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  1. RoC's PC - Collection through the Ages [U: 20171109]

    I only have like 3 Pokemon left to catch to complete... Everything. This has taken months D: SOS Encounters are the worst bullshit on top of all the other bullshit that is Gen 7. Volcarona is just impossible. I've spent the past 12 hours trying to get it, but the Larvesta only call for help 1 in 5 turns or so, and out of those times it's 90% of "It's help didn't appear". I've even encountered a Shiny Larvesta faster than I could find Volcarona (and I don't even have a Shiny Charm). Also Larvesta has Flame Body as an ability and Take Down. /rant Will probably try for a few more turns then rage quit and evolve Larvesta.
  2. [USUM] PKHeX Marks Partner Pikachu Event as Invalid

    Already fixed in source, will be available in the next release.
  3. Simulated Trading

    Change the Pokemon species to its evolution. In OT/Misc tab, make sure the "Latest (not OT) Handler" field has something in it.
  4. Gen 2 Crystal Legality

    Sorry, edited my post right after posting >.<
  5. Gen 2 Crystal Legality

    You're opening Pokemon Crystal as a .sav: PKHeX assumes you're using an emulator, which cannot catch Celebi. VC files need to be sav.dat.
  6. Gen 2 Crystal Legality

    While still an Egg, they should be Legal when viewed within the context of a Gen 2 save. @Kaphotics Test .pk2: - Gen II - GSC Collection {pk2}/Shiny Daycare Eggs The Pokemon within Odd Eggs have Dizzy Punch, which cannot be migrated through Pokemon Bank. PKHeX should automatically remove that move when migrating, though. Not sure why Celebi is failing. Could you submit the .pk2 files of any Pokemon marked as illegal?
  7. Special Nintendo Event Items?, right? There should be "Gen3 Event Tool 0.1d.exe" and "Mystery Gift Tool 0.1d.exe" inside. If you don't see them, your anti-virus may have eaten the files.
  8. Can't trade two Pokemon that PK Hex flags as legal.

    Tapu Koko's origin game needs to be Sun/Moon. Change it from Ultra Sun. Giratina looks good. Not sure why you can't trade it.
  9. Batch Editor

    Can you provide a before .pk7 to test with?
  10. [Bug] PkHeX marking a Pokemon illegal that is actually legal

    Fixed. PKHeX has this issue of confusing bred Eevee with the gift Eevee egg. FYI @Kaphotics 063 - Abra - 3215747577A6.pk7 471 - Glaceon - 0F00B2A55DB5.pk7
  11. Pkhex Help

    With an image URL (e.g. as above), Alt+Click on the preview sprite will load the Pokemon into PKHeX. To show it as a QR code again, right click the preview sprite then hit QR.
  12. Related discussion here:
  13. Pkhex for Sun and Moon Trainer ID

    You can't get the specific TID/SID solely based on the G7TID. Many different variations of TID/SID can form the same G7TID.
  14. RoC's PC

    Thanks! Not sure what you mean about the Gen 1-2 bit, Gen 1 migrates directly to Gen 7 and I haven't migrated Gen 2, though that's now possible too Glad to see my YouTube videos on my abandoned channel helped in the past, maybe I should get around to posting some stuff...
  15. Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size.

    Update PKHeX.