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Found 23 results

  1. Beyond the Deoxys, Meloeta, Dancie, requests above Im trying to get magearna. Im not 100% that I will be able to even obtain them to tranfer to Pokemon HOME I am hoping it is because they did appear on Pokémon GO so possibly an option. I have approx 25 more pokemon that aren't drastically rare that I need to also collect to complete my HOME national living dex, the ones Listed above are the rarer and challenging to acquire. Im only beginning to learn to operate PKHeX, and would prefer not to make mistakes, especially when attempting to acquire all 4 forms of deoxys and if any I listed can be shiny and not shiny locked by the game that would be preferred as well. I know using Smogen for proper builds that are compatible, as a guide for avoiding red flags is part of the process, but beyond that Im still making sure to read all the info for using PKHeX still. Any help would be appreciated, I didnt see any info on the discord bot system that would allow for requesting them using the simple bot trade method when trading to HOME? Thanks everyone Reaper
  2. So nickname reaper was given to me after I clinically died twice, and got brought back. Just thought something beyond pokemon to share about myself. I have encountered Project Pokémon on a lot of forums or youtube videos, and It was awhile ago and not 100% but I think I even used discord pre- BDSP release. I found it again today while looking into different ways to get some of the more problematic lower ease of acquiring mon to finish my National dex. Deoxys, Meleota, Dancie, etc not 100% if I will find a method to obtain them, & still have some pokemon to obtain that are not available in the games with switch except GO. I am sure I will be able to obtain them trading in home eventually. Trading Deoxys with each form and the others is less likely. Another penalty of living in the sticks with no GO gyms, stops, or other places to participate in most events, and like MewTwoX, Deoxys passed me by without a chance to get it from GO, need to figure something out for that. I keep playing it and have obtained some pokemon I never would have any other way, so even in the middle of nowhere I have had some benefit. I have some programming exp, DevOps, & opensource project participation so If I can be helpful not just get the benefits of others work Im more than happy too. I have seen discord channels with bot requests that using smogen to make a build properly compatible with the game you set it up obtain via trade it gives you but want to get a better understanding on using PKHeX and the wider toolbox, and also meet others on here to connect with. Thats me thanks reaper
  3. Hi, I am new to project Pokémon and a little disappointed I hadn't stumbled upon this site prior as I have been a fan since the beginning. Well long story short I lost my save after beating the story mode on Pokémon shield. without any back ups I am forced to start a new game. I would like to not worry about getting banned so if this is a possibility with a VERY Vanilla Switch please tell me now. Otherwise, I would love to be able to start my new journey with all 3 of the starter Pokémon.
  4. First of All I am new to all of this and do not know if what I want to attempt is possible. I am looking for someone to create some pokemon or tell me how to do it in the editor using specific criteria. I am trying to create the national pokedex with the following: 1. Non shiny 2. All random generated trainer names and numbers 3. All random generated secret id numbers 4. All Pokemon perfect IV and EV 5. All the galar Pokemon holding random items 6. All locations caught and seen from original games. So charizard from kanto etc. Can this be done? Thanks for help and if this isnt the right board can a mod move it?
  5. Hi! I'm SamAcy and I'm new here but I already felt at home because here in ProjectPokemon helps me a lot in many different ways. I'm really looking forward to have many friends as I can in this site and I'm willing to help in any possibble way I can. :kikkoman:
  6. Fixedys


    The names Fixedys, and i'm just an average Pokemon fan! Heard of this site, and thought to sign up!
  7. Hello to everyone in the Project Pokemon Community. My name's Tucker and I've been playing pokemon since I was a wee lad, my first game being Pokemon Crystal. Since then, pokemon has held an important place in my life and still does. I've been recently introduced to the world of rom hacks (though i've been playing them forever lol) and joined this community to hopefully educate myself enough to obtain my own version of a randomized ORAS game some day. Any help will be appreciated as i begin my journey to becoming a ROM EDITING MASTER!
  8. hi guys my name is George and I'm from new york and I play platinum and soul silver. I hope we get along.
