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  1. The ads here were not annoying or distracting in any way, you could easily ignore them, but I don't miss them though. Thanks to all the Patrons for making this possible! Also thanks to the team of course and anyone else who contributes to make this site better!
  2. I would suggest using the latest release of either VBA-M or mGBA, I never had any problem with those. No$GBA should also be fine.
  3. What exactly did you edit and which tools did you use to do those edits?
  4. Try this. Be sure you have saved your game at least once that day before opening your save file.
  5. If your games language is English you can use the US e-Reader, because there is no difference between PAL and US games in Gen 3.
  6. Is 1 Mew still missing or were there only 5 in the party?
  7. My previous tool is finally obsolete now!
  8. I made a PKHeX plugin to find your Feebas fishing spots.
  9. You don't open ROMs with PKHeX, you need to open your save file (it's called main) if you just want to get a specific Pokemon. Read this tutorial about how to get your save file.
  10. Spanish Mystic Ticket does not exist. It was only available in English.
  11. The Old Sea Map, which was required to reach Far Away Island, where you could catch Mew in Emerald, was only released in Japan and it was only downloadable on Japanese versions of Emerald. So any non-Japanese Mew from Emerald is illegal.
  12. The following carts are (publicly) floating around the internet. You will not find them on this site because sharing them is against this forums rules.
  13. Use this tool to convert your save file from .duc to .sav and back. Be sure to keep a backup though.
  14. Best argument for playing Pokemon ever! ?