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  1. After doing some save file editing I noticed that each time I changed something(was always very small) when I loaded the game the fps dropped significantly(5fps maybe) so I'm not sure if that was the save file editing or if it was a fluke. In addition, the editing I was doing was where I was trying to give my Zangoose that I edited in a nickname, level, evs, ivs, etc but whenever I exported it, nothing changed. So, it'd be a massive help if one or both of these questions could be solved.
  2. Official Help/Small Questions Thread for DPP! In effort to help reduce clutter and the many threads asking small questions, this thread has been created. Forgot where to go next on Route 212? Lost on Mt. Coronet? Wondering why Shaymin won't change forms? Any of your small questions can be answered here. Well, almost. Threads that may answer your questions: EV Training Questions/Hep Here Team Building Questions/Help Here Smogon Rule Discussion Common Rules of Battling Basically, do you have a question that can inspire discussion? If so, post a thread (if one hasn't already been made). If it's game help or general questions about the 4th gen, then post here. Hopefully this will reduce clutter in the forum.
  3. All Project Pokemon rules apply. This is for (game) help and small questions. If you discuss a subject for more than a few posts, consider starting a thread. Please be specific as possible and search Google and the forums/site before posting a question. Also, useful pictures: And finally, a super useful picture: To post about stuff you're doing in the game right this moment, go to the Current Happenings thread.
  4. Hi I am trying to gen a Castform and transfer it into my OmegaRuby but no matter what I do it says that it is illegal. Can anyone help me obtain a legal Castform in game? Thanks.
  5. Hello I hope you are well. I thank you from the heart to help me with this search, either with a tip, the files or clarifying little things about these, thank you very much. I'm looking for some Gen 3 events in Japan and for all english games, besides asking them something about the pokemon found in the Dream Radar and delivered by Global Link (more information to know what I mean in this link: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_Global_Link_promotions/Pokémon). Question: Do the Pokemon captured on the Dream Radar and those delivered by the Global Link have the ID and OT that received it (Hatcher's)? The Pokemon I am looking for are the following: English Games: All pokemon of the Party of Decade (Info: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Party_of_the_Decade_event_Pokémon_distributions). All pokemon of the Pokemon 10th Anniversary Journey Across America (Info: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Journey_Across_America_event_Pokémon_distributions) All pokemon of the Trade and Battle Day (Info: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Trade_and_Battle_Day_event_Pokémon_distributions) All Pokemon of the Pokemon Center New York (Info: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_PCNY_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_III) Note: As far as I know, almost all Gen 3 events are in the Event Gallery, but I still want to know which ones are missing so I can look at how many events I have to get. Japanese Games: All pokemon of the Gather More Pokémon! Campaign (Info: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Gather_More_Pokémon!_Campaign_event_Pokémon) Jirachi Poke Park 2006 Jirachi Tabanata 2006 Celebi Poke Park 2006 Mew Poke Park 2006 Pokemon Sunday Wobbuffet 2005 Festa Metang 2005 Jirachi Tabanata 2005 Sapporo Pikachu 2005 Pikacho of the Pokemon Center GW Festival 2005 Pikachu of the Pokemon Center Yokohama 2005 Meowth Poke Park 2005 All eggs of the Poke Park Egg 2005 Jirachi Tabanata 2004 All eggs of the Pokemon Center Present Eggs 2004 Ruby and Sapphire Zigzagoon of the Berry Glitch Fix 2003 Pokemon Stamp Pichu 2003 Pokemon Stamp Absol 2003 All eggs of the Pokemon Center 5th Anniversary 2003 The Pokémon that do not have an attached link, the information is in this page: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_III For the last time, I reiterate my gratitude to this collaboration towards me, may I also be able to serve this community, thank you for dedicating your time in this post.
  6. Hello! Im looking for friends and looking to be a member here! Im pretty new to the Genning community and Genning in general. I will have some questions so if anybody could help me with my questions, that would be appreciated.
