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  1. Yes, exactly. It's only shown when a save is loaded. If you have a save loaded, how did you load it? Maybe there's an issues with that.
  2. Wrong thread. This is for suloku's Mystery Gift Tool, not my WC3 Plugin. The thread for the plugin is this one https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/62222-blacksharks-pkhex-plugin-support-thread/ The plugin is currently only working on the latest PKHeX development build, use that until the next stable release.
  3. I was able to replicate this. It is flagged illegal if a VC save is loaded, on reglar saves or if none is loaded it is legal.
  4. Don't try to create a Pokemon from scratch. Use PKHeX's encounter database, you can specifically search for a Togepi with Tri Attack.
  5. @Varas5 @Kamui This event was released after the latest stable version of PKHeX. So either use the latest dev build, wait for the next stable release, or just ignore that it's shown illegal.
  6. You shouldn't read it as one word. It's more like YOSHI R A YOSHI, because it's Nintendo and they weren't very creative with names back then. There is also a Mew with OT MARIO. R is for the version (Red) that was used to distribute Mew. And A is probably just for more variety. There is also YOSHIRB, YOSHIBA and YOSHIBB, so all together they could have 4 different distribution carts.
  7. The file is just garbage, nothing to fix. Repro Carts might store there save data differently so you can not use the usual ways to dump it. Try this.
  8. Don't use save states, save ingame as you would on a real 3DS.
  9. This album contains all the Secret Base QR Codes for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that where distributed by GameFreak. Different to the regular Secret Base QR Codes from other players these bases will appear in the house with the locked door south of the Poke Mart in Mossdeep City.
  10. It won't make things faster if you create a new thread after only a few minutes. 3DS save files are encrypted with console specific keys, so you can not just use them on a different console. You have to decrypt them and for that you need your console or at least a backup of your movable.sed. That's the file where your encryption key is stored, if you don't have a backup of that file from the original console, your saves are lost. If you have that file, there are ways to decrypt your saves. Check this https://github.com/wwylele/3ds-save-tool or https://github.com/wwylele/save3ds Both tools require the movable.sed from your original console and a boot9.bin which you can take from your new console.
  11. I don't think the images are evidence for these specific files. They have been taken from a Japanese blog post, see the first post above for source links. The Pokemon are either from a different source or have been recreated using the simulated WC6. You shouldn't worry about dates at all. Incorrect dates don't exist as the games use the console date which you can freely set to whatever you want between 2000/01/01 and 2035/12/31.
  12. Check the post right above yours.
  13. It doesn't if you do it correctly. Don't create it manually, always use the Encounter Database.
  14. Open the file with an hex editor like HxD https://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD20 If you only see 00's or FF's, the file is empty. Besides that the proper save size for Gen 4 is 512KB, yours is twice as large. Are there any other files on your card where the data could have been saved to?
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