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  1. Version 1.1.4a


    newer and better sdsme
  2. Version 2.1


    So there is a new Tool for Pokemon DS mapping, which i want show you, made by Trifindo. Here is a Screenshot of the UI (darkmode) Important! you need to download g3dcvtr in order to make the tool work. Put the (g3dcvtr.exe) file and the (xerces-c_2_5_0.dll) (Download: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/3819-g3dcvtr/ ) into the following path: Pokemon DS Map Studio-2.1\bin\converter Description: Pokemon DS Map Studio is a tool for creating maps for Pokemon DS games. This tool must be used along with SDSME for importing the maps in the games
  3. Alright. The latest version is 1.18.1 I hope you habe downloaded it. Join here: https://discord.gg/cTKQq5Y There I can help you (or someone else). It is really not difficult ;)
  4. actually the mew gen 1 trading app was leaked. i got it installedon my 3ds but its just the normal game (pkmn red)
  5. So a spanish guy named Trifindo released a tool yesterday, which you can use to map for Pokemon DS games. This thread is pretty messy. I will update this thread somewhen else. Latest version is 1.18.1 Updates: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates v 1.3: Updates v 1.4: This version has a new option for importing tiles. Now tiles from sketchup should work fine Just make sure that the model has only quads and trianlges, or triangulate it when exporting Updates v 1.5: -Bug
  6. Hello, so I recently scripted an Event for Pokemon Platinum where you can battle Arceus but i did not found any list for the Overworld ID of Arceus, or Legendarys in general, So I found them by myself and want to share them here for other Platinum Hackers here is the Video (If interested) : Arceus script 151= Uxie 152 = Mesprit 153= Azelf 154= Dialga 155= Palkia 156= Arceus 157=Darkrai 158= Shaymin 159= Cresselia 160= Giratina (standing) 161= Heatran Not Legendarys that I somehow found: 195: Magika
  7. So I was able to put some Shiny Lunala Zecros in the gts. I can also wondertrade them. If you want one, reply to this Topic with your discord tag. Thank you! here is a proof:
  8. A request to send me the pk6 file of an Arceus with those moves.
  9. Does someone here has an Event Arceus with those Dialga,Palkia and Giratina special attacks? For XY/ORAS Idc if it's illegal, just needs to be tradable. Ty
  10. Any news about this or the XY Demo?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Tool for mapping. Converts your imd file to an nsbmd file. G3DCVTR + additional program
  12. Version 1.0.0


    for mapping.
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