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  1. Latest development build of PKHeX has a setting that you can turn on to retain the met date for 4->5 transfers.
  2. It means it failed to validate the encounter slot RNG correlation, which likely means it's not legal. The severity of the check is currently Fishy for Gen3 as vblanks may cause it to be disjointed, but in 99% of cases it's a correct assessment. How to remove it? Only assign PIDIV spreads that the encounter slot can have. Use a tool like Pokefinder to search.
  3. Likely not; verify you installed the required runtime: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/install/how-to-detect-installed-versions?pivots=os-windows
  4. So, how to "fix" it? To start, I rearranged the 0x1000-sized blocks in sequential order (based on their offset 0x0FF4 value); since blocks 5+ are for box data storage, I can "copy" block 7 and re-label it as block 8; sure the data might be corrupt, but it's better than an entirely missing block. Probably wasn't anything lost, because now that the save file opens in PKHeX (and emulators/cart) it seems you didn't store anything besides boxes 1/2 and 14. POKEMON SAPP_AXPE-0.sav
  5. Referencing the structure of Gen3 saves, your save file is missing necessary blocks and has duplicate blocks. Missing: Block 08 Normally, the save file is 14 blocks for a primary/backup, and another set for the other save. This one is a little all over the place, probably because blockwise writing failed once and it never saved the primary/backup sets completely (only one full set, kinda).
  6. If it doesn't load in an emulator or on the bootleg, it's likely toast. Open the file in a hex editor and compare the contents to a valid save file to see if the contents are even sane
  7. Kaphotics


    Hack your console by following guides online, and use homebrew to export your save file. Once you obtain your save data you can then load it with PKHeX; otherwise you won't be able to edit your Nintendo Switch save data. Stuff like this is unrelated to the operation of PKHeX, hence why it isn't explained in detail by the program. It's not going to know how to interpret any file you drop into it besides "not a supported file".
  8. Because the mystery gift file does not contain any data on which games can receive it, and nobody has encoded a table for programs to use.
  9. Added a flag in Settings you can toggle for the Entity Editor to show Gender in Gen1 contexts. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/b60648627a53c3dc12799f0d91d2cc7a0061aa02 Currently only in the development build, but will be available in future releases.
  10. Kaphotics


    Export your save data correctly, that doesn't appear to be a save file that you've exported with homebrew.
  11. Gender doesn't exist in Gen1, so it isn't shown. It was changed approximately 2 years ago. Sure the gender value would be the same as it is if it were transferred to Gen2, but again, it isn't shown because it could confuse users as it's not a feature in Gen1, and it doesn't seem like it would be much value added to show.
  12. Do what the message box says. You need to install the runtime for the program to work.
  13. Consider multiple languages. Gen3 does not store a flag in the pkm data; if the nickname bytes do not match the game (language specific) name, then it is nicknamed. Gen4 does store a flag; and changing the nickname to match the species name will un-nickname the pokemon. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nickname#Changing_nicknames
  14. Try this Had to clear boxes 27+ but it doesn't seem you had anything in them anyway. main
  15. PKHeX is a Windows application, so I'm assuming the error is with whatever you're using to run Windows applications. Check next to the exe for any error log files, otherwise it's not really possible to troubleshoot based on your description.
  16. I hotfixed the exe shortly after release with a fix for some channel recognition; can you confirm if it is flagged on latest release (or current dev build)? https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/bf476f4de55217b4713027677b4fc1277a3562c8
  17. Working as intended; if it does not follow the PIDIV restrictions for floating/entering then the PID can't be obtained. It's a recently added check.
  18. Yes, but nobody knows because it's easier to just start a new save file.
  19. It should be a Method 1 PIDIV type, not "none". Either the PID was changed, or the IVs were changed. It's not legal, and the program is working as intended.
  20. The error message tells you why it was unable to continue, you did not give it a full ROM dump to work with. It is looking for a "rom2" path for the exefs, but no file was found, and it cannot patch the exefs for your modified files. Current advice is to use layeredfs via custom firmware, instead of rebuilding ROM files.
  21. Transfer them legitimately through HOME. https://projectpokemon.org/home/docs/home_165/relevance-of-home-tracker-home-v200-v300-and-beyond-r154/
  22. This thread is for reporting issues with legitimate pokemon; hacked pokemon that did not travel to the requisite game are being correctly flagged as hacked.
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