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  1. Depends how thoroughly the community documents things. I'm spread pretty thin as it is in order to refine existing tools; can't really spend much time on this for a long while. I haven't booted my copy of the game yet; I have other interests too
  2. https://github.com/Leanny/PKHeX_Raid_Plugin
  3. PKHeX recalculates stats when loading to the tabs. It's likely not PKHeX's fault at all.
  4. ty fixed in latest commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/f07aed904d0dbf52f24267f54105912ec800b750
  5. event flags/constants are no longer reading from the correct byte array will fix sometime this weekend once I figure out the best way to do things
  6. It's flagged on the latest commits; the form is not available. PS: learn how to use printscreen.
  7. TID and SID and 16 bit numbers. You should have used TrainerID7/TrainerSID7 ( iirc)
  8. Gigantamax forms aren't Alternate Forms like Megas/etc were.
  9. Use the latest version of the program.
  10. Kaphotics

    Reporting Error

    Thanks, should be fixed: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/5883acd5b95471a3dee4c8aef12a431e4e77c05e
  11. Thanks https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/4cd358833a0ac1938369f4dd110e509f51c18a8e
  12. SD card is locked for writing, you need to physically unlock it.
  13. Nobody can know what exactly you've tried. Those species aren't breedable, nor can they have their hidden abilities.
  14. Toxtricity has original nature restrictions for its evolution; double check that your original nature is correct. I've removed the Scrafty/Scraggy HA ban in the most recent commit, ty for bringing it to my attention
  15. Local trades aren't hack checked (the official hack checker is cloud based). What you are trying to trade does not pass the online hack check.
  16. Yes, you're missing the step of correctly transferring the data (ftp app is truncating data).
  17. Add the technical record flag noting it was instructed.
  18. Stop mixing and matching old program files. Delete the old PKHeX.Core.dll This same (user) error has been posted many times in the past week...
  19. Already been fixed in the latest commits; legality is still a work in progress. .DynamaxLevel=10 for Max level stats
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