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  1. You need to dump the ROM from your cart, then use the program to read the ROM. It’ll find a save if it’s a bootleg cart (most Gen 3 bootleg cart store saves inside the ROM)
  2. No. Goes against TOS, high ban risk, so we won't share that information. Not that I know how it's done, but I got a few informed guesses..
  3. And even if you if Battle Bond Greninja ends up being legal later down the road, GF changes the way it functions: it won’t become Ash-Greninja. No form change. Only stat boost.
  4. It would do you good to stop posting these kind of links.

    1. Nael


      Hello, it's to know if there is a poke bank rom hack so that i can transfer my pokemon from black and white

    2. theSLAYER



      There isn't a ROM hack for Poke Bank, and that link won't help you.

      I'm not identifying which one of these points matter to you fellas; you got to figure that out yourself:
      1. Self promotion and advertising is is against guidelines
      2. Our site doesn't allow those below 13 to join (and you can't fake your age to join as well)
      3. Using alts is frowned upon.

      In any case, please read through our rules again. Let's not proceed further with this conversation. I've said my piece.

  5. That statement is partially true; the wondercards *aren’t* stored in saves. The part that is outdated is the “not usable by users”
  6. I thought it follows Switch time, and changing the console time resets to Fancy. Make sure the save is using the current console time (basically make the save 'today', then don't change the time, and make sure you restore the save 'today')
  7. Ah maybe when you first link to GO something else changes. I’ll check it out when I get home
  8. *byte fsys_vivillon or something similar to that name. (can’t recall exact name cause not on PKHeX atm, but pretty sure it’s something close to that)
  9. For the record, yes. Still hacked. While we use descriptors like 'legal, illegal', it just describes how well it was hacked, and whether it is distinguishable. Does not remove the hacked status. Loosely, hacked = created via user intervention, normally via unintended methods, whether third party or not. Okay, report noted. Now, let's keep this topic on track. Anything unrelated to the topic of this thread, create your own thread, thanks!
  10. Requests are good and all, keep in mind we aren’t a buying/selling forum. Also shifted your thread as you weren’t actually contributing an event
  11. There's no official transfer methods from PLA to SV at this time, hence PKHeX will not allow such a transfer
  12. I’m guessing you didn’t remove the old file. I see two yellow entries and not sure which one is the newer one. Consider renaming the upload so it’s obvious it’s newer, if you wanna keep the old one. besides that, all good
  13. The patch isn't the DLC. Also use the *latest* PKHeX. It can read SV 1.2.0 saves.
  14. We can’t unempty it. Data must exist in the file. Perhaps you saved incorrectly. Or grabbed the wrong file. Check your backups and hardware.
  15. Yup. There’s no legitimate Poké Ball form shiny. PKHeX is working as intended.
  16. All the results you see are manually calculated from a single value, the seed. Pikachu uses a different (custom) scale range, which isn't account in the calculation formula in the software revision of Tera Finder you're using.
  17. Not just about the font, also about the fact it’s distributing a funfest event. Those carts haven’t been seen in the wild at all.
  18. In this scenario, rather than use GodMode9, try using Checkpoint. And also TWLsavetool.
  19. Not a save file. It shouldn't be a file with nothing but names of folder directories. Get your friend to do a proper dump, or use a different homebrew to dump the save
  20. If I understand correctly, not happening. iOS - has a bunch of restrictions, limitations, and TOS stuff that I don’t think it can get accepted onto the store Android - there’s a old proof-of-concept copy that can be compiled into an APK, but it hasn’t been maintained and doesn’t look like it would. no idea what iOS copy you came across but I probably wouldn’t even try to use it.
  21. Not that I know off. I know people have been fiddling with it cause it’s made in Unity, but I’m not sure if an actual editor was made. I think there’s a randomiser somewhere out there tho.
  22. Any 2DS/3DS unit can be hacked: https://3ds.hacks.guide/ Once CFW installed, tutorial relating to actual extraction of save: https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/ Cheers!
  23. @needszeebs good details and finds, and I’m sorry that it happened to your cart too one note tho, for the last image, that can also happen with using too many cheats, and/or saving and shutting off at the wrong time. Could also happen with importing the wrong save into the wrong game (like RS into Emerald for example. Tho to some extent, related to which map the player saved on). I’ve personally seen something similar to that screen before (same tileset/area/NPC corruption but different map).
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