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  1. I made my own pokemon to send to my game and everytime i try to move him in the box my game freezes. What is the correct way to make a pokemon for IR-GTS?
  2. I'm having a problem with IR-GTS when I start Python 2.7 it tells me to change me ds's dns server to a number so I put it in and it won't connect, but I connect fine when it auto-obtains dns. What am I doing wrong?
  3. when will they be available again. it was stated that they will be back soon but that was back in october still not back any idea when they will back on?
  4. When I select pokemon event in platinum eng compact pokesav it comes out as lovely place is where the pokemon was encountered. why is that and what do i do so it says pokemon event?
  5. So can anyone post a legit wonder card arceus code preferablly platinum plz
  6. Can someone post a tru arceus wonder card ar code plz
  7. hey can someone post the action replay code for the wondercard movie arceus plz?
  8. Is that ar code on the first page a pokemart event or it it a 1st party spot edit and do I have to press L+R to activate it?
  9. On the event WC download page how do you open the .pcd file I downloaded XnView and it dosent open it?
  10. Its for platinum and the pokesav is for platinum my save file is 521kb. not sure where to find the no$gba settings. edit: the settings are default except i changed Compressed to Uncompressed and I used the no$gba to vba to convert the file and the version of the no$gba is 2.6a if that helps also can I trade pokemon from my emulator to my platinum game on my ds?
  11. I just got pokesav and use No$gba emulator but when i use pokesav and edit my pokemon party then save the file it restarts my game. what am i doing wrong?
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