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  1. Map Posistion editing help

    The easiest way is to open your save file with PKHeX, and go into the trainer editor. You will see your character position from which you can change coordinates.
  2. Go: 50 Generation 3 Pokémon and Dynamic Weather

    We still don't have local trading and battling? Come on, Niantic. Bring us the features that fans have been asking for.
  3. Upcoming 3DS Themes

    Looking at this give me more of a Snowpoint City vibe but the song is still a good choice.
  4. SMUSUM - I Choose You Movie Lucario (Korean)

    I can't read >.<
  5. SMUSUM - I Choose You Movie Lucario (Korean)

    What movie?
  6. Upcoming 3DS Themes

    Is this the original Diamond and Pearl version or the X and Y remake?
  7. PK7 Request

    You may want to check this out. It is mostly complete apart from a few obscure ones. https://github.com/ReignOfComputer/RoCs-PC
  8. Returning member help

    This guide to get CFW is by far the best guide you can follow, just read all of the instructions carefully and slowly and you should have no problems https://3ds.guide/
  9. Hello, World.

    Hi, and welcome to Project Pokémon
  10. PKHaX problem

    The method for accessing PKHaX has changed, now you need to download PKHaX.bat and place it in the same folder as the normal PKHeX.
  11. Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Updated

    The Pokémon Bank website got updated, now it reads
  12. Difference Between Mono and Regular Pkhex?

    Mono is for the Mono program loader that can be used on Linux and MacOSX. If you have Windows, the non-Mono build is perfect.
  13. If you weren't planning on playing with it online, you can give any Pokémon any moves and it will work no problems.
  14. Pokémon Ultra Moon Box Art

    © Nintendo / The Pokémon Company

  15. Pokémon Ultra Sun Box Art

    © Nintendo / The Pokémon Company