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  1. Reconfigure the emulator settings so that it is automatic / accounting for the save battery requirements.
  2. The latest commits on GitHub have already fixed the issue you're describing. That's why the development build properly flags it.
  3. Trigger's PC is a save editor, same as PKHeX is. Trigger's PC just does not allow you to edit things. PKHeX supports Colosseum, XD, and Battle Revolution. Open two instances of PKHeX, one save file in each. You can drag & drop between the two windows to "trade". It's up to you if you delete/clone. In PKHeX, you can also unlock the boxes for the save file by specifying a Trainer ID and SID for the selected save slot.
  4. Certainly would be nice if people would document the savedata structure. Making a GUI for things and ensuring they work takes a lot of time too. Not really worth the time because replaying these games is a better option. Back up your save often enough so you have points to jump back to if needed.
  5. You're asking the wrong question. Does Sceptile exist in the game you are trying to inject it to?
  6. You're just not looking correctly. Many open source projects use Continuous Integration to automatically build and upload artifacts from each commit that is pushed. That's what the green checkbox is. Following the checkbox link, you get to the pipeline page, which has 1 published file for the latest commit, which is the output of the Android build, which includes the apk. The app is a proof of concept, hence no "release" posted officially or support provided.
  7. Try it and see. Programs are made to target specific save file formats; if an editor is unaware of how a ROM hack has modified it from the base game, then it probably won't work at all. Especially if ROM hacks add in additional safeguards.
  8. Correct; if you cannot dump valid data, there is nothing to be recovered. They don't even look similar in a hex editor. The GLD file has a repetitive pattern every 8 bytes (4 bytes positive, 4 bytes negative number). Scrolling through YLW, you can see different patterns nothing like GLD.
  9. The attached GLD file is not even close to a valid save file. Clean the cartridge's contacts and try dumping again. But you don't have the cartridge, so tough luck.
  10. https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/pull/293#issuecomment-1246522447 PKHeX only updates the event bins when the program is released. The main events gallery repo has the fixed card (updated on September 14th, one day after PKHeX last updated).
  11. Hacked data that did not transfer from the game of origin (skipping HOME) will result in HOME not having the original data. When HOME tries to fetch the original data, there is none, so it defaults to Poké Ball. Inject data in the earliest game possible, and transfer legitimately if you care about legitimate transfers.
  12. Use a plugin to change the file name style, or just dump the entire box binary instead of individual files.
  13. Why do you need this version in specific? PKHeX does not remove features, and each update fixes hugs and adds new features.
  14. Pokemon are not in their decrypted state while resting in RAM. Use a save editor.
  15. I repeat: Load a save file for the game you wish to create for, or change the program settings.
  16. Emulators are different. Use a different emulator, or just play it on your NDS/3DS.
  17. Zeraora does not exist in Legends: Arceus. Load a save file for the game you wish to create for, or change the program settings.
  18. Normally it's suggested to just regenerate through the encounter database. But, according to the batch editor guide, the source code shows the following "suggest" method: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/b04df6383a03c3ca58e3e6d557d6458a7fc0f799/PKHeX.Core/Editing/Bulk/BatchMods.cs#L50 .MoveMastery=$suggest
  19. Starting in LGP/E, the mystery gift (WC8, WB7, etc) store multiple languages of data. A nickname or OT name for one language may not be the same as another. PKHeX would just return an empty string when compared. I've adjusted the logic in the latest commit to just return the default language (english)'s OT name and Nickname. Better than returning nothing.
  20. Thanks, fixed by latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/d33b97bf67fc2bead970ac9c06b6f3e98b45284d
  21. There is no PKHeX homebrew for the 3DS. It's a PC application.
  22. The best we can do is check if the checksum is valid, as we have no other metric to know if a Resort slot has valid data present. I've updated the export method so it saves the text file as a Unicode text file, rather than a UTF8 text file: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/787bf1a49b466a59b775f74f7e49c8abf3f73acc
  23. Re read the first post. It is a viewer, and does not send any data back to the console. It only reads data from the hacked console.
  24. It does work. Since it appears you're already date-skipping, don't restore an old save file from a previous date. The ticking over to midnight advances all the dens RNG state, rerolling all the dens' active state. Activate All previously crashed the game, because the game cannot handle having all dens active. Not sure if that's still the case.
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