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    赤外線通信カートリッジ = Infrared Communication Cartridge
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    Yeah, this and others we have had since 2007. We are just uploading them now to the gallery from our GitHub collection thanks to @theSLAYER
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    Support for this file: Reminder: 1. Wonder cards edited/made would become illegal in nature 2. I don't recommend ever going online on a save that has wonder cards made from this 3. Do not contribute faked/edited events IN ANY WAY to us. 4. Do not ask for updates (unless it is for critical bug fixing) Additionally, do not discuss how editing cards makes them illegal. Now, Started this in response to @jojo12100 review: For starters, it works for WC7 files. So it does work, at least to the originally intended degree. >< It was supposed to be an editor, not a creator, so making a new file from scratch wouldn't work. I've made a few edits so that it would, and uploading it shortly. As for TID/SID, it is presently using Gen 6 TID/SID method (first byte is TID, second byte is SID), which when keyed in correctly, it'll show the G7TID. I've also made a small edit to allow typing in the old school style TID/SID to update and show the G7 TID/SID on the left. (The functionality to show it was there; it displays the data when a wonder card was loaded, but doesn't show upon making any changes. That has been fixed.) If you prefer to directly input G7 style TID/SID, I can have that done. edit: I've added a toggle for the TID modes in version 1.0.4
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    You need to fill in the TID/SID when creating the pokemon in order for it to be shiny even with an egg
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    One of the sub files in a002 should contain all the trainer names if you open it with pptxt
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    Version .


    This gift was distributed to players who won a lucky draw, and could redeem it when they attended the SpaceWorld 1997. Big thanks to @Deoxyz and u/salinbreezy for helping us preserve this rare Mew! Original Thread
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    Someone should make sure we have all seeds for English then I can generate the remaining Japanese. Quicker then trial/error redemption on Japanese disc.
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    Starting a topic related to reverse engineering game code, specific for the switch pkm titles. Reverse engineering code of Nintendo Switch titles is most commonly done with the Interactive Disassembler (IDA) and the Hex-Rays extension, which converts the assembly code to easier to understand c code. Using SwitchIDAProLoader, you can load the game .nso file which generates the .i64 database used for 'disassembling' the game code. With the disassembly in hand and a blind understanding of how the code is laid out, finding your bearings within the millions of instructions is hard. It is recommended to search for a sequence of values, such as the list of TM Moves (ordered TM01, TM02, TM03), then branch out from there. Keep in mind that the games were programmed by humans, but the compiler may optimize things into relative gibberish. Useful hotkeys: F5 with cursor placed on/within a function = go to function definition x = cross reference list for selected variable/function / = add new comment n = rename variable/function escape = go back (e.g. if you go to definition then press escape, this will pop you back out to where you were before peeking). Here's some hints: byte sequence (68 96 40 39 94 06 00 11 9F 02 08 6B). This will put you in the method that creates the pkm's PID, which is called every time a new Pokémon is generated (sub_71007399B0). Search "Immediate value" for '632' (Shiny Charm item ID). Filter by MOV instruction. The third result=sub_71002F6760 (which is the first that actually uses 632 immediately in a function call) is the wild catch combo shiny rate/IV determination method. Search "Immediate value" for '874' (new Silph Scope item ID). Filter results by MOV instruction again. This will get you the 'has inventory item' function (first=sub_71002BF180 and second result=sub_71002fe3c8). The latter result from above is the main wild spawn function sub_7100300B84 (gets the Height group xs/s/normal/l/xl) which is called by the above method, is also used by sub_710082D89C. This method is the 'exp boost' factor which gives bonuses based on throw type/etc. Feel free to discuss your findings about the game code here!
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    Can we please get the locations and days of the island scan Pokemon?
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    when the Tool will release?? Any new progress?
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