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  1. Version 1.0.5


    A rudimentary viewer and editor program for GP1 files. Supports drag and drop (just drag the GP1 onto the program). Has a function to store location data, as well as use stored location data. The bundled location.txt needs to be in the same folder as the program, for it to work. Also has in-built CP calculator, based on IVs and level. Note: the CP shown, is based on PGo CP calculation, which is how Go Park works. Initial encounter, it will show PGo details. Once captured, the CP gets rerolled to Let's Go CP. If you're rehosting it, please link/source THIS page. Source Code: https://github.com/PP-theSLAYER/gp1editor (I gotta warn you, it's horrible code) Note from 13th December, 2018: On this day, some of the stats of certain Pokemon has been changed. If I'm not mistaken, unlike the forced stat change enforced during Let's Go's release, these only kick in if: (1) you evolved into that Pokemon after the change or (2) you powered up the particular species after the change or (3) you freshly captured that species after the change or (4) you received the Pokemon from trade after the change. Meaning if you already had the creature before the change, it's CP and stats will remain unchanged on Pokemon Go, until you performed one of the points above. [Confirmed on my end; I transferred 2 Meltan, one before and one after the change. The older one uses old CP calculation, while newer one uses new calculation. See image in screenshots section] In any case, these are the Pokemon affected by the change:
  2. Are you sure IV's was the message? I tried that "evolving" technique, and the errors went away right after I checked and unchecked Auto CP. (it forced recalculating the CP, height and weight)
  3. dump the Pokemon on this save into a folder, then import the folder of Pokemon into your main save. (the load boxes and dump boxes options) Always keep a back up of your save elsewhere, before attempting any modifications.
  4. I can’t remember for sure, but it feels like they did this for ORAS too. while I’m not too keen on item events, I’ll upload them when they’re up
  5. Hey, could you give us an example of a simple legal edit you did, that gave an illegal result? Such specific reporting style will help us to attempt to reproduce the result, rather than doing random edits akin to a wild goose chase.
  6. I recall being able to get a Ditto egg in Gen 2, tho I might be mistaken. Regardless, a level 1 Ditto wasn’t possible until now. also, having difficulties with Geodude and Hitmonchan. I nabbed another bellsprout for good measure.
  7. Version .


    This gift was given to players that visited any of the Pokemon Centers during their birthday month. As wonder cards are not stored on the game, players can only use/import the PB7 format. Wonder Card ID #?, language tag preset to . Species Chansey TID 181116 Distribution Serial Code Location a Pokémon Center Dates Nov 16, 2018 to ? PID Cannot Be Shiny Games Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee Nature Mild Card Per Save Only One Allowed Lv. 1 Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Pound Celebrate (None) (None) OT Name Nickname LANG ポケセン (default name) JPN ポケセン (default name) ENG ポケセン (default name) FRE ポケセン (default name) GER ポケセン (default name) ITA ポケセン (default name) SPA ポケセン (default name) KOR ポケセン (default name) CHS ポケセン (default name) CHT Format Ver.1.0.6-3, Post Updated Date:20181202_1846
  8. For the Pokemon to be identified as yours, TID, SID and OT of the mon need to match your save.
  9. gengar and golem just need to evolve gastly and geodude, and those nest. As for Hitmonchan, I set aside a Lv 1 account. If I see a Hitmonchan spawn, I will swap to the level 1 account to catch it. edit: I got Koffing, Doduo and Weedle (for Kakuna) AND Beedrill. Next is Gastly. Also, shouldn't Ditto be on the list? It could only be bred in Gen 2, and those eggs hatch at Lv 5, not 1. (Also, I submitted it) edit again: Got a Lv 1 Abra and Gastly edit yet again: Having difficulties with Bellsprout and Oddish. It's always either Grass or Poison weather boosted -.- and edit yet again: Got an Oddish. An earlier post of mine says I have bellsprout. Just need to find which account that's on. Also damn, Geodude no longer nests.
  10. We probably need an image dump from someone, since cropping it from screenshots resulted in a hideous mess...
  11. The event is exactly the same. As I said, the event was already preprogrammed, so all the patch or cheat code did was activate the event. Granted, it might have activated the event at a different point in the event, but ultimately: 1. receive GS Ball from nurse 2. bring GS ball to kurt 3. Kurt fixed the ball in a day 4. Bring ball to shrine encounter Celebi. I'm aware that there's a code that skips to step 3, which might be the one you have in mind. I'm pretty sure a code starting from step 1 exists, just google it. (I found this code 010B3CBE at this thread, first on Google) ADDITIONALLY: PKHeX is capable of activating the event via save editing, without using cheat codes: Anyway that's that. If anyone is interested in humoring this request, PM me to unlock this thread.
  12. maybe use a different ball for Pokemon I obtained in Pgo, but haven't transferred? This way if I see a Park Ball, I won't transfer it, because that means you already have it done edit: Anyway I'm at a nest hunting Doduo. wish me luck.
  13. Does this take into account the stuff I obtained (previous post). Stuff like Arbok isn't there, but Tentacruel (I got Tentacool for that) and Jigglypuff is.
  14. it's tedious, it's not worth the effort, especially when it does the same thing when players use a cheat code.
  15. The VC core rom is the same as the cartridge version, with the key reason being the patches were bundled with the rom. thing is, most emulators can only run the core rom, and not the patches. just use Pokémon Crystal cheat codes to activate the event; encountering the Celebi would be the same. (Celebi’s encounter was programmed into the English version, however it went unused. The code just reactivates it) alternatively, you can grab our Celebi pk2 file and inject it into your save. Should be in downloads/in game series/generation 2
  16. Version 1.0.7


