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  1. you're uploading an entire PK8. the OT and ID you choose is included in the pk8. Should be safe enough.
  2. Well it’s good to leave this up. Hopefully others with a similar issue can find this. I’m glad you got it worked out :3
  3. From my experience, I don’t think it’s abandoned. At the very least it handles standard randomisation as well as and reading of game files. Ignoring miscellaneous features that aren’t fully fleshed out, most errors seem to occur due to user error or users using badly dumped (or pirated) ROMs. I can imagine things get out of hand when people keep suggesting different features to add..
  4. check what the maq guy says. https://gbatemp.net/threads/need-help-getting-save-game-manager-to-work.359398/
  5. 1) Trade your mons to a sysbot (Basically Discord Servers that support Sysbot. What this means is, you'll trade to a CFW Switch, which then dumps the mon to the PC, and the Discord automatically DMs you the file. sysbot effectively connects the Discord server to a CFW Swich) 2) Edit the file on PKHeX 3) Export the edited file from PKHeX 4) Now use Sysbot to trade you the edited file.
  6. @ordepyoshi in any case, I'll be deleting one of your accounts. Would you like to keep this, or the other one?
  7. just post screenshots of the changes, and the summary of said changes, all in a spoiler tag.
  8. Note: This is obviously my profile, but the same step applies to yours. I'm telling you to actually create a ROM hack first, then edit all the details after. More often than not, people who want to make ROM hacks can't actually do it. So it may do you good to prove that you can make one. For starters, it may be good to just follow the levels given by the game. If you want a difficulty hack, maybe +1 x (factor) to the levels given by the game, but you decide on the multiplication factor based on some arbitrary rule in your mind, such as amount of gym badges. Asking for levels and teams isn't against the rules, but more often than not, others won't want to contribute when there is no indication that you can do deliver proper ROM hacks. As I've said, many 'creators' want a ROM hack, but can't actually do it.
  9. While you're not using multiple accounts for ban evasion, I suggest you stop using this account and go back to your main. Also, you should create a game first (to show that you can make a proper game). Maybe you'll get teams and level caps afterwards. There's too many pages out there where "I wanna make a game" but the devs don't have the knack or skill for it, so it doesn't go anywhere.
  10. Details for Index 77 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (minor differences, in raid chance) Rewards for Index 77 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (minor differences, in raid chance) Details for Index 77 of dai_encount Rewards for Index 77 of dai_encount
  11. you're not supposed to open the game with PKHeX, you're supposed to open the save. How did you obtain the save?
  12. should be 5 to 5:59 am of your 3DS. (it'll be evening in game) Edit: You said Moon, but I hope you meant Ultra Moon, because Dusk form isn't in Sun and Moon. It's only in the Ultra games.
  13. yeah nah, it's not like I'm into trading communities and all. We do say untrained/untouched, but I guess it is not frequent enough to abbreviate it. >< IVs -> Nah Level -> Only for Met level yup seems fine :3
  14. I don't know what UT means, and google isn't being much help. Depends. Could that moveset even exist in that game (could it be transferred up?), does Powersave write any extra data? Given it's Gen 5 -> Gen 7, changing moves should be fine. That is assuming everything else is legal, of course. potentially, depends on what the event is. EVs can be reduced with EV reducing berries, but IVs depends on whether it was distributed with random IVs.. For future reference: 1) It's not necessary to tag me directly. I check latest unread pretty frequently, and would jump in if no one else says anything, or if I have something to add. :3 2) If you have new info to add, and your latest post is unanswered, edit it into your latest post on the thread. 3) Please post your threads in the right sub-forum. Your thread has nothing to do with peripheral hardware. [You may think the usage of powersaves qualifies for peripheral hardware, but your question centered more on legality than peripheral usage. I could replace powersaves with PKHeX and the gist of your question doesn't change.] I moved this thread.
  15. @Kaphotics bringing your attention to this Nidoqueen + Bpdy Slam situation.
  16. Nidoqueen learns Body Slam at Lv 23. You caught Nidorina at Lv 23, then evolved it. Can one learn the move this way? Did you get the move in-game? I don't think there's a language byte in the Gen 1 and 2 games. So any non-Japanese games get recognized as English (since they share the same save structure).
