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  1. https://3ds.hacks.guide/ universal 3ds hacks guide. The guide that Slayer provided you cover all steps to recover the save, except where to find the tool needed. I think it's leaked official Nintendo content so not sure if it can be shared into this and other sites
  2. The difference between an event raid and a standard raid is in the met level, moveset and possibly in the dynamax level. The met location is always "In a Pokemon Den" if said mon has been caught from another user raid. Otherwise, if the raid is hosted by your game, the met location indicates the area where you found said raid. You have a very old PKHeX version tho, Toxicity and GMax Toxicity are flagged as legal from months now. Just download the updated version.
  3. Just wondering, what do you need your SID for? SwSh wild RNG isn't a thing (and it will never be) and SID it's not required for Raid RNG. Pardon if i seem to be rude, it's just curiosity.
  4. I think you can only do this between two hacked switch. You can transfer the account and data between two console legally, but that needs you to be connected to Nintendo Servers into both the consoles. And this may result in a ban of the hacked switch. By the way, there is no ban report only for running Homebrew like Save Managers in a clean SysNand.
  5. I think that the majority of Meltan and Melmetal that people have is genned without an Home tracker value, due to Sysbots. Also, I don't think GF will ever decide to turn all of them into bad eggs, cause really lot of people have them, and it can also be traded normally in game. Anyway, a Pokémon without an Home tracker value, just get a new value once depositated into Home as before, there is no reportage of Bad Eggs appearing due to this.
  6. I think the user does not export the save file once modified.
  7. That Alolan Raichu has been caught by me during the Event Raid, then modified in PKHeX to edit TID, SID and IVs. You can edit it to match your IDs. You can also edit the IV, but to to mantain it fully legal, IVs-Nature-Pid-EC should match the RNG calls. You can use a calculator such as Raid Finder for that. 026-01 ★ - Raichu - 0E4E1D4EF79B.pk8
  8. Regarding to ACE, you should be able to increase the amount of any items (Rare Candy includes) following the steps here: https://archives.glitchcity.info/forums/board-108/thread-8126/page-0.html If you want to use cheat codes instead of glitches, I can't help you.
  9. You found the instruction on how to host a Sysbot. You need an already active Sysbot server. With it you don't need any hacked switch, you just need an online subscription and the ability to trade. If you need a Sysbot server and don't know any, PM me
  10. I suggest you tu use a Discord server with a sysbot. use /dump or /clone command to get a pk8 file of your Pokémon. Sysbots are free to use. When you have your pk8 file, just drop it into PKHeX. If you want you can also use the Leanny's Raid Plugin for PKHeX to use the Raid Seed Finder. With it you can calculate the RNG Seed and check if it's a possibile mon or not. https://github.com/Leanny/PKHeX_Raid_Plugin EDIT: Also if it pass every checks, it could be a raid with an injekted RNG Seed. No one could know but the host.
  11. Pokewalker encounters are Shiny Locked, so no way you can get a legal Shiny Surf Pikachu until gen 7. Here there is a legal 6IV (31) Timid Pikachu with Surf: 025 - PIKACHU - 5B87E9000007.pk4 It's genned, not obtained in game.
  12. Mine does not work, but i know there are some models that works for GBA too. You need to read the description of the dumper you're going to buy. Anyway, for GBA save file you don't need a dumper if you have a DS Fat/Lite with a Flash Card like an R4:
  13. I don't think this is the right place to ask where to buy things. I'd bet ebay or local retrogaming stores could be a good start tho. As the tools you need, the only requirements is a working game with a working battery and a GB dumper. I use a FlashBoy and it works pretty well. Cost is about 20-35$.
  14. I imagine you don't have an hacked switch, right?
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