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  1. Ooops my fault, I actually meant L + DOWN + SELECT. Make sure to extract all the files from the zip (exe, dll and json). You also need .NET 5.0 to run it https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/5.0/runtime But you can see the continue button with your trainer name etc? Once you see the button you can dump your RAM, the data is already loaded.
  2. Search for Wild Area Events in the Events Gallery https://projectpokemon.org/home/search/?&q=Wild Area Event&type=downloads_file&search_in=titles
  3. I just learned something neat by coincidence. Twilight Menu has a RAM dump option! Unlike the one Luma has this actually works..... I don't see why this wouldn't work for repro carts. If the cart is able to load on the console the data should at least be somewhere in the RAM. - setup Twilight Menu https://wiki.ds-homebrew.com/twilightmenu/ - get Poke J's PKX Extractor https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4187-pkx-extraction/ - boot Twilight Menu - boot your game - press L + DOWN + SELECT , this should open a menu on the bottom screen - choose dump RAM and wait - you will find the dump on your SD card in _nds/nds-bootstrap/ramDump.bin - open that file in the PKX Extractor and see if you can find your Pokemon
  4. Your save loads fine. I don't know why it wouldn't load for you. How are you restoring your save after editing with PKHeX? Or mabe you just need to update Twilight Menu, I used the latest version.
  5. Upload your save file, it's hard to tell what could be wrong without seeing the file.
  6. Did you use any cheats? Normally the weather should return to normal right after battling Kyogre/Groudon. You can fix it in the Event Flags in PKHeX. Clear "Harsh Sunlight/Rain in Eastern Hoenn", or flag 2090 in the research tab.
  7. Without actually seeing the Pokemon it's hard to tell what's wrong here. I assume it's just not possible to met the Pokemon on that level at the location you chose. It is recommended to not create Pokemon from scratch but instead grab them from the encounter database, then modify them as you wish.
  8. There's a bunch of them in the SS ROM data. Better search for your trainer name then: 380133012D012D01FFFF
  9. That's not how legallity works. Only Smeargle can legally learn Sketch and so only Smeargle is able to legally learn other moves through Sketch. Using Sketch on any other Pokemon will not legalize the sketched move.
  10. You mean the commands from the text box? Just copy them with CTRL + C.
  11. Update PKHeX. This has been reported and fixed on February 7,
  12. Select your language on the right. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/4-generation-5/
  13. That is the minimum requirement, any newer version is fine as well. This is not an issue with PKHeX, it's an issue with the Raids plugin that wasn't updated for the last PKHeX release. https://github.com/Leanny/PKHeX_Raid_Plugin/issues/82 Wait for them to publish a new release.
  14. I would suggest looking for other files then. Valid file size is 128 KB.
  15. The files are about twice as large as they should be. How did you get them?
  16. You can't change the type of a Pokemon, that's determined by the ROM. Even if you catch Tailow in an early version of the games, where it only had the Flying type, it would become Normal/Flying after importing it in your game. You could still create a ROM hack that removes the Normal type from Tailow though.
  17. Their SysBot is likely based on the latest stable PKHeX. They would need to update it to make Darkrai tradable.
  18. Latest stable release was on March 18, before Darkrai was available, so no it's not possible. (well, you could just ignore the illegal flag, if you are sure it's legal ...) However you could use the development build which is always up to date with the latest commits on Github.
  19. There's probably an additional flag for the gold medal which is set once you receive your 30000th coupon. So try to give yourself only 29999 coupons, then receive the last one on the regular way to trigger the gold medal.
  20. BDSP is not supported. pkNX only supports LGPE, SWSH and PLA.
  21. Are you using save states from the emulator menu/short cuts or do you save ingame normally? Save states won't work as those are not proper save files. Ingame saves should work, assuming the emulator doesn't do anything weird with it. Upload your save file for us to see.
  22. Don't create Pokemon from scratch, grab them from the encounter database (Tools > Data) and modify them as you need. Pokemon Link is not a valid met location for Scyther/Scizor. To make a Pokemon look like it evolved during trade just change the species and fill the Latest (not OT) Handler fields.
  23. mGBA can read the file without modification. Just rename it to match your ROMs name and change .dat to .sav. You might have to modify it if you want to bring it back to your 3DS though.
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