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  1. Tools aren't big enough to need a dedicated discord server. This site has its own; you're free to discuss it there.
  2. Fixed in latest commit, thanks for reporting https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/d8f064409f9ce2aadcc214cb4884795ded7bccee For your illegal moves, it's behaving correctly. I assume it still has Crystal met data, which would have been wiped on transfer 2->1. Having Crystal met data implies it's never visited RBY, thus can't learn those moves.
  3. PKHeX does not support ROM Hacks.
  4. The tool is free, open source, and has been out for years. If you want to change behavior of the battle engine, you need to modify game code which is wayyy outside the realm of what pk3DS is set up to handle.
  5. They probably left the met level at 1 or something (lower than Seedot->Nuzleaf requirement). Gen4->Gen5 updates the met level value, which indicates it was level 1 when reaching Gen5. Thus it was never Nuzleaf/Shiftry in Gen4, thus can't obtain the move via that method.
  6. If the PIDIV is flagged as invalid, PKHeX is correct in its assessment. Nature/Gender locks disallow what you're trying to create; the RNG will never yield what you've changed.
  7. PKHeX doesn't have any issues related to C/XD parsing flagging things as illegal when they are legal. The program was updated with advanced checks a few months ago which checks all RNG restrictions (PIDIV and NPC team locks).
  8. Only randomize it once. Restore original files and try again.
  9. Oh I misread; you can't put "main" files onto your cartridge/digital with Powersaves. Powersaves only dumps & restores its own backups. If you want more than what Powersaves offers, you have to use Homebrew/Custom Firmware.
  10. You need to decrypt the save file first before anything can load it.
  11. You'd have to post your TSV so that if anyone made the eggs, they'd remain shiny after you hatched them.
  12. Stats are recalculated after various interactions. Another thing to keep in mind is that the vast majority of games don't store stats when the pkm is in the box.
  13. Read the shortcuts list that is built into the program. Hold shift & click.
  14. Without seeing an example, you can't have a Crystal-only OT gender without having Crystal met data.
  15. Please stop assuming PKHeX is the problem; exporting functionality works fine for everyone else, and it's a simple feature. You need to investigate your own setup; we cannot provide further assistance.
  16. Could be a bad antivirus preventing any popups from the program.
  17. It has been asked and answered much longer ago. Scripting has not been figured out. Cannot edit something if it is not known how it works.
  18. No. Powersaves does not provide anything besides use of its own cheats. If you want more control over your system, you have to use custom firmware and NOT powersaves.
  19. Duplicate (already reported), see below: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/49836-gale-of-darkness-save-exported-from-pkhex-fails-to-import-into-dolphin/
  20. The shiny charm works whenever it's in the player's bag. Keep in mind that you're basically cheating to get elevated rates, so you might as well just cheat in a shiny rate hack instead. Or, just make it shiny in a save editor.
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