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  1. I think your talking about the AGB gang writer? Yea it could flash multiple from what I've read. All the pictures I've seen of it have 404, but it's similar to the N64 gang writer for flashing the prototype long carts. At least this is what I've determined. Insert one cart copies to the other or some sort. Below is apparently the N64 one. GBA had a similar one as the AGB gang writer. But I think this is the concept we are working with here, a gang writer was used. well at least the original ones that were copied. LOL "Original" ones, but since all of them are all copies of one... the only "legitimate" part of it would be whose copying it and if they used the official hardware. For example if I were to copy a ROM onto a GBA prototype it's "illegitimate" but that is what was originally done by the developer? So the only difference is who copies it. Anwho i think these devices are very hard to find, and the original software used to copy and dump very had to find probably long gone to find the original gang writer and software probably different bits from different batches or something IDK just figured I'd share about the gang writer.
  2. Rainbow Egg Sprite?

    Oh alright, yea I was playing on my retail cart of emerald with gameshark
  3. Anyone else getting 5his error code when trying to access ur inbox to view PMs?
  4. Rainbow Egg Sprite?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that such a sprite exists in Emerald? I remember when I was a young kid screwing around with a gameshark, and I remember starting a new game and going to the battle frontier, and going to the tower were you select rental pokemon and battle against people. If I remember correctly somehow I came across some sort of rainbow egg sprite in pokemon party. I think when you fight without any pokemon you get missingno and sometimes in your party it changes to a shiny bulbasur sprite, and I remember some how I managed to get the rainbow egg sprite screwing around with cheats and trying to battle without any pokemon.
  5. Colosseum RNG for a shiny?

    Can someone please tell me how to RNG a shiny in Colosseum? I haven't seen any clear guides on this. I've seen bits of information, but nothing like how the RNG is generated, what frames to select, how to know which frame you need for which TID and so forth. Can anyone write a guide up for it or point me towards information on how to do this?
  6. Japanese Bonus Disc Question

    News to me, can you point into info on this?
  7. Eevee Distribution in Japan Distro Cart?

    Is it possible to copy it without physically accessing the cart or system that has the app? I also wondered if there were anoy leaked gen 6 or 7 carts. It would b nice to get a genesect one. And I didn't know that ab9ut the culture. Is it stealing though if the store pays for the unreturned cart? Kind of gray area, or if nintendo disposes of them but fails to do so properly and one man's trash becomes another man's treasure?
  8. Eevee Distribution in Japan Distro Cart?

    Yeah anyone here live in Japan or know someone who works at pokemon center who can dump it or leak the cart? We don't know of any known gen 6 or gen 7 distro carts or seen pictures of one?
  9. Is a distro cart being used for this? Since it's local wireless... If so can anyone please get one to dump it? Or ask to power the cart, copy it, and then return it back to store employee?
  10. Hi, Here's my game list of games (in working condition) that can transfer pokemon or data to the "main series" games that I own physical cartridges of (or downloaded through the online store), whose data can be transferred up to sun and moon. Am I missing any? I know I'm missing for retail mass produced games or demos Euro Arcesus (NTR-Y6XP-EUR). I know I'm missing all GBA distro carts that were not mass produced. But I was wondering if there are some other obscure ones that I don't know of? I got 63 different games or demos of the 64 i know off. Either known leak mass produced distro carts, or some random spin off games that I overlooked. I was hoping to one day "catch them all". I have no interest in collecting regional variants or cart variants besides distro carts.
  11. Dream World?

    ah i see, so the website is no longer available and no way to get those Pokemon any longer full legitimately?
  12. How could they sue over publacizing a illegally sold rom whose distro cart was stolen from the distribution site? Should always archive. Original will always be worth something. There's a reason why anyone can download Nintendo World champion chips for NES for free and the last original physical cartridge sold for 25 k
  13. Dream World?

    Is there any way for me to get it now if I didn't previously download it while ds still had wifi