    While I'm in the midst of uploading the files to our Downloads > In-Game Series page, I decided to collate the files into a big bundle. They are in the GP1 format, to be used by PKHeX to import them into the Go Park Complex. All these files are transferred mons from PGO, with minimal edits to protect privacy of original accounts. Disclaimer I'm aware some of the captured Pokemon are flagged as illegal on PKHeX. 1. Premier Ball caught as Illegal (hotfixed; reinstall the latest PKHeX) 2. Caught Lv.1 (reported, will be fixed in the presently unreleased next update of PKHeX)
  17. I recently obtained these Lv 1s, to prepare for trade, evolution and Go Parking NidoranM Ekans Venonat Horsea Goldeen Slowpoke Rhyhorn Grimer Machop Jigglypuff Zubat Tentacool also, I'm considering doing this, as the research breakthroughs containing the birds will be one of the best time: I'm probably not doing all the birds tho; doubt I can focus on that many low level accounts. It's mentally draining to try to keep the account below lv 10, and receive a gift daily, so that it's just nice lv 10 when ready to trade..
  18. No idea. The distribution date wasn't announced, wonder card isn't online.
  19. This is a Rattata I caught. It's name shows up fine in game. 019 - 小拉达 - E2D6E96DA410.pb7 This is the same Rattata from the first one. I basically viewed it, then set it in another slot. However it's name doesn't show up in game. (appears as blank) 019 - 小拉达 - 4C90E96DA410.pb7 The only way presently to force any name to show up, was to set a nickname flag. (note, no other naturally unnicknamed caught Pokemon normally has the byte set, so it's a weird thing to do) 019 - 小拉达 - 6497E96DA410.pb7
  20. I managed to get Alolan Grimer in those 2 eggs! Time to trade them off and evolve them~ edit again: In this pak: Fearow Clefairy Parasect Dugtrio Dugtrio Alolan Golduck Weepinbell Graveler Alolan Golem Alolan Rapidash Dewgong Muk Alolan Electrode Jynx Ditto Kabutops Persian Alolan export 4.rar Time to focus on the rest..
  21. You see it as a problem, I see it as unplanned. XD Full Go Park transfers is probably a gen 8 thing, just gotta wait and see..
  22. Last 2 Lv 1 7KM eggs on this account. Hoping one of them is Alolan Grimer. Once this is done, I'll trade over some of the Lv 1 mons I have, to evolve. Then, I'll upload them. Once I get Alolan Grimer, I can focus on other Lv 1 stuff we don't have. (Trivia: I keep getting Togepi. Maybe in the future, can transfer over a lv.1 Togetic)
  23. I think Alolan Persian can wait till I upload it Quick question, will you be cloning the trade/stone pre-evos, or do we obtain another one?
  24. Thanks for the info, I can trade the obtained Pokemon over to an account that can evolve them. Also, I gotten Lv 1 Alolan Meowth, so expect the Alolan Persian soon. (got it from your egg method) yeah, I think my experience is that having lures on bump wild encounters to be max level + 1, anywhere. @jojo12100 do update the list, so that I can create a new account and focus on the ones that's missing.
  25. Don't think your post is related to the thread. I'm assuming you aren't using Luma? This thread covers why https://gbatemp.net/threads/3ds-with-cfw-ds-cart-doesnt-work-properly.431459/