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  1. Gen 3 Secret Bases are documented in PKHeX, just not implemented into the GUI. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Saves/Substructures/Gen3/SecretBase3.cs https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Saves/Substructures/Gen3/SecretBase3Team.cs https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Saves/Substructures/Gen3/SecretBase3PKM.cs Save offsets
  2. Gen 3 is also saving map data when you save your game. That's why you can't simply change coordinates. You need to reset the map data back to valid data ... somehow.
  3. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Resources/text/en/text_Items_en.txt Take the line number - 1.
  4. In that case finding the SID is impossible.
  5. How are you launching the Homebrew Launcher? You need to launch it via the build in Rosalina 3DSX loader. Old *hax methods don't work. Read here about how it works https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/wiki/Rosalina#3dsx-loading Also make sure that you have the latest version of JKSM installed https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM/releases/latest Or try using Checkpoint instead https://github.com/FlagBrew/Checkpoint/releases/latest
  6. Should be 36. Refer to this list https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Resources/text/locale/countries.txt
  7. It doesn't really matter. The net64 build requires the .NET Framework runtime and comes as a single executable that doesn't require any DLL files, while the netcoreapp3.0 build reqires the .NET Core runtime and needs some DLL files, as you can see if you compare both directories. The functionality of both builds is identical.
  8. It seems things have changed over the years. Actually it is possible now to delete your account. Create a deletion request in the following subforum https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/forum/145-private-feedback-account-services/
  9. Sorry for jumping in but you could try to use the 3DS Link (Dream Radar) editior in suloku's Gen 5 Save Tool to receive Landorus.
  10. The file you got from Checkpoint should already be a main file. Don't rename files or change their extension. What kind of file did you get instead?
  11. It was removed in February 2016. I have not tested it, but here's a version from 9/20/2015 on the web archive. The changelog suggests this version. Direct Link Original Post I would recommend to just export the Pokemon from the ramsav.bin and import them into a main savefile instead of injecting the ramsav.bin directly back into the game.
  12. 64KB is too small, that's only half of the save file. In your emulator settings there should be an option to set the size to Flash 128KB, that's the proper size. Also make sure you are using the latest version of VisualBoyAdvance as it should auto-detect the correct save size.
  13. You can't. There's no official way to transfer Pokemon from previous generations until Pokemon Home is released sometime next year. So anything from previous generations is illegal currently.
  14. The news doesn't mention the distribution, but you will get a notification once you logged in. It links to this page https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/user/597b2278-652d-435b-8827-e32cbbdd283c/ By the way if anyone needs a code, I have 1 to share!
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