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  1. Since the encounter was as Decidueye which couldn't be in any other game rather than as a Rowlet or Dartrix the solution I said wouldn't have worked. I had only considered mons that where they (or earlier evolutions) were transferable to SwSh or BDSP in my solution since those have ability patch. So that is why it was still illegal and also my suggested solution won't work for Hisuian forms since they can't be transfer to those games.
  2. Given that the mon has only been in PLA, you should be able to set the latest non OT trainer data in the "OT/Misc" tab for the mon and that should make it legal to have the hidden ability.
  3. Eggs shouldn't have nicknames other than "Egg" so that is most likely why you lose that data on Set; PKHeX might be correcting it. One option to try is enabling hax mode on launch in "Options>Settings>Startup" and see if it lets you set the egg nickname then.
  4. How did you get this Decidueye to have the hidden ability? Is it that it was from a different game where it originally had the hidden ability OR moved from PLA, got the hidden ability and moved back in? Because if that mon was only in PLA then, as far as I know, there is no way to change its ability and maybe that is why it is flagging it.
  5. foohyfooh

    Raids (7-star)

    I am assuming you have an entry like below for the Charizard raid where it has this identifier and shows as captured. I haven't done it myself but I would assume just setting the captured field for the raid to False would be enough. Unless you did that and it didn't work?
  6. Given that nature would be the only parameter that I can change from that, is there any way convenient way to reroll the nature and PID together from the Encounter Database?
  7. When using Tools>Data>Encounter Database, the PID of the Pokémon from the Pokéwalker appear to be constant, how do you get it to reroll like when you are clicking view repeatedly while use the Mystery Gift Database?
  8. The images you posted clearly show you using the game rom not the save file. If you are using desmume or no$gba emulator then the save is in a battery folder as a .dsv or .sav file matching the name of the rom.
  9. @RequiemWasStolen Thanks to below info from @futuu I have changed the flag checkboxes to a hopefully more intuitive dropdown. You can find the build on my fork of this project at https://github.com/foohyfooh/BW_tool/releases/tag/20221228_224420. Hopefully it resolves the issue for you.
  10. Did you also set unset flag 2 and set flag 3? Because from my minimal playing around, it looked like flag 2 was the hint medal one, flag 3 was the obtained one and flag 4 is the additional sparkles for unread one. Unfortunately I didn't figure out what flag 1 was for. Note that I could be wrong on what the actual purpose of the flags are.
  11. I wonder if the logic to give the ribbon is on the servers rather than in the game since to do it you need to be online.
  12. Some information that might be be helpful to figuring out the error would be what game you are playing, what you are playing on i.e. console or emulator, what version if applicable, if the game is romhack or not, the size of the file, and other information like that.
  13. I know the saves I usually get with desmume are 512KB rather than the 1MB your own is so might make sense to see if there is a save type option which can give a compatible save. One other thing could try would be to use File>Export Backup Memory which gives a .sav file and see if that is compatible with PKHeX.
  14. Nice plugin. It might make sense to include the build you provided here on the GitHub releases page so that people who find your plugin on there instead of here have a download well.
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