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  1. Version 1.0.0


    English: Ditto ready for Masuda method. It's a zip file so use something like 7zip/WinRAR to extract files. I add: English, Spanish and Japanese Version. Spanish/Español: Ditto preparado para el método Masuda. Es un archivo zip, así que usa 7zip/WinRAR para extraer los archivos. Versión: Inglesa, Japonesa y Española.
  2. So I want to start my first shiny breed in Sw&Sh. I use one JAP Entei(X&Y save file) that I got to turn in to a 6IV Shiny Foregin Ditto. I change the SID/PID number and pkhex say its legal. So I transfered to bank, bank to home, and finally to Shield. My question is: the matsuda method will work or did I forget to do something?
  3. Official Help/Small Questions Thread for DPP! In effort to help reduce clutter and the many threads asking small questions, this thread has been created. Forgot where to go next on Route 212? Lost on Mt. Coronet? Wondering why Shaymin won't change forms? Any of your small questions can be answered here. Well, almost. Threads that may answer your questions: EV Training Questions/Hep Here Team Building Questions/Help Here Smogon Rule Discussion Common Rules of Battling Basically, do you have a question that can inspire discussion? If so, post a thread (if one hasn't already been made). If it's game help or general questions about the 4th gen, then post here. Hopefully this will reduce clutter in the forum.
  4. Hey guys, unfortunately I can't hack my Switch, but I could need a Pokemon. It would be really nice if someone would be able to help me and put it into the game and trade it with me. Thanks in advance! My Friendcode is: SW-4668-4085-6697 132 - メタモン - E6EC05339789.pk8
  5. Hello dear PP community i would like to ask if someone could give me a 6*31 dv or 5*31 dv ditto for breeding (legit or pkhex i dont care) and Maybe even a Destiny knot if you dont Need one (or Pkhex). Of course i already tried to do it by myself but i always stuck at the part where i should have exploited the dsiware I appreciate every answer and if you want to trade or fight here is my Fc: 1263-7981-2504 ps: sorry for my bad english
  6. Hi, I'm on firmware 11.2.35.U @_@ without a primary entry point for Homebrew... (went to buy Super Smash Bros for Smashhax only to realize it was a 1.1.4v card =_=) If it's not too much of a bother, could somebody trade me a clone of their breeding Ditto? I'd like to make friends too on Sun & Moon, just kinda newby to the Pokemon games haha.
  7. Looking for someone who could possibly make me a 6IV ditto. I could link a file if you need it. Thank you! If you could make the Ditto from Route 10, Caught at level 27? Friend Code: 3883-9997-1414 IGN: Swiw Trainer ID: 155630 United States
  8. hey we're looking for people with a normal pokemon x/y safari... and friends to add leave a comment with your code and ill make sure it gets to everyone mefysto - 2509-2078-2034 nexiss - 5343-8992-5740 weird - 2638-0637-8465 cooce - 1134-8272-8990 grey - 1693-0837-6775 PLEASE ONLY COMMENT BACK IF YOU HAVE A DITTO SAFARI...
  9. Hey out there, I'm looking to make a bunch of Dittos to use for breading. I'm trying to get one for every Nature (only the most used ones). If anyone out there can help me I would appreciate it a lot and am willing to part with an EV trained PKMN or an Event PKMN that I have, Thanks. The Dittos will be posted below. ---------- Post added at 10:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:28 PM ---------- This is the first batch of 4
  10. I need to WiFi trade for a Ditto to use in my breeding. Please help! If I forgot to list anything, then don't worry about it. As long as it is legal I'll be happy. Thanks in advance.:biggrin:
  11. I want to Wi-Fi trade for a Ditto to use in my breeding. If there's anything that I forgot to list, then don't worry about it. As long as everything is legal, I will be happy.:biggrin: Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey. Im new here. Im not currently able to use Pokesav and Im not sure if this si possible but I was wondering if someone could make me a flawless Japanese ditto and a ditto with 30's in everything. Heres the request form: Thank you soooo much if anyone can do this for me
  13. I want a foreign ditto Pkmn File cause i dont have wifi so i cant trade...so i can use the masuda method....is this possible that i can use a foreign hack pokemon to hatch a shiny pokemon? if japanese make the name japanese too and if german make it german ok thanks in advance
  14. I need dittos. (lol some other guy just posted a similar request) Adamant, Jolly, Timid, Modest with perfect IVs. Impish and Relaxed with 0 speed IV but everything else perfect. names of the dittos are all the name of their respective nature They are all OT'd to JAMN, caught in trophy garden on august 11th 2009 in ultraballs. my trainer ID is 39493 please and thank you platinum fc: 0474 3682 0604
  15. Does anyone want to make me a ditto with all IV's 31 and it being level 30 everything else I don't care about except trainer name being Tyler and location where it was met being Route 218 in Sinnoh (Diamond) please respond with your Friend Code my friend code is 2063 7214 1976 . Also please make it shiny if you can thank you in advance.
  16. I bet it is. Anyway, I could really go for a (completely legit) Ditto, seeing as I'm playing Platinum and they're not PokéRadar Pokémon anymore. In exchange, I am willing to offer an Abra... I have about fourteen of them (from trying to find a Modest one, still no luck though). If you would like to know the Abras' IVs, Natures, and Abilities, I can get the info, but it will take a while. If that doesn't work for you, then I could use the Ditto to breed a Chimchar for whomsoever is kind and patient enough to wait for me to get to Solaceon. For Ditto's Nature, IVs, etc... I don't really care. Beggars can't be choosers after all. My Friend Code is in my signature. Thanks in advance!
  17. hey guys :] i realy need a ditto so i can start breeding my friend code is in my sif just tell me on here that you can trade :]. oh and ps i realy dont have much to trade for it sorry in advance.
  18. first off in the old upload bin there was a zip file that contained legit Chained shiny Dittos in Every Nature. i am just woundering if any one still has this and would they upload it for me and provide the link. if the first one is not possible could someone plz create a legit or near legit shiny dittio. i have pokesav but i suck at making any thing look legit.i am not bothered about the nature.but i would like it to be a low level like 1-20 i dont mind if it hatched from an egg or caught n the wild. i would be very thankful:smile:
  19. If I'm not mistaken, there was a way in Pokemon Emerald to get a Perfect IV Ditto. Is this correct?
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