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  1. Did you try Checkpoint to see if that works? TwlSaveTool does however work with the Luma 9.1 CFW (latest at the time of writing) Have you done anything out the ordinary with the 3DS, such as region change it?
  2. If you have used all these codes then fair enough, however as one code can be redeemed per save it might not be the best idea to abuse it for the sake of doing so. If Nintendo distribute codes like this for other possibly harder to obtain event distributions in the future, this could be a very nice way of easily obtaining codes for these Pokemon.
  3. Cheers for the instructions theSLAYER, I managed to obtain some codes just fine. I was trying to think of a way to redeem multiple codes per console, essentially to get enough of each Pokemon to also have one of each evolution. I created a new profile on my Switch, started a new game, got to the point where online functionality could be used, then realised i'd have to link another Nintendo account, which wouldn't have online functionality (My Switch is on my friends family plan) to redeem the code. My desired goal was to do this without running Homebrew when booted in to the Switches OS, as i'd sooner not risk a ban. My first idea, although a bit tedious is: Boot hekate with the RCM exploit, dump my nand, so my save i've put more hours than I can count is backed up I can then start a new game on both Pikachu / Eevee editions, obtain the event Pokemon, trade them to a friend, then start a new game to obtain another event Pokemon. After the amount of desired event Pokemon have been obtained & traded restore my nand and get my friend to trade them back to me, as far as the Switch is then concerned nothing hacks / homebrew wise ever happened. My other idea is to find out if any of my friends played the opposite version as they could use my Pikachu game cart to obtain Eevee's and I could use my Eevee game cart to obtain Pikachu's given its only got 20 mins of play time, deleting the save and starting over wouldn't be an issue. I'd be interested if anyone had any other ideas? I figured this might be a good discussion to have as it will probably be a lot more tedious / hard obtaining events with Pokémon Sword and Shield, given exploitable Switches get banned so much easier compared to a hacked 3DS. Ideally I suppose in the future we might have a save manager that can function from RCM mode (like hekate does) without booting the Switches OS. That would make things pretty simple and totally safe, compared to running homebrew from within the Switches OS, which is logging what's happening and sending that back to Nintendo. It might also be more simple in the future when one of the CFW's out there supports an Emunand, it could be possible just to clone an updated copy of your user data to that Emunand, then safely dump your save with one of the existing homebrew tools such as Checkpoint from within the Emunand, keeping your System nand that goes online totally clean.
  4. I don't believe so at this point, it's all down to personal preference. Both Checkpoint and TWLSaveTool do have advantages over some of these old save dongles however. From what I remember the dongles have problems with Gen 5 Pokemon saves, in addition to some later DS games.
  5. Link us to what you purchased? The tool probably has unsigned drivers (that's even if it has drivers that work on modern versions of Windows). To install unsigned drivers you need to disable driver signature verification, this is one way of doing that: https://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/ Keep in mind if you have a 64bit version of Windows you need 64bit drivers, 32bit drivers will not work on a 64bit OS. If you have a homebrew hacked 3DS you are much better using TWLSaveTool: https://github.com/TuxSH/TWLSaveTool/releases to backup / restore DS saves, it works with the vast majority of games and is very easy to use.
  6. I've sent you a message so we can hopefully make some plans to get your save backed up
  7. To do this yourself you need some hardware like the J.Rodrigo Cart Flasher for GameBoy, its then very easy to backup the saves via USB on a Windows PC: GameBoy / GameBoy Colour USB Save Game Backup I'm also located in the UK so could easily backup the saves for you if you don't feel like investing in such hardware. If the batteries in the cart have survived this long its worth preserving the data sooner, rather than later.
  8. You can currently get Passimian and Oranguru along with their Hidden Abilities via Pokebank. Passimian will have the defiant hidden ability and Oranguru the Symbiosis hidden ability. Edit - I see theSLAYER already uploaded the wondercards for these 7 hours ago, that was fast!
