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  1. check here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/118-bw-b2w2/
  2. I think the post is generally well done, but there's a few points I want to specifically reply to: (note: more of a personal and less technical reply) I love how you stated the obvious, and don't get me wrong, while it is the obvious, it'll somehow skip peoples' mind and should be stated. I regret not thinking of listing that, when I actually think about it for my own tests XD Speaking about the use small Pokémon point, I had a team of 6 Celebi (cause they're small) but they're not small enough apparently. If a Sinistea is behind and a Celebi is in front, it's actually pretty hard to see. Maybe a team of lv 100 max friendship Joltik would help XD Oh that's insane, I've never thought of it. Given that level and friendship seems to matter, who knows >< Pretty cool that there's other clips.
  3. I've done a small study, posted it above.
  4. I'm testing that. I'll post my data above later. (tho, do know it's a small sample size, so may not be entirely accurate)
  5. This post is for my mini-test results. Upfront, I'll say that 50 encounters on each rank isn't a statistically large enough sample size, but each test took around 2 1/2 hours (and that was on 2 Switches mind you), and I don't wanna sink anymore time into this. So if anyone want to try, be my guest. :3 For these tests, I'm testing purely Milcery and Copperajah ranks. For Milcery Rank, 10x Starf berries and leaving the Switch alone is enough. (1st Switch) For Copperajah rank, performing the curry making actions were enough. (2nd Switch) While the values do not seem statistically significant from each other... If we assume that the values were not statistical blips, then looking at the trends, it appears that max friendship and level of party members both have an effect on the chance of curry encounters. Adding on to that, it also appears Copperajah rank has a higher chance of encountering compared to Milcery Rank. Once again, this is just anecdotal, and shall be taken with a pinch of salt. Sample size of 50 isn't big enough to draw real solid conclusions.
  6. This post is a compilation of some info found, including some stuff I found. Most of them will be anecdotal evidence, since it's not from digging through the game's code. The information here will be changed as there's any new discoveries. - Curry encounters can go into Poké Ball, Great Ball or Ultra Ball. (source) (will attach image soon) If your bag does not have Poké, it'll default to Great. If your bag does not have Poké & Great, it'll default to Ultra. If your bag does not have Poké & Great and Ultra, it'll default back to Poké. - Curry encounters draw from the "Wild Encounters Grass" (not overworld) pool. (source) Most clear example would be Galar Mine No.1 The encounters there draw from the overworld pool, making me question why is there a grass pool listed on Serebii (which if I'm not mistaken, the data comes being mined from the final games), and then I tested which pool curry encounters are pulling from. - It only works in caves along routes, or routes. So doesn't work in cities or wild areas (including Isle of Armor). - It appears that encounter rates for curry encounters are reversed. For example, 1% encounters become 99%, etc. For example, I got a lot more Ferroseed, and a lot more Antique Sinistea, than everything else. - It is believed that you need a full party of max friendship to yield the highest encounter chance. (source) My tests below, while mini, does seem to align with this. - (x) Doubt -> It is believed Milcery rank curry gives the best odds of an encounter (source) Based on the test below, I doubt this is true. - It is believed that Shiny charm doesn’t affect odds of getting a Shiny Curry encounter (source) While this probably can only be properly verified by digging into the game code, it seems plausible; Shiny charm only works for wild encounters and eggs, not raids and gifts (looking for the old source). With that, curry encounters could swing either way.. - Curry encounters may potentially be able to be shiny (source) While some may argue the video is clear cut evidence of it (being able to be shiny), I'll like to point out that the code to make all mons shiny (commonly used on Edizon) can make Curry encounters shiny. Not saying the video is faked, but I'm saying it's inconclusive evidence, that can be argued either way by bull-headed individuals. What I'll say, is there is a chance of the devs intending this encounter to be shiny, given that it plays a shiny animation when you talk to it. No other interaction with shiny mons you own in the camp brings forth that animation. Why program in the animation, if it's unintended? (of course, they could disable it at the end of the day, but it is something regardless ;x) - Level of your team matters Check post below. - Higher rank curry increases chance of encounter Check post below.
  7. well even so they're still plagued with glitches XD
  8. Crystal clear is from a ROM hack right? PKHeX doesn't support saves from ROM Hacks...
  9. Pokémon cannot hold Dynamax crystals. While you probably can hack one on, they can't hold it. Presumably to prevent trades from devices that has updated wild area news to devices without the update.
  10. I believe most sites, including ours, said/would have said somewhere that you'll need CFW to dump your saves from your 3DS. And even if it isn't listed explicitly on every tool that you gotta use CFW to dump your saves, the implicit fact that you NEED your save + a quick google search regarding that would yield you the answer. Heck, this was the very first search I did on a private window: So, not dissing ya or anything (don't take me the wrong way), but I believe you simply did not search hard enough. So now, here is the link to the tutorial page: https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/ If you're using 3DS, CFW is needed. If you're using emulator, well, it'll tell you how to get to it. :3
  11. Look at the first post, follow the images there. The Download link is there.
  12. theSLAYER

