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  1. If PKHeX can read the save just fine, I'll like to think nothing is wrong with the save. Restore this file to your game with JKSM. When you're importing the save, make sure it is named main (with no extensions, with nothing else in the name), and also make sure it's the only file in the folder. If it still doesn't work then we've got to do something else.
  2. Pokémon are fine as long as they're legal. For example, you can upload a single mon (.pa8) or as a binary dump from PKHeX for the entire PC (pcdata.bin)
  3. Using existing online structures is different from using local connection structures.
  4. Make it work online? No. As far as I know, those distribution ROMs aren’t meant to connect to the internet, so it wouldn’t even bother. Unless you can make your computer look like another DS to it, I doubt it’ll even connect to any other service that makes the network look like a LAN one. also, obtaining and using distribution ROMs is almost certainly piracy, so it’ll do you good to have discuss it any further
  5. I can’t remember the name of the exact setting off the top of my head, but it appears that VBA don’t think you have a save battery. There’s a setting to avoid that. Probably install the latest VBA you can find too. I’ve not had to deal with that using fresh installs for ages
  6. What specifically is the error, take a screenshot of it
  7. I’m guessing that Checkpoint either couldn’t decrypt it in time, or maybe the decryption led to the crash, so in effect the file just looks like a garbled mess. Try using JKSM to extract the save, and see how it goes.
  8. how did you extract this file? It's completely a garbled mess, which shouldn't be the case.
  9. In Gen 6, if you evolve a mon in a English game, the mon's name would be English (provided it wasn't nicknamed). This happens even if the mon's language of origin differs from the language you're playing.
  10. Hey, upload said save here. Would look at in in due time, thanks
  11. Just use PKHeX. It has a UI menu that can activate the events for you on said save.
  12. Can I take it that you gave yourself gym badges without fighting the gym leaders? If so, remove her badge.
  13. If owning one legitimately doesn't do it, then there isn't a way. You could try transferring a Shiny Eternatus to a baby save and bringing it through the Eternatus story arc, and see if that works.
  14. Rather than create one from scratch, import form the event database.
  15. Hey don’t worry about it, it’s something people miss all the time. At least the mystery is solved
  16. Hmm, it’s almost as tho: (1) the base save shown in the screenshot is for Sword and Shield, and (2) Infernape doesn’t exist in those games.
  17. Try resetting the RTC on PKHeX, I think there’s such an option somewhere on the program
  18. The data might be sanitized for privacy purposes. If you have doubts don't use it
  19. Not this. The files are legit. It's dumped from their servers. It's just that Nintendo/GF server isn't updated to whitelist them, to allow them to trade. It usually happens with new events. Be patient and wait for their servers to deal with it.
  20. Only if you’ve installed pirated stuff, done some sketchy stuff with your unit etc. I’ve been using CFW on Sysnand + online for years. CFW installation itself isn’t a ban factor, it’s what you do with it that is. Anyhow, also make sure the both of you are on the same game update, as well as same Switch firmware update.
  21. you could use the development build in the mean time.
  22. Pre-Gen 7 games seem to be fine with that. Since game specific events seems to use the same event flag, swapping doesn't *appear* to do anything serious. That all changed with Gen 7. Game events have separate flags, and swapping versions can cause a soft lock. SWSH is worse; game exclusive Gyms, and gym leader triggers (for their dialogue), and exclusive overworld Pokemon, can cause the game to crash and perform other weird oddities. Until you're in the post game, I would recommend not doing that for newer games. For all games, you *can* do it, but at your own risk :3
  23. The game isn't reverting them to normal, it's HOME that is displaying them as normal. So even if you make your own branch, ultimately you're still messing with the games save. You can't change how HOME reacts to reading the data in the save
  24. yeah it stumped me there too. I forgot HOME treats those species like that ><
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