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  1. From your WAD manager, you need to select Rumble and uninstall. Then, try installing it again. It should work then! That's because you're in Normal mode! The full GX terminal is in Advanced mode.
  2. Version 1.1.0


    This is a mod of Pokemon Rumble (Wii) that was made for the shiny hunting community event Rumble Weekend! The original Pokemon Rumble contains only the 1st and 4th gen Pokemon, but this mod reintroduces the 2nd & 3rd gen Pokemon (and their shinies) to the game in a new terminal known as "GX"! The layer of fog on all stages has also been removed, and the collection screen has been updated to support all 493 available Pokemon! The original base game also remains fully intact in order to preserve the rarity of certain Pokemon. Included are 3 bps patches to be applied to a USA version
  3. Hello, I've been working pretty extensively with editing/exploring Pokemon Rumble (Wii) lately, and I have good reason to believe that there are working passwords that were unreleased to the public (at least in the USA and EU versions of the game). If you look up any page with the list of Rumble passwords, you'll notice that there are many more released Japanese passwords than US/EU passwords. The plan with these passwords was that they were to be released to the public through official means of communication like e-mails or being present on the Pokemon website, but in the West, the game did n
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