    Help me, please!

    Looks like your save is from a SWSH without the v1.2.0 update. Please get at least the v1.2.0 update, and save twice in-game, then extract the save and try again. Those Pokemon didn't exist pre-v1.2.0 update, and naturally PKHeX will try to stop you from bringing a mon into a game that it doesn't exist in...
  13. Given the complexities of the various RNG systems for Gen 3 events, such as restricted seeds, OTG or SID being part of the generation procedure etc, I recommend against editing PID/IV/Nature/OTG/ability/SID any 3rd gen event. Hence, no legality guide will be linked (not sure if one even exists for those) If you're importing such a mon into one of the later gens, there isn't a real need to get flawless IVs etc. Gen 6: Ability capsule, can change the mon's ability, from (1) to (2) [and vice versa] if those abilities differ Gen 7: ^ + Hyper Training can max out IVs (they'll appear to have flawless IVs, and will function that way in battle). Gen 8: ^ + mints to change stat nature. (edit: and if the leaked content relating to Crown Tundra stays the same [GF added some CT content in the IoA update; for abilities, you can also 1/2 -> HA)
  14. You're right, I've been able to transfer Fake Out to it. (I managed to transfer the move without needing an egg) So while it seems legally possible, it being blocked may be an oversight for the trading whitelist on the server. Nothing we can do but remove the move..
  15. I've tested bringing these mons into online trades, and a simpler method, is to just attempt to share a raid online, with the only mon being in your party.
  16. It appears that the issue is with the move Fake Out. It only learns that move via breeding, but you can't breed a Cap chu, so.. it will never have access to the move. the cap chus should not have access to breeding moves, and you can't transfer the egg move to it at a breeder. ("They don't seem to like playing together at all...") [edit: Which makes sense, its egg group is undiscovered.] edit: read 4 posts below.
  17. If I recall correctly, this saying is accurate:
  18. That data isn't stored on the Switch, if they do log that data, it is server side, and we don't know what they log. So this isn't the right thread, since it's not logged in the save, and to be honest, we don't know either. It would take someone that works for them to know for sure.
  19. theSLAYER

    Duking Plusle

    Version .


    After the player rescues the Plusle, Duking will give the Plusle to the player.
  20. Version .


    When the player starts a new game, these Pokémon will already be part of the player's party.
  21. @chilidog yeah I don't have any solutions to this. Got no idea why they both stopped working together. It could have been Auto Save + CFW + exFAT. There was something going around about them a while back if I'm not mistaken. While I use CFW + exFAT, I don't use Auto Save, so I've never encountered this Also, if your backup file can't load into PKHeX, then it's dead.
  22. if you don't do illegal stuff, like piracy or theme manipulation, should be fine. Up to now I can use them despite having CFW.
  23. well I hope it works! Once you get CFW and get the save working, I recommend that you dump all the saves using JKSM/Checkpoint. These are console decrypted saves, so they can be imported into another console, provided the other console has CFW and the save manager. (which isn't too big of a worry, since every 3DS/2DS model can install CFW) Then you won't have to worry about this ever again ><
  24. yeah, what I sent is for after you install CFW. What SkyLink98 sent is for installing CFW. The savedatafiler is somewhere in the wild. We can't mention where to find it.
  25. @MajinDJX so you have a 00000001.sav from your 3DS, but you can't load it back, is that the main gist of it? if so: 0) DO NOT FORMAT YOUR 3DS 1) Install CFW on your 3DS 2) Install savedatafiler (can't tell you where) 3) Run savedatefiler, remove the secure value of the game 4) Off the console, place 00000001.sav into where it's supposed to be 5) Now on the console, load the game. Effectively:
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