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  1. At the very end of the post, there's a xdelta. It's the patch you need, and you need to apply it on a NDS Explorers of Sky Rom
  2. Issue already fixed since 1.0.1. It's written in changelogs above. Friendly reminder for future posts: - updating your game will solve your issue 99% of the time since I fixed a ton of bugs between versions, and I'll fix a ton of bugs again if needed - look for bug fixes to see if your issue is referenced in - some bugs occur when you downgrade your game and port a save from current version to previous ones. Check if these bugs are present in the last version of the game before reporting it That being said, I'm happy to tell you you can beat Dialga once again in an u
  3. I've been told about spawnrate being frustrating in the second and third dungeon, at the start of the game, haven't heard anyone complaining about spawnrate being an issue afterwards (maybe in Mt. Horn it's an issue but I've heard no complain about Mt. Horn so...). That's one of the main goals of the hack and you have to get used to it. Other "hardmodes" still spawn a pokemon each 36 steps which makes the hack ridiculously easy. I wanted this hack to be a real hardmode and chose the difficulty over the potential "slow gameplay" you're mentioning. Gameplay isn't "slow" as you're stating her
  4. I've been working on this hack since 7 months, and now it is ready. I'll showcase here my first PMD Hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Alpha! This hack is named after the Alpha Pokemon Arceus, and you got it: the crux of this hack is the implementation of Arceus in the game. Already present in the game, but sadly unused and lacking both sprites and portraits, I first wanted to add Arceus to the game. But that's not the main goal of this hack. I've spent a lot of time in my childhood playing Explorers of Sky, grinding mons up to stats cap by hand, figuring out the game mechanics e
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