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  1. All Gen IV Celebi Events are being flagged and are gone from database

    Hi! Could you try re-downloading the latest release? The Gen 4 MGs were missing when the release was first uploaded but fixed a few hours later.
  2. PKHaX feature ?

    The method for launching PKHaX has changed. Download pkhax.bat and put it in the same folder as PKHeX.exe, then run it.
  3. Legitimacy checker problems

    Attaching the .pk7 would be easier for us to check.
  4. Pokemon Sun / Moon Mega Evolutions - Evolving Early

    At the bottom.
  5. Anti-Cheat?

    I guess not. As long as it's never used in an online interaction.
  6. PKHeX 17.11.17

    Bleeding edge builds are no longer open to the public. Use the stable build.
  7. Mac Help

    It's for developers to understand Are you using the version downloaded from: Error report shows the .NET Framework check failing.
  8. A Fatal Non-UI Error has occured

    The download is in the form of a .zip. You need to extract all the files into a different folder before running it. Generally, there should be an option to do so by right-clicking the file.
  9. PKHeX 17.11.17

    @Nicolago Try using the non-mono version. Delete everything in the folder first before extracting the newly downloaded files from the .zip.
  10. A Fatal Non-UI Error has occured

    Make sure you've extracted all the files from the .zip before running.
  11. Mark all Pokemon as seen/caught and manually remove the unreleased one.
  12. PKHeX 17.11.17

    Need more information. Make sure you're extracting all the files from the .zip first.
  13. A bug in Pkhex (20171117)

    @Sabresite has pushed a fix at and will be in the next release.
  14. BW2 In-game trades Yancy/Curtis (20171117)

    Thanks for reporting. Looks like bug was introduced here: Related GitHub issue: @Kaphotics Edit: Made a pull request which I *think* fixes the issue:
  15. PKHeX for USUM