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  1. Thanks for your amazing work guys! @Sabresite @ajxpk
  2. Hi, it says: なし: None Also, it's interesting because it says "Don't care" in English, instead of Japanese. That's odd, I guess.
  3. Hi, you should check this. Even though you're not asking for a shiny Mew, there's a chance to get banned going online with a hacked Switch.
  4. You are very welcome, if you need more help with translations just let me know and I'll do my best.
  5. AGBカートリッジ64Mフラッシュ(E201629) : AGB Cartridge 64M Flash(E201629) ■ディップスイッチの設定: ■ DIP switch settings Horizontal: SW-NO. (Switch Number) Vertical: ROM容量: ROM Size A: 注意!= A: Attention! ディップスイッチの故障を防ぐ為、ピンセット等でスライドさせてください In order to prevent failure of the DIP switch, please slide with tweezers etc. 上から押しつけると壊れる可能性があります。 If it is pressed from above it may break. It was a hard one. Lol ... And yeah its the same text. The only difference I can see is that the first one is AGB Cartridge 128M Flash (E201736)
  6. If you need more help you can see the Tutorials section. There are some other options you can choose from. However members recommended the best options above.
  7. They were leaked from Ahiru's Wonderland, someone from Japan posted them along others Gen III Japanese Events.
  8. You can find them in the Download section. Here.
  9. Hello, I have what you are looking for, feel free to send me a pm.
  10. Well I'm a loner, with or without tecnology; but I think that tecnology is progress, like many people said: Tecnology connects millions of people around the world. So you can find people with the same interest as you (e.g: Pokémon at this forum) and be able to talk to amazing people. In other side; I don't think it make us lazy, just makes our lives more practical and easier in some aspects. When I was young I used to play with N64, Game Boy, DreamCast... So if I wanted to play with friends I had to get outside and I didn't felt alone with their company. Nowadays if you wanna play with friends you can do it at your home, that's... Yeah easier and practical but makes feel lonely to some people. I think that we all gotta make a balance to ourselves, you can use tecnology, yes... But not focus all your lifetime on it cause you'll feel like a loner somehow, like myself.
  11. No, x/≤7/0/0/0/0; if you max the HP IV to 31 and the Atk to 7 the best you can get would be 31/7/0/0/0/0
  12. Good question, you can use RNG Reporter to generate a Method 1 PID RNG Reporter. But you have to consider the Roaming Pokémon IV glitch which fixes some IVs. (always have 0 IVs in the Special Attack, Special Defense, Defence and Speed stats, and a maximum 7 IVs in the Attack stat. The HP IV is unaffected by the glitch) Basically you can do this: 1. Search for Method 1 in RNG Reporter. 2. Look for a PID with maximum 7 IVs Attack. 3. Copy the PID, fix the SpA, SpD, Def and Sp IVs to 0 keeping the same HP IV. Something like this: As you can see it's legal with the Method 1 (Roamer) PID:
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