  17. yeah collection sake is probably fine. Anyone who cares about what you do in single player play, is just being nitpicky.
  18. Np Nope, all my Switches are ban free :3 Also, in relation to my previous post about significantly hacked Pokemon, banning and the usage of significantly hacked Pokemon don't appear to be related. Well at the very least, I don't use significantly hacked mons online. And I'm not banned. To add in the main (known) ban reasons: I don't use custom themes, I don't pirate. I don't host nor join hacked raids. I don't sell nor buy hacked "unlocked" shinies, nor use my HOME account for such purposes.. Just throwing some known activities out there..
  19. Our forum is against using significantly hacked Pokémon against unsuspecting people. The act of changing the PID makes it significantly hacked. (A.k.a doing something that you can't do in-game; you can't make a mon go from non-shiny to shiny in-game)
  20. can you upload the pk2 file?
  21. Well, as long as you followed the guide to the letter, there should be little brick risk. After all, until certain steps that is later in the guide, you aren't actually writing anything into the memory of the Switch. To be fair, I didn't really comprehend all that until multiple CFW attempts. Frankly there is probably a higher risk of the Switch being banned than it being bricked. Tho the bans on the Switch, appears to be related to installing pirated games/apps and custom themes. Also, keep in mind that our site doesn't condone hacking in competitive mons to be used against unsuspecting opponents.
  22. Being honest, I have no clue. I'm not you, not someone around you, so I would have no honest idea. Assuming you followed the guide to the letter, and used the appropriate jig (rather then trying to bend pins, use paper clips etc), the chances of messing up is pretty darn low. Let's assume it's a mess up on your part, and not system failure or code corruption or anything of that sort. It depends on which step you mess up, and how bad the mess up is. For example, if you pressed the wrong buttons to enter RCM, that's technically a mess up. But that "mess up" does nothing. Without the correct button combination + jig, your Switch would boot into OFW, cause you did nothing. (You gotta enter RCM to try to run the payload). Another example, you got into RCM but used the wrong payload. Thus your Switch didn't boot into CFW. As long as the "wrong payload" isn't a virus that wipes your system memory (Nand) clean, just hard power off your Switch, and on the next power on it'll boot normally into OFW. As it stands, CFW installation isn't permanent. Think of it as a tethered boot or cold boot. Every system reboot (if you don't use the reboot to payload homebrew) will require the payload to be sent into the Switch. (So another RCM -> connect USB C -> Send payload) I have Auto RCM, which is effectively a functionality to boot my Switch into RCM if I were to hard reboot, this way I don't have to keep using the Jig to enter RCM. And even that isn't fully permament; Auto RCM can be turned off with another payload. So as long as you managed to obtain a NAND dump (so that you can restore it in the event the NAND gets corrupted), and don't mess up the entering RCM portion (I don't know, crossing pins, shorting a fuse etc), you should be fine. All at your own risk, of course. Side-bar: it seems like you are sitting on doing the hack, and have been asking for assurance, and using that to stall the installation. I cannot give you the assurance you need. Either do it or not do it, your choice. Don't let someone else talk you into doing something you would regret. Ultimately you're the one that has to live with the regret. So my take is that you should just pick the choice you're less likely to regret, and go with it. Also, the thing about Recovery Mode (RCM), is that it is.. a Recovery Mode. It's something the manufacturers use to Recover the Switch. While we don't have software to recover a Switch that does not have a Nand Backup (manufacturers probably have that), as long as you have a Nand backup, just enter RCM and restore your Nand. So, when the guide tells you to do a Nand dump, do it. Anyhow, reread the guide multiple times. Understand that you aren't really overwriting the content of your Switch until later on (if you install Auto RCM). Learn how you're not really installing anything into your system permanently (unless Auto RCM. or not using Emunand/EmuMMC). [Running the Hekate payload just redirects the Switch in RCM to run the code on your SD card, your MMC should be fine unless you randomly overwrite it without reading the steps]
  23. nice, thanks for the great work @Kev-randarso you can verify the legality of your copy by using the Developmental build of PKHeX
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