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  1. Yes, I've done it in the past.
  2. I've never tried this website, but I've had problems with my personal email domain before on some websites. If you're not using something like a gmail or an outlook, it might be worth a shot to try one of those.
  3. There's a pastebin somewhere on these forums or the Pokemon RNG subreddit of every possible legal WISHMKR Jirachi. I don't remember off hand if any of them are perfect IV and modest, but my gut is telling me no.
  4. This sounds like WISHMKR Jirachi and not Channel
  5. I also feel like I've definitely read through a guide on a Japanese website doing this on retail, as well as an older Japanese video about doing it on retail.
  6. Do you have a source on that?
  7. ミロカロス ・ カイリュー ボーマンダ 専用カード The Black box looks like it says this? I'm not sure what it translates to, as the google one doesn't make much sense. But it's probably something along the lines of "distribution use only" Edit: Is it the names of the Pokemon that are distributed in Japanese?
  8. Some people on here already know, but I have been sporadically buying Japanese Gen 3 cartridges over the past year or so trying to find rare event Pokemon. I've actually jokingly called this "Hay in the needlestack." I've found a few interesting things, but nothing really major. One thing that I have found consistently is all 5/5 of the Japanese Complete-in-box (or nearly CIB) games I have bought have always had some event pokemon on them, or a wondercard from an event they attended. My theory is anyone that was willing to keep the game/box in decent condition with all of the manuals/inserts probably cared enough about the game to go out of their way to attend some events. This is obviously not ideal, as CIB versions of older pokemon games will almost always cost 2-3 times what a loose copy will run you; but it does end up coming down to the whole Quality over quantity thing. Best of luck to anyone that does try to do this, and don't forget you can always resell any cartridges that don't have what you're looking for. Don't end up with 16 Gen 3 Japanese games on hand like me
  9. I may be mistaken, but I thought I remembered hearing the space world demo was leaked by a store/seller in Japan that did it in part to prove that they had very rare Pokemon/Nintendo items; so I'm hopeful that some of these distribution devices are still out there!
  10. That SpaceWorld Mew would be incredible, but I can relate all too well to that struggle. I've been in contact with another redditor that had an Australian Cart with an event Mew, but they haven't gotten back to me in a while. I really enjoy preserving all Pokemon/Video Game related history, it's how I got involved in the redump project
  11. In the Fall of 1998 Nintendo Power held a contest to “Win Mew for your Pokémon collection!” 151 winners of this contest would be given the chance to mail their cartridge into the Nintendo Power Headquarters and receive it back with a brand-new mew on their game save. Contest winners were notified by mail by 2/28/1999 that they had won the contest, making this the earliest known Mew distribution in the west. Recently while browsing reddit, I ran across a post from Th4tGuyUKn0 showcasing his Original Red cartridge that was one of the lucky recipients of this contest. After scrolling through the thread, Th4tGuyUKn0 stated that the battery on the game had not yet dried out; upon reading this I immediately messaged him explaining Project Pokémon and asked him if he would be interested in dumping his game save. Luckily, he was all for it! The only problem was he could not remember which of his five Pokémon cartridges he left the mew on, and did not want to risk draining the more than two decades old cartridge battery by checking. Th4tGuyUKn0 graciously decided to send me all of his cartridges so that I could backup the saves and hopefully find the mew. With the amazing research done by @suloku on these save files, we are confident that we have found the Mew in question. In the Pokemon Blue game save we discovered a Mew with the TID 51273 (the same Mew ID# printed on the back of the cartridge) and the OT ‘MARIO’. Suloku has concluded that this Mew is definitely legit. It shares the exact same DVs as the YOSHIBA Mew, matches Mew machine distributions data-wise, and has the same OT Nintendo character naming convention that several forum posts from 2000~ reference. While this does raise questions about what distribution the supposed ‘NINTEN’ Mews are a part of, this Nintendo Power Mew is most certainly legit. Suloku was also able to find the Mew in the red save file as a deleted Pokémon (moved or deleted pokémon can be found in box savedata if it was not overwritten by another pokémon being stored in the same slot). Attached is the the .pk1 of the 1998 Nintendo Power 'MARIO' Mew. Thanks very much again to Th4tGuyUKn0 for sending and trusting us with these cartridges and Suloku for all of the great research, none of this would have been possible without them. Happy holidays and enjoy! 151 - MEW - C23C.pk1
  12. Everything is legal, so if anything doesn't work in an online battle it would be due to the rules of the online battle. For example VGC format not allowing Pokemon like Mew and Jirachi.
  13. Updated the save for a few minor fixes. New version has been released 10/31
  14. I know I've checked in the past, but I can't remember right now and can't check here at work; is the ROM image on the Box.iso any different from the regular ROM image? Like do the hashes match etc...?
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