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  1. That's because you didn't fill up the location information correctly, for example, if you want to upload a Stuful, the caught location should be route 8 and the caught level should be between 17-20. If you breed the genned pokemon with a ditto, the new pokemon would be legit or you could use pokemon from save games uploaded by other users, those pokemon have the correct information and it's easier than generating them from scratch.
  2. May I ask how you got banned? I back my save games up every now and then and sometimes upload event pokemons (I'll add zarude and shiny celebi soon) and I never had any problem. I don't use "back ups" of games, though.
  3. There are groups on discord that have giveaways every now and them, I know some people on gamefaqs have done it in the past, check the forums. There are also bots on discord channels where you can send a pk8 file and it will trade that pokemon so you in theory you can find the pk8 file for the event pokemon that you want (i.e. shiny zeraora, magearna, gen 7 shiny lunala) and use the bot to generate the pokemon and trade it to you. As a piece of advice, do not trade your legendaries, with all the cloning and hacks it's not worthy and you could get hacked pokemons in return (it may be hard to know if they are hacked if you can't verify them with pkhex but in general, stay away from 6IV pokemons)
  4. I'm looking for a save file or a pk4 file for an electrode from team rocket HQ on HGSS. I didn't know you could catch them so I defeated the 3 of them. I tried to recreate them with pkhex but I get an error "encounter type doesn't match encounter" and PID error. I checked the save file repository but couldn't find any file with that particular electrode. Thanks,
  5. Thanks for the update. I just loaded a save game from 2 days ago and works perfectly. I wasn't expecting an update this quick! Just a minor issue, I bred a galar corsola on route 5, then traveled to the island of armor and it hatched there (met location: in the Fields of Honor (on the Isle of Armor)). Pkhex marks it as "invalid, can't hatch an egg at met location" but it was a legal corsola. I also have a snorlax with iron head and zen headbutt caught "in the Fields of Honor (on the Isle of Armor)" whose moves are being marked as invalid. Not a big deal, and you probably know already but just in case. Kudos!!
  6. Thanks for the response, I removed Thunderbolt from Mr. Mime so it's not flagged as illegal (I just wanted it for the shiny dex).
  7. The problem with Mr Mime is slightly different: Mime Jr with thunderbolt is legal, Mr. Mime with thunderbolt is illegal (and Mr. Mime can learn TR08 anyway). I wasn't aware of that page with the Wild Area information but I suspected there had to be a page with the latest changes. Keep up the good work!!
  8. Hello: I started using pkhex one week ago mainly to review my save game from Shield and get rid of some traded pokemon that I suspected where ilegal. Upon reviewing my last catches from shiny dens I found 3 pokemon marked as ilegal. I'm sure you are aware of this but the latest den promotion changed some pokemon, including some impossible pokemon such as level 30 drakloak. In my case, the ilegal pokemon were a level 17 larvitar and level 30 drakloak. https://serebii.net/swordshield/maxraidbattles/eventden-may2020.shtml Finally, I also caught 2 Mime Jr on a den that had the move thunderbolt. I evolved one to Galar Mr. Mime and Pkhex marks this move as illegal even though it considers valid the move for Mime Jr. This is my first post on this forum and I tried to read the guidelines before posting the message but if the message don't belong here, feel free to delete/move it. I'm sure you are aware of pokemon den promotins and that they will eventually be added to Pkhex but I thought it could be useful. Thanks,
  9. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could use pkhex or another tool to remove the pokerus mark from my starter pokemon Solved, thanks!
  10. Hello! I found out about this site by chance. I had a legit generation 1 mew from a championship in the year 2000 and someone told me there were people collecting those. I played pkm red and yellow extensively when they came out in the last century but I hadn't played since then until I bought pkm Shield. I'm hooked up again doing shiny raids ans setting up a team to play online. Regards!
  11. Moving this request to the appropriate forum. My apologies. I don't know if this is the correct forum but I would like to ask for a favor. Is it possible to remove the pokerus mark with pkhex and, if possible, could someone help me with that?
  12. I have a save file with 2 Mews, one from an Australia event and the one I got in Spain. Both Mews have the same IV but different trainer name and Id. Australia: HP 5, Atk 10, Def 1, SpC 5, Spe 12, TID 20824, OT NAL (level 100, EV trained: 383 288 270 278 292). Spain: HP 5, Atk 10, Def 1, SpC 5, Spe 12, TID 01495, OT EUROPE (level 5, no trained: 25, 16, 15, 15, 16). I got the one from Australia around April-May 2000 and the Spanish one in July 2000. My assumption is that every Mew from that time had the same stats, it would be much of a coincidence that the version in Australia and the version in Spain had the same. I haven't check other posts on this forum but I would bet the UK and Danish versions are the same.
  13. Hello: This is a save game I have after I participated in the Spanish 2000s Pokemon Championship in July 2000. The save has 2 Mews: the original L5 Mew I received from the Nintendo staff during the tournament (It's been almost 20 years but I think i traded through N64 Pokemon Stadium) and a second Mew from Australia. I got a save game in a Australian Pokemon forum back then, uploaded it to my friend's Pokemon Red and traded it to my own game. I used the Australian Mew to play the game so it's at level 100, EV trained and has custom moves. I wished I had kept it in pristine condition but it was my favorite pokemon back then. The Spanish Mew was legitimately traded but you'd have to take my word on that, they didn't give us any certificate. The save game is for the Spanish version of Pokemon Yellow, it won't work on the English version. Regards, Pokemye.sav
  14. Hello, I've been redirected here by the guys from CEAL. I used to play Pokemon on my old gameboy and I got to participate in the Spanish Pokemon Championship in the summer of 2000 in Madrid (in the Amusement Park). I think those events where held worldwide that summer because I remember the final took place in Australia. During the championship we were allowed to get a Mew from Nintendo, the only way to get one without the using glitches or exploits. Back then I also owned a Bungy Gameboy Xchanger so I was able to download the savefile before the battery went dead. As a result I've got a savefile with a L5 Mew with Id number is 01495 and trainer name EUROPE. If you guys are interested I could gladly send you the file, this is a direct dump from my Spanish Pokemon Yellow, 100% legit and haven't been transferred to any other game (I played crystal in japanese so I couldn't send it over). Those days I also got a save file on an Australian msg board with an Australian Mew. I uploaded the save file to my pokemon red and used it play. This Mew is most likely legit but i put moves on it and raised it to level 100. Id number is 20824 and OT is NAL (I'm assuming it stands for Nintendo of Australia maybe?). If you guys are interested in any of the Mews I'd be happy to send them over. I kept the save files just in case and I hope it could serve some purpose. I even read that it was possible to use a 3DS with a custom firmware and upload the old save files into the 3DS and then transfer to Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Home! Regards, PS- I posted previously on the link the person from CEAL suggested but I think this would be more appropriate.
  15. Hello, I've got a Spanish Mew from the 2000 Spanish Championship... I posted here originally but moved the text to the Gen I - V Event Contributions Thread.
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