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  1. I looked but couldn't find a code, so here goes: I missed the event, so I would like an AR code that gives me the wondercard for the gamestop Entei. Thanks in advance! ~Regigigas
  2. ok thanks, but i was wondering if there was a code for a specific course?
  3. Can I have the Yellow Forest, SMR 2010 Jirachi, and Winner's Path AR code so that I can pick them up via the Pokémart please?
  4. Can i have the Heartgold yellow forest ar code that gives me the wondercard please? Thanks!
  5. I did, and I went to go for a stroll screen.
  6. I have just over 8000 watts, but I don't have Hoenn Field. I have the Nat'l Dex.
  7. Where can we buy a new battery? (just in case)
  8. Actually, when you battle Giovanni, the time period is when TR took over the radio tower, so it is correct.
  9. It's between 3 and 4pm here, and Daisy won't give me a message. I got all Gym badges and beat Red. What do i do? I tried switching the date and times, but it won't work.
  10. Shiny Dialga in Plat. Took 10 minutes.
  11. I am looking for one since I can't pokesav and don't have an action rreplay. I will trade my Crobat for it. P.S. fc is 3309-5799-9092 Thanks in advance
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