  7. First to all i want to say sorry for my mediocre and poor English. And second, I did various searchs abouts methods, but all of these are outdated or they requeried hardwares that are impossible to get in my country. Well, I throught start a new games of my old games (Pt,HGGs. Black, and White 2) but i dont have so much time to dedicate to make a perfect team. For this i want to export and change them with PokeGen (if you know a better program let me know please) and import these to they respectives games. I have a OLD 3ds with Homebrew...and with profi200 savemanager (but this one dont allows me to export (backup) old nds games, only with the 3ds Pokemon games X and RO :C.. ) Thanks if you can help me <3
  8. Hello!! so heres my dilemma. i am trying to pokegen using an action replay and my pokemon white version. I've been using Pokemon Generator 3.1.13. I have an entire folder containing "legit" pokemon files so the pokemon can get through pokemon transporter to my Y version.( It has worked before the wifi was shut down so i know the pokemon files are working properly. ) i copied the generated code and placed it in my action replay, turned on the game, when i was in the game i pressed the activating button (Select) and went into my pc. When i clicked on "move pokemon", the error "An error has occured please turn off the power" pops up instead of my box with the pokegenned pokemon. Is there a way around this? and what exactly is the problem??
  9. What is PPSE? PPSE is a program which will eventually replace PokeSav & DSPokeEdit. This program will allow you to create and modify any feature of a pokemon or save file. It will tell you what parts of a pokemon are not legit, and how to fix it. It can show you all features of a pokemon, or just legit features. What do I need to use it? To modify your save file directly, a flash cartridge or action replay. Can I check event pokemon with PPSE? Sure. This program can check any GBA event, in-game event, NPC traded, gift, mystery gift, or other pokemon. Can I generate 100% Legal pokemon with PPSE? Yes. There are a few restrictions, but I hope to hammer those out as time goes on. Can PPSE validate hatched pokemon? Yes. Will PPSE be able to output Action-Replay codes? Yep, you can import a PKM file from our database, or create your own Pokemon and output it as an Action-Replay/Flash Cartridge compatible XML file. My friend gave me a chained shiny pokemon, can I tell if its legal with PPSE? Definitely. Pika, the creator of pika's anticheat is working closely with PPSE to better improve both services. I want my pokemon to have really high IVs, can PPSE make it legal? Yes. PPSE will allow you to set the IVs to anything within legal limits. What Event Pokemon can be determined by PPSE? We hope to eventually determine all of them. For now, two types can be determined. First are mystery gift, both with and without classic ribbon. And the next are Pal Parked GBA Event Pokemon. Here are the following supported Pal Parks: Mystery Mew Wishmaker Jirachi 10 Aniv (USA) 10 Anniv (UK/French/Spanish) 10 Anni (Italian) 10 Jahre (German) Jeremy Bryant Park Yokohama Rocks Metang Space C Deoxys Tanabata Jirachi (Every year) Pokemon Box Hadou Ruby/Saphire Berry Glitch Fix Why are the movesets for pokemon that were Pal Parked different then others? When a pokemon is Pal Parked, it could have come from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Gale of Darkness. Because this is true, the tutor moves, level up moves, tm moves, and specially acquired moves for all of those games are available. Example is a Mew from the MYSTRY event: Untouched it comes with Pound/Transform. Because its Pal Parked, it could have: Zap Cannon - Tutor Move Hypnosis - Tutor Move Psychic - TM Move (from GBA, or D/P) Dream Eater - TM Move (D/P) How will PPSE take care of trash bytes from Pal Parked Pokemon? Trash byte sequences will be taken care of automatically. The program will also flag whether or not they are valid, and give you the option to normalize them. Does PPSE do anything other than modify Pokemon? Yes! - Our goal is to allow a person to modify everything possible in the SAV file, or output an AR code to do so. For those who do not have access to a flash cartridge or action replay, there will be an extra feature which will allow a person to wifi transfer pokemon to and from their DS and PC. When do you plan on releasing this awesome tool? Sometime between noon of tomorrow and the next super nova of a star in the local cluster of the milky way.
  10. Official Help/Small Questions Thread for Pokémon HG/SS In order to keep clutter down in this forum, this thread can be used to ask for help (or ask small questions) if you are having trouble with HeartGold or SoulSilver. And those who can understand Japanese, those who remember the plot line of GSC well enough, or those who have already made good progress in the game can help you out.
