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  1. USUM - I Choose You Cap Pikachu

    Korean QR code will be available at the airings of the movies starting on December 21. This QR code can't be importet into PKHeX. But you could build a tool using the Memecrypto methods from the PKHeX Core library
  2. The Official Art Competition Winner

    Congrats. Nice work!
  3. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    These two just jumped into my way so I dumped them. I opened Citra's RAM in HxD.
  4. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Morimoto's and Iwao's Pokemon from GAME FREAK office in Heahea City (USUM): GAME FREAK Morimoto &
  5. The problem is not only the colors (only 16 are allowed) it's also the amount of tiles which can cause problems. 1 tile is 8x8px, so on the DS screen wiith a size of 256x192px we have 32x24 = 768 tiles totaly. But it seems like the game only allows 256 different tiles on C-Gear skins. Here's your skin fixed: Skyla.cgb
  6. Don't worry, I have almost all of them. Just 7/103 missing. Maybe I'm going to figure out how we can put those trainers into files like ect trainers. But at the moment I'm missing time and motivation for that.
  7. We are only missing a few Japanese promotional trainers. They were all added to the No-Intro database during this summer, but they are still not publicly available though. There's something else we are still missing as well: FRLG and Emerald e-Card trainers (about 100 cards). Unlike RS trainers these are used at Trainer Tower/Hill and they have a different unknown structure (they have tile map data for the tower floors). Their data is located at the 0x1E000 block in the save file.
  8. There is no code. When you scan the Regioll e-Card it adds the doll directly into your storage.
  9. USUM - I Choose You Cap Pikachu

    Partner Cap Pikachu (EU/US)
  10. My Shiny Flawless Old Sea Map Mew from RoC's Collection

    The files are fine, I think the problem is the long file name. Don't extract the files from inside the Winrar client. Just left click the archive and choose "extract here". Worked for me.
  11. WISHMKR Shiny Jirachi

    @theSLAYER these are still invalid except the bashful one.
  12. Thanks, but please don't call me hero, lol.
  13. Here they are: Pokemon Emerald.sav
  14. Gen 3 (FireRed/LeafGreen) Save Editor Tool

    You're welcome! I don't think there's need for a topic now. Kaphotics is going to add a feature to PKHeX
  15. Gen 3 (FireRed/LeafGreen) Save Editor Tool

    I made a tool, that should be easier. Just drop your save file onto the exe. For now it only works for FRLG. RSE have different offsets. Edit: It should work for RSE as well now!