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  1. Remove the last 4 bytes from the save and it will load. Pokemon Red.sav
  2. There is only one RTC. If the berries are fixed everything else should be fixed as well. Do you have a save where this is not the case?
  3. The error message told you what the issue is. There is no data in your file.
  4. Done. What Asia81 meant in their post above is this tool from suloku, has nothing to do with PKHeX. Pokemon - Emerald Version (USA, Europe).sav
  5. Get it from santacrabs fork https://github.com/santacrab2/PKHeX-Plugins/releases/latest
  6. The file is full of garbage, no real save data inside. Besides that the proper size for Gen 3 saves is 128kb. You should check if FlashGBX is able to dump the full 128kb save.
  7. No, you have to buy the DLC.
  8. He provided ME3 files for them on his Github https://github.com/notblisy/RUBYSAPPHIREDLC/tree/main/MYSTERY EVENT 3 EVENTS Use the WC3 Plugin to inject them into your save.
  9. No, you can still use the file and you don't have to delete anything. Your .nds file can not just disappear after using PKHeX. PKHeX does not remove or delete files. It still has to be somewhere.
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