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  1. It's been a month or 2 now since I last visited this site, and while I said I was technically done with this Gen, I don't mind getting stuff that's got to do with limited access i.e PGL events. So, here are the official Global Missions for the games collated: SM: USUM: With that being said and done, fuck these games. Anyone future researchers who'd like to share/inquire anything regarding the game's save data are more than welcome to. About Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee: I may look into *minor* things regarding its save if I have the time by then, but don't count on it at least until the Winter break due to my new job and animation studies consuming most or my spare time. Hope to see ya'll then. PS Here are some codes I had long drafted but never gave out to any of my friends for USUM due to them not interested/played it apparently, so I'm discarding the junk here for scrambles, sorry if they've already expired: F828 XHC7 8U4H FHFH F828 JF7A L7AZ TC7L
  2. In my current mindset, I (or anyone else) can say and feel like I could play for my entire life. However, realistically speaking if I am alive by then: assuming I don't develop memory loss or any other critical illness, have dropped interest in the series due to more crucial things developed in my life or the future staff not having done something dreadful to the series in general at that time (this part seems plausible ngl), I hope so. Maybe I'd look back on old games for nostalgia. I'd hope to get my possible future (grand)kids into it but I'm pretty doubtful about that, it's not like I could enforce them to live out my hobbies, but if they do I'd be proud, but again, with what the future generation of kids are looking like, I honestly don't hold a lot of hope in this. I as a long time fan have had a really great time with the series and don't regret picking a GBC up and still playing the games up to this point despite many of my old school friends have long given up since DP on the series. tl;dr Time will tell for me how long I'll be committed let alone be alive for. Same applies for anyone else (yes even someone like Serebii's or Pokejungle's webmasters).
  3. Did you remember to open your save in PKHeX and re-save after you edited it?
  4. I found the flag months ago, so if you can hex edit, try looking here:
  5. Sorry for a late response. I've been held up with important irl stuff recently to keep up with Pokemon. Thanks for informing me about this. I assure you that I pretty much claimed and extracted everything except the Japanese Stadium, Colo/XD and B2W2 Yancy/Curtis trades iirc. I'll see to looking into those when I'm more free.
  6. "Foes will cower at the immensity of the Legendary Pokémon Regigigas as it enters battle!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxXEPk3dzFg
  7. Nice job! Although you should've reported that on the PKHeX sub-forum. As for Stadium, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I've noticed that PKHeX alters their Catch Rate despite turning off "Modify PKM Info." So for the time being, I advise importing them via directly dragging and dropping them into a Box or Party slot and NOT onto the editing controls.
  8. Thanks for informing me, @Jimmy Cerno! I never really was fond of that Gen, so I forgot about them altogether. But after playing USUM, I gotta at least owe B2W2 an apology. lol Even though theSLAYER already hosts the files, the whole intent of this collection I hosted is to be an AIO archive of all Pokemon with non-OT credentials in all possible languages to act like templates for those who don't have time/are too lazy to get them for their native game language, or they just don't have access to said game(s) anymore, so they can edit them to their personal liking from the description. Anyways, I've managed to get all of them by using my own W2 save that I apparently never used Memory Link on and imported the save across each different language of B2W2 after doing so, and only just now finished getting the Zorua for every language. Fortunately, it's a Holiday here so I got the time to spare despite my mood for Pokemon dwindling recently. Next update will probably be for the G8 games (or if someone provides a method or pk1s for the unused in-game trades for G1 on French, Spanish, German and Italian languages).
  9. If you still need it, here you go. I had this one on my backup 3DS file. 637 - Volcarona - B1F56B4ADCB2.pk7
  10. Of course they are from GS; they're changed to Dodrio and Xatu in Crystal. Anyways, I updated with a *minor* revision that adds and organizes some files and folders. And also since I got a message about some Pokemon showing up invalid in PKHeX - if anyone wants, feel free to collate every file that does so and report it in the appropriate forum. I'm very busy and only just now checked my E-mail and saw a notification from a user who had DM'd me here about some Pokemon showing up invalid. Thanks!
  11. I've finally completed the in-game trade project! I forgot that you can just upload files from the user panel, so I guess I saved you the trouble of collating them all, @theSLAYER? I've actually just finished replaying XY for a third time to activate all trades, it was worth it since I wanted to try the starter I didn't use, that's Chespin. Now that this project is done, I'm taking a break from Pokemon, my brain just doesn't want anything to do with it (at least until the next games).
  12. Version 1.0.8


    This is a collection of all possible Trades and Gifts of in-game NPC's credentials in every language possible. All Generation I-IV Trades are obtained at the lowest level possible with thorough research. Please refer to the .txt included in the collection archive for details on what to edit to make any of them to your personal liking. Credits: @Taargüs Taargüs - For providing the PK5s for all languages of B2W2 Yancy and Curtis trades, and also the Korean B2 Petilil! @RobustRabbit - For providing CHT SM and USUM trades! Serebii and Bulbapedia - For providing the location whereabouts and details for the lowest levels possible of NPC's requested Pokemon. (Even though they contradict each other sometimes...) And of course, anyone who reports errors! PSA: If PKHeX flags any Pokemon as invalid, please do collate the files that do so and report them in the PKHeX forum. And if you think a Gen 1-4 Pokemon can't be at a certain level, please do notify me about it (and provide sources). Thanks!
  13. As I have no more interest in researching these games, I'll leave it up to anyone else who cares to research these records: https://pastebin.com/1PRkNjT1