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  1. Change the origin game. The first mark will be on every Pokemon from SwSh while the second one will be on every Pokemon that comes from SM/USUM.
  2. Hold 'Alt' and click on the box tab to clear the current box. Or right click the box tab to get some more options.
  3. Using the English wondercard is impossible because the format is slightly different. But there's a test Aurora Ticket wondercard for Japanese Emerald from official debug ROMs. You can find it here.
  4. That save file is empty. You need to use the ingame save option if you want to use PKHeX, don't use Citra savestates for that.
  5. The National Ribbon is only legal on Shadow Pokemon that have been purified.
  6. There shouldn't be any difference. The Pokemon are not generated by the Dream Radar, it just sets some flags to the game to tell which Pokemon to generate. So even if these flags get set by a tool/plugin or whatever the Pokemon will be generated legal in the end.
  7. How did you get the save file?
  8. If you are running Luma CFW you can always take a screenshot from the Rosalina menu (L+Down+Select by default). Else I have no idea if there's another way besides BootNTR.
  9. For future updates just use the list from PKHeX source. That is always up-to-date. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Resources/text/en/text_Items_en.txt Index number = line number - 1
  10. Unsolvable, sorry.
  11. Just noticed something weird in the video above. First thing, when the person entered the Mystery Gift menu there's an option "View Lock Capsule Card". Normally it should say "View Card Album" or somethig like that, but it shouldn't mention the card even if you only have one. And then the wondercard looks different to how wondercards in gen 4 normally look like, there's even an icon of the item. Other item wondercards don't have that. I connected to Wiimmfi to get the wondercard myself and noticed that it got saved behind the regular wondercard slots. Normally the last slot is at 0xAD0C, however the Lock Capsule would get downloaded to 0xB064! Trying to place any other card at this location would result in something that still looks like a Lock Capsule card. So, did GF really implement a special wondercard slot for an item that they never made available? Lol. Was this ever mentioned somewhere? Or is it something that the Wiimmfi stuff figured out but never brought to the public? And unfortunately I also can't figure out the flags needed to make the capsule work on BW, lost my HGSS cards ages ago and Download Play won't work on Flashcards either. Edit: AR code for the above mentioned card.
  12. Yes, remove the item from your inventory and you should be able to receive it from the delivery girl. After that you should be able to actually use the item in Lilycove.
  13. You need to get it from HGSS through the relocator. Receiving it in BW directly through a hacked wondercard won't work. The relocator seems to set a flag to enable unlocking it.
  14. That save file is uninitialized. How did you obtain it?
  15. .PKRS_Infected=true .PKRS_Strain=1 .PKRS_Days=1 Add .PKRS_Cured=true to the code to make them cured.
  16. Do you have the .NET desktop development workload installed in VS 2019? Check in Visual Studio Installer if you have the following:
  17. Once you have CFW installed you van use homebrew apps like Checkpoint or JKSM. Check the tutorials about that. https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/
  18. You would have to change the personal binaries (personal_uu for USUM) and compile PKHeX yourself https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/tree/master/PKHeX.Core/Resources/byte
  19. Germany is 78, Austria is 66. See here https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Resources/text/locale/countries.txt
  20. Hasn't been documented anywhere yet I think: FRLG/E e-Berry Structure FRLG: Section 4 - 0x026C E: Section 4 - 0x0378 0x00 - 0x06 berry name + 0xFF string terminator 0x07 firmness 0x08 - 0x09 size (in mm) 0x0A max yield 0x0B min yield 0x0C - 0x0F berry tag line 1 ROM offset 0x10 - 0x13 berry tag line 2 ROM offset 0x14 growth time per stage (in hours) 0x15 - 0x19 flavor 0x1A smoothness 0x1B 0 0x1C - 0x1F effect in bag 0x24 - 0x27 unknown pointer 0x28 - 0x2B unknown pointer 0x2D - 0x2E unknown 0x2E - 0x2F effect as held item 0x30 - 0x33 checksum The size is 52‬ bytes. Checksum is calculated the same way as in RS, except that it does not skip 0xC - 0x14 for the sum.
  21. What exactly doesn't work? (I know ME3 is currently broken in my plugin, I'm working on it) Edit: should be fixed now
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