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  1. Hey man, for the last time, please stop posting in the wrong sub-forum. At least post is somewhere that shows you've tried to think and find a place that is close to what you're asking. 'Project Pokemon Feedback' isn't for you to ask for help with the games. You've posted there umpteen times at this point. I get that the forum layout may be confusing, but you've been here and posted multiple times already... Also, as far as I can tell the public leaked beta runs the same as the final build, so there's no exciting new Pokemon files.
  2. It's definitely the wrong save file. Both blocks only has 8 minute + 1 snivy. I've attached the files for you to see. bb1.sav bb3.sav Alternatively, you've been using state saves and you've not noticed that you're doing so. Or something. If you shift the dsv from that folder (meaning there's nothing there), does the game still load with your progress?
  3. I stitched the saves together based on the offsets. I duplicated "block A" twice, made it a save. Duplicate "block B" twice, made it another save. Save A loads, save B doesn't. I then proceed to look at Save B's hex data, and it just looks like trash. It doesn't matter that it's the main or backup right now. What matters right now is *your data isn't there*. It's presumably saved somewhere else in your computer. Edit: Did you corrupt your save or something? Are you trying to get the details back. There does seem to be corruption somewhere. Lemme see if I can do anything. Edit again: So I did another look, and turns out I missed something. However it doesn't seem to help. Both block A and block B shows 8 minute with 1 Snivy.
  4. There's only one block in that save. (each save has a 'main block' and a 'backup block'. you only have proper data in one block.) I assume Drastic is saving the data somewhere else, cause it's definitely not in that save file you've provided.
  5. Hey, one post on the same issue is enough. No need to spread them out to many posts. Also, you can upload images directly to our site. In any case, now wait for a response. Thanks :3
  6. Try exporting as a battery file instead. Should be an option under files. It allows you to export a .sav
  7. save twice using the in-game menu at the current stage of gameplay. If you get a 'saving a lot of data' message, do it a few extra times. Then, soft reset the game. only then, do you close the emulator. Now check the DSV.
  8. The save is entirely empty. That means you did not dump a save. It was nothing. Even a file with no party and PC but has started the game has something. Check your dumping methods, try alternatives.
  9. Yea, piracy is not good. I’m glad you’re getting clean :3
  10. 1) make sure you’re playing a game that is at least updated to 1.3.0 Zygarde does not exist in SWSH before that. And, 2) when you edit your save, make sure you set the Mon to a party/pc slot. Then export the edited save. Then restore the edited save into your game.
  11. You can’t inject the mystery gift items directly and have them work. I think PKHeX has an activation option. Check the various buttons below the save (I’m away from my computer thus can’t check at the moment)
  12. I hope by ROMs you mean games you actually purchased and subsequently dumped yourself. otherwise it’s piracy. And if so we legally won’t be able to assist you. Tho in any case, AFAIK there isn’t any publicly revealed PC -> HOME that doesn’t involve a Switch. Maybe someone has the info privately, but if it isn’t revealed publicly then the info doesn’t exist. You’re frankly better off using a combination of the 3DS + Switch to transfer whatever entries..
  13. There isn't a way to do so directly. Your only hopes would be to edit save files that the mons can be found in, then send them in via PKHeX. For example, if a mon only exists in SWSH, you gotta edit a SWSH save file then send it in. No information about this exists publicly at this time. There is potential to spoof HOME's commands to do that, but I don't even know if that info exists. Plus even then it's a huge ban risk. Edit: @RanchBurner it seems all you've done on the forum is to make posts relating to spoofing/fake trading/direct injection to HOME. I would suggest you stop. Such a method is not known to exist. Unless you're some sort of technical wizz, I suggest you don't bother to try. Consider going to reddit and something to try to find someone to inject mons for you then slowly trade to your on HOME one by one; while we do have a requests Pokemon page, it doesn't see any traction. People rarely want to commit to something time consuming.
  14. I recall something like that happening when I sequence broke the game using too many walk to wall cheats, and/or giving badges at incorrect timing, etc. Do what BlackShark said :3
  15. First load a LGPE save, then either: a) Set the file into PKHeX's GP1 editor, or b) Set the GP1 into box (drag and drop)
  16. Very odd indeed. Maybe try reading this: https://gbatemp.net/threads/new3ds-cannot-load-certain-nds-cartridges-after-installing-cfw-twlfix-not-working.576971/ I wonder if it’s an installation procedure or some missing that is messing with your NDS connection. Try loading the NDS wifi settings in your 3DS system settings, see if it loads. Also give a brief read to that thread. It seems like they might have the same issue as you, not sure if it was resolved tho.
  17. The user hasn’t been around since Jan 2021. I’m unsure they’ll see it, but I’ll keep this post unlocked just in case they wanna reply.
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