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  1. Vote for Ditto (please), or I will cut you open. (Shroomish, imo, is wishful thinking)
  2. After seeing many Pokemon ROM hacks, and not liking most of them. I have decided to make my own, suiting my own desires; that in which I like to call "Absurd level of difficulty that is absolutely not for the faint of heart" As a rule, I dislike breaking the game by editing bases stats and adding moves that the player can have access to. Instead, I like to give advantages to the AI to make up for their lack of perception of danger, one in which is giving AI moves that they cannot learn normally (most of the time would be because that I cannot give a specific type of Hidden Power to the AI, ie. Chandelure with Aura Sphere). While the AI may have to edge, I do not wish for it to be impossible, since that will be unplayable and it will defeat the purpose. I want it to challenge the player's resource management, as well as knowledge of moves when paired with certainly abilities (since legal move combos are totally out of the window). In addition, almost every forced trainer battle will be custom tailored to a theme, unlike most hacks, I want most of the trainers to have diverse type coverage, as that is is very true difficulty lies. Think back to Stadium 2, where most trainers in Round 2 have a specific strategy, and that's what I am aiming for. Gym Leaders, and Elite Fours, as well, will not just have one type of Pokemon (I mean what is the difficulty in filling Burgh's team with 6 Bug Pokemon that can be Stone Edged?) Instead, each leader will have some sort of center piece Pokemon that the team is build from, covering their weaknesses from top to bottom, as utilizing moves such as U-turn and Volt Switch to make sure the match is not an easy one. There is a few things I like to hack that is beyond hacking trainers, and I would appreciate it if you could lend your expertise. - Forcing Battle Style to set Getting a free switch upon fainting a Pokemon offers tremendous advantages, not to mention you are told what Pokemon are being sent out! If linked battles are forced to use set function, I want the main game to have the same as well. This is only important if I ever decide to distribute this, but I want to know if this can be done. - Leader rematches, and EV trainers. The level curve of this game will be unforgiving, I want to offer level up opportunities for the player, as well as certain EV trainers that can be challenged again and again in order to perfect the EVs. Most end game bosses, and post-game bosses will require planning and good EV Spreads. If someone can tell me how it is done, please let me know. - EV reduction berries Linked with above, I need a way to distribute these as it is not possible to obtain them through normal gameplay. - 1st N Battle? Little question, but is it possible to proceed with the plot if you lose the 1st battle with N in the very beginning of the game? - Pairing up with Cheren in Wellspring Cave: Is it possible to change Chren's party when is allied with you, for the sake of consistency? I will appreciate any thoughtful input, thank you.
  3. I have been using a cracked ROM to edit this, I believe this version is the Union Room fix version as that was the last thing I need. The game still loads fine, the edits are still in place, buuuut, I can't load it in the editor anymore. Does this editor only work good in a clean ROM?
  4. Also, another thing is that the rom keeps breaking, is there anyway to fix that?
  5. Just want to say thank you, and now I can get my Phantasm Difficulty started. As I require DW Abilities for most named characters. Can I ask how does the alternate formes works? For example, when I tried to give Giratina to Shantel, it gave me 0,1,1,1. I still gave it a Grievous Orb for it to be "legal", but I would like to know how it works.
  6. You are a true bro, both Kap and Nigoli.
  7. wow Nigoli, thanks, there is even a fairly decent Bold one in there.
  8. Ok guys, this is totally different from any other DW Event. This Event is served as a DW Expansion, there is NO NEED for a password. You can access the Cafe by clicking the bottom most option outside of your DW house, click the map to go there. In that Dream World island, there is a separate rainbow road that will lead you to a Cafe Forest. You will find separate food items, as well as Lum Berry as items. You can go back as much as you like until there is nothing in the forest like regular Dream World, so search till your hearts content. All Pokemon are just like regular DW Pokemon, they all have 1 (or 2?) Special Moves, can be Male or Female. Pokemon Cafe C-Gear Password: ポケモンカフェ (Pokemon Cafe)
  9. in that sense, the ONLY proof that one can actually provide that you participated in the event is the screenshot in DW.
  10. Yes, and that's why I shall do it in due time. It's a good thing you have it though, keep it up.
  11. lolwut? (seriously, what did you think I meant?) and thanks Nigoli, I guess you were as crazy as I was and went for all 7 of them. Sorry I couldn't share all of it, but I like to RNG all of them before I let them loose.
  12. So you just want a quick and dirty Flareon? That can be arranged. Flareon_Naughty_G&.pkm
  13. Did you guys accidentally hit "Play Again", or is it completely different? It's going to be hard to rip from our games since that would mean ripping the ENTIRE .sav file, which people have personal Pokemon in it. I would just use PokeCCGear and hack it yourself if you are THAT desperate. But you will have no proof of you actually obtaining it on your DW account sooooo....
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