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  1. Thanks for all the work you're doing!
  2. There is another GTS/Wonder Trade bot called PKMN-NTR which didn't have the Twitch Countdown or Sync featues.
  3. Oh, man. I would have loved to have this back when I wanted to to Wonder Trade streams on Twitch. I don't have the motivation nowadays but maybe.
  4. @evandixon gave me the idea to use the portraits from PSMD and I've never used another one since, I think it looks very clean and nice.
  5. On the off-chance that it wasn't obvious, my favorite Pokémon is Mega Charizard X. Normal Charizard is great also. Apart from that, I also like Porygon and Dragonite.
  6. Hello, sks, welcome to Project Pokémon ^~^
  7. This is actually a super cool idea. Nice work.
  8. These are all official screenshots from press releases but that's pretty good work.
  9. Hello and welcome to Project Pokémon
  10. Ah, my bad so. I haven't played them in years.
  11. You get the box cover legendary at level 50 and the other one you didn't get at level 80. I like Ho-Oh more so I got SoulSilver.
  12. That would require a ROM patch and I don't think Bianca has a back sprite
  13. Here is my collection of them. https://www.porybox.com/#/box/be9b0d54669ac49e61f119974b7e3b08
  14. Ghost Eevee would be so cool imo. It could be called Halloweeneon.