  9. While playing the Sol Platinum hack, I discovered a few major bugs that ruined an otherwise well-done game: The Seel/Dewgong line had a movepool glitch at level 65; the player gets stuck in an infinite loop of attempts to learn glitch moves. Legendaries from Generations I-III appeared multiple times; in my first game, I caught Celebi and the Lati@s twins three times each. Not just battled them, but caught them... Since the original hacker is no longer active, I've thought of trying to fix those two bugs myself. How easy would this be for an absolute beginner with an editing tool like PPRE?
  10. Names Kyler, and my favorite Pokemon is Sceptile! Pleased to be a part of the community
  11. Hey everyone, I'm new to hacking, and by new, I mean I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm doing. All I know is that I have an idea for a hack, and it's REALLY awesome. However, I have run into several setbacks so far, primarily, I have absolutely no clue what anything is. I already have an emulator and a White version ROM, but I don't know how to edit it. So, what tools should I use for this? I need a tools for changing trainer sprites, overworld sprites, dialogue, evolution methods, adding Pokemon, editing the mart, and anything you can think of that I missed. So, if any of you could give me some advice on tools and how to use them, I'd really appreciate it, and I plan to keep you all updated on hack progress once I begin!
  12. Hey There My name is Elise, and I am 34, and a brand new Mummy from the middle of the sticks in Engalnd, my Son is just 18 weeks old, and when I am not being a mummy I am a proffesional, freelance, fantasy artist. I even sell paintings..so thats okay then! I am a brand new player to Pokemon having recently been bought Platinum for the DS a few weeks ago when my Son got Meningitis. Many long hours in a hospital, and my husband bought me the game to help pass the time and take my mind of it. Three weeks later my Son is all better, with no lasting ill effects, "thanks be to gods" but alas I am now totally addicted. I just bought Emerald, Sapphire, and Fire Red to help complete my pokedex, but just recently I have bought an AR to gain the event pokemon that I have no chance of getting now, coming to the game late. I have also just discovered Pokesav, and that looks like a cool tool too... I have also just purchased another Platinum and Pearl to use as breeding/training hives as well. I am not intrested in breeding over stated Poke's but would like to be able to breed normal and shiny pokes, and also clone pokes as well. Well keeping them looking as legal and genuine as possible. Nice to meet you all ) Ele
  13. Alright, so I'm completely new to Pokesav, and I'm trying to make a team that passes Nintendo's checks. Problem is, I'm having a real hard time doing it. Could anyone take a look at these Pokemon and tell me what's wrong? They don't pass the battle video check. And again, I'm a complete newbie, so it's probably a really obvious mistake. This also isn't an original team, it's a team someone at Smogon posted, and I was just trying it out to see what works so I can build my own. I'm new to competitive battling too. azelf.pkm empoleon.pkm gengar.pkm infernape.pkm jirachi.pkm suicune.pkm
  14. Hey guys. As well as being new to the forum, I have only just received my very first Action Replay. I was wondering whether the Pokesav codes I can create are compatible with the Australian version of Pokemon Diamond. I am nervous about playing around in the game for the moment (baby steps...), and I would rather have all the information before I tinker with my game, so yeah. Also, is there a way to backup my actual save game to my computer? Cool to meet you all, appreciate your feedback.
  15. Just putting it out there, I like using teams that are different. I'm also wondering who, if I should, to give Stealth Rock to. Weavile-Focus Sash Hasty&Pressure EVs: 4HP/252Atk/252Spe -Fake Out -Taunt -Counter -Ice Punch Your basic anti-lead, especially for suicide leads. Fake Out nulls enemie's Focus Sashes, Taunt prevents Stealth Rock/Toxic/that bad stuff, and Ice punch is for Aerodactyl/dragons and counter is mostly for late game/Blissey Scizor-Life Orb Adamant&Technician EVs: 176HP/100Atk/56Spe/176SpDef -U-Turn -Roost -Quick Attack -Pursuit Another basic build. Quick attack makes up for Scizor's bad speed, Roost is there because it's good, and Pursuit is another attack, but also works with U-Turn for anticipating an attack. Swampert-Leftovers Careful&Torrent EVs: 226HP/61Atk/223Def -Earthquaker -Curse -Waterfall -Avalanche I'm probably most proud of this guy, mostly because he's unusual and can take a hit. Screw special attacks, Curse+Avalanche works for me and Equake and Waterfall help. Gallade-Expert Belt Jolly&Steadfast EVs: 56HP/252Atk/200Spe -Shadow Sneak -Bulk Up -Brick Break -Psycho Cut Since apparently a faster enemy can trash a Gallade, I put some speed into his build and gave him two STAB moves, Bulk Up (duh), and a surprise ghost attack. Venusaur-Leftovers Sassy&Overgrow EVs: 252HP/252Def/6SDef -Sludge Bomb -Leech Seed -Sleep Powder -Razor Leaf Meant to take hits and be annoying, Leech Seed is annoying as well as Sleep Powder. Sludge Bomb isn't the best, but I don't want two grass STAB attacks Arcanine-Leftovers Adamant&Intimidate EVs: 8HP/250Atk/252Spe -Hidden Power (Ground) -Overheat -Extremespeed -Howl I could've had an Energy Ball Ninetales, but I like Arcanine's better stats more. It's a fairly basic Arcanine build. Any help to get me out of my nubiness is appreciated.
