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  1. We know pk3DS is able to edit moves. It also is able to edit the type chart. But the latter requires cro editing, which renders the hacks unusable without the right custom firmware. Looking for an alternative, I came upon an idea. Is it possible to add special type-effectiveness for attacks? Surely, You know what I mean. Freeze-Dry is an Ice attack, yet it's super-effective on Water-types, ignoring the chart. Flying Press is a Fighting attack, yet it has an added Flying-type effectiveness, resulting in a completely different offensive capabilities. Would it be possible - and if so, how - to modify the effectiveness of other moves? Say I want to modify the type chart, but I can't afford cro editing - changing all the attacks in this way, while tedious, would accomplish the exact same thing. Has anybody looked into this? Does anyone know if it's doable?
  2. Hello! I'm currently creating a ROM hack of Pokemon White for my friend, and I want to change the xtransceiver sprite to one that I made myself, but I am unable to access those files. I tried looking around for something like BWSE or BWOE but came up empty handed. Are there any ways to access these for me to change them? Thank you!
  3. Hi, I am modifying Soul Silver to only contain the original pokemon. Using the PPRE tool works fine most of the time, but if I change a map that contains a script, like the slowpoke well, ilex forrest, or a gym, the game crashes. What causes this, and how do I fix it?
  4. Im trying to replace Serena's model with a custom model of Ethan made for ORAS but when i load my game it freezes. Any help?
  5. I'm using tinke and edited Pokemon black2 I successfully import some of mugshots but after i save it into a new rom, somehow it doesn't replace the current trainer or current mugshots. Is Tinke not saving the replaced pictures?
  6. Hi all I have recently benn trying to randomize pokemon sun and moon and i keep getting a recurring issue. Everytime i try and randomize trainers PK3DS just decides to crash and i dont know the resolution and i need help to resolve this issue if any of you know anything to help me with a resolution to this subject. -MasterADogg
  7. Pls... How i can change sprite trainer on Pokèmon Diamond? Tutorial fast!
  8. One big difference Gen 5 made was that TMs had unlimited use. Which was a godsend. Meanwhile, for Gen 3 games it has also been figured out how to implement it. Pretty simple hex edit really if you know how to follow instructions. But I've seen nothing of the sort of Gen 4 games. Naturally they aren't as easy to hack as Gen 3 games afaik. So I'd assume it won't just happen by snapping your fingers. Yet I don't see anything about it at all. Like no one is even giving it a thought to implement the unlimited use of TMs in Gen 4 games. Has nobody tried this yet or they have and given up? From a non-hacking perspective it's such a small thing that changes a lot. So it would be great if it could be implemented in Gen 4 games too and not just Gen 3 games. Mostly because I don't really care much for the gen 3 style games.
  9. Hello my friends! How can I put different music for each single class trainer? ROM: Pokèmon Diamond
  10. compared to ORAS, it seems really hard. can anyone point me in the right direction?
  11. Hello Project Pokemon geniuses, I think it'd be great to have more than one mega evolved pokemons in a battle. I hope that every trainers in the game can have unlimited mega evolved pokemons. Is there any way to remove the mega evolution limits in Pokemon XY or ORAS? Thanks for your attention.
  12. So I've been working to randomize my copy of pokemon moon. When I get into Pk3ds, I can edit things like story text or personal stats with no trouble. However, whenever I attempt to go into wild encounters, trainers, or static encounters, PK3DS crashes and forces me to exit out. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it? Any help is appreciated.
  13. So I wanted to randomize Pokemon Moon and everything is going well, except for 2 things. I edited the PokeMart inventories, but when I put the cro file into my SunMoon folder and boot up my game, it crashes when I talk to one of the mart clerks. The other thing is the tms. I wanted to randomize the tms, and I did just that, but when I put the bin file into luma/code_sections and rename it to the same name as the original bin file in there, nothing happens. If anyone could help with either of these 2 things that would be greatly appreciated. I already spent hours looking online for solutions and no luck, so i came here. Thanks for the help! EDIT: I'm almost 100% sure this has to do with me not using the cro and bin files for the shops and tms (respectively) incorrectly, but I could be wrong and it's something with PK3DS.
  14. I need Help. I'm going to create a hacked ROM of Pokemon Ruby. The Name of the ROM hack is: Pokemon Staring Ruby. PLS help me.