  9. For Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs (from digiex) two saves exist. One includes the downloadable missions with no story data, so that might help. The saves had been dumped with a gameshark / action replay, so I converted them to the standard .sav format so they can be wrote back to real game carts and used on emulators / flash cards. That's about all I can tell you unfortunately, I never personally played through any of the ranger games. Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs - Deoxys, Manaphy Egg, Heatran & Shaymin Save.zip
  10. Pretty much this. Just to give some idea about whats been possible to date, during the candy part of the event from 18 Meltan I got 216 candy for catching with a Pinap and another 36 for transferring them. On the December 19th I had a Melmetal with another 226 candy towards the next: Fast forward to today I now have 762 candy and should be able to get around another 108 candy after 9pm tonight, meaning I could have fully evolved 3 Meltan without even putting any rare candies in to them: I could have probably got around 108 candy more, as i took quite a few days to unlock the Go park, then I've waited a day here and there to use the Mystery Box. You could also get another 3x candy a day for a 100km or greater trade, however for most of my Meltan trades the distance has been less than 10k. Anyone who got Melmetal on day one used rare candies, some people in my area are walking about with 500+ candies at the moment.
  11. Nintendo has always been against hacking, historically the security on past Nintendo consoles has always been defeated quite quickly. In addition Nintendo has never really banned people from online play until well in to the 3DS's lifetime. However with the 3DS people started abusing stuff, for example homebrew applications to download everything on the Eshop for free... So needless to say the Switch was released with much greater security, some of it even backported to the 3DS. Saves are now stored on the Switch regardless of if the game is a physical game cartridge, or a downloadable title. So the only way to access this save is by hacking the Switch. The only hack usable to the end user is the RCM hack, which exploited a hardware flaw in a lot of earlier Switch consoles. Nintendo managed to patch this hardware flaw in newer Switch consoles, meaning theirs currently no way to use homebrew applications to extract your saves if you have a newer Switch console. If you have used a hacked 3DS with homebrew applications to extract your saves, then its really no harder on the Switch. It is however harder to find a Switch that is still hackable in the wild compared to the 3DS. You need to do some research and work out if your Switch is hackable or not. If it is all you really need is a jig from Ebay and a USB to USB Type C cable to send the payload from your computer to get started with Switch hacking, presuming of course your Switch is hackable. If you purchased your Nintendo Switch before June 2018 it should be, if you purchased it after that it might or might not be.
  12. TWLSaveTool on a homebrew enabled 3DS is the way to go for backing up and restoring DS saves. For GBA games GBA Backup Tool used with a DS Flashcard on a DS / DS Lite is the most user friendly way I find. No need to worry about drivers / operating systems with the above tools, all you need is the ability to read an SD / Micro SD card on your computer.
  13. A show on Japanese TV channel NHK recently aired concept illustrations of several Pokemon designs from Gen 1. Hopefully this isn't old news to everyone, I don't recall seeing this image before however: You can however find full images of the ones below on the Bulbapedia Capsule Monsters page and the Glitterberri Early Concept Art article: Tweet the above images are from:
  14. That's a very good point about Pokemon Stadium GS, certainly a needle in the haystack as you say. However with the recently Space World 97 it gives me hope such luck could happen. I've often thought their must be a Japanese equivalent to Project Pokemon, although it was never the most easy thing to do back in the day i'm pretty sure some people in the Japanese community would have had the foresight to back their saves up and are still active in the Pokemon community today.
  15. Discussion of the game doesn't really seem to fit in any of the forum sections here, so thought i'd started a discussion thread as I know at least a couple of people on Project Pokemon are very active on the game. Now Go has connectivity to the Switch it's likely this will probably be expanded upon with the Gen 8 game released in 2019, Nintendo seem to be keen on bringing the two distinctly different audiences together. So will likely become more impotent as its the only way to get Meltan and Melmetal at the moment. Personally I really enjoy Pokemon Go, something I never expected to when I randomly downloaded the app in July 2016, however i've been pretty hooked since. I do love the whole community aspect of the game and have made a few new friends out playing Go, as well as playing with friends i've know for the last 20+ years. Just today I was out doing some Heatran raids with my friend and we bumped in to some students from China who had recently started University over here and got in to the game. They were really pleased for us to join them doing some Heatran raids as they were not strong enough to win the raid between them. I've never seen someone so happy to catch their first legendary Pokemon on the last ball it is moments like that I think the game is great for, it really does bring people together. I did exceptionally well today (going by past luck), in my first raid I got a Shiny Alolan Marowak, then I went on to do the Ex Raid my friend invited me to. Here I got a 98% Deoxys, then after that we went around town and did some Heatran raids, here I got my first ever 100% legendary Pokemon! So do feel free to share your stories or latest catches from Pokemon Go!
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