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Distribution Devices

Distribution Devices

A repository for random distribution devices used across the years.

Quick rundown of the images that we have presently

Gen 1 (VC)
UK VC Mew Redemption (and Save Restore screen on the distribution device!)
JP VC Mew Redemption

Gen 1 & 2 (Retail)
Toys R Us security sealed Mew Cartridge and Gameboy
Mew and Celebi Machine (and article)
Spaceworld Mew screen (has different sprite than standard Mew)

Gen 3
Pokémon Day 2004, Germany - Multilingual selection screen (Eon Ticket?)
Aura Mew Distribution Device
10ANNIV/10 ANIV Distribution Device (Groudon GBA SP and Yellow GBA SP)
Pokémon Festa 2005, Japan - Festa Metang Device and Redemption
Mystic Ticket Distribution, Japan
European Shiny Zigzagoon
Old Sea Chart Redemption (device can't be seen)

Gen 4
Crown Entei (Slot 2)
Regigigas Redemption Video (Slot 2)
Battle Festa, Diamond - Magmar (Slot 2)
10TH Deoxys (Slot 2)
Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph)

Gen 5
Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph)

Gen 6 & 7
Various distribution 3DSes:
Movie 18, Korea
PC Birthday 2017, Japan
Pop-up Store Charizard, Korea
WCS Mew, Korea
Eevee Friends, Korea
Melemele Shiny Tapu Koko, Korea
Worlds18 Meloetta distribution relay

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