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  1. Shouldn't they match exactly though like I can see the last one u added there's an extra person sprite. Shouldn't all the ones taken at the vent match exactly? Which photos are from the actual event? We should see exact match up. Agree matching locations but it doesn't look like any of the photos are exact match, some are close though, but not exact?
  2. Do there are two versions of these ROMs and we have a later version of both it seems?
  3. For some reason I can't get it to run in old boy, can u help?
  4. So what is being sold from the collection and where can i buy it?
  5. Are there any prototype moves to that don't exist in the retail game? Also it's a demo or a full version of the game?
  6. So what happens if u transfer this unreleased pokemon to the retail games? I persume we cant?
  7. Whats the difference between the demo and the finAl version?
  8. Right i aslo thought it was said to be a core game. As of now we have heard of nothing to suggest gen 1 to gen 7 can communicate with the 2018 SW games. In fact because it only compatiable with gen 1 pokes, it would only be possible to transfer gen 1 pokemon in your gen 7 games to the 2018 SW games. But this seems unlikely to me because only very few pokemon would be comparable so it would seem like a waste of time and money to Make them comparable. But still possible. Also it was confirmed to have no bank or breeding support? Or it just hasn't been announced either way yes or no yet? It's also odd because u can get other pokemon in pokemon Go that aren't Gen 1, so only certain pokemon from Go are compatible. Like mayb the 2019 SW games will be compatiable with Gen 1 to 7 games, but this seems unlikely because then we will have two independent paths to transfer pokemon to 2019 SW games. 1. Gen one to Gen 7 2. Pokemon Go and the 2018 SW games It's worrying, but the looks of it it's a hard reboot, but what about the new never before seen pokemon? This would be pokemon 800 something, but yet the games aren't compatiable with Gen 1 and 7, really odd indeed.
  9. Also I presume that since it only supports Gen 1 pokemon, that Gen 1 to 7 pokemon cannot be transferred to gen 8 let's go pikachu or let's go evee!?!?!?
  10. This is the 11th iteration of the same game that I have played so many times at this point. Not to excited about these games. Pokemon Green - GB Pokemon Red - GB Pokemon Blue - GB Pokemon Yellow - GBC Pokemon Fire Red - GBA Pokemon Lead Green - GBA Pokemon Red - 3DSVC Pokemon Blue - 3DSVC Pokemon Yellow - 3DSVC Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu - SW Pokemon Lets Go Evee - SW
  11. I'd love to see a picture of this lol!
  12. Agreed. You must also consider, that the distributions that are pokemon center only, I think there's like what currently 11 pokemon centers in japan, so assuming one distribution device/cartridge per store (what's the need for more for wireless distributions, than that would mean only 11 of those devices ever being created, ever, chances are essentially zero of leaking, would be very easy to see who didn't return the cartridge. I doubt we'll ever see a japan distribution cartridge/device. I also heard that crime is very low in japan, as a cultural thing It makes me wonder how the Japanese aura mew distribution and 10 ANNIV cartridge got leaked