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  1. Spanish Mystic Ticket does not exist. It was only available in English.
  2. The Old Sea Map, which was required to reach Far Away Island, where you could catch Mew in Emerald, was only released in Japan and it was only downloadable on Japanese versions of Emerald. So any non-Japanese Mew from Emerald is illegal.
  3. thank you so much for showing me the wonder card for zeraora got it now thanks again

    1. BlackShark


      No problem, you're welcome.

  4. The following carts are (publicly) floating around the internet. You will not find them on this site because sharing them is against this forums rules.
  5. Well as I said, the pkm format Pokeslow uses is incomplete. The OT is actually hard coded into the tool, it will always be 'YOSHIRB' as you can see here https://github.com/zaksabeast/pokeSlow/blob/master/source/pkmImport.h
  6. Use this tool to convert your save file from .duc to .sav and back. Be sure to keep a backup though.
  7. @shay123 I think it would be better to contact the author of Pokeslow and ask him to fix his tool to export/import proper PK1 files. Currently the exported files are missing some important data like nickname and OT name (it's just 0x03-0x23 of a regular PK1 file). I would suggest you to just wait until you have access to a PC again and then use PKHeX, but anyway here is the same Mew as in the above download with the mentioned data removed. pokeslow-mew.pkm
  8. Best argument for playing Pokemon ever!
  9. I sure would teach my kids about Pokemon. I don't really like the new kind of storyline introduced in gen 7, I liked collecting badges more. So I'm going to show them how the main games looked in the past. I will also teach them about how to hack the saves and RAM of the games, because that's the most interesting part I think. And maybe they want to play with my old Pokemon cards, currently those are doomed to collect dust at the attic...
  10. It seems more like they are talking about an in-game tutorial that explains how the Purify Chamber works, similar to those catching tutorials. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Purify_Chamber (see trivia)
  11. It has all 21 cards inside and they are identical to those in Colosseum. It's probably a leftover.
  12. Dump your game's extdata with either Checkpoint or JKSV Checkpoint's extdata is in: \3ds\Checkpoint\extdata\<your game> JKSV's extdata is in: \JKSV\ExtData\<your game> In your game's extdata you have will find a user folder and in it there is the btvideo folder Put the Zeraora battle video file into that folder and keep it named 000 If you already have some battle videos stored, choose a free number and rename the Zeraora video file