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  1. A request to send me the pk6 file of an Arceus with those moves.
  2. Does someone here has an Event Arceus with those Dialga,Palkia and Giratina special attacks? For XY/ORAS Idc if it's illegal, just needs to be tradable. Ty
  3. Any news about this or the XY Demo?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Tool for mapping. Converts your imd file to an nsbmd file.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    for mapping.
  6. Version 1.1.0


    Thois map Maker was created by: Mikelan98. Supported games: Diamond Pearl Platinum.
  7. Note: Please read the full topic, to understand how all this stuff works. Thanks! NDSMM -by Mikelan98 So before the NDSMM (Nintendo Ds Map maker) was released, it was pretty hard to create a map for Pokemon DPPT. You needed illegal nitro plugins and some 3d software. Now, with this Map Maker, you only need: MatLab (for the mapping programs) NDSMM Excel SDSME G3DCVTR Download Links, at the end of this Guide. Quick guide: To use the Map Maker you need to get MatLab first. When you open the map in excel you will get an error, it will say something, like: "The macros are deactivated", to fix that simply click on Options and activate all macros Now when you want to insert new objects, you need to click on the "Insert new Object to Map" Button and choose a tile, from the "pokemonplatinumtileset" folder. To avoid glitches on the map, don't put the tallgrass or flowers or path etc over the grass. If you do so, it will glitch out. Place it like that, and not over the grass. Use the "Snap to Grid" button, it helps alot for better mapping. When you finished your map, click on the generate txt list button, and copy the text into the (/Map maker/temp.txt) file Now click on Imd Builder and build your imd file. (needs 5-20 seconds) After you did that, move your imd file to the G3DCVTR Folder and open (imd_and_ita_converter.exe) select your imd file, check (nsbmd) and click on "go" Open SDSME and Load your DPPT Rom, go to Map Editor, and click on import 3d model After that, your map will be white. Choose tileset 6 to view the textures. Now you can save the rom and enjoy your map! Ty for reading this. Here is a map I created recently: Link to the Tools: MatLab G3DCVTR NDSMM by Mikelan98 SDSME
  8. bro,bro. Its not from matter if your 3ds is updated.U only need homebrew or customfrimware. I won't say how to get.There are enough tutorials online.
  9. you mean PkHex?Yes It works with Sun and Moon.
  10. You want a name like this?Or a name with other symbols?Than follow this Tutorial,where i will show you how to get a hacked name or a Pokemon with a hacked name in Pkmn XY/ORAS/SM/USUM IMPORTAN NOTE:You will not be able to trade Pokemon with hacked names in XY/ORAS. In PKHeX most of the symbols will just be invisible. The Internet Explore has the same problem,so use firefox What u will need for this: 1.Cfw or Homebrew on your 3ds or 2ds 2.PKHeX 3.I will not explain how to use PKHex so if you dont know how to export and restore your sav file,you will need to look for 1 of many tutorials. So here are all symbols that I know: Nintendo DS Visible on DSi (visible as PictoChat characters), 3DS/New 3DS,Wii (visible as PictoChat characters),Wii U  - A Button  - B Button  - X Button  - Y Button  - L Button  - R Button  - D-pad  - DS Touch Screen Calibration Nintendo DSi Visible onDSi,3DS/New 3DS,Wii U  - DSi/3DS Touch Screen Calibration  - Camera Icon Nintendo 3DS Visible on3DS/New 3DS,Wii U  - Circle Pad  - D-pad Up  - D-pad Down  - D-pad Left  - D-pad Right  - D-pad Up & Down  - D-pad Left & Right  - Power Button  - Video Icon  - Turning Arrow  - HOME Menu  - Pedometer  - Play Coin  - Close Button  - Unused? Close Button PictoChat Visible onDSi (high quality),3DS/New 3DS,Wii,Wii U  - Happy Face  - Angry Face  - Sad Face  - Sleepy Face  - Sun  - Cloud  - Umbrella  - Snowman  - Black Box with !  - Black Box with ?  - Envelope  - Cellphone  - Clock  - Spade  - Diamond  - Heart  - Clubs  - Right Arrow  - Left Arrow  - Up Arrow  - Down Arrow  - Box with X inside  - Loading Squares 1  - Loading Squares 2  - Loading Squares 3  - Loading Squares 4  - Loading Squares 5  - Loading Squares 6  - Loading Squares 7  - Loading Squares 8  - Big X  - Chat Room A  - Chat Room B  - Chat Room C  - Chat Room D  - A in Black Background  - M in Black Background  - P in PictoChat Logo  - I in PictoChat Logo  - C in PictoChat Logo  - T in PictoChat Logo  - H in PictoChat Logo  - A in PictoChat Logo  - Small X in Black Background  - Large X in Black Background Nintendo Wii Visible on DSi, 3DS/New 3DS,Wii,Wii U  - Wii Logo  - Wii Remote A Button  - Wii Remote B Button  - D-pad  - Home Button  - + Button  - - Button  - 1 Button  - 2 Button  - Power Button  - Analog Stick  - Nunchuk C Button  - Nunchuk Z Button  - Left Analog Stick  - Right Analog Stick  - Classic Controller A Button  - Classic Controller B Button  - Classic Controller X Button  - Classic Controller Y Button  - Classic Controller L Button  - Classic Controller R Button  - Classic Controller ZL Button  - Classic Controller ZR Button  - Enter Key  - Space Key  - Wii Remote Pointer  - Wii Remote Pointer 1  - Wii Remote Pointer 2  - Wii Remote Pointer 3  - Wii Remote Pointer 4  - Wii Remote Pointer Grabbing  - Wii Remote Pointer Grabbing 1  - Wii Remote Pointer Grabbing 2  - Wii Remote Pointer Grabbing 3  - Wii Remote Pointer Grabbing 4  - Wii Remote Pointer Open  - Wii Remote Pointer Open 1  - Wii Remote Pointer Open 2  - Wii Remote Pointer Open 3  - Wii Remote Pointer Open 4  - ? with Black Background  - er  - re  - e Extra: Emoji Not all are available. Visible onPC,Smartphone,3DS/New 3DS,Wii,Wii U ☀ - Sun ☁ - Cloud ☂ - Umbrella ☃ - Snowman ☎ - Telephone ☜ - Hand Left ☝ - Hand Up ☞ - Hand Right ☟ - Hand Down ♠ - Spade ♥ - Heart ♣ - Clubs ♦ - Diamond ♤ - White Spade ♡ - White Heart ♧ - White Clubs ♢ - White Diamond ☏ - White Telephone ✔ - Tick ℡ - TEL ⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔⓕⓖⓗⓘⓙⓚⓛⓜ ⓝⓞⓟⓠⓡⓢⓣⓤⓥⓦⓧⓨⓩ ❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾❿ ⒈⒉⒊⒋⒌⒍⒎⒏⒐⒑⒒⒓⒔⒕⒖⒗⒘⒙⒚⒛ BLACK BOX: Just copy these symbols and paste them into PKHeX Trainer info or Pokemon Nickname. If you want more Tutorials for hacked symbols or hacking in Pokemon generally reply to this topic. If you want to get the black box manually,the hex of it is:E080
  11. Ok,I will add that ty.And for these event pokis
  12. I dont think so.I have cfw for like 3 month with a hacked mii.Before i had cfw on my 3ds I had a hacked mii for like 1 year.You diddnt hacked it,but maybe there is the 0,001% Chance that u could get banned.
  13. Hey guys,so i desided to create some "Hacked Mii`s". I will add new Mii`s ASAP so enjoy this cool symbols I made them with my 3ds,Idk if they are working with Nintendo Wii or Wii U.Use at your own risk. No one is liable if you managed to somehow get your 3DS banned. V 1.1 New Mii`s! 
  14. I will maybe make a ntr plugin for XY.But at first I want to update this plugin.Walk trough walls is very hard to get. Stay tuned!:D
  15. Credits:Knox,Serkan WARNING:I won't continue this project anymore.I actally found some new codes like:Icon codes,custom keyboard,gts pokemon codes. Here is the new better Plugin: But thanks for over 70 downloads and your support! Hey,I decided to make a PSS Online working Cheat Plugin for Pokemon ORAS because i diddnt found a PSS cheats based Plugin.If you have any feedback,make sure to comment it down bellow. -------------------------------- How to install (Full Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ works with O3ds,N3ds,O2ds,N2ds/XL You will need Cfw! 1.Open your FBI 2.Select TitleDb 3.Scroll to Ntr Cfw Selector and install it. (Click on Install and delete cia) Now a app should be added to your home menu.Open it and select 3.6 or 3.3 Done?Okay now you are ready to install the plugin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to Use? 1.Put your sdcard out of your device,and put it into your PC. 2.If you already started and installed ntr (What u should have do),then there will be a folder called "Plugin"In the root of your sdcard. 3.Now,when you downloaded the Plugins.zip select the game you have (OR/AS) In the AS folder will be another folder called:000400000011C500 Copy the WHOLE folder into the Plugin folder of the sdcard. In OR there will be a folder called:000400000011C400 Just do the same like in AS. 4.Now put in your sdcard back to your 3ds/2ds and start ntr selector.It will load up the plugin.Enjoy! Now youre done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots -------------------------------------------------- Quick Infos: 1.Remember that you can only have 1 plugin in the folder.So if you have another ORAS plugin in the "plugin" folder of your sd card,then they can make a bit trouble. 2.When your 3ds turns off then you have to start Ntr again.It will automaticly load the plugin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here you have a list of the Cheats that are aviable right now. Cheats: Unlimeted Nices \working / Unlimeted Cangratulations \working / Unlimeted battle wins,link trades \working / Unlimeted passerbys met \working / Unlimeted money \working / Unlimeted PokeAmi Headball Score .might crash. Unlimeted Combos (PokeAmi) .might crash. Unlimeted Pokemiles \working / Unlimeted GP \working / Set favourites to 1 Set favourites to 100 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe upcomming cheats: Custom Keyboard with hacked symbols PSS Icons (Troy,May,Pkcentre,Gift etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: -1.0: -Release -1.1: -Added Pokeami Headball Cheat codes -Added 50.000 Nices/Birthday wishes -Added Unlimeted Pm -Added Unlimeted GP -Added Unlimeted favourites --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Better Plugin: K&S PSS Oras Plugin v1.0.zip K&S PSS Oras Plugin v1.1.7z Plugins v1.1.7z
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