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  1. Couldn't agree more. I know I'm just one voice, but this is what I've wanted to see at Project Pokemon for as long as it's been here.
  2. If you're on Windows, I recommend using HxD to look at the file. Then you'll want to seek out known values, like the Pokémon's PID or moves, etc.
  3. Holy crap dude. Is there a corner of Gen III you didn't touch? Nice work!
  4. Mass Editor for all PKHeX supported files (Gen 7 Support!)

    The app is written in C#, so it's been built 100% for Windows / .NET. That being said, FullLifeGames posted his source, so you can certainly try to find a way to compile it for a Mac.
  5. If I were you, I'd put the source code on GitHub without the cries (ensuring of course that your code doesn't break without them) and host a zipped file somewhere else.
  6. Hmm, I dunno about WPF, but I know there's no visible lag when drawing Spinda using my hacky LockBits approach in C#. Surely there's a way to do it quickly enough in WPF as well - but you've got the foundation, so at least you can set that aside for another day!
  7. I'm fine with it, as long as GatorShark gets a mention too (since I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without that documentation).
  8. FYI: and And one way to generate the graphics in C#:
  9. Stupid question, but are you saving twice in the GBA game before trying to load the save in Pokémon Box? That should guarantee that the 'current' and 'backup' save blocks are identical in case Box is reading the wrong one somehow.
  10. Wow. This app looks insanely detailed. Nice work!
  11. tool Time Capsule Transfer Tool ('pk2pk')

    That's easy enough - the last 100 bytes are encrypted totally separately from the first 136. All you'd need is a way to truncate the files to 136 bytes.
  12. If it's so easy, make one yourself.
  13. Questionable deployment methods don't make Metropolis 'fishy'. Besides, his app's been on here for over a year.
  14. Look at the interface! The whole thing was poorly architected. Aren't there better alternatives for Gen I / II?