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  1. Hopefully someone who was lucky enough to get Index 29 will share it.
  2. Does anyone have the latest Rock & Steel Event Wild Area News files (including the ones before the fix)?
  3. Can my username be changed to foohyfooh?
  4. Since the DLC have different casual tee for Sword and Shield for Klara and Avery respectively, does that mean that post DLC there will be different fashion blocks for Sword and Shield?
  5. Since PKHex now supports the Isle of Armor expansion, would the glitched one be uploaded here?
  6. For the second Ball Set, it should be Beast Ball instead of Ultra Ball
  7. Currently there are some related to having save data from other games and reaching certain ranks in online. Is there any way to edit Pokemon Sword and Shield saves to unlock all of the backgrounds for the League Cards?
  8. I didn't mean to put the Pokemon in the save files. I meant put the Gen X in the name of the archive file so that it is identifiable which Gen it belongs to. eg. "Special - Unown.rar" becomes "Gen 3 - Special - Unown.rar".
  9. One suggestion is to add the Gen for the Special collections so that they sort together with them.
  10. Thank you. I didn't realise that I had to save it using PKHex. It successfully worked and changed the Legendary Bird.
  11. Thanks. Didn't know that they were all clones.
  12. I started Pokemon Home on my switch first so I got the Japanese one but I wanted the English one. Does anyone have a pk8 for the English one?
  13. Thank you. I have finally gotten around to edit the main file based on the following information from the post that you sent 0x17E1C controls species ID. (90, 91 or 92) Forcing it to other values will force the encounter to be Articuno. 0x17E23 0x20 Ready to Battle (also 20 when below 0x0B), 0x40 Captured/Defeated. 0x17E40 Stores roam encountered count (0x00 to 0x0B) I changed 0x17E1C to 90 to try to get Articuno and this is the error that I am getting from the verify checksum Invalid: 1F @ Region 17E00 SAV: 54/55
  14. I choose Fennekin as my starter and got Zapdos as the corresponding bird. I tried editing the started choice value and it didn't change. Does anyone know what flags need to be edited to change which bird shows up?
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