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  1. If you have the game on your CFW switch then you could trade the Pokemon over to that from your OFW Switch. Dump the save on the CFW Switch with your Pokemon, edit whatever you intend to, restore the save and trade the Pokemon back over to the OFW Switch. That is probably the safest way to do anything as your OFW switch remains 100% unhacked. Both Switch consoles will need to be on the same game update to trade, however you can sync updates to a banned Switch over local WiFi, just keep in mind i'm pretty sure this will also update the system software on the banned Switch, so it would be ideal to be running the latest version of Atmosphere before doing this. Or just download the NSP of the 1.1.3 update to the CFW Switch so the game versions on both consoles match.
  2. The games are not released yet, I imagine like with past new Pokemon games support will be added at some point after the official release date. It obviously takes time to reverse engineer the games and implement the functionality you'd expect to be present.
  3. Is your 3DS homebrew hacked? if so then you can backup your save game and inject the wondercard with PkHeX:
  4. You have quite a few different options, I used the J.Rodrigo Cart Flasher for GameBoy to backup my GabeBoy saves via USB. That or any of the options above should do the job if you can find them in stock, only the Joey JR from BennVenn seems to be at the moment.
  5. Maybe stacksmashing could help you reverse the link protocol, he's reverse engineered Tetris to the point its playable online via a server / special dongle he's made: You might have already seen this, however it was only released a couple of weeks a go, so possibly not. I'd certainly be interested in this, I always wanted to be able to link my GameBoy up to the PC and trade online as a kid, it would be great if that was finally possible!
  6. Finally, caught the last one as I arrived at work this morning. You should hopefully get Dark finished today Tiffany, Purrloin seems to be spawning quite frequently. Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row rewards Gible if you can find that task. Your local Pogo community might be posting when Gible and Noibat spawn, we've been messaging each other when spawns have been sighted. Although still pretty rare we seem to have been averaging a few reports a day recently. For Ghost i've noticed Gastly seems to spawn on an morning / evening between events which affect wild spawns.
  7. For anyone still struggling with 30 dark types remember to play on April 1st, Purrloin will be one of the featured spawns for that day only. Source: BREAKING: Pokémon mischief is on the rise, and Team GO Rocket has an Aipom problem - Pokémon GO (pokemongolive.com) I'm slowly getting there, I just need 5 dark to progress now
  8. Apparently Poochyena spawns a lot more in the southern hemisphere, so you could be on to something there. Most people I know in the local area are stuck on dark types now, however have everything else done. Good luck with the 1510!
  9. Nice to see for 3/4 you will just naturally progress with normal playing, I suspect by the time I've done 151 field research tasks everything else will be long completed. I finished the Dragon-type this evening, just 18 more dark types to go, those rocket grunts are not been generous
  10. You should be able to dump the save with an Ultra Save Cart Tool, that should support all save types and even development carts. Keep in mind I don't own this or an N64, just posting the info as I'd noticed this thread had gone unanswered.
  11. Good tip with the rocket grunts! After slowly grinding away battling 300 grunts and 50 leaders to level up I'd kind of been ignoring most of them recently. I wonder what steps 3 and 4 will involve, I suspect based on the 30 days minimum to pass step 2, a lot more time gated activities.
  12. We've had a few Noibat and Gible spawning recently which has helped with the Dragon part of the quest, I've some how managed to get up to 21 Dragon now. Dark types are few and far between in my area though. I'm at 11/30 for Dark and 28/30 for Ice.
  13. Its funny reading back this old group thread and remembering times it was possible to fail a raid with 12 people in the lobby! These days I’ve since managed to duo or trio many raid bosses. My local area was eventually transformed with many stops and gyms, meaning I could give up trying to do raids after work before going home and enjoy doing them on an evening with a local raid squad that gradually came together in the area. That was the point I really got in to raiding and enjoyed it.
  14. I know what you mean! Swinub, Spheal and Snover still nest, as does Poochyena, so its possible a nest at a local park could help with Ice / Dark types at some point. Dragon types though... time to release Dialga / Palkia in raids as shinies! or Gible community day, i'd take either haha.
  15. How are people getting on with the quest line for shiny Mew? I'm 9/30 for Catching a Pokemon 30 days in a row and just have some Ice, Dragon and Dark types to catch. I've a feeling Dragon types might hold me back a while as most of those we're Dratini from Incense during the Kanto event. 19/30 Ice 12/30 Dragon 9/30 Dark The PCNY Mew for Gen 2 could be shiny: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Gotta_Catch_'Em_All_event_Pokémon#Shiny_Mew with a 0.5% chance. Although this only became more common knowledge once the distribution hardware was obtained, I do wonder if anyone was actually lucky enough to get one back in 2002. This Go event is really the first truly legit way most people outside of Japan have of obtaining their own shiny Mew that can be used in current games, so i'm quite excited for this one.
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