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    From the album: 890 Eternatus

  2. I'm assuming you're looking at one of my older WC6 trackers. Genderless, Random, Female, Male Same card for USA and EUR. So categorization is based on language, not region. If you're not looking to contribute events, nor to maintain our files (not that you have the rights to that), there's no real need for you to understand it. There's no such thing as "injecting legit wc". Did you mean legal? Well, depends on the region of the event. Read the first post of this thread. This is not a thread for people to ask for help relating injections.
  3. Note that 3DS region only applies to 3DS games, and it won't matter if the mon is being shifted into Switch games. For Gen 3 files and up Changes Language to Japanese. Having the IsNicknamed like that is just to make sure the Pokemon have their names updated accordingly. As for 3DS region, I recommend this: Note: Do be aware that some event Pokemon have specific region locking status. You should remove all event Pokemon before batch editing. If means make a copy and keep them somewhere safe, before you edit them.
  4. Are you changing language, or changing the 3DS region. Also, you can't "destroy the file" if you keep a backup from before you made the edits
  5. use the batch editor..?
  6. 1. I believe you have to be in-game (past the continue screen) to activate the codes 2. Did you activate the code with the correct button combinations?
  7. @Kaliiba since you're not contributing an event, I moved your post out of event contributions. Looking for/searching for type of threads typically don't do well here, and we generally remind people on both sides of an agreement to proceed with caution (doing trades, or sales, etc), at this point of developments I don't see anything worrisome, so I'll just leave this here. Happy waiting :3
  8. Are you double clicking it? You're supposed to drag it into the left side of PKHeX, or into Mystery Gift, not double click on it...
  9. format of file is wrong, and you're probably using the wrong file from an emulator or something. Extract a .SAV (battery save or whatever you wanna call it)
  10. always? Well, according to PKHeX it's still roaming. You could set it as seen and view it's location in Pokedex.
  11. I resolved the dex issue, didn't know about the issue when entering battles. I just checked, and it doesn't freeze in battles, so that is another problem resolved. You probably had too many codes on, hence why your trainer block and dex block got messed up.
  12. When you say "corrupted", you mean this? Edit: I tried to fix your dex and trainer info issue. Given how I can't perform magic, and see what the data used to be, all I could do was import the data fields from one of my saves, and chance the OT/TID/SID to match your mons. Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).sav
  13. Your OT is ROAN. Taking endianess into account, it's the values in red below. Presumably, the line of FFs are also part of the OT name. I'm kinda confused how the second attempt didn't work for you, because FFs are valid terminators. Example: In any case, try this:
  14. @Gh0str1d3r erm. Could you at least load your save file first? PKHeX is a save editor. After reading this, I'm starting to think that I've been thrown off by your statement about PKHeX, as well as believe that you are unable to extract your save. PKHeX is a save editor, not a code generator. Don't know why you're looking at PKHeX at the first place, if you cannot obtain your save. Anyway, the "???" can easily be resolved by editing the previous code you used. Alternatively, if you're hard stuck on using Pokesav (to generate codes), it's on our site this whol
  15. As in change the trainer class (overworld character sprite) to something else? There's no save editor for that. It can only be done via RAM or ROM editing. Or you referring to the name of the trainer (that is what the videos seem to indicate). PKHeX can do that. You're just not doing it right
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    From the album: 774 Minior

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    From the album: 774 Minior

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    From the album: 774 Minior

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    From the album: 774 Minior

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    From the album: 774 Minior

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