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Found 12 results

  1. Hey, does anyone know a trainer in Pokemon Platinum that has porygon 2, when i see him, i have completed the sinnoh dex, plz plz help!:tongue:
  2. Hey, um, does anyone know a trainer in pokemon platinum that has a porygon 2? After i see him i have the sinnoh dex complete, plz plz help me:confused:
  3. hey guys um... i really want a action replay code for completly legit arceus (almost since cheating is not legit) yeah it has to be exatly like the TRU ARCEUS from the store and perferbly passing the Legit test or what ever plus wonder card and for pearl,and i need to pick it up at the pokemart TY
  4. First of all hi to every1 in this site:), second, can some1 Plz check these pokes for me and if there is something wrong can you help me fix it , BTW they are PalParked....soo I'm pretty sure i did something wrong there ? <<< Yours, Sarutan Shinigami MadeFromScratchPokes(GBA).rar
  5. can u help me when i download my pokesav i close shut down my computer next time turn it on try open psav it dosnt open... this sucks
  6. I have a Code for my sandstorm team ready but my AR Manager went bad and i really can not type it all in if someone could enter it in there AR and check its alright and trade it me would be a Life Saver! PLZ I NEED THIS FOR TODAY 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00000B4 000000EC B2A78B03 C75B0000 7E41888C CFDE2EBD 7A91BD6E C62C62B8 FB9B2F35 BF6E95DA EDE22669 4B510B5A 6006AF2E AC80F15E 93CB4416 9B675BED B43C76FD CFAAB5EF DB519660 687B4308 F8937A68 1AF2F5DA 65C82231 8C49B193 ED4A46BB 8A2D1894 7B91DD6A 97A9B414 AB52F6F1 B45C3593 56DCD471 BC3B2C98 65C1BA3D AD534DC4 ED387A6A FE4A317D 37BC6503 394D0D17 86AD6CBE D0AD16B5 1003CD2A 70815771 243E8A81 5724E2D9 FBA8D823 448919DD 3BF6A32F 87C83A33 20AAFA98 6B2911BF 0CFA62C9 D5FC7335 73C354ED 37AA5102 4ABD6E69 1006A26C 7CF014AD A8E876F7 1066912C D4FCDC0A F322E9A8 00000000 E00001A0 000000EC E71ECEF1 A5910000 F5FF113D 327E24AB E673F91A DAA8F63B AE2D3780 2DD4A6A1 0B542E50 F498F2D7 DB096296 5381F880 AFE7B8DE B1407D33 26BC87D1 A2035952 45FE6227 A57A59E9 91DFFBE7 0EB80A06 4033E71D DFABF654 DF403E53 0E01CC7D C1FC5BDF 01EA08AB BF62BB15 ACDF9A73 C8731740 C60215B2 5CED3235 1C04190D 96FB5F39 D46EFC96 D4200A91 BA98E6BB A3A3AACA 8EBBF274 9094BDBE 507BD153 FC7B80F6 53C4B24B 07070751 E24AF336 4192CEFD 512506F9 6FEA5CB4 01AC852C E84C319B 0628611E 693CC3EE 5DCB8D1B 78945DDC FBE08DF0 9FE006AF 0E42C2AE 19E8DA2F 371164AE C58D7248 00000000 E000028C 000000EC 721001F2 C0C10000 99755057 96FB1838 DDF50513 8779F2C6 7A5E93FE 1D82AFF5 8F7CD7B3 242ED2C5 97FB61B5 D58A00A2 6F6BE1B3 BD739FFD 0675FA72 6F7EEBD4 346F11B9 9A476565 D41A14D3 9DB0B9A1 BA759561 A2DFCE24 53FCC2D9 E27D65B1 3592D087 80539BC3 A549BCE4 52D18A21 A6BE2FDB 90677E77 25C39F4E 2273730F B3703FBB FF94157D F25E6494 BCF0AC3E 67FF9A44 691B0733 FFC5CBCD 136973DB 1B628946 925C820D DF3A533B DA1BEBDA 4A91032D F90D4F6D 6CABC9CA B6CAE5B8 D014E4CF 96DD85CD 85078476 43CB896C 