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  1. You could get a squirtle trading on the GTS. If it's male, just breed it with a ditto until you get a female, then use that female to get the egg moves. Or, if you have a modded 3DS just get one of the user shared save files or pkhex save file from the download section or generate your own.
  2. Used code U100BPXHHCVAPFFP, thanks a lot!!
  3. I doubt Nintendo would go as far as to scan every pokemon PID/extra data to check if it matches. Even they stopped deleting cloned Pokémon’s with the same Home ID months ago. Plus, pkhex edited Pokémons seems to tick all the boxes when it comes to legality, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I also doubt Shiny Mew from this page would be targeted since its not that popular (its easier to find shiny mews created from power saves than that). When Nintendo/GF talk about altered data I think they mean clearly genned Pokémons such as shiny zacian or pokemon with impossible moves. I read that some c
  4. I opened both pk files (the bad and the fixed pokemon) and both could be imported into pkhex.
  5. I will also add that pokemon generated on Sword/Shield should have height and weight values. As with the encryption constant, a value of 0 is possible but extremely unlikely and I always consider a pokemon with 0 in height/weight/EC as hacked. Another route to create a new pokémon would be to take a legal pokemon of the same species (you can use a pk8 file from the download page) and then edit it.
  6. Hello: I attached two save games with false positives, hope it helps. Save 1 is Pokemon Black 2 Spanish. Original game played on original hardware (Nintendo DS Lite), then used a 2DS to get the save file. Yanci (Belinda in the Spanish version) trades are marked as illegal, they worked on the previous version (unable to match an encounter). The happiny egg you get as a gift is marked as illegal as well (unable to match a gift egg encounter) Pokemon lets go Pikachu (English game), played on Nintendo Switch then saved with Check Point. Some trades are marked as ill
  7. I had many legit trades marked as illegal in the last version. I haven’t had time to submit my files but black 2 Belinda trades (the one you need to call her and meet in front of the Ferris wheel as well as the trades from let’s go pikachu. I traded extra alolan Pokémon’s and then evolved them to get alola raticate, golem and so on and they are now marked as illegal. They were legally caught so it seems to be an error in the database that I’m sure will be connected in the next version.
  8. Why not just edit the capture date to the time frame when shiny meltan was available (like 10 days ago)? If you're going to edit the pokemon you just might as well change that
  9. I tried the vs battle and unlocked teams and all that but didn’t work. I read somewhere that I could be relegated to day skipping but it sounded highly unlikely. I guess it’s related to saving/reloading. I can’t recall the last time I reloaded my main save game, but I know I did when I was learning how pkhex worked. Maybe it’s something that will be fixed with a save editor one day. Thanks for the suggestions
  10. I’ve been getting this error message for the last weeks, maybe months when I check battle rewards. I know it’s a common error and I tried to fix it using the information I found online but it’s not working for me. My suspicion is that it was caused by day skipping to get a shiny den or, most likely, because I got the battle rewards on my main account and then I restored an older save file in which case the server already gave me the rewards and hence the error. my question: is there any way to edit this pending rewards items? It’s not a big deal, just annoying. Thanks!
  11. Caught in a den during the week events from a few months ago?
  12. That's because you didn't fill up the location information correctly, for example, if you want to upload a Stuful, the caught location should be route 8 and the caught level should be between 17-20. If you breed the genned pokemon with a ditto, the new pokemon would be legit or you could use pokemon from save games uploaded by other users, those pokemon have the correct information and it's easier than generating them from scratch.
  13. May I ask how you got banned? I back my save games up every now and then and sometimes upload event pokemons (I'll add zarude and shiny celebi soon) and I never had any problem. I don't use "back ups" of games, though.
  14. There are groups on discord that have giveaways every now and them, I know some people on gamefaqs have done it in the past, check the forums. There are also bots on discord channels where you can send a pk8 file and it will trade that pokemon so you in theory you can find the pk8 file for the event pokemon that you want (i.e. shiny zeraora, magearna, gen 7 shiny lunala) and use the bot to generate the pokemon and trade it to you. As a piece of advice, do not trade your legendaries, with all the cloning and hacks it's not worthy and you could get hacked pokemons in return (it may be hard
  15. I'm looking for a save file or a pk4 file for an electrode from team rocket HQ on HGSS. I didn't know you could catch them so I defeated the 3 of them. I tried to recreate them with pkhex but I get an error "encounter type doesn't match encounter" and PID error. I checked the save file repository but couldn't find any file with that particular electrode. Thanks,
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