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  1. Your save is empty/uninitialized. You need to have saved ingame at least twice before PKHeX can properly read your file.
  2. Use PKHeX https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/1-pkhex/ Get your save file from your cart, you need Custom Firmware or at least a way to run homebrew on your console (CFW is recommended). Check the tutorials for more details. Once you got your save file you can import wondercards with PKHeX.
  3. You don't have to worry about dates.
  4. Local wireless events were language locked in gen 5, so this one was only obtainable for Japanese versions. English B2W2 never got any Victini.
  5. I would say ask Citra support. But seeing your CPU in the logfile I'm pretty sure your hardware just isn't strong enough for Citra. From their FAQ: Your CPU is rated with a score of only 860 (see here). Besides that, wrong forum. This has nothing to do with PKHeX.
  6. First follow the guide carefully. Once you got the homebrew launcher running all you need is an SD card in your DSi to import/export save files.
  7. Well there is this (haven't used it yet though) https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-ndsi-savedumper.515520/ Running homebrew on DSi is easy as well nowadays https://dsi.cfw.guide/
  8. You can get the latest development build of PKHeX from the download below, it's always up to date with the latest commits.
  9. There's nothing to preserve, the data is in the game. The download was just a flag that unlocks them. All the downloadable missions can be unlocked by passwords as well. The Free Spirit's Path - EDw8w2HaRn A Date With Destiny - gauRnak2nR A Fate Born of Beauty - 2aL38Ek2Rx Motochika and Motonari - J2TRZXPUm3 Hideyoshi and Reshiram - 2rz3XFEKxR
  10. What exactly did you do? What kind of edits? You need to give us more information. When I inject any of the Heatran from the Events Gallery without modifying it, it ends up legal for me.
  11. Use Gen 5 Save Tool, it has a medal editor.
  12. @no154meganium here's the code! Emerald (Japanese) Activate TV events immediately (no TV announcement) 3272E62B 27DEC357 9063283E 23D9CF18 D9D97E62 3074789A 326A7646 1A6D3347
  13. Google for them. There's a different code for the Clear-Out-Sale, but idk if that one is available for Japanese Emerald. If you can't find any you will need to wait until someone creates the code. I could do, but not before next week.
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