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  1. I tried to see the game's files with Tinke, but the extensions aren't the same as the main series games', so they can't be edited with the normal DS hacking tools. Is there a way that I could edit the game's files somehow?
  2. I was playing Ultra Moon on Citra (latest version) and stopped on Brooklet Hill. I saved the game, closed Citra and turned off the PC. The other day when I came back to the game, the title screen and start menu were working, but thhe game stayed in a black screen, but still with the BGM playing and controls working. What this could be? (I'm including the save just in case it's needed) main
  3. GOT IT! Just changed the Affection with OT to 255
  4. @theSLAYER Yep. It also have the Contest Star Ribbon
  5. I'm making this Sylveon for a friend, and I want it to have all the Contest Ribbons from ORAS, but PKHex says they are illegal (Yes. I've set the Origin Game to Alpha Sapphire). Is there something that I'm doing wrong or it's a bug?
  6. modedit: problem solved, save file removed.
  7. Did I do something wrong?
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