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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words ! The whole purpose of 2.0 is to step up the game to a point where everyone can play it without worrying about the game being too hard or lacking features I hope it will fit your tastes too !
  2. You can make a wish after you unlock Starglow Cavern, the wish is indefinitely repeatable afterwards When you are able to code new layouts by hand, you can add new layouts to the game since 4 layouts are duplicates of another one. I already tried my hand at adding one and it worked
  3. I highly recommand you to download SkyTemple and change the spawnrate from 5 to 12 if the spawning is too much for you I'm aware of that issue and that's the main reason why I'm inves so much time in 2.0: I want the game to be for everyone As for the sprites I removed the small gender differences to gain the possibility to add new sprites to the game. Since adding new entries easily wasn't possible at the time, I had to replace "useless" sprites
  4. Star Cave doesn't exist in main game, instead it's called Starglow Cavern and it's unlocked with Jirachi's challenge letter if and only if you have Guildmaster Rank Thanks for the kind words ! I am working hard to get the best out of the game so anyone can enjoy it next update with the new features, not only for the difficulty
  5. Hey ! I may try that at some point, however it's not that high in my priority list as I need to rewrite the whole layout generation process to pull that off FYI, I already tried my hand at adding a maze layout with Irdkwia's help (replicating Frag 1's maze) and I pulled that off successfully as shown down below Other kinds of layout aren't planned, changing current properties for corridors isn't something I've ever seen being tried yet, kinda curious about the uses you can make of this idea ngl
  6. Wanted to advertise people about the current public version of the game, as it was reported to me multiple times. I know the current version has some issues that may cause it to be "not for everyone" (the current difficulty is meant to be the equivalent of Expert after all). If you want it to be more enjoyable, here is what I recommand. First of all you will need SkyTemple to fix all the stuff I will be talking about. Spawn rate, under Lists, Misc. Settings: - if you are willing to play a much harder version of the game, change it from 5 to 12 - if you are willing to play a slightly harder version of the game, change it from 5 to 18 - if you are willing to play a more vanilla version of the game, change it from 5 to 24 Second part of dungeons, disarm Forced Save, under Dungeon tab, double-click on the dungeon under the group they're in and turn off the "Forced save": List of dungeons: Deep Sealed Ruin, Lower Brine Cave, Hidden Highland, Temporal Spire, Miracle Sea Depths, Spacial Rift Depths, Deep Dark Crater Just disable them all, it's inherent bad design, my bad for toggling this thing on. Boss rooms, remove timer, under Dungeon tab, double-click on the dungeon under the group they're in and change turn limit: List of dungeons: Brine Cave Pit, Old Ruins, Mystifying Forest Clearing, Crevice Cave Pit, Miracle Seabed, Aegis Cave If the value is below 250, change it to 250 (much harder version), 500 (slightly harder version), 1000 (vanilla version). Now, why am I posting that instead of updating the game just for one thing. First of all, it's been first reported after my vacations break in August, after I paused the development for 2 months, after I decided to develop a big thing instead of "just another update with 2 changes", and before I decided to write an actual changelog and to-do list. Without keeping track of my additions after the last update one year ago, I decided to release 2.0 and nothing else, not 1.2.1 or to start releasing 1.2.18 or whatever updates you may think about. There's another reason: the game has no big issues aside of the optional well hidden Lapras crash in Hidden Land (lol) and the Torkoal bug endgame. As such I don't have emergency updates to provide, so I have nothing to provide aside of new gameplay and new tweaks. The next version is still in heavy development, the to-do list is down to a small text file, and I hope you are hyped for next update !
  7. I have seen lots of misconceptions while checking some casual comments about loads of hacks, this one specifically so I wanted to answer all of that so people know what's going on: Changing Shiny Celebi's personality and making it spawnable only requires a bitflag change for it to spawn without items. People noted it months ago and fixes have been suggested but never provided. Sounds like this feature wasn't functional after all... You cannot add new slots as starters and partners. That's why Meowth and Vulpix Kanto are no longer available through normal means as Partner and replaced by Espurr and Alolan-Vulpix. The list is designed to be a certain size and not more, it would require ASM hacking to maybe edit the list on the fly. They have these items dummied because they couldn't manage to have them swapped successfully. That requires more than just adding the item to do so. And for your information the items have no effect whatsoever, it requires to edit a table in arm9.bin. Hex editing and ASM hacking as a result. This feature has not been added by him nor anyone working on this hack. It is a public patch built in SkyTemple and made by Cipnit/Jirt a year ago, and the same goes for sprite expansion and pokemon addition, they are public SkyTemple features. This one isn't a mistake. They tried to have the Zapdos treasure match him, because it replaces the Mew treasure. However they didn't manage to change the type this treasure affects because... well it requires coding and editing ASM. This will likely remain unchanged for the sole reason of them never touching code on their own. For anyone reading this post, don't hesitate to check SkyTemple to see what has actually been added by the hack creator, and what has just been "a SkyTemple public patch applied". It helps a lot for common knowledge so people don't come at other creators to say "you copied Skies features" while it's either a public feature or the opposite. Thanks !
  8. Good news posted on my Twitter @EoA_off Basically new challenges, and some other features along that No ETA, I have more important stuff to sort before this game obviously PS: shown the patch notes in my first post ! Check them out if you want !
  9. I don't plan on adding these features as you mention them, however I may have found a way of dealing with early evolution for some starters, but rebalancing the game around them will be significantly harder for sure.
  10. In 1.2, Phione is recruited in Deep Miracle Sea in even floors (1, 3, 5F) Heatran is recruited in Giant Volcano in even Floors after 30F (31, 33, 35, 37, 39F) Shaymin is recruitable in Time-Leap Garden in the second last floor (I think it's 31F ?) But in next version they no longer are available by this mean: Phione is available in Miracle Seabed once again, Heatran has his own new dungeon and Shaymin too.
  11. It's prolly gonna be a Christmas Gift or a new year release... if I'm done with all of what I'm working on
  12. You should definitely be patient ! The update is planned for fall 2021, and it's worth the wait I'd say !
  13. You can use SkyTemple for this purpose, it does exactly the same thing as SkyEditor but the process is no more tedious
  14. Hmm not really. If you have Discord could you join SkyTemple's discord and dm me your save file from here ? (Mooooooooond #0805) I'll change that for you Your scalemons patch inspired someone I know to implement this mode as an option to his game haha
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