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  1. They were just using PKHeX, along with smoke and mirrors to think you were getting anything but that. PKHeX only omits certain checks (like Gen6+ mystery gift version checks) due to lack of serialized data that can be used by the program. I don't think they were even doing that. They might be checking for plausibility, which is in between legitimacy and legality.
  2. Extract all files in the zip. Do not mix and match dll and exe with prior versions.
  3. Keep in mind PKHeX's database allows you to delete all clones based on a hash of the pkm's details. Helps clear up things if there's EXP differences, EV, etc.
  4. Per the FAQ, make sure the save data is in 128KB flash format for Gen3 games. Your save file is missing a valid Block 2 in one of the expected spots, so it cannot be read correctly.
  5. Yep, Gender too. You'll have to provide a new PID since there isn't a way to batch-reroll to a certain target. I guess you could keep setting .PID=$rand if Gender and Nature aren't equal to what you want, and just run it tons of times. But then there's legality...
  6. Nature is tied to PID in gen3/4.
  7. Thanks, should load fine in the next release / current commits: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/d24997589581dceca5edce53178fc7d69b176457 Try to progress the game to a point where you can access the Box in-game before trying to open it, so that the game initializes the box data completely.
  8. Load your save file or change the target game via Options->Settings.
  9. Does the save file work when you import it to your 3DS to play it there?
  10. PKHeX mimics official conversion methods if you run the program *normally*. It has never been possible to transfer from GB to GBA. If you try running as HaX, PKHeX tries to convert by copying properties over as best it can.
  11. The saved data has too many unique pixel colors, as indicated in the error message. Try exporting it in a different format (bmp), as png is a compressed image format (not lossless).
  12. Dump your own ROM instead of blaming the program. It works fine for OR/AS, assuming you've dumped your ROM correctly.
  13. Thanks, fixed in latest commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/f47382e34f4167a8564f0070fb0935ca1c005e92 use control-click until the next release!
  14. I didn't write the Misc3 editor and I don't really wanna spend the time to figure out what all this is abstracting
  15. Thanks, fixed in latest commits https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/33649d4e02cbea00ac89dfd7148a190677027852 im pretty sure received flags aren't transmitted anywhere, if you can wait for the next release that or restore a backup, or hex edit: offset 0x66200 thru 0x66300 store the 0x800 bitflags in US/UM. For flag 'n', divide it by 8 and add that value to 0x66200 to give you the offset the bitflag is at. You can probably just zero the entire region and resave in PKHeX.
  16. ROM hacks have varying amounts of differences when compared to the original game. Changing the savefile structure, and/or replacing pkm/names/stats, etc. It's probably better to make a separate program.
  17. Nobody has bothered researching this
  18. Kaphotics

    Box 2 bug

    Thanks for reporting, I've reuploaded the exe with the legality fix & box data as a "hotfix".
  19. Kaphotics

    Box 2 bug

    haha I see what is going wrong (it's redirecting to the daycare slot since the offset is the same; daycare is in one block of data, box is another).
  20. Kaphotics

    Box 2 bug

    Can't replicate the box issue, can you PM me the savefile in question? edit: hmm, just deleted box and it didn't clear one of the slots...?
  21. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/8912f76726e66167712469d5b6772a0a144b4af3/PKHeX.Core/Resources/text/script/flags_c_en.txt
  22. Kaphotics

    Box 2 bug

    Legality checking has already been reported and fixed internally: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/2389 I'll take a look at the box movement issue.
  23. Those aren't valid event flag indexes; compare pret/pokecrystal to PKHeX's crystal event flag list and use the research side of the event flag editor to toggle arbitrary flags.
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