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  1. can we create a database of pokemon distributions that we have photos or videos of taking place and conclude which were GBA distributions and which were game cube distributions based off of the media that we have surrounding them? With a database like this we might be able to at least know which monthly demo discs MIGHT have distributions. There's a wealth of distribution media on this site http://pikachuftt.blog82.fc2.com/
  2. oh ok just making sure, well we know that there's a variant of the november and december 2003 versions. As well as january, febuary, and march versions. I have the january, febuary, and march 2004 non variant versions. I confirmed that the berry fix is on the march version. My febuary version is still sealed, so I'm going to leave it that way. I guess we don't know about november and decmeber for sure. So who knows. Maybe it's on both november and december, but we don't know for sure at the moment. But yea, I guess I was wrong in assuming it was on the november and december one. If it's not on the november one, it would be interesting to know what the variant was for then.
  3. Why do you think April 2004? From what I gathered it was Novemeber 2003 to March 2004. With photographic proof for Novemeber/December 2003, and JAN-MAR 2004. You know of a April 2004 variant? I don't remember which, but I've seen proof of either Novemeber or December 2003. Can't remember which one. Common sense leads me to believe that it was for both though. So why April 2004?
  4. Thanks for a photo. That's a shame. So there were only three pokemon centers at the time? So if it's not a demo disc, we are talking about something that is literally one of three? So I'll doubt we will ever have any hope of uncovering the original disc. If it resided on a variant of a demo disc, than we have a very high chance to find it in the future. I was hoping to maybe confirm if it was on a demo disc or not, or what else was on the disc. I asked about the gamecube to gameboy color because we know of variants of demo discs from 2002. Mainly July 2002, and August 2002. But I don't think it could have been pokemon related stuff on there on this gamecube disc to distribute pokemon?
  5. I see. Do we have any pictures of the actual distribution taking place? Like hoking up to what we believe to be a gamecube, going through what I assume would be some sort of selection screen, and reviving the jirachi? Also guys, is there any evidence of being able to transfer data from the gamecube to the gameboy color for pokemon distributions?
  6. So I have to ask the question. Does anyone have an pictures from back when the event took place, showing the Jirachi being distributed at the movie? Or anyone actually attend it in person? And the jirachi was actually given out at the movie theater itself? I thought there was some sort of postcard that you got when you attended the movie, and you took the postcard to a pokemon center or something to get the actual distribution?
  7. Can u paste a link to all of the unreleased pokemon found on gen 4 and 5 distribution roms?
  8. Right but weren't there some hidden pokes in the DS distribution ROMs besides the unreleased celebi and the dechi.bin file?
  9. Are there other instances of ROMs working perfectly fine on an emulator but not working on real hardware? Maybe instead of trying to compare the ROMs to the European shiny zigzagoon ROM to determine how the gamecube file was converted to a GBA ROM, we should do research on the differences between the emulator and the actual hardware. In what little research I've done, I could not find other instances of ROMs not working on real hardware but working on an emulator. Also is there a way to decompile the GBA ROMs to the raw code used to create the ROM? Also can you guys enlighten me, what program are you guys using to view the individual files on the DS distribution ROMs?
  10. Pokemon Colloseum Shiny RNG manipulation

    Hey thanks!
  11. Does anyone know how to do this, or can provide a link to a guide, to show how to manipulate the RNG in Colloseum to get a shiny
  12. paint_help.bin in the European Jirachi does appear to be a multiboot, I just can't figure out what it does, this is all that I got indefinitely the pinball_E.bin, i scanned the code and saw "programmed by bubby", I googled that and saw that it was part of pkemon pinball mini. I got similar results to the picture above. So it appears pokemon channel PAL has pokemon mini ROMs on it. And I got similar results with nurie.bin, mtv.bin. pokechan.bin, I actually got the "Nintendo" logo to come up in English characters, but that was it.
  13. @Bond697 You decompiled the .bin file for meteor jirachi using IDA? So we are able to convert it into C. Does it decompile accurately? We can decompile the european shiny zigzagoon and USA shiny zigzagoon? Does anyone know of other gamecube games that have been converted into game boy advance, like the shiny zigzagoon?
  14. well in case anyone was wondering i dumped my physical copy of Pokemon channel PAL and tried to open it in GC-Tool and this is what i got, despite it running in dolphin fine can anyone recommend a similar tool