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  1. You wouldn't be able to migrate these Mews through Poke Transporter anyway. The only English Mew that can get though is the Virtual Console Mew with the OT "GF". Sure you could edit the OT on these Mew's to get them though, however they would just be another hacked Pokemon then.
  2. People have also got banned from simply restoring a save game to their clean Sysnand if you look at the banning reports on GBA Temp. Its not to say these people didn't do more though, or do this when connected to the internet. However its likely Nintendo can detect save game editing and ban for that also.
  3. You risk getting banned, it seems a pointless risk if you value online functionality on the Switch. Pokemon Home will be released soon anyway, so you can then transfer one across legitimately.
  4. For several years now Pokemon distributions for the Gen 3 GameBoy Advance games have been turning up on sites like Ebay. With that in mind you might think it’s controversial I have recently shared how these official GBA development flash carts these are been sold on can easily be re-flashed: Flash / Write Official GBA Development Flash Carts With An Nintendo DS This means GBA prototypes and Pokemon Distributions can now easily be duplicated, with replicas sold on as the real thing for significant amounts of money on Ebay. The Problem: Although not talked about, the sad real
  5. This is a legit Norway Mew for GEN 1 Pokemon games, distributed by Club Nintendo. TID: 10595 OT: NORWAY The Club Nintendo Mew distribution ran in Norway from October 15th 2000, to November 20th 2000 and required you to be a Club Nintendo member to receive a Mew. Club Nintendo members could post their game cartridge to Club Nintendo, Nedre Rommen 5, 0988 OSLO. Once the cartridge was received by Nintendo a Mew would be distributed to it, before the game cartridge was posted back. This Mew was obtained by Digiex Member Golden Toilette back when he was 9 years old. So do send
  6. I managed to get an Armored Mewtwo today and got thinking about Pokemon Home. I wonder if it will keep its Armored form if transferred to Pokemon Home / used in future games. It doesn't actually register as a different form on Pokemon Go, unlike say Castform for example. That's presuming it is usable in Gen 8 and beyond anytime soon.
  7. Small world! I think your site made a good impression on the younger me. From what I remember myself and a friend had just discovered emulators and you had everything else Pokemon related in one place. I'll be sure to check the resurrected PGamers out.
  8. I was disappointed Gen 7 had no national Pokedex, however I could still transfer all my Pokemon up and they were usable. In Gen 7 they did also fix Pokemon not been able to be transferred from Gen 1 and 2, so it was the first Generation all your Pokemon could exist in, from all the past games. Perfect! I was excited about this. Now if I take this living dex and my old teams to Gen 8 a lot of the Pokemon essentially become useless, their stuck in Pokemon Home and unable to be transferred to any game from there. So what’s the point? You’d be better off keeping them in Gen 7 until
  9. The ability to trade Pokemon directly from Pokemon Home seems a really nice feature, especially for those of us who play Pokemon Go and might actually randomly meet someone else who plays the core games. I can certainly see this been useful as I generally leave my Switch at home most of the time. I’m also pleased it seems we should be able to store all Pokemon from Go on the Switch in the near future. The amount of time I’ve put in to Pokemon Go I certainly want to keep these Pokemon somewhere safe if I ever stop playing, or Pokemon Go is closed down many years from now.
  10. Did you try Checkpoint to see if that works? TwlSaveTool does however work with the Luma 9.1 CFW (latest at the time of writing) Have you done anything out the ordinary with the 3DS, such as region change it?
  11. If you have used all these codes then fair enough, however as one code can be redeemed per save it might not be the best idea to abuse it for the sake of doing so. If Nintendo distribute codes like this for other possibly harder to obtain event distributions in the future, this could be a very nice way of easily obtaining codes for these Pokemon.
  12. Cheers for the instructions theSLAYER, I managed to obtain some codes just fine. I was trying to think of a way to redeem multiple codes per console, essentially to get enough of each Pokemon to also have one of each evolution. I created a new profile on my Switch, started a new game, got to the point where online functionality could be used, then realised i'd have to link another Nintendo account, which wouldn't have online functionality (My Switch is on my friends family plan) to redeem the code. My desired goal was to do this without running Homebrew when booted in to the Swi
  13. I don't believe so at this point, it's all down to personal preference. Both Checkpoint and TWLSaveTool do have advantages over some of these old save dongles however. From what I remember the dongles have problems with Gen 5 Pokemon saves, in addition to some later DS games.
  14. Link us to what you purchased? The tool probably has unsigned drivers (that's even if it has drivers that work on modern versions of Windows). To install unsigned drivers you need to disable driver signature verification, this is one way of doing that: https://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/ Keep in mind if you have a 64bit version of Windows you need 64bit drivers, 32bit drivers will not work on a 64bit OS. If you have a homebrew hacked 3DS you are much better using TWLSav
  15. I've sent you a message so we can hopefully make some plans to get your save backed up
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