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  1. This save file for Ultra Sun contains all legal shiny Pokémon that are compatible with Sword and Shield as of Crown Tundra. main
  2. Hello, could someone please create a file for any of the 4 generation 7 games for the 3Ds with all shiny pokemon that are compatible with Sword and Shield? Thanks in advance.
  3. I didn't get banned when transferring all the gen 8 mons into HOME via bank, but alright. There haven't been any ban waves after the initial wave in the first launch week of HOME (back in February)
  4. Assuming you're only looking to have/use it privately, which is all you can do since it's illegal and won't work online, all you'd need to do is inject the shiny pirouette Meloetta into a gen 6/7 game, put it into Bank, then transfer it to HOME. It's considered 'significantly hacked', and is illegal, so be careful regardless. I've attached a .pk6 file of a Meloetta you could transfer to HOME. 648-01 ★ - Meloetta - F093886641BD.pk6
  5. Hello! Do you want it to be legitimate, or is it alright if I inject the wondercard into my save and trade it? Or are you looking for a .pk* file? I've attached a file if that's what you're looking for. 710-03 - Pumpkaboo - 7684EB57999E.pk7
  6. Edit: I found the button that makes it a spoiler block
  7. The code doesn’t work because i forgot a . before EncryptionConstant, I’ll fix it. I can’t fix the pb7 not working, that’ll never work, you need the full save file to get meltan and melmetal.
  8. I will soon be adding all GALARIAN FORMS!!! should be coming this weekend, keep an eye out!
  9. =Box=2 =Slot=2 .Species=832 .Nature=$rand .PID=$rand EncryptionConstant=$rand .Met_Location=142 .Met_Level=1 .MetDate=20200201 .IVs=31 .EV_HP=0 .EV_ATK=0 .EV_DEF=0 .EV_SPA=0 .EV_SPD=0 .EV_SPE=0 .Move1=Growl .Move2=0 .Move3=0 .Move4=0 .OT_Name=Aster .OT_Gender=0 .TID=$rand .IsNicknamed=False .Ability=218 .RelearnMove1=Growl .RelearnMove2=Tackle .Ball=4 .EggMetDate=20200201 .Egg_Location=60002 .Version=44 .CurrentLevel=100 EXAMPLE OF BATCH CODE FOR DUBWOOL feel free to copy this and reformat it as you wish
  10. This has happened to me sometimes, try redoing the pokemon. It seems to be random, as I tried two of the smae pokemon and only one of them worked. so you may have to redo it a rfew times. Don't try to import all at the same time,
  11. did it show 'saving'? try importing the .pk7 files instead of using my save then randomize PID SID and EC
  12. To anyone experiencing the issue with bank where it fades to black: I logged back into bank after this happened, and the mons had successfully saved. So you can safely send to HOME, its just an issue when disconnecting from the server, not saving, so there is no cause for concern.
  13. Alright. Try running it with just one, and it can be any of them. Try it with either just Meltan, just Melmetal, or just Yamask.
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