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  1. Was shiny Minun always green? I never noticed
  2. Have you tried asking the person who obtained them in the first place? @Ruby Genseki
  3. It was just a change to the EULA to match GDPR in Europe.
  4. I think to be a member you have to make 20+ posts
  5. Gosh, it's only been 3 years nearly since the first reveal when they showed trading and battling and now we finally have them.
  6. Lowest level living dex here I come
  7. I love lots of music like rap, hip-hop, rock and then some video game music (Pokémon has an amazing soundtrack and lots more do to)
  8. I've made a new updated zip file because I forgot when I made the last one. Under Leveled.zip
  9. I personally feel like it's never right. I payed for the game, why do I have to pay more.
  10. Technology does make people lose face-to-face contact at times, but overall we are more connected then ever to not just a handful of people, but MILLIONS of people. Technology has helped improve services like retail and health. It helps make the world a safer place.
  11. Are you a secret mod I missed?
  12. I'm browsing through TCRF's page for this and it's really interesting to get an insight into how they develop and test these games.