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  1. Under Level Collection

    Just quickly uploading my Seadra and Slowbro from Yellow. Yellow lv 15 Slowbro.pk1 Yellow lv 25 Seadra.pk1
  2. SM - NA Target Charizard (Oct 1st 2017)

    Welp, this is an event that I can't personally get a code for since Target has been defunct in Canada since 2015. And I doubt they'll bring it to another retailer here since it's nothing too major like Marshadow anyways. Regardless, this is what the internet is for!
  3. Ok, so I turn on my bathroom lights and one blub bursts a fuse and goes out.

    It ironically sparks me an idea that we should see an Alolan Bulbasaur and its evolutionary line that can blow up their flower like that, and be Grass/Electric or Electric/Poison which can be presumed to have built a counter to Charizard.

    I know it probably won't happen, but just wanted to share cause I found it funny. XD

    1. wrathsoffire76


      That would be interesting, and ironic

  4. Forgot this topic existed. lol I guess I'll update it then?
  5. Korea is also getting this pack it seems. Serial codes are valid from November 17, 2017 - November 30, 2018. Source: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/ultrasun_moon/menu6/13
  6. It's a serial code event and the codes are usable from October 14 - November 30, 2017. Codes will be available by pre-ordering Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon from October 14 to November 15, 2017. Source: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/ultrasun_moon/menu6/14
  7. The Nintendo Direct confirmed that those who purchased the digital version of either US or UM before January 10 will get a serial code to download them. Sources: http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/09-13-2017/?pid=ALWON_CA_EN (2:38) http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/usum/0914_01/?a002=news
  8. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Completely new UBs (Pokemon species) confirmed! That's all I need to know and am grateful for! Burst is US exclusive and assembly is UM exclusive. Also I'm getting the new Poke Ball N2DS on November 3!
  9. Under Level Collection

    Need this? 028 - SANDSLASH - FBA9.pk2 Edit: Read that you're looking for Hydreigon some posts above? I fortunately have one preserved from my Y. 635 - Hydreigon - B97619CA9A22.pk6
  10. In case anyone is unaware about this trick. If you guys wanna get a "discount" on these for NA, set your eShop Location as Alberta if you're in Canada or New Hampshire for the US. (Works for Switch as well!)
  11. SM - Silvally (US/EU)

    Y'know if this is to be a promotion for launching a product, wouldn't it only make sense for the Pokemon to know Celebrate? smh GF I know they didn't do it for the others and probably won't for this, but that move alone could redeem it...
  12. SM - Silvally (US/EU)

    Well damn, I didn't know that it was part of a TCG! lol Anyways, all this TCG crap and I just wanna hear about legitimate unreleased shinies for the games, especially the remaining 3 Tapus. This event is pointless unless it has some event-exclusive move.
  13. SM - Silvally (US/EU)

    You've stated the Silvally to be USUM receivable, and the TCG is said to release on November 4. I'm guessing it'll be sometime then or December? (Tapu Koko only came out in July, with its TCG pack releasing back in May according to Bulbapedia)
  14. SM - Silvally (US/EU)

    Seeing as its TID indicates being an October distribution, I'm guessing this one is a free to claim online distro like Shiny Tapu Koko was. Cause Marshadow is the GameStop/EB GAMES code event for US/EU.