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  1. I'm getting a Switch soon and LGPikachu. I've called around and there is no unpatched Switches available, so I'll be biting the bullet here. However, there is one thing I really would like to get is an amazing Melmetal for my own person collection and in-game fan team. Would someone let me know if the pkm is legal enough to be traded to me when I get my game? I don't mind who the OT is or what have you, just that the stats and moves are there, y'know? Please and thank you! 809 - Melmetal - 5F040C00B196.pb7
  2. Note: You may find yourself unable to use Pokémon Bank or Poké Transporter to deposit any Pokémon created illegally by software unauthorized by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo into your online Boxes, or to move these Pokémon between online Boxes. This one particularly concerns me... My brother had sold my game off while I was in college that had pokemon from Gen 3 and a good deal of pokemon from gen 5. So I bought a new Black 2 and, due to being a busy 3 major college student, I didn't have the time to train all 50+ of my favorites again. I had them created for me within legal limitations... but I fear that this service will stop that. Granted; I do not play competitively at all, I do like to look at them and feel some sort of content that these guys could help me during the endgame content. The only outrageously hacked ones are a shiny charizard and a wondertomb. Which reminds me I need to get a legit shiny charizard pkm.
  3. I tried to make a few pokemon and the only issue that seems to show up is the found location. For example: Altaria says: Jolly nature. 10/9/12 Sinnoh Apparently arrived at Lv. 27. Often dozes off. Is it suppose to say "Sinnoh"? It does the same for those that only appeared in SS/HG stating "Johto". Any that came from before that says "Apparently arrived at Lv. 27 after a long travel through time." I short, I am trying to have it appear that pokemon state that they were moved from previous games through PokeTransfer. When I tried to use the egg function it showed up like this: Jolly nature. 10/9/12 Dragonspiral Tower Egg Obtained. 10/9/12 Dragonspiral Tower Egg apparently hatched. Capable of taking hits I used the site's Keldeo event .pkm and it's location says --------- TL:DR 1. How to change it so pokemon appeared they were transfered via the PokeTransfer from other games instead of saying "Sinnoh", "Johto", "travel through time". _________2a. Apparently my other event pokemon are coming up as 'Pokemon Event' like my GAMESTP Jirachi and Celebi 2. How do you make an egg.pkm pokemon appear normal and not funky (see above). 3. How do I fix the Keldeo event .pkm so it has an actual location and not --------- [edit]: Keldeo's code (because I dunno how to post a .pkm)
  4. I got this for my trainer as most of my pokemon will have it too.
  5. If my pokemon show up on pokecheck, does that mean they are fine? I generated them via the Gen 5 code format and most of them show up with no errors. Granted, I have started to xfer them yet.
  6. This is one that I made recently to make an illegal Kyurem White (there may be a legitly made Kyurem Black in the game, so this one will never be undone... would this affect anything? )
  7. When the game first came out, I got the ARDS and I was told that the ARDSi does not work with the US version of the Black 2. I was wondering if this has changed since then edit: Someone had stole my Black 2 that had all my pokemon that I worked hard and trained... Guess I'll have to PokeGen them. But it also had some event pokemon that I can't get again, is there a way to get the event pokemon back? Also, the Dream Radar! My 3ds has the dream radar attached to the previous Black 2 and it also had the three therians... Is there a way to get the three Therians from the Radar through the AR? Is it now possible to pokegen a White/Black Kyurem into the Game? - any side effects?
  8. Is it possible to get both on the same game? I know once a DNA splicer is used, it's "linked" to that specific Kyurem. So that means the other must be hacked into the game via AR. Also, this Kyurem can never be undone. (but I didn't want to anyway!) I found these two codes googling around but I have heard they freeze the game and wondering why or if someone can alter them if they knew the codes' working.
  9. Codem8kr, I sent you mail asking a question I didn't think fit here.
  10. Well, it seems like some issues came up. Can't seem to get the DNS to work properly to allow me to use the GTS. I have half a dozen or so pokemon that have illegal moves and a plethora more with hidden abilities, not sure if that'll work... /sigh I guess I should wait for some sort of update on ARDS working or something because that seems to be my only means.
  11. Is it sad that I would pay (though gladly) just to import .pkm of the pokemon I once had (and to get a Kyurem-W) onto black 2? I know there is one other person who has been asking about the ability to important .pkm directly into black 2 via a DS AR. Though I haven't tested this yet to see if it works, I haven't really heard of anything. I guess what I'm asking is if PokeGen will be compatible with DS AR to create the .pkm on Black 2 with this next update. (if it already is, I'll still pay :3)
  12. I have a US copy of Black 2, I also have a slightly older version of AR DS. In previous versions, I believe I was able to export a maximum of 6 pokemon per code (mostly because the code limit). This current version of PokeGen only gives me the option to export individual codes, but not the entire 6 that I selected... Is there a way to bulk export a group of pokemon? I read something that Codr posted about "Only for Japanese" in regards to codes or something, but that was about a mystery gift card. I was curious if the current PokeGen works for the US Black 2. Anyway, what I'm currently doing is: Tools > Code Generator > [x] Selected Pokemon (6) > Generate (only shows 1 of the 6) > Copy > Paste into AR DS's 'add new cheat'.
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