  11. ok, I do not own a AR (yet). But had a few questions. 1) let's say I created a total hack job pokemon Cyndaquil Moves: Flamethrower T-Bolt Earth Power Surf Abilty Water absorb. When he evolves, would he keep the same ability & moves? Also, what are the risks of the AR? (mostly if used improperly). thank you in advance for any information you can give me.
  12. Hi. I recently started to get get some knowlage on creating Legit Pokemon for competitive use. I read the How to Create a Legal pokemon Guid in the Forum but i think i need some more information about how the Game works to understand this exactly. I would be Glad if someone could help me and answer some of my Questions. 1) Ok first lets take a look at this scenario. Lets say i got the save File from my DS with some Flashdivice. I take the Data of my 100% Legit Kryppuck which was chaught at the broken Tower into Pokesav. Next i Create a ARDS Code with the Data of the Legit Pokemon. Willl the Code Create an exact and further 100% Legit Copy of the Pokemon ? 2) Now lets say i modify its EVs and IVs plus its nature to fit better for competitive play. After that i use the pokesav PID generator to find a fitting PID of Type 1 for Kryppuck. I do not fix trashbytes because wild chaught pokemon do not have them. Will the resulting Code produce a 100% legit Pokemon ? Will it be Legit with a Type 2 PID ? 3) if a Pokemon has more than one possible ability do i have to find a PID with ability number 1 or can it be a number 2 too ? 4) If i Create a Hatched Pokemon without PID generator (because it doesent matter) and want to fix Trashbytes i just go to Name changer ingame and name it fot example "Test1". After that i rename it back to lets say "PICHU" and its bytes will be fixed ? The description on that was a little confusing at least for me. 5) I take the Data of my Legit Eigakan Shaymin into Pokesav and adjust its IVs and nature. What do i have to do to fix Trash bytes and SID ? 7) I made this Giratina as a test. (attachment) Please tell me if its Legit or not. hopfefull ysomeone will be able to answer my questions. Also please excuse my english i normally speak german. PS: At the moment im searching for a good Flashmodule for DS to bring my save file to pc. Any suggestions ? giratina.pkm
  13. I just downloaded the Ageto Celebi from PKMDB.com and ran it through the Legality Checker and it shows that it has the Nickname Flag checked. Is that supposed to be correct? How was the Ageto Celebi in the database obtained? Was it obtained by someone making it from scratch? Or was it obtained by someone getting it directly from the Bonus Disc and then Pal Parked it into a Flash Cart?
  14. So I'm pretty new to this, and using Pokesav on my Platinum file. I'm trying to make legal pokemon. The only pokemon I'm editing are ones that I've hatched form eggs. I have a few Gen III starters that I've bred and then hatched as well. Assuming I only edit level 1, newly hatched Pokemon, do I need to use the PID generator to fix my PID after I set the IVs? Also, do I need to use the Trash Byte normalizer? Is there any way I can avoid using the normalizer? Finally, if I finalize my EV spread and moveset for my pokemon at Level 1, can they be detected as illegal later on when they've leveled up? Thanks
  15. Hi, I just joined and I have two questions. First, on the wild pokemon modifier, is there a way to just have the modifier part without the other two parts? I don't really get much into all the pokemon editing, I just want to catch them. Also, about the links to the ar code manager program, is there still a way to get the older ones? Like for win 98? I still have that version of windows and the new programs won't work on mine and I lost the disks I had for the older ones. I am looking forwar to being a member here, it looks like a great place. Sorry, I forgot to specify which game the code is for: Platinum.
  16. If I obtain an egg on a Japanese game, then trade the egg to an English game and hatch it, will the language be "JPN" or "ENG"? Would it still say hatched at "Daycare Couple" or would it say "Link trade", etc.? Basically, is it any different from obtaining and hatching an egg on the same game?
