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  1. So how is it determined that the value bill be 04 or 00 ? Also the Program doesent seem to work for me.
  2. Dont Worry about the Synch stuff. Kingdra obviouly cant be type one cause you have no PID or all 0s and for a PID that doesent match any Types the legality Checker writes Hatched. For only 31 IVs the only possible Natures for Type 1 are Calm Modest Timid and Docile so it cant be Hardy also. Trashbytes are only showen for Palparked Pokemon and Chaught dont even have them.
  3. Ok i get it. The best option will be to Create Hatched pokemon with the correct ability. If the Egg PID is generated the same way as in HG/SS it would be hard to impossible to proof the pokemon being not legit. I gess we will know for sure when the RNG is fully understood.
  4. Ok i see. I didnt expect it anyway but you never know. ^^ Also is there anything Special about Dream World Pokemon ? Some Pokemon only make sense with their new Dream World Abilitys so i want to be able to create those.
  5. Another question . Is there anything known about changes in PID/IV relationship in B/W ?
  6. Ok i found the reason for my confusion. A Bug in my software made me see different Values. Your List seems to be perfectly fine. Thank you for your work. Also the Natures are written in Hiragana ;P I Have tried to alter the celebi data so that it will look migrated with shifter but the event still doesent activate.
  7. Hmm .. Maby i am getting something wrong here but it seems that none of my Pokemons Hidden Values match the List of Natures. Actualy some of my pokemon with the same nature have different Values. Maby you want to take a looka t my Sazando. it is actualy modest with 17 in 41h. Sazando.pkm
  8. Thanks for the info. Were can i find a list of hex values for the natures ?
  9. Hi people. I was sondering if there is anything known about hex values and Trashbytes in Pokemon Black ans White. Reason is i tried to migrate my Celebi to B/W but pokeshifter wont work for me cause the Versions have diffrent languages. So i tought of directly placing the celebi in my new Pokemon black. Sadly the Celebi doesent seem to work for the zorua event then. I Suppose thats cause trough migration several things in the pokemon data are changed. For Example the only Value in use for B/W seems to be 41h which previously indicated the number of shiny leafes.
  10. The codes here are for English Version i guess ? I would need the legendary Beasts from the movie and the movie celebi codes for the german version if possible. I have Roms of the English Version but the Codes make Emulators and Flashcards Freeze. So The Retail Game seems like my only hope. Actualy if you have The Files for Pokesav that would help too.
  11. I was wondering if its normal that hatched pokemon from 3rd Gen appear as Unknown GBA Type in the LEgality checker. I yust tested it on my pichu which i know for a fact is legit and the Legality checker tells me its Unknown GBA Type. I guess Invalid Trashbytes are normal cause its palparked to Germany. I also ahve one second question about palpark pokemon. My Pich has a 46h value of 37 which is 55 in dez which woudl be PalPark. Aside fromt hat all hex values are 00. I guess this is exclusive to Platinum PalPark pokemon since D/P didnt use 46h. Is my assumtion right ?
  12. This Guide also includes a Ability to PID Type list. Link Roserades Ability 1 or also called ability 0 is Natural Cure
  13. get the PID/IV generator and use the second option to find shiny PIDs. Type in the lowest Ivs you could possibly use cause the program will automaticly try higher ones. Wait till you get a result that matches you needs with the Type Normal NDS. Type in the IV Set with you ID/SID in pokesav and you should see the shiny set.
  14. Ok first of all you cannot make a shiny pokemon not knowing your Secret ID. Second you cannot yust set the Stats to everything you want. (youc an but if you put the pokemon in the box it will normalize not to mention its illegal) You cannot Find Registeel on lvl 30 in Ruby Sapphire cause its lvl 40 when you find it. And i recommend you forget about ribbons and contest stats. Thats yust irritationt hat helps to mess you up. Also if you do not know what IVs and EVs are you should not think about creating pokemon now and yust learn what it is first.
  15. RyuuShin

    Palkia help needed

    Note that the palkia from Arceus Event has 18 as its 85h value.
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