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  1. Legendary update, thank you so much for following up
  2. Just saw you posted over on Digiex as well, I think @InsaneNutter might be your best bet getting this dumped (since you're in the UK); but if for whatever reason that doesn't work out, I would be more than willing to dump this save file for you, although I live in the US
  3. Just assume everything is fake and you'll be a lot happier at the end of the day. 99.9% of Old Sea Map anything sold online is fake, Aurora Ticket is probably 99.8% lmao
  4. If your emulator is crashing after like 2 minutes of gameplay, I'm assuming you're just going to run into another crash very very soon after lol
  5. He's a moron, I told him how to do it on youtube and he blocked me. Don't waste your time with him
  6. If you're in the US I've dumped these Mew saves for people before, feel free to PM me
  7. @RetroAli made a great video on this event, you can check it out here!
  8. Wow nice stuff! Would you mind posting screenshots of where you found the debug option to generate these Mews? I'd love to check it out myself; @ajxpk would too
  9. Post the "save" you were able to pull here. Adding a battery to a bootleg cartridge isn't unheard of, here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-8MaLnQbko I'm just not sure how this affects the saving functionality.
  10. This is awesome, great stuff buddy. Honestly just being able to conclude that the DVs of the Mew pictured don't match any of the other classic Mews is very intriguing; @suloku originally told me that he had heard about the "NINTEN" Mews having different DVs, this just gives more credence to that theory.
  11. Thanks @RetroAli! I attached it to the main post of the topic. One really interesting thing in there is the OT on the Mew used in the screenshots: I know @suloku originally suspected that this Nintendo Power Mew would have this OT, and was surprised to find it was MARIO. I wonder if the default OT on the Mew Machines was NINTEN, and employees just changed it based on the event/location. I'm not quite sure how Gen1 DVs work, but if someone can calculate them based off of this screenshot, that would be much appreciated.
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