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  1. Try this: Go to Options > Game Boy Advance > Configure. In the save type tab make sure the save type is either set to automatic or flash and the flash size should be 128K. You might also check the game overrides tab (per game settings, available when the game is running) and make sure that they are either all set to default, or RTC: enabled, save type: default or flash, save size: 128K, mirroring: default.
  2. Have any issues with my plugins? Or any question? Please let me know! Before reporting an issue make sure that the plugin was made by me PKHeX and the plugin are both up to date the plugin was unblocked you have checked the FAQ When reporting an issue give a detailed description of what is happening always provide the error message My plugins: Any other PKHeX plugins are not supported by me, please ask their respective developers! WC3 Plugin Feebas Locator Mirage Island Tool FAQ How can I unblock a plugin and why do I have to do that? Win 10 might block DLL files downloaded from the internet. In that case right click the plugin file, go to properties and check "unblock" (as seen here). If the checkbox is not there, everything should be fine. Example of how to unblock: Your WC3 Plugin is not working on the latest version of PKHeX! Unfortunately you have to use an older version of the plugin with an older version of PKHeX (check the big red text at the downloads page of the WC3 Plugin).
  3. That's not possible. Use .RelearnMove1 (or 2/3/4) like this. You can either provide the move name or index. .RelearnMove1=Tackle .RelearnMove2=Splash .RelearnMove3=1 .RelearnMove4=2
  4. Yes, that's possible. You could use suloku's Mystery Gift tool to create your custom berry (ECB Editor), than convert that into an action replay code.
  5. The SETEC/BEXCO/aT센터 events are available in the Github repo https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released/Gen 5/Wondercards/KOR
  6. Update PKHeX, your version is from February 2017. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were not even released at that date. Your save loads fine on the latest version.
  7. Your dumper added some extra data to the end of the file that is not expected to be there. Expected file size is exactly 128 KB. Get any hex editor (like HxD) and remove the last 16 bytes. You might have to re-add them if you want to import the save back to the cart.
  8. Are you trying to load the file into a save of Diamond/Pearl? The alternate forms of Rotom and Giratina didn't exist in those game. That's why you won't see them on the left and that's also why the moves are illegal. Importing into HGSS/Pt works fine.
  9. 0.3.0.RC1 is the latest version of Savegame Manager. It can be used on R4 and other NDS flashcards to dump your save file. You can get it from the post below. If you have a 3DS there are better ways to get your save.
  10. You should be able to download Jirachi/Zigzagoon on any cartridge regardless of the RTC. But there's a flag that controls if you are allowed to receive Jirachi. Check PKHeX's Block Data Editor, it's called HasReceivedWishmkrJirachi (used for Channel Jirachi as well). And if you want to get other GCN events, there's also these: ColosseumReceivedAgeto HasUsedRSBOX (for Swablu) RSBoxDepositEggsUnlocked (1: Zigzagoon, 2: Skitty, 3: Pichu) There's no flag for Zigzagoon, you can get multiple of them.
  11. Did you edit it with the version of PKHeX that was released a few days ago? Then your issue can be fixed. Upload your save so we can see what might be wrong.
  12. Your file is empty. Do you still have the file you edited before? There has been an issue with .dsv file that got recently fixed in with an hot fix. But that issue didn't clear the file like that, it just doubled the save.
  13. Use the Trainer Info Editor to set your coordinates to a valid location. Like Twinleaf Town: Map: 411 X: 112 Z: 1 Y: 870
  14. 1 MB is too large, the valid size is 512 KB. The emulator somehow mirrored part of the save, Removing that part fixed the file. Pokemon HG.dsv
  15. You can't get a Prism Scale in BDSP, so the only way to evolve Feebas is by raising it's beauty. Milotic needs beauty of at least 170 and sheen of at least 16 to be legal.
  16. Remove PKHeX.Core.dll and any other .dll files from the folder.
  17. What kind of files? Try this. On the bottom of the downloads page click "see changelog", there you can select older releases since April 1, 2021. Once you selected the version a download link will appear below the changelog.
  18. BizHawk applies a 22 bytes footer, so 0x8016 bytes for Gen 2 saves. Other generations use raw saves.
  19. Froakie has to be bred to be able to have Protean. The starter Pokemon can't have their hidden abilities. So you would have to catch a Frogadier with Protean in the Friend Safari and use it to breed a Froakie.
  20. It works fine, the shiny Mew can only be found if a non-VC save is loaded. For VC saves the only Mew it finds would be the GF Mew.
  21. Download the Complete Dex Mons.rar from the page below. Choose the generation of your game and import the pcdata.bin from the correct folder (drag and drop into PKHeX). It will fill your boxes with every Pokemon available.
  22. The plugins folder must be named plugins anything else won't work.
  23. The emulator wrote the file like that so of course it can read it, 1MB isn't a valid size though. It's probably the 512KB save + another 512KB of garbage or a mirror of the save. This can probably be fixed by halving the file using a hex editor.
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