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  1. The item alone is not enough, you also need to set the Event Constant for Victini to either "Event" or "Battleable" (I don't know which one is correct but one of those should work). For event items it's always recommended to no inject them directly but instead get them via wondercards.
  2. Check the readme in the download from the first post. It explains how to apply this patch to your ROM.
  3. Because PKHeX doesn't have it in its database.
  4. Check step 4 "To restore an edited save back to the cartridge, click "R" until the "Save Backup" section changes to "Save Restore"", you should then be able to select the save file you want to restore to the cart from the SD card.
  5. Ok, I got confused because you mentioned the Ez Flash. I only know one way to get a save file from an actual game cart. It requires an NDS Lite and an NDS Flashcard, or a Retron 5. Check the tutorial below.
  6. The save file is created by the game, it's where your games progress gets stored. If you are playing on your Ez Flash the save file should be somewhere on its SD card. Usually the file ends with .sav and has a size of 128KB.
  7. What are you trying to do? Why are you choosing that empty folder? You need to open your save file.
  8. .NET desktop development is all you need. You can just get the latest development build from here.
  9. Both saves are broken, they only contain garbage.
  10. There is an HD Texture Pack for USUM https://community.citra-emu.org/t/pokemon-ultra-sun-and-moon-hd-texture-pack/159141 And cheats to remove the outlines: Pokemon Ultra Sun [No Outlines v1.0] 0042E2B8 E320F000 [No Outlines v1.1] 0042FBA0 E320F000 [No Outlines v1.2] 0042FBA4 E320F000 Pokemon Ultra Moon [No Outlines v1.0] 0042E2B8 E320F000 [No Outlines v1.1] 0042FBA0 E320F000 [No Outlines v1.2] 0042FBA8 E320F000
  11. The .rar files are archives that need to be unpacked first. You can do this with WinRAR, 7-Zip or any other file archiver tool.
  12. You can not catch Hoopa yourself, it's only available as an event Pokemon. OT, ID and SID are wrong. Met information and the Pokeball could be wrong as well. Don't try to make this legal, just get one from the Mystery Gift Database.
  13. The syntax is CustomName tab PathToFolder Like this VBA G:\Emulators\VBA\saves DeSmuME G:\Emulators\DeSmuME\Battery No$GBA G:\Emulators\No$GBA\BATTERY
  14. That sounds like you didn't extract the right files. PK3DS can unpack and repack your ROM correctly. It just needs to be decrypted before.
  15. The Azure Flute was never released, so there was never a way to legally catch Arceus in DPPt.
  16. The met level is wrong for that location. I would recommend grabbing Pokemon from the encounter database and just modifying them to match your needs instead of creating them from scratch.
  17. Region blocking was done server side, not by the wondercards, they can be injected into games from any region no matter which one they originally were distributed for. The serial code for this Ho-Oh however only worked on Japanese games. So it will not be legal if injected into a game from another region.
  18. PKHeX doesn't generate valid PIDs for Gen 3 & 4. You need to use external tools like Pokefinder as explained in the guide below.
  19. In Gen 3 & 4 IVs were related to the PID (which is also related to the nature), you can't just change the IVs without the PID becoming invalid. You should check this article to learn how to get a valid PID/IV/Nature relation.
  20. That's weird, 524,288 bytes is exactly 512 kb which is the size of a regular save file, but in that case it should be .sav not .dsv. Though Gen 5 save tool should be able to load it regardless of its file extension. Let's try this, in DeSmuME go to File > Export Backup Memory and see if the resulting file can be opened. If it doesn't please upload your save file so we can check what might be wrong (I assume you already saved at least twice ingame).
  21. There must be something else that's wrong with your Pokemon.
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