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  1. There won't be a way to have those Pokémon be legal until the future. Unovan Darmanitan, while in SWSH right now, is unobtainable without HOME releasing in February 2020. Nidoran♂ is not available in SWSH and will be a part of the patch that'll release come the time The Crown Tundra DLC releases in Fall 2020. PKHeX correctly flags these two as illegal since, as of now, they're unobtainable without cheating.
  2. Expected filesize: 1,513,139 bytes Your filesize: 1,513,091 bytes Not a PKHeX problem, make sure the save gets dumped correctly before loading it into the program.
  3. You should only be making these types of posts about games that you legally own and are having issues with.
  4. Your build of the program is severely out of date. Please update to the latest build by following the instructions in the original post before saying the program doesn't work. Current main GUI looks vastly different from the one in your video:
  5. Not currently implemented. Edit: This has since then been implemented.
  6. Use LayeredFS with your CFW (would recommend Atmosphère). Once you're done making your edits, pkNX generates a folder named after the game's Title ID which can then be moved to your SD Card in the proper location, depending on your CFW. If we use Atmosphère as an example, you move the Title ID folder to sd:/atmosphere/titles/ 010003F003A34000 = Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! 0100187003A36000 = Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!
  7. For those confused on how to randomize the wild encounters because pkNX asks you for a JSON, you should watch this:
  8. Obtained a clean GARC, removed trade evolutions, and got a Popplio to Lv. 17; it evolved as intended. Still unable to replicate even in-game.
  9. Unable to replicate using the latest build, Popplio still evolves at Lv. 17 after removing trade evolutions. Make sure your Evolutions GARC isn't corrupted somehow.
  10. "The Grass-type Pokémon", "The Fire-type Pokémon", and "The Water-type Pokémon" are all flavor text when choosing the starters; this does not reflect their actual Types and pk3DS does not update this. pk3DS already warns users about this. If the user decides to ignore the warning, it's their fault, not the program's. No, pk3DS does not force Legendary/Mythical Pokémon if those checkboxes are checked, it simply adds them to the possible randomized species. Dump your game's update data using GodMode9, decrypt/extract it, and overwrite your existing ROM dump with the extracted contents of your update data dump.
  11. Finally got around to testing this and I'm unable to replicate using the latest build. The game didn't softlock and ended the battle as intended.
  12. I am unable to replicate this using the latest build. >randomized species >manually changed level ranges >saved encounter table >exited and re-opened XYWE >no exception
  13. Perhaps this is similar to https://github.com/kwsch/pk3DS/issues/255, @Kaphotics? @danjer see: https://github.com/kwsch/pk3DS/issues/288
  14. You claim that the second Gym Leader has 4 Giratina, but your settings have 6 PKM for Important Trainers UNchecked, and neither Grant (XY) nor Brawly (ORAS) have more than 2 Pokémon lol Not to mention it’s still technically possible... it’s RANDOM. I’ve never personally had many experiences with duplicate Pokémon, let alone multiple Legendaries that are the exact same.
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