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  1. My original theory was their could be a "nut" item in Gen 8 Ditto could hold, if it did and tried to breed with a Mew / Mewtwo you would get an egg which hatched Meltan. Given we now know Meltan is a mythical Pokemon i doubt that will be the case, it's certainly going to be an interesting one however. Screen capture of the first Meltan I captured on community day:
  2. I agree its all about balance, if playing any sort of multiplayer games today i'd sooner be in the same room as the people i'm playing with. What we used to do in Uni was have a gaming night once a week where we'd meet at someones place with our laptops, order a Pizza and play some random older multiplayer games which would run on everyone's laptop, or we'd bring or Xbox controllers / games around and system link a couple of consoles to play 4 player co-op on Halo or something like that. Sometimes we'd all just sit there on our DS's playing Pokemon chatting / trading / breeding Pokemon. That's why i still really like the Wii U today, that has loads of 4 player games you can split screen, so its easy to play together with others with little effort required. Better than needing 4x Xbox One's, 4x TV's and 4x Xbox Live subscriptions just to all play in the same Halo 5 game. If you like Pokemon and want to be more social get out and play Pokemon Go, turn up to one of the monthly community days and you will meet like minded people in your local area. Your local group might be featured on the Sliph Road map here: https://thesilphroad.com/map or search on Facebook for "Pokemon Go <area name>" i don't live in a big city or anything, however theirs quite a lot of active local Pokemon players which I never expected.
  3. The first Pokemon fan site I remember browsing was Pokemon GameBoy Zone in the summer of 2000. I signed up on the forum which is what kept me going back, when you got to certain post count milestones you'd get a gym badge which appeared under your username on the forum. You would get the Boulder Badge after something like 10 posts, then end up with the Earth Badge if you got to something like 1000 posts. I loved that idea of that back then and used to post loads trying to work my way up the ranks and collect all the badges. Web Archive has preserved the site quite well: pgz.pgamers.com (December 2000) and the PGZ Forum (January 2001). Someone on that forum called MewGod had his own site which hosted roms / gameshark codes, I believe that's where I got a very rough translation of Pokemon Gold from a long time before it was released in English. This site is also somewhat preserved: https://web.archive.org/web/20010424065417/geocities.com/mew_king (no roms dont worry!)
  4. It's possible, I have my 17 year old Pokemon Gold save from my original cartridge on the 3DS. However you will need to hack your 3DS to restore a save to it.
  5. I've checked all the Pokemon listed, the only one I have is the Community Day Pikachu with Surf. I suspect that will be the most common one people have.
  6. I don't personally see any downside in doing so at this point. Anyone who owns a Switch today has a Switch which is hackable indefinitely. I suspect I will update sooner or later, i'm just keeping my options open for now as the games I own don't really have any online functionality.
  7. I suspect you will have to update sooner or later to use any online functionality or game updates which come at a later date. However if you don't want to update your Lets Go Pokemon game or go online i don't see why you would need to update. The Switch and the Switch Homebrew scene is in its infancy compared to the 3DS. The 3DS has only the other day got it's first firmware update since last September, where as the Switch is getting firmware updates frequently.
  8. @phact Your Switch will always be exploitable regardless of firmware version. The only advantage of staying on a lower firmware (4.1.0 or lower) is it *might* become easier to exploit the Switch in the future, for example not requiring a PC, Phone or USB dongle to enter RCM mode. However if you update you could keep your Switch's sysnand clean for online play, then have an emunand which is kept totally offline for hacks and homebrew at a later date. Emunands are not possible yet, however will be when the Atmosphere CFW is released. At the moment i'm on firmware 4.1.0 and staying there to keep my options open, all currently released games work on 4.1.0 too.
  9. True, if your spoofing then I guess you don't really need to trade to catch out of region Pokemon anyway. I've nothing against spoofing, however i've played legit since the game launched. If I start spoofing now it will ruin my enjoyment and any sense of achievement when out playing in the future. I've seen a couple of people in the Facebook group for my town are planning to go the Safari Zone event in Dortmund, Germany at the end of this month. I believe out of region Pokemon are supposed to spawn there, so might end up been traded around locally in due course. I suspect the more rare regional Pokemon might slowly spread locally from that.
  10. If I had to guess i'd say it was based on GPS location, everyone already has to be using GPS and have a data connection to be on the game, so it would be pointless to complicate things with Bluetooth if you ask me, especially as it's not always the most reliable type of connection ever. In my experience of owning a device with Bluetooth 4 you can link to a device in the same room as yours, as soon as you go in to a different room the signal is lost. Bluetooth 5 can in theory do 400m, however I suspect in real world usage you'd have to be in the middle of a field with a clear line of sight to get anywhere near that sort of distance.
