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  1. The file you attached has both contest / battle memory ribbon counts as 0, but have the flag for both ribbons being present. Gen6/7 do not set the ribbon flag, they only set the counts. The program is working as intended; however you set the ribbon flags / values, don't do it that way.
  2. Plugin errors are not an issue with PKHeX. Please direct your questions to the plugin author, and ensure you are using a compatible plugin.
  3. Both encounters have a specific PIDIV correlation which needs to be present for it to be legal. Use a RNG seed searching tool like RNG Reporter to find the values you need. Channel Jirachi also relates the Version, SID, and OT Gender, so those need to follow the correlation as well. Ranger Manaphy cannot hatch shiny for the trainer that received the gift, so it must be traded (hence the Link Trade (Egg) being required).
  4. The current handler won't update to the correct value as you previously mentioned, so any friendship and memory updates will be directed to the OT fields, which isn't legal for anything pre-Gen6 or cross-gen exclusive memories. The Pokemon also won't be considered as traded for the EXP gain in battle.
  5. Your save file is too small. Export your raw save file correctly.
  6. Without cheating, how are you going to get the same TID/SID on Gen6+ games?
  7. The checksum is a calculated value. You have to edit data within the save block so that the calculated (re-saved) checksum results in your desired checksum. Save files have primary and backup save files. Be sure you're changing the most recent block.
  8. Japanese save files have slightly different data structures. You aren't going to be able to swap between those languages.
  9. Infernape doesn't exist until Gen 4. PKHeX does not support ROM Hacks.
  10. If you're going to edit the checksum, why not just inject the resulting Jirachi? Not like it will be anything unique since this checksum trick has been around for ages. The checksum is computed with the following logic, just an adder with any 16-bit overflow added on top. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/d8b8646de65379e272046df096ede06423ede34b/PKHeX.Core/Saves/Util/Checksums.cs#L120-L130 Just mutate the block that gives the Jirachi checksum in a hex editor, and have PKHeX calculate the fixed checksum for you.
  11. Doesn't even load in-game, because the last 40% of the save file you posted is all 00's. Save file is corrupt. PKHeX is working as intended.
  12. Trash Bytes. This is not an issue with PKHeX; the program is working correctly as intended. All details need to match the official distribution, even non-visible values.
  13. PKHeX does not support ROM hacks. How to fix? Go ask the ROM hack maker, or write your own save editor for the ROM hack.
  14. The build you are using was updated over 6 weeks ago. Please do not report issues with old builds, as the issue is likely fixed (hint).
  15. Turn off your shiny cheat codes. PKHeX is working as intended.
  16. Windows 8 hasn't been updated in 6 years, and 32bit is gradually disappearing. You can try compiling PKHeX for a 32-bit operating system, but it is generally recommended to use a different x64 PC instead.
  17. Options -> About PKHeX -> Shortcuts. Hold alt or control or shift when clicking the button.
  18. The error message should be clear. You can't receive the mystery gift for the OT's version. edit: fixed on latest commit, thanks for reporting
  19. You clicked on Random AVs and it gave it random AVs. There isn't a problem with that, because you can use candies to raise stats above the minimum values. If you don't want candies, then use the shortcut key for minimum AVs.
  20. It says "Select Folder". There are no folders inside the folder you're in. Select a folder, press the button.
  21. https://github.com/kwsch/pkNX/blob/696eea1a1b63aea8495fc6f1689ace7fdf3b182c/pkNX.WinForms/Dumping/GameDumperSV.cs#L652 https://github.com/kwsch/pkNX/blob/696eea1a1b63aea8495fc6f1689ace7fdf3b182c/pkNX.Structures.FlatBuffers/Gen9/Move/Waza9Table.cs
  22. No, because the ROM updates the abilities. Change the ROM to stop changing abilities (nobody has done this before, so you're likely not going to either), or edit the ability in the save file editor after it evolves. PKHeX is a save file editor. It cannot bypass game behaviors that update data.
  23. Incorrect save size. Needs to be 128KB (0x20000 bytes), not whatever you have it exporting as. Trim it down in a hex editor and it works fine.
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