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  1. That is incorrect. That is what a laymen thinks the definition is, lol.
  2. Definition of legit includes no external hardware, no save dumping, no emulators etc. So no, it's not legit. The moment you dump a save, or become able to interact with the data in the save file, it stops being legit.
  3. Hi, @SilverShinyFreak if you used an external device/software, such as an emulator and lua scripts, then it is not legit. It's legal at best. I've changed the title of your file to reflect that.
  4. I'm not even sure those 2 things can co-exist, without serious modification to the game. IIRC, if Rayquaza holds a Z-crystal, it won't be able to Mega, even if it knows Dragon Ascent.
  5. To be fair, you didn't explain that it was a Korean game, so I didn't know the patch I linked wouldn't work. If you know which narc controls Yancy/Curty, you probably could just swap the narcs between your game. Alternatively, you could use the narc from the Patched ENG game (provided the issue isn't tied to story text etc)
  6. The patch isn't meant for the Korean version.
  7. Preferably, we'll also need screenshots of (1) it in GO, (2) the stats it has in GO, (3) images of the transfer process (both in GO and HOME), and (4) it being in HOME. I have many reasons to doubt this Mew, and think that it is simply a genned file. Alternatively, you could just wait for a copy we upload.
  8. Version .


    A phony Sinistea with 6 0IVs. Use the shiny file it you want a shiny version, and the non-shiny file if you want a non-shiny. You could replace the species, moves, location, level, ball and get what you want as a Six 0IVs mon. If you want perfect IVs in any stat, you should perform hyper training on that stat. If you want, you may also change Stat Nature. Things you should not change: PID, Nature, Height, Weight, IVs, EC. If you want to change TID, SID, the shiny entry must remain Square Shiny with the appropriate PID. (Or alternatively it can be Star Shiny, with the correspond
  9. FRLG and RSE use the same ribbon byte, so it's supposed to be the same ribbon. Granted, calling it Hoenn Champion might be confusing, but it's the same ribbon for both games awarded for defeating the champion
  10. @MegaBlaziken257 PLEASE stop multi-posting. If your post is the latest post in a thread, and you have new info to add, edit it INTO your post.
  11. Yeah, in the future keep decrypted backups, obtained from various homebrew save managers (such as checkpoint and JKSM)
  12. Maybe someone else does, but I don't. Recommendation: use a cheat code. It has that exact function. Big brain: If you know how cheat codes work, maybe you can combine it into your ROM (after analysis)
  13. That's because base stats are thoroughly dependent on the ROM, and aren't stored in the save. The base stats you may see in PKHeX is purely visual, purely based on the real game's stats. You can just edit the summary stats, and let that be it.
  14. The stats you see in the summary, are based on a calculation on IVs and Base Stats, that should update when leveling up. While PKHeX does recalculate the stats in the summary screen (and it'll use the non-hacked base stats as part of the calculation), your summary stats should have been replaced by the hacked Base Stats of your hacked ROM hack upon level up. If it doesn't, then who knows what the issue is. An alternative, as I said earlier, is to use hax mode of PKHeX to write the wanted stats.
  15. PKHeX isn't meant for ROM hacks. If you want illegal stats, enable HAX mode. Also, if you level up, it should recalculate the stats based on the ROM hack. Lastly, PKHeX doesn't change typings of mons; it is dependent on the ROM you're running.
  16. I opened your save in a hex editor, and it shows that you likely only saved once. You haven't even received your starter. Glad to help.
  17. save in-game twice before attempting to open the save in PKHeX.
  18. You need CFW to access your saves. Without it, you can't extract your save (which only then you can edit it) and cannot inject your modified saves. An alternative (which has nothing to do with saves) is get a Discord server with a sysbot to trade the mons to you. (Requires Nintendo Subscription Online) Think of "Discord server with sysbot" as using someone else's hacked Switch. You can send commands (such as .trade and attach a pk8) in the Discord server, which can get the sysbot to trade you the genned mon via a coded link trade.
  19. @TheGODMasterDu do you have CFW on your Switch? (Another way to ask is your Switch hacked?)
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