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  1. I don't believe there is any release schedule, so the next release is whenever they make one. But if you are familiar with Visual Studio, you should be able to compile it yourself and verify that validity of the event, assuming the event is already documented in the source code. As far as I am aware, it should be safe to put it in your game.
  2. I believe that the Multi-Gen Saves project should have them, if I am not mistaken.
  3. I made my first plugin for PKHex. It sorts boxes based on different regional dexes and is located at https://github.com/foohyfooh/PKHexSortingPlugin
  4. @RyanC Is there any reason that you need to be using version 200414 rather than the latest one, and @Stevemagegod, are you getting this issue on the same version as well or the latest one?
  5. Oh thanks. I realise that I mixed up the excluded and special mentions columns.
  6. PKHex should change the file to have the appropriate transfer method, if I am not mistaken.
  7. Is there any reason that the shiny event Zeraora isn't included?
  8. The shiny living dex files should have a shiny Deoxys so you can get one from there.
  9. Thanks @Delta Blast Burn and @Kaphotics for the information.
  10. Are there any datasets available, preferably CSV or SQL, for with all of the Pokémon base stats and all of the Pokémon moves that can be programmatically read in? Or would I have to manually create it myself?
  11. While Project Pokemon has preserved a copy of the Original Color Magearna, there is no copy of the Lv10 glitched one with ribbons. Does anyone have one that they are willing to contribute?
  12. Since PKHex is not official Pokémon Company software that would be impossible.
  13. Hopefully someone who was lucky enough to get Index 29 will share it.
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