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  1. First of all never trust Nintendo's hack checks, they are terrible and tend to allow many illegal Pokemon. I'm not sure if the servers even have checks for impossible met locations. Making such a Pokemon is very easy, just set the origin game to be any of the gen 1/2 games.
  2. It's a blacklist and yes the newest files should be enough in most cases. The dl_regulation files are what I uploaded here. Each dl_regulation file contains a package of all the regulations that are available for download in the Festival Plaza for that region/language. Until now there were no differences between Sun and Moon or between Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, also US is identical to EU. The package gets updated each time a new regulation is released, so the latest files should be enough for these unless an older regulation has been changed. The cup files are a bit different, if you want to preserve them you will have to keep them all as they only hold the rules for a single tournament. I have no idea how these are stored in the extdata. I wasn't interested in them because legally you can't use them in your own battles. I would assume that a tournament rule is stored similar to the regulation file as 011 since the numbering of the others starts at 012. If you want to keep them all I think the best would be to name them after their official names and let the users rename them before importing.
  3. Yes exactly, you can use them in local wireless and online battles. They should provide the users a way to play with the rules of a tournament without participating in the tournament. The format is known. Check SciresM's MysteryGiftTool, there's a class for regulations. https://github.com/SciresM/MysteryGiftTool/blob/master/MysteryGiftTool/Regulation.cs For some reason the game is padding the files to 64KB.
  4. Does this even exist in public? I haven't seen it yet. I guess it is the same as the EU/US one though.
  5. I just did that but there is only Zoroark in the enemy party slots.The game must take the data somewhere from the ROM.
  6. By the way the online feature of Citra is actually just the 3DS' local wireless conection forwarded over a server (or p2p). So the only checks there are the checks that are done by the game.
  7. Your QR codes are probably wrong sized then. The way Citra loads images isn't optimized yet. I didn't think about this when I made my last post, sorry, but at the moment you still need to edit the image you want to scan a bit so it fits properly into Citra. If you want to scan the official Secret Bases you can use the codes from the package I attached below. I already edited them to fit into Citra. ORAS Secret Base QR Codes for Citra.zip
  8. Can you see the code on the upper screen and the game just fails to read it? Or doesn't the code even appear on the screen? Just in case, this is how I configured my camera: Front Rear If you have checked prompt before load you will be asked to choose an image everytime the game uses the camera. Citra asks you twice because the 3DS has 2 rear cameras (left and right side), just choose the same image twice then. You can also uncheck this and choose a file name in the field above that checkbox.
  9. Is this "Citra Camera" an unofficial build? Camera support was added to Citra Canary a while ago (settings can be found in Emulation > Configure > Camera) so there's no need to use unofficial builds for that. Update your Citra Canary to the latest release and try if that works. Keep a backup of your save files just in case.
  10. This thread is about battle regulations that are available to download at the Festival Plaza in SM and USUM. More details can be found here https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/dl-regulation/ You can have up to 12 of them at the same time and unlike wondercards these will be stored in the games extdata (/user/reg), there is nothing added to the save file when downloading a regulation. The file names are organized by the game, they get numbered in the order you downloaded them, starting with 012 and ending with 023. Any other file name that is not 012, 013, ... , 023 will not be recognized by the game. Sun & Moon - 012 2017 World Championships Rules - 013 Battle of Alola - 014 Alola Friendly - 015 Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble - 016 tiny tourney - 017 Weakness Cup - 018 2017 No Holds Barred - 019 Mega Melee Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - 012 3rd Pokémon Dragon Cup Preliminaries - 013 2018 World Championship Rules - 014 Johto x Alola - 015 Ultra Sinnoh Classic - 016 Ultra Kalos Classic - 017 Ultra No Holds Barred (non-JAP only!) SM Regulations.zip USUM Regulations.zip
  11. Here are the Pokemon from the Colosseum Demo, they might be the same as in the full game. You have to choose the characters name, I just named him Wes. After two battle the demo ends in Phenac City with this screen. Colosseum Demo PKM.zip
  12. You don't need HxD for RAM dumping on Dolphin. Go to Config, Interface and check Show Debugging UI. Then go to View and check Memory. This will give you a memory viewer that has a button to dump the MRAM.
  13. I have the European demo version but I think there are US versions as well. These demo discs where available in all regions. I got the XD demo from the disc SwagKey mentioned aboved, the Colosseum demo was found on the May 2004 demo disc.
  14. It was on one of those demo discs as well. But I think it's the same as the full game, just cut. It ends after you arrived at Phenac City and saved the person who got kidnapped by Team Snagem.