  11. Indeed, unless you have a local friend who's travelled to the location of the regional you want you don't have much chance of obtaining something unique via trade. Its not like I could trade regionals with you or anyone else on here. If a friends traveling its probably easier just to let them log on to your account and catch one for you. That's how I got a Corsola, my friend went on holiday to Lanzerotti, borrowed my account for the afternoon and caught me one. If you trust the other person that seems a lot easier than trading. It would still be interesting to add you and others on here for the gifting feature though, might be nice to get a random in game post card from places in the world I've never been.
  12. @theSLAYER My thoughts exactly, so even trading regional Pokemon with a friend is not going to be easy. If you become "best friends" with someone in game you seem to get a discount on stardust when trading, as to how much that is on 1million though... I think to get best friend status with someone you need to do raids with them on 4x different days. I think it's going to be difficult to fill in your Pokedex gaps with trading, however the rewards could make it a benefit to trade Pokemon with bad IV's to someone you know locally to get better IV's and possible more rare candy from it.
  13. Niantic have announced brand-new ways to interact with your friends in Pokémon GO! The Friends feature will start rolling out to Trainers later this week, allowing you to connect with your real-life friends and keep track of their adventures in Pokémon GO. You’ll be able to send them items, earn bonuses and even trade Pokémon! In order to add a friend in Pokémon GO, you must first ask them to share their Trainer Code with you. To invite a Trainer to become your friend, simply enter their Trainer Code and then send them a request. If they accept, you’ll become friends, and you’ll see them in your Friends List. You can read the full announcement, complete with screenshots here: Make Way for Friends, Trading, and Gifting in Pokémon GO! Needless to say i'm pretty excited to see trading added, however due to the star dust requirements for trading Pokemon you don't already have, this shouldn't be seen as an easy way to mass finish the Pokedex. It could however be a nice way to obtain regional or raid only Pokemon you might have missed if you have a local friend with those Pokemon. It seems like if you do a raid with a trainer that's your "best friend" you can get 4x extra balls, which will be handy for hard to capture legendaries.
  14. @Michael J. Caboose I don't see why not, everything to make that possible already exists. It's possible to backup and restore save games on the Switch and datamine games. Theirs already save editors for certain games out there and it's even possible to bring your Wii U save of Zelda: Breath of the Wild over to the Switch. Why inject fakes though? similar to the Gen 3 events where we have been preserving legit event Pokemon, the same can be done for Pokemon from Go. Myself, @theSLAYER and a couple of others are already interested in putting together a living Pokedex of legit Pokemon from Go. In later generations i'm missing a few myself too. Suicune and Entei from Gen 2 and Groudon from Gen 3. Hopefully by the time we can transfer these to future games everyone will have them thanks to research tasks though. I suspect you should be able to level theses up a lot easier on the Lets Go games too. For regional exclusives i'm sure people on here would happily trade them with each other. I'm hoping someone form the US can trade me a unique Tauros as that's the only regional Gen 1 we've had no event for in the UK yet, it's also the last Gen 1 I need. Either way anyone here interested in Pokemon stuff on the Switch should buy one sooner, rather than later. Every Switch out in the wild today is hackable and always will be regardless of the firmware version it's on. However Nintendo will release an updated hardware revision which patches the RCM exploit, theirs already references to this in later firmware updates, so it's just a matter of time.
  15. Having a look though my game it appears I have transferred some Pokemon I had multiples of at some point. Potentially rare Pokemon I only have 1x of: Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Electabuzz Lapras Mew (Can't transfer it anyway apparently) Potentially rare Pokemon I have multiples of: Farfetch'd (21x) (Regional) Kangaskhan (5x) (Regional) Mr Mime (7x) (UK Regional, I so can catch very frequently) Gyarados (2x) (Got enough candy for 3x more, waiting for that shiny karp!) Porygon (7x) Snorlax (5x) Articuno (3x) Zapdos (4x) Moltres (5x) Dragonite (8x) Mewtwo (4x) Pokemon I don't have: Tauros (Regional) Theirs also a few like Ekans / Arbok I only have 1x of, however that's easy enough to sort out. Between a few of us on here I can't really see any Pokemon been an issue to be honest. In regards to the OT I hope it keeps your Pokemon Go trainer name, I suspect the ball information might change too, however i'd be ok with that. I'm curious if the location data of where the Pokemon was caught in the real world will remain too. I do think that will be nice been able to see that on the Switch games. That's annoying as it would have been nice to have a completed Gen 1 Pokemon Go living dex on the Switch. Serebii also mentions "It's also noted that the Mew gift may not be able to be redeemed after a certain period of time. This period of time is unclear"