  17. As I said in my intro, I learned VB Express in school, and did really well. I decided to try to make a pokemon program. Anyways, I got up to displaying the OT, but I'm lost now. I know where the OT is in regards to the offset, but I'm stumped how I would convert it. For one, I have no clue what it converts to, maybe Unicode or ASCII. So if someone could help me with that, I'd be grateful.
  18. If this is in the wrong place, or isn't allowed, sorry, I'm new. So, I'm kinda considering getting an R4 or similar device. However I have a few questions: Can they play GBA ROMs? Which one do you suggest me getting? Are there any that work for the DSi? What's the average price of one? Where can you buy them? Thanks, Darkrai204
  19. I was wondering if I could make pokemon eggs. I want to start my Pokemon Platinum with my team ready from the start. I am going to use Piplup as my starter and then I want: Togepi Shroomish Growlithe Pineco *Insert HM Slave* (help?) I tried to do this but I don't want to make my pokemon really powerful. How do I make it fair? Stats for them? I'm confused. Also, can I make an egg of each pokemon insteade and will the stats generate from the game? Also, am I able to request a sav file with the stuff I asked for? Or just pokemon by trade? My wifi doesn't work.
  20. First of all, I think I read on the site that when making Pokemon Eggs in Pokesav, you cannot add EVs to your Pokemon--or you can, but they won't work after the Pokemon has hatched. Is this correct? Also, I downloaded the Pokemon Legality Checker and the PID-IV Generator. The site said that in order to get these programs to work, I also needed to download: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1. And so I did, and restarted my computer, but the above programs are not working. I have a Windows XP and downloaded the x86 version. Did I download the wrong one? And last, I read in the forums that when making Egg Pokemon you can get rid of the Trash Bytes by checking and unchecking the nickname field. Is this the right way? Thank you!
  21. I've been wondering about a few things regarding trading hacked pokes over the Wi-Fi Club.. How "insane" can a poke be made in Pokesav and still be traded over the Wi-Fi Club? I'm thinking about having my team superpokes (quite obviously hacked), as I dont play battles online or really mind the GTS blocking me or such things. I've searched a bit and can't seem to find an answer for my questions, maybe because they are too basic and stupid :biggrin: But anyhow, is it possible to trade a poke with an illegal ability over the Wi-Fi club, with moves it cannot learn legally, weird stats etc? And, when making a poke with, say, 999 in all combat stats, will this be normalized (brought down to legal max) if you deposit the pokemon into the PC, or will the illegal stats stick even if you do the "box trick"? Are there any more downsides about having illegal pokes in my game that I haven't thought of?
  22. I just started in this pokesav stuff, after reading through most of the forum I still have a couple of questions I wanted to clear up 1 If a pokemon is hatched in an egg, it doesn't get any EV and start at lv 1? 2 With the PID and IV generator, doesn't pokesav already include it already? Is there a difference between the two? 3 Is the easiest way to make a shiny pokemon with good IVs just to put it in an egg and hatch it or is there another way? 4 Lastly I created a ursaring and a Darkrai when I checked both with the legit checker it says the type is Very Rare GBA. Since you can't get Darkrai on gba, is there a way to fix this or does it matter at all? thanks
  23. i think this is been asked alot but can you use the pal park in pokesav on pokemon platinum? and if not hows to progress of inplementing it into pokesav for pokemon platinum?
  24. Hello. This is my first post here, and I need help with using pokesav, and how it works. No I have not downloaded anything yet from pokesav, I'm posting to see how it works, since I don't want to download something, and find out I am not able to use it. Please do not call me a noob or whatever, I am asking so I could know what I'm using.:biggrin: Firstly, I need to know if pokesav requires any Wi-Fi on the part of my DS, my DS will not connect to my router, since I added WPA security, and the DS only accepts none, or WEP. At this point, changing WPA to WEP is not an option since all my consoles and computers are already hooked up, I don't want to re-connect ALL my systems. Secondly, I know you download a file, like certain mystery gifts, pokemon, etc..., but how does it send it from my computer to my DS? And Finally, what else can you use Pokesav for, other than hacking pokes and mystery gifts?
  25. 1. You know how wonder cards have ID's? How do we find them out? 2. The info for event arceus is on serebii, does this mean we can add it to the event section?
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