  16. I'd really like to join the project pokemon community and help create pokemon for users but im really confused as to what type of cart or card i need to edit my pokemon data, i want to use the third option described in the Getting Started FAQ, which is editing a retail card, can anyone help me get started as to what would be good to buy or anything else i might need, i tried re-reading the guides over but im still not quite sure what is good to buy. P.S. I'd really like to be able to transfer over the event pokemon found on the site, is that possible when editing a retail card? Or do you have to buy a flashcard like R4DS and put the save data on that and then trade it over? All and any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. Hello every one i just wanna say hi and hope to meet new people here. Also please b patient with me im new to all this pokemon world i never knew about editing save games adding ur own pokemon and just so many things i see here. ill try my best to post so i wont get in trouble lol WOW so many questions i have and so many forums it gonna b hard but ill do my best see ya.
  18. I'm new to this whole thing and I have some questions about Pokesav and a few other things. I read in that 'Pokémon Legality Guide' but it didn't say if it worked for Pokémon Platinum. Also how using Pokesav works. Mainly I just want to make a legit Gallade and I only have two of four things that thread says to have to make a legal pokémon. Where would I be able to find SCV's PID/IV Program & Trash Byte Normalizer and if I'm able to generate a code for AR to put into my Pokémon Platinum DS game.
  19. Hello everyone! My name is Hallie, I'm 17 and I've been playing Pokemon since I was 10--it's my main reason for buying every generation of Nintendo handheld (although DS has a bunch more games I love as well). Started with Blue and went to Yellow, then Silver, then Sapphire, and now Diamond. I've heard about Pokesav since I got Diamond, but have only recently decided that I should use it--I simply don't have the patience for the endless hours of breeding and training needed for competitive Pokemon. But I do have a lot of questions about how to use Pokesav, which is my main reason for joining here. I specialize in Ground-type for online play(I don't play to pwn, I play to have fun) and my favorite Pokemon is Sandshrew.
  20. Hi I am Poke888. I am a newcomer I just joined becos I like hacking my roms. And also I am in need of some opinions on a life action Pokemon movie fic
  21. Hi all, I'm a newbie. Just finally found pokesav (here), after looking for a week or so. Found lots of tutorials for it (esp on Utube), but every link I tried to follow to actually download it was broken. I'm playing Pokemon Pearl, as a counter-play for my son and wife (Diamond and Platinum respectively), and wanted to get pokesav to get the legendaries and event pokemon that otherwise we wouldn't be able to get. We've played Pokemon since the beginning (and still have all the games, except Blue ). Guess that will do for now. Taican
  22. I just started in this pokesav stuff, after reading through most of the forum I still have a couple of questions I wanted to clear up 1 If a pokemon is hatched in an egg, it doesn't get any EV and start at lv 1? 2 With the PID and IV generator, doesn't pokesav already include it already? Is there a difference between the two? 3 Is the easiest way to make a shiny pokemon with good IVs just to put it in an egg and hatch it or is there another way? 4 Lastly I created a ursaring and a Darkrai when I checked both with the legit checker it says the type is Very Rare GBA. Since you can't get Darkrai on gba, is there a way to fix this or does it matter at all? thanks
  23. Hey, I'm confused with something. Currently I have just made a Gallade on pokesav and now I need to import a code of some sort. Where can I find this code and how do I import it to the action replay code manager? Thanks in advance.
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