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  1. You should use PKHeX since A-Save is outdated.
  2. Ranger 1 saves are encrypted, you will have to crack that first.
  3. That's probably a mechanism that avoids the console from beeing closed. I remember we had a GBA SP to try out different games each week or so at a local store years ago. It had a similar looking metal clamp screwed to the back. Besides beeing an anti-theft mechanism it prevented people from closing or turning of the console.
  4. Save block 4 offset 0x2B1 is set to 1 when Wishmaker Jirachi was received. That's at 0x82B1 in your Post Jirachi save file.
  5. First of all many thanks for all the new features and fixes that were added over the past months! So, I tried the recently added blank save selection. So far it works good, but selecting any gen 3 save file will bring up the FRLG version selection window. When you select either FR or LG PKHeX starts throwing multiple exception. Starting with the following And while I'm already talking about it, just a minor suggestion: Currently there are 2 windows popping up when opening FRLG saves. First an alert telling you that such a save was detected and next the actual selection window. I'm ok with how it currently is, but can't they be merged into a single window by putting the text from the alert window above the dropdown of the selection window? Thanks for reading
  6. The phonebook is in the save file at 0xC0EC - 0xC136. An empty book is filled with 0xFF, a full book can be filled with the following values 0x4B and any higher value results into a duplicated entry of the mother. If the first entry is empty (0xFF) the game will crash. A trainer will get added again when you battle him after he was removed. Fill Phonebook with non-Trainer numbers only (Press L+R) 94000130 FCFF0000 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 D5000000 00000000 2000C0FC 00000000 2000C0FD 00000001 2000C0FE 00000002 2000C0FF 00000005 2000C100 00000006 2000C101 00000007 2000C102 00000009 2000C103 0000000F 2000C104 00000018 D5000000 000000FF C0000000 00000041 D8000000 0000C105 D2000000 00000000 Edit: if any important person is missing or if any person that isn't useful gets added with my code, let me know and I will fix it!
  7. Maybe I should have searched before, haha, @suloku did great research on Ranch save files! Nothing about the event trades but still interesting.
  8. The most interesting file is probably mii.arc.ash, that's where I think all the NPC data (Miis) is stored. So if the trades are really inside the game, there should be evidence in this file. It is actually bigger in the Japanese version than in the European version. Though this could be just because the Platinum update added 3 additional Miis to the game. Another interesting file is rodata.arc.ash, which is only in the Japanese version. But just like the other file this one could just be part of the Platinum update. Those ash files are compressed and should be extractable with ASH Extractor (which seems to be the only tool available to handle ash files), but while it works well for some ash files it fails to decompress these two files. So the content remains a mystery.
  9. This wondercard doesn't differ between PAL and NA, so yes the order of the moveset is the same.
  10. Did you open your save file first? If not PKHeX always defaults to NA region. You can just change the region, the PAL and NA Poipole are identical.
  11. The ads here were not annoying or distracting in any way, you could easily ignore them, but I don't miss them though. Thanks to all the Patrons for making this possible! Also thanks to the team of course and anyone else who contributes to make this site better!
  12. I would like to help, but what exactly do you mean here? Transfering Pokemon with short nicknames to see as much trash as possible?
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