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  1. Screw Arceus and the redundant 2, where are the other 3 Shiny Tapus or even Shiny Volcanion?
  2. OMIGOSH!! Drinking confirmed?!
  3. PSA: If anyone has any freezing while inputting any of the coordinates listed in, try setting the Rotation value to 1.00000. I just tried inputting the coordinates for a friend get to Ultra Ruin, but it froze her game; setting said Rotation value fixed the issue. Hope it helps!
  4. About Festival Plaza

    Are you trying to input a number greater than 255 in PKHeX? If so, it won't be able to save/read it in the current release. I've already reported this issue on GitHub, so it'll be fixed for the next one. I've also found out that phrases are separated per gender: 0-524 for male and 525-1049 for female (they don't have any text changes from what I've seen). So I just appropriately modified and added them to my post (sorry about the formatting), dunno why GF did this. Also worth noting that inputting a number of 1050 or greater will result in a blank statement. Yeah, for obvious reasons. lol
  5. About Festival Plaza

    Collation of all Festival Plaza phrases via their index numbers. Male: Female:
  6. Now that Global Missions are happening for USUM, I'll be collating any upcoming ones to this post. 175 - Catch a lot of Pokémon! 181 - Have Fun Mantine Surfing!
  7. SM is located at offset 1205. USUM is located at offset 1405. Byte 00 = Boy Byte 01 = Girl
  8. Just because I didn't have the patience for getting to this: Ultra Ruin Current Map: 254 X Coordinate: 1760.00000 Z Coordinate: 1420.00000 Y Coordinate: 0.00000 Rotation: 1.00000
  9. Ash Cap for Korea Announced!

    Poor them. lol
  10. Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Updated

    I must say, legitimate transferring from Gen 2 is a total chore. I tried transferring my box, but it told me "There is a problem with your Pokemon." Go to see it was that Held Items were the culprit. Really infuriating. -.- Right now, only Totem Marowak, Araquanid, Togedemaru, Ribombee and Kommo-o can't, but the others can. It could be an oversight by the programmers.
  11. Do you have any solid evidence on this? I know that while it's not listed on Serebii, their list is still being worked on. What also hints that it's obtainable in-game is dialogue from the story text: Could very well be cut/unused, but until then, I'll need further clarification that it can't be legitimately obtainable in-game before rectifying it. UPDATE: Confirmed as a gift for reaching Grade 30 in the Battle Agency. Case closed.
  12. I've updated the post with legal inventories with how to instructions at the bottom. I'll have to see if I can learn to use Visual Studio to program an app to inject them whenever I can get more time one day. About the clothing options since I was also asked in a forum message: Sorry to say, but no. It's totally redundant to find and document out each (approx. 500+) clothing item value per gender when it's satisfactory for many people with PKHeX's current outputs; it was already enough of a hassle for me with one character. I'll just explain what each option in PKHeX does in case no one knows: New Game: As stated, it wipes out your Fashion inventory to that of when you first start your game. All Legal: Gives you all items. However, there will be no Pastel/Bright/Dark variants and if you have any, you'll have to re-dye them at a Festival Plaza Dye Shop. Refer this link if you want to edit in any 5★ Dye Shop until PKHeX implements this. (You can also hit me up with a forum message if you want help with this.) Everything: Gives you literally all possible items for your character. However, entering a Dye Shop will crash the game. One last stat: 197 - Highest wormhole travel distance I should go start my Ultra Sun playthrough soon. If you need help with anything about hex editing using the data I found, please don't hesitate to send me a forum message to which I'll try to respond to ASAP!
  13. Worried about PKHex and online

    Most likely, especially registering your game with the PGL website.
  14. Worried about PKHex and online

    I believe you get the glasses after achieving a certain grade at the Battle Agency. Also, you can remove the Pokemon you don't want from your dex by selecting the drop-down arrow in the program's PokeDex tab itself and unchecking their options.
  15. Ok, these'll be my last findings for the week. I really wanna start prepping to play Ultra Sun tomorrow. Necrozma 2692 6E: Not Caught 6F: Caught Solgaleo/Lunala 269B 32: Present 3E: Not present Solgaleo fused with N-Solarizer 4104-4207 Lunala fused with N-Lunarizer 4208-430B Stats: 074 - Battle Agency Battle Wins 191 - Battle Agency Battles Happy hacking!