  15. Hey guys, i need help to add the Fairy Type to Pokémon Weiß 2 (White 2, german). I would to make a ROM Hack (where is Ethan from HGSS in Alola) from the german Pokémon White 2, because i live in Germany and it is easier to edit the text in this game. But the tutorial to add the Fairy Type doesn't work, because this is for the ?US ROM? and i haven't found any tutorials for the German version of the game. Can someone help me? PS#1: Sorry for my bad english, i can read english and can understand this, but i can't good write in english... PS#2: Here is a Video and a picture of my progress (I've been working on it for a week): The Kahuna Battle Theme in BW2
  16. Is there any resource of which Sun/Moon CRO files do what, and their respective data structures, or is that still an open topic?
  17. Good evening everybody, Ich want to know how i can integrate entei Raikou and Suicune in Myanmar emerald map. They should be Like in gold and silver. The Fight should be randomly Like latias or latios. Can U help me plus ?
  18. Hey guys, I'm going through and trying to edit the shiny texture to a few Pokemon and have run into an issue with a couple mons I've attempted. A look at the screenshots will show exactly what's occurring. Can anybody point me in the right direction of remedying this?
  19. Hello, I attempted to replace the Nitro Sound Bank (SBNK) of a song in the SDAT of Pokémon White 2, also replacing the Nitro Wave Archive (SWAR) and Nitro Song Sequence (SSEQ). When I try to play the song via VGMTrans, it plays just fine. However, when I replace the SDAT of a ROM with this modified one, and try to play the song, nothing plays. Would anyone know how to fix this?
  20. I need help with adding pokes into ORAS, if it's possible to. Can someone help with this matter? I'd like to try to add the CAP pokes from http://www.smogon.com/cap/ into the games, starting with Omega Ruby first.
  21. Okay I'm not really sure what I've done wrong but no matter what I've done rebuilding a CIA of Alpha Sapphire with the custom cro files doesn't work putting the cro files in the correct directory for Luma crashes as well. I'm using a N3DS XL with Luma 8.1 If anyone knows why this could be crashing that would be great thanks.
  22. Hello I started to change lot of thing in a Pokémon Platinum Rom Hack. I wish to change Pokémon Sprites, Trainer Sprites, Mugshot, text and music (yes, I see big) Actually, I started to change Pokémon Sprite. For example, I change the Bidoof and Bibarel sprite to this: (not exactly the same, but look like) and Gardevoir Pokémon Sprite aren't the problem, Trainer Sprite neither. I search with Tinke the Mugshot sprite of important Trainer, but I didn't find they. Can you help me and tell me where they are ? Thanks you (ps: Sorry for my bad English, I'm french)
  23. I am playing around with my pokemon silver's rom (US). I am using G2Map to open the map, and frhed as my hex editor. I will reference this probably a lot: https://hax.iimarck.us/files/scriptingcodes_eng.htm I have read a bit on how event scripting works, but am still trying to wrap my head around all of it. I am looking at the goldenrod map, and have been toying with the warp script, but I am unsure of what is happening. G2Map says the warp script is at 0x122482. and Currently G2Map says the Target Point is 1, Target Bank is D, and Target Map is B. This post was edited Heavily do to the fact I was pretty confused... So at ROM Location 0x122482, is the warp info for the Goldenrod Pokemon Center. The warp info is 5 bytes long. After some testing I found that they are arranged in this order: [YY][XX][DW][MB][DM] YY = Warp Tile's Y Coordinate XX = Warp Tile's X Coordinate DW = Destination Warp Number MB = Destination Map Bank DM = Destination Map This info is all editedable by G2Map. :^|
  24. I've been wondering if it'd be possible to insert Unova Champion Iris into a PWT file. Is it possible to add Iris's sprite into the PWT, & allow her champion music to play when she enters? Her team's not an issue at all to put in, it's just the sprite/music that trips me up a bit. [Posts merged: 2017-06-21] I've been wanting to add an entry for Iris in the Champions Tournament since I've seen her team in action (it may be Dragon-type like Lance's but hey, that Haxorus could tear everything up if your team's unprepared, so that's why I've been wanting to do this). How would I be able to do such a thing in the Champions Tournament? [Posts merged: 2017-06-22] I've figured it out, but the only problem is where are the ingame tournaments stored (Champions Tournament is what I need). Also NARCTool throws an exception whenever I try to unpack the narcs for the trainer data/pokes.
  25. So i got omega ruby randomized but the trainers area all messed up. They have insanely high levels. the first rival battle has a level 24 instead of a level 5. And the other trainers have level 70s or something high like that. I would like the levels to be higher than normal, just not like that. Maybe 2-3 levels higher than normal. I have max trainer ai off, level modifier off, and max ivs off. Is there something that im missing that im doing wrong?
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