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  1. Hmm not really. If you have Discord could you join SkyTemple's discord and dm me your save file from here ? (Mooooooooond #0805) I'll change that for you Your scalemons patch inspired someone I know to implement this mode as an option to his game haha
  2. Unfortunately I've considered the save migration thing too late when it comes to unlocking dungeons, so you can't without changing the game by yourself currently In 1.3 there's an automated process for that but in 1.2 it's not present yet
  3. Tomb of Nightmares is unlocked after you beat Darkrai at the end of the story, when you recruit Cresselia if I remember correctly In 1.3, you unlock this dungeon along with a fully new dungeon called "Altar of Dreams" when you talk to Cresselia About Tower of Demise, Fallen Star Remains and Mirage Island, they are unlocked after beating Darkrai, in 1.3 like in 1.2 If you wonder about Worldcore, this dungeon will no longer exist in 1.3, you'll see where the boss rush was moved I'm glad you enjoy the game, and I hope you'll like the 1.3 update in preparation
  4. It's not that I don't want to release the update, but I've still stuff to work on. I'm not the kind of guy providing 40 patches for 40 different features, but instead one big patch so you can keep up with updates.
  5. Good choice ! Chikorita has a more expansive moveset in 1.3 and Fairy-Moves, including TM Compatibility with Dazzling Gleam (Bayleef and Meganium are even part-Fairy). Hell takes some elements from Alpha, but Alpha is far less extreme, I hope you'll like it !
  6. I know you're quoting Skies and I'll answer no. To me, adding a species implies having its main abilities from maingames coded in. For example I have added Sylveon in the game, its only main ability is Cute Charm, as a result it makes sense for me to have it in. The same goes for Regidrago/Regieleki since Transistor and Dragon's Maw are Adaptability for a specific type. However Espurr and Meowstic have Infiltrator, as a result it makes no sense having them in, not to mention the fact adding a few entries from later games without adding the whole cast isn't a feature to me, nor anything I'd like to have in my game, since I want players to experience actual content and Quality of Life, not superficial features. What I will/may add from future gens is: - Rotom-Forms - Regidrago/Regieleki - Sylveon - Alolan-forms - Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash (no other Galarian forms since those are the only ones that make sense in Sky's map) - maybe Genesect But that's it. Very glad you're excited to play 1.3 ! I hope you'll like it !
  7. Thank you ! 1.3 is soon, I'm a bit busy with IRL but I'm close from releasing the hack, I've a few things to do and I'm done ! Hmmmm it's very complicated to answer, 1.3 saves have challenges, and it's impossible for me to add a challenge prompt if your save comes from 1.2 1.3 should theoretically be released in 1-4 weeks depending on how IRL will impact my life, I think it's worth waiting if you absolutely want A-Vulpix.
  8. Oh wow it really means a lot to me knowing you've been around for a while in main series community (iirc you're the one guy behind the HGSS Scalemons patch right ?) Thanks a bunch, I'll continue to do my best working on this hack !
  9. No. Sharing pre-patched roms is illegal and doesn't follow this site rules. It has to be patched on a non-clean US Explorers of Sky rom, just so you know.
  10. My Discord changed, now my tag is Mond #3823 I'll update the post so it reflects the changes
  11. Thank you for playing my take on EoS ! Adding features and "real new stuff" (not "under the carpet" existing stuff mind you) is really complicated and needs some skills only a few have in EoS community. As a result, changing the AI behavior of Tactics is beyond my skills (no one's been able to change it and the same goes for IQ). Changing items behavior is feasible, though I don't think I want X-Ray, Google Specs to have a group effect (because of how broken it is by essence) Don't hesitate to check with me here in case you wonder about the feasibility of this or that, I'll answer when I'm available for it !
  12. Spawning makes it so you have to play more team fights instead of multiple 1v1s Level curve and dungeon design work so late game dungeon are similar to SMD Treasures dungeon They're not "proper shinies", to me they're Partner Grovyle, Future Celebi and Antagonist Dusknoir. Shinies function as evolution lines, hence why I do not consider them as Shinies, + they have Exclusive-Items and are treated as special species. Destiny Tower Shinies are available and recruitable yes, Shiny Legendaries are only recruitable here by the way.
  13. I've ran into a few softlocks regarding job bulletin and outlaw missions, both when looking for missions as well as completing them, but nothing that grave that would make me unable to play. I took the habit of saving often hehe. Could you give me some examples about this one? Wasn't it only with Job Bulletin? Also it would be really helpful if there was a IQ group table and which pokemon belongs to what group. Building a team for some missions or situations would be much more efficient with a simple table. I haven't changed IQ Groups, they are all vanilla aside of Purple Kecleon being S-Group, Shiny Celebi being I group, and all Shiny Legendaries being S-Group Shinys are as follows (+ locations!): It was tested on Mobile and works, I really don't know what's the cause of this issue honestly... Alpha works on real hardware, Phone and PC emulators, all these were tested and work
  14. This issue comes from Gap Prober, it's an issue I can't fix by myself for now unfortunately It's gonna be 40%, I have found another way to deal with spawning I'm glad you like my take on EoS! Celebi has IQ Group I, which means I still have this issue with Course Checker being in this IQ Group. It'll be fixed in 1.3 Speaking of 1.3, I'm slowly working on it. Being busy with real life and personal issues has delayed my project a lot, though I'm slowly but gently coming back into it with more new stuff
  15. At the very end of the post, there's a xdelta. It's the patch you need, and you need to apply it on a NDS Explorers of Sky Rom
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