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  1. I did at first, and even with the AR code to prevent freezing, it still does it, so i stopped.
  2. So i'm playing pokemon heartgold on Desmume and playing on a patched version (Japanese version with some english in it). The .pkm files arn't working, i load up the game and i get the blue screen, saying my save is corrupt. Here is what i did: 1. Converted my .dsv desmume save to a 512 .sav file 2. Used pokesav and loaded the pokemon into my party. 3. Their names were these weird curved symbols, so i changed that. 4. Saved, and converted the .sav into a .dsv 5. Loaded up the game on demume, got a blue screen, corrupt save. Any suggestions into why its not working? Btw, i used the .pkm files on pokemon platinum and that worked.
  3. I need the event Arceus pkm file and the pickachu coloured pichu pkm file. Cheers. EDIT: I solved everything, converted save, tweaked no$gba and now i'm playing heartgold on no$gba, which supports AR codes fully. Just did the arceus, celebi and pichu events... awesome...especially the arceus event, best event ever!
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