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  1. Hi, it says: なし: None Also, it's interesting because it says "Don't care" in English, instead of Japanese. That's odd, I guess.
  2. Hi, you should check this. Even though you're not asking for a shiny Mew, there's a chance to get banned going online with a hacked Switch.
  3. You are very welcome, if you need more help with translations just let me know and I'll do my best.
  4. AGBカートリッジ64Mフラッシュ(E201629) : AGB Cartridge 64M Flash(E201629) ■ディップスイッチの設定: ■ DIP switch settings Horizontal: SW-NO. (Switch Number) Vertical: ROM容量: ROM Size A: 注意!= A: Attention! ディップスイッチの故障を防ぐ為、ピンセット等でスライドさせてください In order to prevent failure of the DIP switch, please slide with tweezers etc. 上から押しつけると壊れる可能性があります。 If it is pressed from above it may break. It was a hard one. Lol ... And yeah its the same text. The only difference I can see is that the first one is AGB Cartridge 128M Flash (E201736)
  5. Hi, it can't be stored in Pokébank, that means that can't be transferred to Gen VI/VII neither.
  6. If you need more help you can see the Tutorials section. There are some other options you can choose from. However members recommended the best options above.
  7. Hi, you will have to load a save data corresponding to the generation wanted in order to create the file. Unless you want to create a LGPE file.
  8. Hi, after you load your save you only need to click on your OT: It will set you OT/SID/TID/Gender
  9. ミロカロス=Milokaross=Milotic カイリュー=Kairyu=Dragonite ボーマンダ=Bohmander=Salamence 専用カード=Distribution Cart Edit: Upper letters: ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド= Pokémon Diamond ポケットモンスター パール= Pokémon Pearl
  10. They were leaked from Ahiru's Wonderland, someone from Japan posted them along others Gen III Japanese Events.
  11. I'm completely sure that there has to be a Celebi preserved in a Stadium GS cart. Another main reason is that people wanted to play with their own Pokémon in 3D or tranfer them to another game when you only have one Transfer Pack. Also in the Nintendo Space World 2000 Celebi was distributed to Gold and Silver carts (100k Celebis, if I'm not mistaken) and the cloning process was ridicolously easy in those games! Probably some of those clones ended up stored (Who wouldn't like to have that special Celebi stored?). I've found some interesting images of Nintendo Space World 2000. It seems that years later Nintendo promoted to place those Celebi in Stadium GS when both Crystal and Stadium GS were released.
  12. AFAIK, there are a few japanese forums (from 2008 or so), in the early years of Gen IV, where japanese users refers to Ahiru's Wonderland. Maybe we can't contact Ahiru but one of the users to try to find answers, probably they won't still active but who knows, we might find something more than a japanese Celebi? Yeah, I also agree, most of them stop caring about Pokémon and some others (most from Ahiru's years) don't even know PPorg exists. True , the chances to find something in a Stadium GS cart are REALLY low, but I think that is the only way we may get something by ourselves.