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  1. You're doing something wrong; savedata.bin is ~1MB.
  2. Use another save file. There are too many (unknown) details to change in a save file to take it from an arbitrary progress point to make it 'complete'.
  3. Not supported, no plans to support ancient formats besides the most common ones.
  4. Kaphotics

    PkHex Error

    You have an invalid named file somewhere.
  5. Not with the program. Anything is possible if you figure out how to do it though.
  6. There are two types of zcrystals; one are held, the other are key items. I would advise against having z crystals as pickup items.
  7. You can always delete columns if you open it in Excel or any other csv reader; if you want to paste it on reddit, you can use any markdown table formatter
  8. Use PKHeX's box data report feature.
  9. The exported CSV is not importable. You can use filters in the batch editor to selectively apply changes.
  10. Kaphotics

    Error Code?

    >System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog.CreateVistaDialog() Make sure your operating system is up to date (service packs etc)
  11. >Visual Studio 2015 Use Visual Studio Community 2019.
  12. that's the process, just watch tutorial videos. again, you'll have to have a vulnerable web browser version in order to use it. I'm pretty sure a vulnerable version can be installed with cfw, but that's outside the realm of PKHeX.
  13. Gen6: need a vulnerable web browser app installed (low 3DS system firmware) Gen7: need a special layeredfs patch installed to the exefs other: none, just used as a way to share data outside the game.
  14. 1. Static Encounters 2. No, the program does not do model swaps. 3. Change the battle mode. 4. Stop using an old version of the program you obtained outside of the site. 5. The order you get them? No. Scripting edits are not done by pk3DS. 3 & 4:
  15. Already reported: Has been fixed internally; A new release will be posted sometime around Friday.
  16. 1) already reported & fixed: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/2360 2) already known & nobody has bothered replicating the exact rounding: 3) IsShiny is not something you can set; it is a derived property. Use ".PID=$shiny" instead, as indicated by the guide.
  17. ... download the latest release in the downloads section unzip the file to a chosen location (do not run directly from the zip file)
  18. >C:\Users\(myusername)\AppData\Local\Temp\BNZ.5d2813982b01e3\PKHeX.exe extract the exe to an actual location before running Also, try deleting all existing configuration files: "C:\Users\(myusername)\AppData\Local\ProjectPokémon", delete all folders that have PKHeX.
  19. Incorrect; PKHeX doesn't have hardcoded event data for Gen3 for everything. There's no readily digestible list of data like there is for Gen4+.
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