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  1. Under Level Collection

    I can't give you direct access to edit the post but there was a link to the spreadsheet that HaxAras was using so just copy that and give me the me link so I can embed it on the OP. Edit: Here is the post
  2. Under Level Collection

    Here is a new zip collection as of 16/02/2018 Keep up the great work, @jojo12100 Under Leveled.zip
  3. Under Level Collection

    Oh, hey Nice work.
  4. Hello.

  5. Hi there!

  6. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I think this is just for compatibility reasons. It's the exact same story with every item from Gen 3 upwards getting ported to all future games even if they don't use them.
  7. Virtual Console Ilex Forest Celebi

    It is legal, just that there is no check in the stable build yet until a new release
  8. USUM - Year of Legendary (2018)

    AZ's Floette when?
  9. Loaded wrong savefile

    Do you have your original save file for USUM?
  10. Preferred Gen Method?

    It's on the Guide https://3ds.guide/ntrboot
  11. Preferred Gen Method?

    Oh, you're looking at the DSIWare method. Yeah, you only need the game on your system for that.
  12. Under Level Collection

    I have decided to (unofficially) take over as the maintainer for this project due to HaxAras's unknown status (I'm sure he's just achievement hunting). Here is the updated collection file as of 07/01/2017 Under Leveled.zip
  13. Preferred Gen Method?

    Not a game, but a DS flashcart.
  14. Preferred Gen Method?

    Many people nowadays do put CFW on their 3DS's because its easy, quick and will allow so much more then just Homebrew. Also, system updates can render some homebrew exploits unusable while you will always have CFW. I highly recommend looking at https://3ds.guide/ to see if it's something worth getting.
  15. ORAS - Secret Base Event QR Codes

    All Secret Base QR codes are region free