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  1. Hello o/

    Hi o/
  2. Project 802 - Saves with Legal Pokemon

    Rename this to "Semi-legal Pokémon"?
  3. QR Code Scanner

    Official Artwork for the QR Scanner The QR Scanner is a new feature that was added in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It allows you to scan QR codes and register Pokémon into your Pokédex with it. When you scan a code, you get 10 points and once you reach 100 points, you can use the 'Island Scan' that will scan for a rare Pokémon not naively found in Alola and give you the opportunity to find and catch it. How to use QR Scanner Here is a tutorial on how to use the QR Scanner. 1. Open the menu by pressing X. 2. Scroll to the second page and click on "QR Scanner". 3. Press X to open the QR Code Scan. 4. Scan a QR Code by pointing the camera to it and holding R 5. If done correctly, the QR code will produce a Mystery Pokémon and grant you 10 points for the Island Scan Island Scan The Island Scan is a feature that ties into the QR Scanner. When you get 100 points, you can scan the island that you are currently on for a chance to catch a rare Pokémon. Different Islands have different Pokémon, and on different days. You only get 1 opportunity once you find it to catch it, so come prepared to find it. You only get 1 hour to find the Pokémon. How to use the Island Scan 1. Open up the QR Scanner 2. Press and hold the R button to use Island Scan 3. Start looking over the Island for the Pokémon 4. When you find the Pokémon, catch it! (Remember you only get 1 chance) How do I find QR Codes? You can use any type of QR code. You can find them on magazines, newspapers, leaflets, signs, advertisements, etc. We also have our own QR Code gallery made specifically for Pokémon Sun and Moon.
  4. Poké Pelago

    Official Artwork for Poké Pelago Poké Pelago is a brand new feature that was introduced into Pokémon Sun and Moon. You can unlock it as soon as you complete Kiawe's trial. When you first go there, you will be introduced to a man named Mohn. He will give you an introduction to Poké Pelago and it's features. Poké Pelago is made up of 5 main Islands that host different functions and will all benefit your Pokémon. You can also upgrade the Islands by storing more Pokémon in your PC. Isle Abeens The first Island that you unlock when you come to the Island is Isle Abeens. Here is where you can harvest Poké Pelago's main feature, Poké Beans. As you upgrade this island, You can gather more Poké Beans at a time. Some wild Pokémon will sometime visit and when you check them the next day, you can get an opportunity to add it to your collection. Isle Aplenny Isle Aplenny is where you go to plant and harvest Berries. The berries can take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours before you can harvest them. As you upgrade the Island, you unlock more slots for more berry planting. Isle Aphun Isle Aphun is where you go if you want to get rare stones and items. You can pick what adventure your Pokémon will travel and in 24 hours, Your box will be filled with items. As you upgrade the Island, you unlock more adventures for your Pokémon to travel on Isle Evelup Isle Evelup is where you go if you want to EV train your Pokémon without doing any of the hard work. You can put in Pokémon and select what boost in stat (or level) you want for your Pokémon to raise. Then you select how long you want the training to go on for. As you upgrade the Island, you unlock more slots to simultaneously hold more Pokémon. Isle Avue Isle Avue is an Island for raising happiness on a Pokémon or for hatching eggs. If you put a Pokémon in there, it will raise it's happiness towards you. But if you leave it in there after 24 hours, the happiness will start to fall. If you put an egg in there, the egg will start to hatch. As you upgrade the Island, you unlock more slots for more Pokémon or eggs.
  5. Festival Plaza

    Official Artwork for the Festival Plaza The Festival Plaza is a brand new feature that was introduced into Pokémon Sun and Moon. Here, you can connect with other players both locally and through the Internet to interact, battle, trade and take part in missions. You also have facilities, which are places that offer services for a currency called Festival Points (FP). Some include bingo, EV training for your Pokémon, and restaurants for raising your Pokémons happiness. Festival Points Festival Points is the currency that you use in the Festival Plaza. There are a number of different ways you can obtain Festival Points including Missions, Global Missions, doing requests for your guests and obtaining points after doing trades. Once you obtain a certain quota of points, your Festival Plaza will rank up and Sophocles will give you a gift of a facility to put in your Festival Plaza. You also use Festival Points to spend in your facilities. Missions Missions are where you and/or other people work together to complete tasks. In order to compete in these missions, you will need Festival Tickets. The woman outside the castle will give you 3 tickets every day and you can talk to her to host a mission. There is another type of mission called Global Missions. This is were you and and people from all over the globe come to work together to complete a mission. These missions are usually every month and the Festival Points can vary based on whether you achieve your target or not. If you have a Pokémon Global Link account (PGL) tied to your game, you can get more bonuses if you complete a personal target.
  6. Battle Tree

    The Battle Tree reception area The Battle Tree is Alola's battling facility. Here, you can battle people with your Pokémon, or team up with a friend and take the battle tree on together. When you first go to the Battle Tree, you will be met by no other than Champion Red and Blue from Kanto. Blue will introduce you to them and then he will ask you for a battle. You can choose who you want to battle and when you defeat them, they will allow you access to the Battle Tree. Once you are inside, you have the option to take on the Battle Tree. The first time you go through you have to defeat 20 trainers with the Battle Tree master at the final battle. After that, you can go through the challenge again and can you can defeat as many trainers as you can. You can also buy battling items like Mega Stones and training items from the shop on the left hand side.
  7. Battle Royal

    Outside the Battle Royal Dome The Battle Royal is a brand new battling format introduced into Pokémon Sun and Moon. Here, you and 3 other people go head to head in a 4-way battle. The game works in a point system. If a Pokémon is knocked out, the Pokémon who hit the opponent last's trainer's Pokémon gets a point. The game ends when 1 person has all of their Pokémon knocked out and the person with the most amount of points is declared the winner. The inside of the Battle Royal Dome from a wide camera Battle Royal Dome The Battle Royal Dome is the place to have all your Battle Royals. The inside of the arena is shaped like a boxing ring and the entrances for the Trainers are shaped like Pokémon's heads. Each trainer appears from the mouths of these Pokémon. The Battle Royal Dome
  8. Sup

    Hello, and welcome If you have questions, please post in the respective board
  9. PokesavDS

    This program is no longer in development and hasn't been for some years Consider using PKHeX to edit your save files
  10. So what's with all this spam?

    GBAtemp is constantly getting spambots and I feel like the mods don't do a quick enough job at removing them in time
  11. PokeBox pokemon file server

    The information is here And please stop going off topic
  12. File type error [VC: JPN]

    Try to dump your save and transfer by plugging your SD card into your PC
  13. File type error [VC: JPN]

    Did you change the way you dumped it or have you tried to transfer it some other way?
  14. PokeBox pokemon file server

    What? Yeah, of course There is even a drive on r/pokemontrades to get people to help with the site
  15. PokeBox pokemon file server

    Well, since Porybox is open-source, someone could try to program the checks required.