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  1. If you are referring to a save file that's completely filled with FF or 00, no. The save is empty/uninitialized in that case, there is nothing you could load.
  2. The filename of your save doesn't really matter if it is not for the 3DS Pokemon games or meant to be used on emulators.
  3. In Citra right click your game, then choose "Go to Save Data Location" to open the folder, inside should be a file called main.
  4. Don't use save states, load your regular save file after you saved ingame normally.
  5. PokeGen is very outdated as well as this guide, use PKHeX nowadays. Check the tutorials, most important should be steps 3 and 4 https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/using-pkhex/
  6. You are trying to open a save state made by an emulator. You need to save ingame normally and open the regular save file (.sav).
  7. I don't know about the stamps but you can easily check by visiting the Record Corner in any Pokemon Center, if it's called "Corner" you have v1.1, if it's called "Center" instead you have v1.0. Nope, v1.1 has the "represents", v1.0 doesn't have it. 2 different English versions? Than one of them is probably corrupted/modified. There should only be 1 version of Emerald. Gen 3 is somewhat difficult when it comes to item cheats. The item pocket is encrypted, so it's easier to not put them into the pocket directly. DMA = Dynamic Memory Allocation, which basically mea
  8. The TID is exactly what is shown on your trainer card, yes. Yes, they will remain shiny and will be made shiny if they aren't already. With .PID=$shiny PKHeX calculates a shiny PID for your Pokemon based on their TID/SID, for a legal PID however you would have to take the IVs and nature into account as well. PKHeX doesn't do that so you would need to calculate a PID for each single Pokemon that comes from gen 3 and 4 manually. If the origin is gen 1-2 or 5-7 you don't need to care about that.
  9. To change all Pokemon from gen 7 use this. Like this the PID will be recalculated to make them shiny again after changing their TID and SID. =Generation=7 .TrainerID7= .TrainerSID7= .OT_Name= .PID=$shiny For Pokemon from gen 6 and below change the generation number and use .TID= and .SID= instead. However keep in mind that Pokemon caught in gen 3 and 4 will be made illegal with this because PKHeX will not recalculcate valid PID IV relations. Those would need to be fixed manually (gen 3, gen 4).
  10. This can only be done by ROM hacking. Use pk3DS to edit trainers and more.
  11. A simple conversion doesn't exist as the berry data is only a small part of the actual e-Card file. You would need to go through similar steps as described in my guide for Trainer e-Cards. The only differences should be steps 7 and 8 that need to be changed like this: I haven't checked if it actually works, I will update the guide if it does.
  12. You need Custom Firmware (CFW) installed on your 3DS or at least a way to run homebrew to access your save files. They are encrypted so direct access is impossible. Check the guide below about how to manage your 3DS save files.
  13. No. ROMs are copyrighted material, sharing them is illegal and against the forum rules. https://projectpokemon.org/home/guidelines/ Explain which part of the randomization process you are having trouble with.
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