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  1. The saves are encrypted with a key that is found in the ROM header and is unique to your cart. So without the original cartridge or a ROM backup of it it's not possible to decrypt the saves.
  2. Which emulator are you using? Upload your save file, maybe its format isn't too different from a proper save file.
  3. You can only get sheen in gen 3 and 4.
  4. Just wait until tomorrow, or maybe in a few hours. Updated!
  5. The plugin needs to be compiled from source for now, I'll publish a new release tomorrow (Mirage Island and WC3 Plugin will be updated tomorrow as well).
  6. Save ingame normally and open your save file, save states are not supported as they are not valid save files. I guess you are playing on DeSmuME? In that case your save files should be in the Battery folder in the same directory where the exe is located.
  7. This guide is for those who are interested in editing an actual trainer e-Card to use with the real e-Reader. If you are capable of save editing or you are playing on an emulator it's probably easier to inject the trainer into your save file directly. Requirements your custom Trainer (ECT) of course (can be created with this tool) e-Reader dev tools (https://caitsith2.net/ereader/devtools.htm) e-Card headerfix tool headerfix.zip (source) a hex editor (like HxD) a raw e-Card which we will use as a base (English, Japanese) Editing the raw
  8. Those are both very outdated. You really should use PKHeX nowadays.
  9. Use Stationary Method 1. Latias/Latios count as stationary Pokemon because they are already generated when you have to choose the color on TV.
  10. Just save the page and put it on your server. Check this guide https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/
  11. I have no idea why you would need this but this site is still available: http://lunarcookies.github.io/loadcode.html#rsavin.bin http://lunarcookies.github.io/loadcode.html#rsavout.bin
  12. ExtData is used store Battle Videos and downloaded rulesets for wireless battles.
  13. With a modified siskin.tsd the missions will show up ingame. Idk where the data comes from, it probably gets written there during the download process. Now I need to find a save file that doesn't have any missions yet to test if the injected misiions are properly playable. Pokemon Ranger (JP).sav
  14. @ajxpk nice work! Thank you very much! Ok, forget what I wrote previously. Only the first two chunks are static they contain the information about the other chunks. Save Info Chunk (512 bytes) 0x000-0x00B PKR-059 a00 0x00C seed 0x010 CRC16 over the next 492 bytes 0x014 time stamp 0x018 time stamp (see https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/45846-pokemon-ranger-save-file-encryption/?tab=comments#comment-265265) 0x01C always 0x000000A0 0x020-0x1FF chunk info entries Chunk Info Entry (48 bytes) 0x00 file name 0x1E number of copies 0x20 offset 0x24 data size 0x28 reser
  15. Make sure your ROM is unmodified and turn off any cheats.
  16. If you mean .gba files, no. PKHeX is a Save Editor, not a ROM Editor. It can edit save files (.sav) from GBA games though. Actually every Pokemon game from the main series from the 1st gen to the 8th gen is supported.
  17. The issue is probably that your ExeFS folder is not named correctly. The expected name is just exefs, not ExtractedExeFS or anything else. To avoid any issues like this you should use the build-in tools in pk3DS to extract and rebuild your decrypted ROMs.
  18. Sounds like you didn't update your checksums before saving the edited save file.
  19. Is there any reason why you need to use PikaEdit? It is recommended to use PKHeX instead. 1.9.3 is the latest version.
  20. Get the patch from the google drive link from the first post (RenegadePlatinumv130.zip). Then follow the instructions in the HowToPatch.pdf inside the .zip file.
  21. I can confirm this. @Kaphotics Yancy and Curtis OTs should be swapped. The Pokemon for male players should get the female TradeOT while the ones for female players should get the male TradeOT.
  22. Legality checks for Colosseum and XD are working just fine on the latest release. So why do you need a version that's over two years old? The legality checks might be inaccurate as that version is missing a lot of improvements/fixes that have been made since then.
  23. You can get the latest development build of PKHeX which includes the latest commits from github from here. If you still want to build it from source, first make sure you have .NET desktop development installed in Visual Studio Installer. If you don't have it, install it then redownload the source.
  24. SNA files are "snapshots" made by No$GBA, other emulators call them "save states", they save the current state of the game and are no valid save files. Your save file isn't proper as well. The proper size is 128KB. Yours seems to be compressed. To get proper save files in No$GBA there is an option called GBA Cartridge Backup Media, set this to FLASH 128KB Sanyo. Then open No$GBA.ini with a text editor, find SAV/SNA File Format and set this to Raw it is probably set to Compressed or something like that. Make a backup of your save file before doing any changes!
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