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  1. If I am not mistaken, the original developer is Japanese and was the program was made solely in Japanese. What was uploaded here are translated copies. Good luck with trying to find the original author :3
  2. It should be fine. One way you'll know for sure, is when you go fight the Rival ><
  3. Have you tried using PKHeX to change the trainer's gender, or is there a problem with that functionality?
  4. it needs to be researched, in order to be implemented on PKHeX.
  5. Because it was removed. The files uploaded doesn't adhere to the guidelines of our site
  6. Current Handler has to be you, whether you received it in trade or event. (Once you received a Pokémon, regardless of 'how', the current handler gets updated to you) I don't think there's anything else to change.
  7. You need CFW/homebrew to extract a save from your Switch. Once that is done, you can follow our guide to extract the save correctly.
  8. I moved the line of questioning to our FAQ thread. Now: 1. You'll need CFW/homebrew on your 3DS (guide, at your own risk) 2. Learn how to extract and import saves on your 3DS (our guide) 3. Learn how to import wonder cards (our guide) If you're unable to do any of the steps above, go back to waiting for a trade. I know you've already posted a trade request, so no need to post another one nor bump the old one.
  9. Are you putting the mon straight into party or into PC first? I was able to get the trade evolutions to work normally lol I basically import them into PC, then withdraw them from PC into party. (Yeah when I import straight into party, they wouldn't evolve when traded)
  10. what game are you trading with? both sides have National Dex?
  11. Have you unlocked the National Dex in-game? If I'm not mistaken, they won't evolve in FRLG without the National Dex.
  12. That's rather odd sounding indeed. @Kaphotics got any clue what happened? :3
  13. whether the save has been PKHeX'd should make no difference to CITRA, cause it'll be indistinguishable from a normal save. Perhaps you're only supposed to turn on the cheats after the save is loaded, or maybe CITRA is storing some data about the previous save somewhere else, so when you loaded a different save, it 'notices' the difference. In any case, issue solved, locking thread. edit: anyway, just informing you that Pokémon doesn't run well on CITRA. It'll lock up randomly across gameplay, and there is no true solution besides playing the games on a 3DS.
  14. so at least we know it loads without a main, and creates one, meaning you're for sure on the right window. Also, CITRA loaded your save. so the issue isn't with PKHeX, but with CITRA. The save isn't corrupted. consider: 1. try loading games without cheats. 2. if that doesn't work, get the latest version of CITRA (I think the latest one doesn't support cheats, so you're probably not on the latest)
  15. you didn't send over your save file from the previous set of screenshots. send it over. also, it's weird that file doesn't work, when it should. What happens if you try to load the game without a main?
  16. @ADtab00 thanks for the quick reply! Send over the save! In the mean time, does the XY save renamed to main from here work (without editing)?
  17. Issue is with CITRA. Don't play Pokémon on CITRA, as it'll just keep randomly hanging all across the story.
  18. hey, show us a screenshot of the Citra folder that contains the save. Also ensure file extensions are enabled.
  19. @kerpgap There's certainly odd. Did you "import" all the Pokémon before receiving the starter or before catching a Pokémon or something? I'm wondering if it's a glitch resulting from having Pokémon in your PC before even having the PC initiated. edit: Going back to advice I gave you previously (and other advice): 1. Try importing only 1 Pokémon first, to see if the glitch occurs. 2. Don't use batch editor on the save you want to import. Batch edit elsewhere, then export, then import into the intended save
  20. Yeah that still saddens me. Tho at least there wasn’t an online event that disappeared for this case.
  21. I'm not a code dev, though I could do a few simple searches. What's the purpose of winning? For prizes or..? First page of google:
  22. Edit what about a Pokéthlon? Scores? If it's editing stuff like scores or what is unlocked (stuff on saves), it'll need to be research by someone (not sure if any has been done). If no one is interested enough to do the research, then it can't be implemented. If it's stuff like changing your score partway through the game, or changing difficulty of a game, that sounds like RAM/ROM editing.
  23. No worries! Also if you unset Shauna's Traded flag ( Post game Shauna Traded: 0094 Set, as seen from here), you'll be able to trade with her
  24. Give this a try. You'll be in Geosenge City, and you need to go into Flare HQ and start the legendary cut-scene Also save must be named main to be reimported corrected Potential side-effect of my edit: Shauna trade may be not possible to do in post-game. Some NPCs may already be battled. If you play this save on Y, you'll notice the Ultimate Weapon's design is the one in X. (Encounter will still match the game you're playing tho, so no worries there) Added one Master Ball for good measure (after all, I did not buff up your team, and you'll have to fight Lysandre after the legendary battle..) main
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