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  1. PKHeX does not support ROM hacks. Don't bother asking here for help with other people's outdated forks. Ask the fork author.
  2. File count needs to be correct, has to be a merged romfs with three base content and all the patch content, per the readme.
  3. If you're trying to load BDSP files in other games, transfers to other games are not yet implemented. HOME update came out just yesterday.
  4. The starters are shiny and gender locked; refer to PKHeX's encounters or other wikis. The game just tries generating PIDs until it obtains one that satisfies the requirements.
  5. The program is not being able to create a temporary file to simulate the drag drop effect. I suspect the issue is with your Crossover / Wine setup. It works fine on Windows, and doesn't do anything special besides write to %TEMP%.
  6. Working as intended. PKHeX uses the 3DS' word filter for all formats, and it's a little more aggressive than the ones used by future games. It's still a profane name, so PKHeX is well within its right to flag it. Don't like it? Then reverse engineer all the word filters used by all the games, then I'll implement format specific ones. Else, we use the 3DS one everywhere.
  7. Likely just out-of-bounds Species in your entree forest (corrupt data). I've pushed a fix that will resolve your issue: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/d839437037eb50940cd4977a5318cd58f59994c7 Download the Development Build (when it completes) and give it a try. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2445-pkhex-development-build/
  8. Open it in a hex editor; you'll see strings like "P�o�k�é�m�o�n� �U�l�t�r�a� �S�u�n" which imply it is not a valid dump.
  9. Working as intended. They are clones in the sense that the EC and PID are the same, because they originated from the same raid seed. One is from the raid host with the original met location, and the other is from someone who joined a shared raid, getting the generic den location.
  10. If you have a SD card plugged into your computer with save backups stored on it that were exported by Checkpoint, then the button would be enabled. The program just shows buttons to open up various extra paths that are detected.
  11. Right click slots until the main editor dragging within in resolved in the next release.
  12. As previously answered numerous times, you need to uninstall any game patches in order for the modified content to be loaded. If the game patch overwrites content, then the patch data is used rather than the ROM/mod content.
  13. pcdata.bin comes from PKHeX, and PKHeX has a report window that shows everything and can export to csv. Is that not sufficient?
  14. Note the TID/SID of the save file, and note the TID/SID of the pokemon. If they are from different games, they should not be the same.
  15. Don't change the trainer TID/SID of your save files to be the same across multiple games. You cannot reasonably have the same TID/SID/OT.
  16. Whatever you dumped is not valid data. Likely because whatever dumping tool does not know how to correctly extract the save data from the repro cart. Repro carts are rarely supported, because they do not accurately mimic the original hardware the games were distributed on.
  17. Refer to the program's source code. They are unused Ribbon Flags. They should always be false, but you should never need to change them.
  18. PKHeX does not support save states, which are full captures of the system RAM. srm is the saved/system RAM, not a battery file. PKHeX supports save files, which are data dumps saved so that the session can be resumed from a powered off state (not save states). (why not? Save States can vary wildly in composition between emulators and even paired versions like Black/White. They are sometimes compressed with different algorithms, or are just raw dumps. PKHeX cannot support this, when sav files are the standard). see -
  19. Did you check PKHeX's [Trainer Info] editor?
  20. As answered by Red on discord, PK1/PK2 are not the format they're actually saved, need to read them in as PokeList2 and read the data.
  21. So many things wrong with what you said: 1. "Deluxe Emerald" -- pkhex doesn't intend to support ROM hacks 2. Importing from Johto: There's been multiple games that can visit Johto -- Gold/Silver/HeartGold/SoulSilver. 3. Not saying what types of files you are trying to import. With the above content, it is assumed you are trying to import data from Gen2 or Gen4, into Gen3. Neither of which can transfer into those games legitimately, hence the lack of anything transferring. Working as intended.
  22. No compatible files to load => no files loaded You can drag & drop individual files or folders in. You will need to elaborate on what you are trying to load, and where/how you are trying to load it.
  23. Because the Trainer Info is set to not have a moveset.
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