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  1. I'll upload it to the in-game series eventually.
  2. Save twice in-game. You know, the fancy menu (using X button) that lets you check Pokédex or Trainer Card. There's a save option there. Use it Also, Gen 7 saves are not DSVs. use a main from your exported save. edit: Following Discord, it appears what you said is your save is from Powersaves. Encrypted saves won't do. For Gen 7, afaik only hacked 3DS's can decrypt them. PKHeX use decrypted saves.
  3. and https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/using-pkhex/pid-mismatch-origin-game-rsefrlg-r94/ and more here: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/emerald_wild_pokemon
  4. That block is for Records (the little text that shows whether you've received the gift). You can modify that block, but it doesn't affect in-game redemptions. Regarding reading the bin from that block, I have a tool here. Documentation here. And no, modifying these will not make event redeemable in-game. As I said, these are merely records. Think of them as a remnant or something left behind, from the process of the event redemption. Changing this leftover won't change what has already happened (which is the event redemption) Wonder cards are no longer stored in saves, and the games do not support redemptions from within the saves itself (unlike past gens). Any event redemptions go directly to bag/party/PC.
  5. Starting from 5th June 2020, a serial code that allows users to redeem a Dynamax Crystal for Gigantamax Copperajah has been made available. As far as I can tell, the event were announced in European countries, between going to Gamestop or GameMania between 5th June to some early date in July(prior to the DLC launch). (link)(link 2) The changes done to the Dynamax Crystal populated dens was first observed here (June 02, 2020), however it's status of it being an official event was not known (think Unreleased Gmax Butterfree Event). A wonder card for the Dynamax Crystal was later uploaded to the BCAT (June 03, 2020) It later received confirmation of being an official event (June 05, 2020) As of time of writing, this event is the only way to get Curse on a Copperajah that can Gigantamax.
  6. that makes sense. yeah stupid Poke Ball Mew -.- Luckily, now with HOME, I can transfer the one I redeemed on LGPE over No worries there. I think I only used edizon for shiny cheats in 1.0.0, then it got old real quick..
  7. alright in that case just upload the .raw here :3 (I can't seem to DL it from there)
  8. If I'm being honest, I completely forgot that option is a thing XD Now to talk about codes: No shiny codes for 1.1.1 (or does the 1.1.0 one work?)
  9. No worries, I think I fixed it. In the future, maybe paste into a notepad first, then copy from there. That should clear the formatting. :3
  10. Hey @AliceTheAlice, good work! Anyway, be careful when pasting over content from another post. You may wanna copy into a notepad (to clear formatting) before copying over >< I can only assume you're using the dark theme. The Copied content would have a black background in any theme that isn't the dark theme >< Example Anyway I hope I've been able to edit the post properly
  11. I don't. Have no reason to. I guess we'll wait for the devs to look into this issue, if they ever.
  12. Nevermind, I get the same error when attempting to rebuild as 3DS.
  13. mind showing a screenshot of your PK3DS? Also, does it even load up UM files, and just editing is the problem? (for example, I have it loaded up)
  14. 1. Make sure you're using the latest version of PK3DS (can follow first post to download latest version) 2. Get a proper ROM dump. Best results is if you dump with GodMode9. (Tutorial here)
  15. Thanks for sharing it. Is it possible to get a higher quality scan for this? I am not familiar with the dot code conversion process, but looking at the bar below, the pixels are not distinct enough to convert (I assume)
  16. A kind reminder that asking for ROMs, or files from within ROMs, is against our rules. If the same person asks for it again, they'll earn infraction points.
  17. Is it necessary to reply a thread made in March (presently writing this in June). XD In any case, they are up as of recently (as time of writing). I'm locking this thread, since the PK8 files are up.
  18. Given that it follows the DS date, and the date can be set to be virtually anything, it does not matter.
  19. Use a Crystal save, then use Hex editor to copy the last file lines over to your save. The last few lines are for RTC, and emulators and VC deals with it differently. Read:
  20. All the saves will work for VC Crystal. You just gotta convert them.
  21. After season 1 of the DLC (Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra), some would think that a second season of DLC will begin. Others think it's a DPPt remake, and some will think it's DPPt in the form of Let's Go (since the legends were already in Crown Tundra, no need for a serious remake, but instead go the lighthearted route.)
  22. Our upload: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/216-pokémon-home/ (Yes, I'm focusing entirely on HOME. The 3 HA starters should be noticeable) Someone else's Spanish upload: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4177-scorbunny-grookey-sobble-hidden-ability-habilidad-oculta/
  23. theSLAYER

    How to edit blocks

    You know the image above. Do you see the button that says "Import current block"? yes yes. only if you know what you're doing, then you can manipulate your own block. Else, just take the block from a save that has what you want. Anyhow, while it doesn't showcase what you want, maybe the steps here can help you:
  24. English forum, please use English. I think we don't have that event, thus wasn't uploaded.
  25. Depending on how the Max Soup worked, it may give Pokémon from Past Gens the ability to Gigantamax. Ignoring the entries for any species that is capable of Gigantamaxing, let's take a look at interesting entries, Specifically, balls that cannot be used in Sword and Shield. Species Location Notes Sports Ball Caterpie HGSS National Park: Bug-Catching Contest To be evolved to Butterfree Sports Ball Metapod HGSS National Park: Bug-Catching Contest To be evolved to Butterfree Sports Ball Butterfree HGSS National Park: Bug-Catching Contest Safari Ball Pikachu RSE Safari Zone Cherish Ball Pikachu Any event that has Cherish Ball Safari Ball Machop HGSS Safari Zone: Morning/Day To be evolved to Machamp Safari Ball Machoke HGSS Safari Zone To be evolved to Machamp Safari Ball Machamp Evolved from Machoke Cherish Ball Machamp Any event that has Cherish Ball Safari Ball Gastly HGSS Safari Zone: Night To be evolved to Gengar Safari Ball Haunter HGSS Safari Zone: Night To be evolved to Gengar Safari Ball Gengar Evolved from Haunter Cherish Ball Gengar Any event that has Cherish Ball Safari Ball Krabby HGSS Safari Zone To be evolved to Kingler Cherish Ball Krabby Any event that has Cherish Ball To be evolved to Kingler Safari Ball Kingler Evolved from Krabbly Safari Ball Lapras HGSS Safari Zone - Surfing Cherish Ball Eevee Any event that has Cherish Ball Cherish Ball Snorlax Any event that has Cherish Ball Cherish Ball Munchlax Any event that has Cherish Ball To be evolved to Snorlax (Also for none Cherish Ball entries, it'll be fun to breed the ball and HA onto them ) Additionally, if Gigantamax Melmetal continues to be not distributed by any raids (events or otherwise), this may be the only way to get Gigantamax Melmetal. (By feeding a Melmetal from PGO the Max Soup)
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