6E13942C A65466DC B2FC5A87 2CF813FD 7DDE2477 07BC869E 66986FBA 00000000 E0000378 000000EC 475757F2 0CF50000 CF7E3EBB 5EC59E0F F8C3DCBF BFA7BC48 19518FC4 CA050D01 9F78BE87 9C4236E4 FE75763A F8A57ACD 2CDB9385 DCB22AF2 48680F74 670D12E9 46D9112D 7939C5BE BD593572 51F76362 1412AFD3 CEE96BCB 7AFEC921 003BC16E 5D5FC51D 95384443 76C7A954 6374254C EE318756 6E8EF7A8 D789D10C 21DD5343 4B464469 ADD5453C C25D7428 4FA8D896 FF689562 49EF2094 BB31CA81 683145DF 8A2DAC27 EB258BBB 8656D5F2 659BAD01 CEA33D38 1B5B76BB 16B90C87 FF5B5EBB 7385397C 168766F3 C5A14A31 42C5E202 65FBFDF3 BA33ED11 F8B8CD38 AEB2B2E0 8A5574CF E9A7CC1B 5B0F0058 00000000 E0000464 000000EC 2E469EF9 52A40000 AE2EA913 C3CDE84E 30C0D547 5C883264 3AA3533E 71075F36 C81165BB 440302BE 846AAFE3 337608B6 8962CDB8 10E6CB0F AADD90B5 EEEA2A8F 93868EE8 0940E811 D16222AA BDD26374 1A60D7D5 F49CE225 30B3591E A39DCBC4 A7647530 33678681 71B2E57C 105F9586 7E8E8A42 D46FB88C 760EE409 59F9799A 21E4770F 746A4D26 ABA96617 844306D7 BFF5FE32 77CE29D2 7B574FC0 17B478AB 3BB113F9 D823B864 19637533 F9FA52E7 6F86D071 804E56C9 AD19E7A1 9A003FFE 92575609 B6E91157 2B086F6A BC52824B 1A14ED62 0CA944F9 0A590F11 5672A86D 58BD0EFF 5E7B1B21 4B86133C 00000000 E0000550 000000EC E6C3ED06 C5FF0000 EAED1E00 486E1186 7AFA6080 319251C5 4ED1AC22 99D8B03C B446F74F 88F0E68E 30495530 A111AB6D A32E2213 4769982A 099D89D5 45C6C732 4688BC1C 35D7E8DC 8E1ADF32 AC12BE71 AD550C46 EDD2A0A5 B3F30A0A BF92C34E 5820BA29 2AF13986 9312C55A E175037E 90013341 9844B405 BCF53D54 6D002FC5 45336F8E 95BB89DD F63CCC48 D8271892 90DD392B 4BD26B45 E5530064 9AE92CA2 F1BB92C7 827B4D06 CE8429AB C1D1DA1B 813027E0 8084D83A 8EB4F98C 2131BB26 BF44F729 8D7C0FA7 B3F6FB2F 3E572A59 32A99F12 8484EFC0 4C23536F D55709A0 C079C781 1FC01D8B 45B353D9 00000000 200000B0 00000006 D2000000 00000000
  7. palpark country only korea plz... plz; free.pkm
  8. urm i have a ds fire card with pokemon platinum and i cant save my edited version of it to the fire card ( i used pokesav (the platinum one on the project pokemon website)) plz could someone help me
  9. hi can someone make me two pokemon plz? i want a shiny lavitar and a shiny feebas both in an egg. Both male Lavitar EV's: 170speed 170attack 170spattack IV's: HP 24, Attaack 27, defernse 19, speed 28, spattack 27, spdefense 20 Moves: earthquake, dark pulse, flamethrower, airael ace PP: normal Obatianed: day care center date met: today Feebas EV's: 170Hp, 170 Speed, 170Spattack IV's: HP 26, Ataack 19, Defense 26 Speed 28, Spattack 27. spdefense 24 Moves: spalsh PP: normal Obatianed: day care center date met: today condition: Beauty maxed
  10. GEN II Qwillfish Corsola Gen III Swellow Plusle Swalot Grumpig Spinda Zangoose Seviper Gen IV Carnivine
  11. Please use spoilers: [noparse] [/noparse]
  12. hi i need a team making but im not very good at pokesav so i hope that someone will make it for me. here is my team -- damio Please use the format from the sticky topic and use spoiler's in future.
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