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  1. As Kaphotics said Battle Revolution save files should always have the same size which is exactly 3670016 bytes. The amount of Pokemon has nothing to do with the size. If your save is larger something must have gone wrong during the export in Save Game Manager. Just try again.
  2. @Cybergheist here's a new version with blue pants. Jasmine2.cgb
  3. Oh I didn't even notice, lol. I imported the image with PokeCGear because PKHeX somehow crashed when I tried to import a png. I guess it just replaced the blue colors to reduce the total amount of colors even though I already reduced them.... I can try it again tomorrow.
  4. @Cybergheist Jasmine.cgb
  5. Special Nintendo Event Items?

    There are event flags that have to be activated, just putting the items in your bag isn't enough. You can use suloku's Gen 3 Mystery Gift Tool to inject Gen 3 wondercards into your game. That way you can receive the items as if you received them from an official event and you won't have to worry about flags. After injecting a wondercard (you can only have one at a time!) for Aurora Ticket, Mystic Ticket and Old Sea Map go upstairs in any Pokemon Center and talk to the delivery guy next to the stairs, for Eon Ticket talk to Norman at Petalburg Gym.
  6. Gen I - V Event Contributions Thread

    Here are all the Pokemon Musical files that I had rebuilt a while ago. As I said in my last post some of them miss a bunch of data which actually wasn't present in the server files I found. Anyway I tested one of those musicals and it seems the game doesn't even care about whatever is missing, so maybe it was just trash? Well here's all of them, I hope I didn't mess up any musical.
  7. The C-Gear Editor in PKHeX is still incomplete. I would recommend using PokeGen or PokeCGear to change the skin until the editor in PKHeX is completed.
  8. @RoyitoDePiña pokemon_esmeralda_esp.sav
  9. help finding USUM pokedex sprites

    Spriters-Resource has all of them
  10. ORAS - Secret Base Event QR Codes

  11. Bug: Unown sprite glitched in Pokédex in Gen2

    This is definitely a bug. There's a form flag for Unown which PKHeX doesn't set. It's at 0x1C82/0x2A82 for EU/US Crystal.
  12. The only problem are the 4 flags, I'm not sure if anyone ever figured out their meaning. But besides that the editor should work. Keep a back up and try it out.
  13. @ryamyun I explained in my posts above how to fix it but well here's a version of suloku's tool that has this issue fixed so it overwrites all names correctly.