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  1. We could learn more about the Mew / Celebi machines and software used for the Gen 1 / 2 event distributions. I suppose their is always a chance more concept art or prototypes leak at some point, one thing is for sure the last few years have proved anything is possible in regards to unseen or obscure Pokemon content surfacing. With that in mind I think their will always be something new to learn, even if we think we know most of it now.
  2. Both the Pokemon Distribution Machine Gen II / Gen III discs are dumped, along with the memory cards. So from a data preservation point of view that data is safe and backed up which I'm pleased about. The original hardware went on to someone at Project Pokemon interested in getting this working for all to enjoy, so it's great that ended up in the best possible place for the Pokemon community to hopefully one day be able to use these distributions in some way. The data not been out there for anyone to freely tinker with years later is not an ideal situation I agree, hopefully that is something which can be changed. Deoxys explained the situation on emulation and what works / doesn't in far more detail here: https://digiex.net/threads/pokemon-gen-2-3-pcny-distribution-machine-save-downloads.15872/#post-82340 - worth reading if you haven't already.
  3. Windows 7 will be the problem, Microsoft discontinued support for it 3 years ago. You need Windows 10 or 11 for .NET 7. You can actually still upgrade to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7 even though its not advertised. Chances are if your hardware supports Windows 7, Windows 10 will also work fine: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 - only do that if you are confident you can fix your system if anything goes wrong during the upgrade process however.
  4. Are you running a 64bit version of Windows? if so what version of Windows? I initially got the error about updating the .NET framework: However after updating everything seems fine on Windows 11 22H2.
  5. You need to use a save manager to dump the save and restore it once you have made edits with PKHeX 3DS Pokemon Games: JKSM: JK's Save Manager for 3DS NDS Pokemon Games: TWLSaveTool: A 3DS homebrew that allows you to read, write, and erase save files from NDS cartridges
  6. This is the one @YoshiMoshihas: NTR-AAIJ-JPN - Strongest Pokemon Distribution Yoshi was kind enough to dump and let us release this, so if you Google you will find it. It will distribute the following depending on the date set on the DS distributing: Milotic - December 15, 2007 to January 14, 2008 Dragonite - January 15 to February 14, 2008 Salamence - February 15 to March 14, 2008
  7. As someone recently asked me about @Thomson's UK Mew, the cart was unfortunately never sent my way to dump the save. They apparently didn't want to send the cart before going on holiday and pretty much vanished after that... so who knows what went on there. I'm always happy to help anyone reading this in the future who's serious dump / preserve their GB event Pokemon though, although i can't imagine many are still surviving these days.
  8. You'd be much better attaching anything like that to a post here, it should exist for along as Project Pokemon is online then.
  9. The white font colour you have selected makes your post totally unreadable on the light theme FYI. If the clean Switch is capable of been exploited with the RCM hack then you could extract the saves without booting any sort of CFW: https://suchmememanyskill.github.io/guides/switchextractsaves/ However I don't think you could get the save back on the unhacked Switch without actually running CFW and using a homebrew save manager.
  10. I got the DM on Digiex - just waiting for Thomson to post the cart to me and i'll get the save dumped right away.
  11. One way to fix your saves is to use VBA-M: https://github.com/visualboyadvance-m/visualboyadvance-m/releases Download the emulator and on the menu select: Options > Emulator > Save Type and change this to Flash 128k. Now name the save you wish to fix the same as your rom, example: Emerald.gba and Emerald.sav and ensure these are in the same folder. Load the Emerald rom in VBA-M, continue the game and save. If you look at the save again it will now be 128k and work fine with PKHeX. (You should be able to load your save state also, save in game and Emerald.sav will be a 128k save of that save state)
  12. If you have the game on your CFW switch then you could trade the Pokemon over to that from your OFW Switch. Dump the save on the CFW Switch with your Pokemon, edit whatever you intend to, restore the save and trade the Pokemon back over to the OFW Switch. That is probably the safest way to do anything as your OFW switch remains 100% unhacked. Both Switch consoles will need to be on the same game update to trade, however you can sync updates to a banned Switch over local WiFi, just keep in mind i'm pretty sure this will also update the system software on the banned Switch, so it would be ideal to be running the latest version of Atmosphere before doing this. Or just download the NSP of the 1.1.3 update to the CFW Switch so the game versions on both consoles match.
  13. The games are not released yet, I imagine like with past new Pokemon games support will be added at some point after the official release date. It obviously takes time to reverse engineer the games and implement the functionality you'd expect to be present.
  14. Is your 3DS homebrew hacked? if so then you can backup your save game and inject the wondercard with PkHeX:
  15. You have quite a few different options, I used the J.Rodrigo Cart Flasher for GameBoy to backup my GabeBoy saves via USB. That or any of the options above should do the job if you can find them in stock, only the Joey JR from BennVenn seems to be at the moment.
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