I downgraded my old 3ds to version 9.2 and tried following to get PKHex to work but when I try to open the internet browser it just says communication failure.So I read more info and I see that I should be opening all of this in Homebrew and trying like that but in the Homebrew menu there is no option to open my game from the cartridge as well as the internet browser is not an option to open so I do not understand the steps to open from Homebrew when I cant open my game from it. I was wondering if I am missing any steps or am I just dumb haha. I deleted emunand because I used that to backup my 3ds so I cannot find the problem. Or does this way not work anymore? If you need any photos or anything I can post them. Josh Edit: Tried RAM2Sav and same thing. Here is a screen shot of my root folder Here is a screen shot of my 3ds folder Edit 2: Here is a picture of my current version.
  15. Hey Guys, I made a tutorial the other day for using PKHex and Tubehax to inject Pokemon Showdown sets straight into Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Check it out! [video=youtube;R90RindjJFg]
  16. I'm getting an M3i Zero, and I'm looking for good homebrew games and apps. So, any suggestions?
  17. Because the AR changes values in the DS's RAM, would it theoretically be possible to launch homebrew (that dosn't have DLDI support) after converting it to code format? My trainer toolkit broke long ago, so could someone who has one look into it?
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