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  1. HELP! Look at poor ACNLWOW...

    I don't think it will be helpful for anyone if a person from another forum comes over to join the situation. It might even make things worse. Don't get me wrong, I would help if I could. But it's allways better if an admin/mod does. Or someone she knows. No need to call me poor soul, lol.
  2. HELP! Look at poor ACNLWOW...

    Who is that? And wtf is going on there? Well it's not nice what those guys are doing but I think here's the wrong place to ask for help. Actually it's the job of the admins/mods over at gamefaqs to help in such a situation, since it's their site. Maybe there's someone else over there who can help.
  3. Pokemon Ranger Blank Mission Saves

    @HaxAras I looked at your save file and unfortunately there's no mission inside. Thank you very much though.
  4. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    The only reason I could imagine for this is that they might have removed the communication center to match international versions. I hope they will release Crystal soon, they already gave enough hints. It's far more interesting than GS.....
  5. Upcoming Gold & Silver 3DS Themes revealed

    The games should be playable now. Seeds were published
  6. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    It was local wireless and only temporary in the RAM. It may have worked like the other Funfest Missions that you could play with others, with the difference that it was started by a distribution device and not by an other player.
  7. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    What exactly do you want to check?
  8. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Nobody can't tell you how to play it early because there's no way anyone got the needed seeds yet. Traiver has the original games. I already have them as well. But that's all. Without the seeds you can only partially decrypt the games (they have multiple decryption layers) and those won't be published until the release date (maybe a few hour earlier).
  9. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    It was a hacked one. The seeds are not published yet.
  10. @jojo12100 I'm sorry but I don't have access to my 3DS for a while so I can't help with anything that can't be done on Citra.

    1. jojo12100


      No problem. In my side I don't have Luma but Gateway in my 3DS so it crashes every time I tested it.

      But as hackers say when you can't go through a problem skirt it ^^

  11. Corrupted save

    Try setting the transfer type in FileZilla to binary.
  12. Just want to let you know that it seems you are using minutes instead of month in the dates printed below the Gallery entries.

    1. theSLAYER


      urgh, I probably used the wrong letter to declare it. ><

      Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix it soon XD

  13. XY- Unused Static Abomasnow and Scatterbug Encounter

    Well you could do that with pk3ds. I'm not sure if any of these are unused though. ORAS (DllField.cro, 0xF1B20 - 0xF1DE3) SM (a/1/5/5, 0x250 - 0x2047)
  14. XY- Unused Static Abomasnow and Scatterbug Encounter

    It seems like I made a mistake..........there's no Weavile. In pk3ds it's right below Abomasnow in that species dropdown. Maybe I accidently scrolled it down, ooops sorry. xD This is the static encounter data for X and Y. (DllField.cro, 0xEE478 - 0xEE506) CD 02 00 32 FF FF 92 01 27 27 3C 00 // Yveltal CC 02 00 32 FF FF 92 01 26 26 17 00 // Xerneas CD 02 00 32 FF FF 92 01 27 27 18 00 // Yveltal 98 02 00 02 FF FF 12 00 00 00 00 00 // Scatterbug 10 00 00 03 FF FF 12 00 00 00 01 00 // Pidgey 90 00 00 46 FF FF 12 01 00 00 1A 00 // Articuno 91 00 00 46 FF FF 12 01 00 00 1A 00 // Zapdos 92 00 00 46 FF FF 12 01 00 00 1A 00 // Moltres CE 02 00 46 FF FF 12 01 00 00 19 00 // Zygarde CC 01 00 2D FF FF 92 00 00 00 06 00 // Abomasnow 96 00 00 46 FF FF 12 01 00 00 1A 00 // Mewtwo CC 02 00 32 FF FF 92 01 26 26 3B 00 // Xerneas I'm wondering what the last 4 bytes are used for. I thought it might be some sort of assignement so the game knows which map it belongs to, because it's zero for the unused Scatterbug. But where's Abomasnow assigned to then?
  15. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I tried to get this done today. But unfortunately I encountered a few problems. I have Luma but for some reason I can't use NTR CFW anymore. I'm currently not sure if this is related to the new Luma/Rosalina or to FW 11.5 not beeing compatible yet. And Citra just refuses to read the patched ROM. Also by the way Abomasnow is exclusive to Y, in X there's Weavile instead.