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  1. Pokemon GO Editor Tool?!

    I must admit i'm getting tired of all the raid exclusive Pokemon too. If i could do raids in my local area on an evening I would do, however the nearest gym is 30+ mins away (which no one seems to raid at anyway!) That leaves doing raids in town after work, which rarely has raids at that time. At present I only need Entei, Suicune and Raikou to have everything released so far in the UK. Raikou is next months here, sadly I've missed Entei and i'm yet to get Suicune this month. I have considered spoofing, however i've got everything else legit, so it would ruin the game for me I think. If i ever get to the point where i just don't care anymore i'll probably spoof to Japan like theSlayer is doing. I did go to Manchester, UK this summer to play the game, it's honestly such a different experience playing the game in a major city. Their was over 100 people on a street corner doing a Zapdos raid, then as people left loads more people came, it was so easy to get in to raids which was really nice. Personally I think the game should scale to the area based on number of gyms and active players, so in a quiet area 2 or 3 people should be enough to do a 5* raid. Lets be honest even if you win that doesn't mean you will actually capture the Pokemon, so you still have to work hard to earn it.
  2. SM - Marshadow (JP/US/EU)

    Strangely enough I forgot about this event as Game UK had some issues with codes at the start of the event. I managed to grab a code last night. The event runs for quite a long time here in the UK, until November 16th 2017.
  3. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    I used SaveDataFiler, start a new game on the 3DS and save it. Now export the save with SaveDataFiler Keep in mind if you are injecting a save from an original game cartridge or emulator then you need to open the save in an hex editor (HxD is easy to use and free) and delete the last two lines of the save file like so: After doing this save the modifications on HxD and then rename your save file to sav.dat You can now overwrite the sav.dat you dumped with the sav.dat you wish to restore. Finally restore the save with SaveDataFiler and be sure to then find the games title in user tab of SaveDataFiler and delete the secure value (01726 = Pokemon Gold, 01727 = Pokemon Silver) Your save should load perfectly fine then. Their is a tool here that should do the above hex editing for you, however my save game always showed up as corrupted when i tried to use that:
  4. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    My boxed copies had arrived when I got home today. The only thing in the box was the actual download code, no poster, magnet or any bonus content. For anyone who wants to see: I thought it would be neat to do a Pokemon GEN 2 though the generations photo: Time to start my GEN 2 adventure on the 3DS
  5. The Pokemon GC games seem to have issues with region swapping saves in my experience. If you remember with Pokemon Box I had similar issues with trying to load your NTSC save on my PAL version of Pokemon Box. I could load your NTSC save, using an NTSC game on a PAL console, however when using a PAL game it would read the save, then corrupt it when trying to save any changes. I’m guessing the Pokemon games might have slightly different savefile layouts between regional copies of the games.
  6. For anyone on the fence with contributing I know Deoxyz has personally invested a lot of his own money (were talking $1000's) in both the 10ANNIV and Aurora Ticket Distribution then released them for free asking for nothing in return. In addition he was the one who got us a distributed set of the French, German, Italian and Spanish 10ANNIV Pokemon, along with the Aura Mew in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish for the GEN 3 event save myself and HaxAras has spent a lot of time on last year. Something we learned a lot later on that the research team here didn't even have these Pokemon. So needless to say if you value these old, rare Pokemon event's and want to see people enjoy them now and in the future it's well worth donating anything you can justify in my opinion. Sadly these old events are usually hoarded away in private collections never to be seen again, when a chance to obtain them comes up its often very costly unfortunately, Deoxyz has absorbed this up front on PayPal credit, however this and anything in the future is only going to be viable if the community comes together to make it happen. If this comes off their is also another event in the works, which has been for many months now. This is close to been finalised too, so this year could potentially be another good year for GEN 3 events.
  7. Game who I pre-ordered with have generally been pretty good with codes and such in the past. I've had some Xbox 360 codes sent by email I was never expecting before the game has been released. They do seem to be close with Nintendo UK and are the only ones offering the boxed version besides Nintendo here, so i'm hopeful!
  8. It looks like you might also be able to redeem the code on the standard Sun / Moon games too? if so the question is should I wait or not. Actually I wonder if i'll get two codes as i did pre-order both boxed versions of Gold and Silver.
  9. Recently Obtained

    @jasenyoface not personally, the raids seem a lot more scarce around here compared to the previous legendary raids. I have seen a couple which have been on-going, however non i've been able to attend yet.
  10. Oh yes, I like events which are a throwback to the older games
  11. I'll have to check that scraper out. As nice as it would be I can't imagine Nintendo ever officially allowing saves to be transferred over. Most cart batteries are likely long since dead, so people who did have the foresight to backup their saves before that happened are likely in the small minority, even then i can't personally see Nintendo entertaining any sort of user dumping of data from game carts. Let's say they did though, how do you think it would be done? the user posts their GB cartridge and 3DS to Nintendo for them to dump and inject the save. Maybe using a setup that will dump a save from a GB cart, erase the cart and then copy the save to a special flash card like cartridge that would quickly restore the save when inserted in to the 3DS? I'm more than happy I can restore my save unofficially, however officially would be pretty nice I must admit. That said i'm optimistic for a GEN 2 Celebi event and have a feeling Nintendo will make the effort for that.
  12. This is potentially great news! How are people viewing these test wonder cards? i'm guessing it's something to with the mystery gift servers? or mystery machine: ? As for the VC games I've already pre-ordered the boxed version of the Gold and Silver (yes I want an empty box to sit with my other games ) I'll be restoring my original Gold save dumped from my cartridge then playing though Silver!
  13. GEN1 Legit Mew Save

    The J.Rodrigo Cart Flasher for GameBoy Deoxyz linked to is by far the most easy way to backup saves these days. I did a little tutorial / review on this a few months ago: GameBoy / GameBoy Colour USB Save Game Backup If your in Europe i'd be happy to dump the save for you, probably wouldn't be cost effective if your on the other side of the world, however if you need any help let me know.
  14. Gym Fail

    Today on my way to work we'd stopped at a red light in range of a gym. I managed to take the gym out (I wasn't driving don't worry) however was then ever so slightly too far away to claim it Sorry Team Valor I tried!
  15. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    It's probably not that much effort to drop a guy in front of the door or somewhere to block access, that fixes Crystal up with very little effort. You do make a point with events though. The UK one was ultra limited. It was in one city, in the middle of the working week, for one night, where (i think 50) people had the chance of winning an invite online. So with those odd's we did pretty well for two different people who are on this site to actually attend and obtain the event. Most people will be oblivious it ever happened unless they read about it online. With that in mind i guess you could say only Japan really had a proper event, which does make me re-think how much Nintendo care for VC events sadly. I do still think it's quite possible for Crystal to get a release in the future though, as I really don't think it would be much effort to fix that up. However event wise you have made me re-think.