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  1. i can't wait for the rebattle codes that KazoWar is doing hope there done soon
  2. Normal NDS or GBA (A-B-C-D) is a legitimate type, you need to get the right hex values though as you have none.
  3. i just RNG'd the interactable snorlax which was method K after a few tests, when i checked it in your checker it came up hacked. the spread i got was pid: 4264925686 hp/atk/def/speed/sp.atk/sp.def 3/29/6/11/20/20 ability:2 gender:246 hidden power: 38-poison Normal D/P or GBA its a shiny and i got this spread in IV-PID when i check to see if its real
  4. this was translate from http://www37.atwiki.jp/hgss/pages/117.html by google translate. what i think it says is the power items can be attached to a pokemon with a 31 iv to generate a 31 iv on the baby pokemon eg:If you make 31 IV in attack male Gible hold Power Wrist. The baby will have 31 IV in attack followed by parents. not sure if this is true, so don't shout at me if its not New element in HGSS * o 前作まではHPと防御の個体値が遺伝しにくかったがHGSSではどの個体値の遺伝確率も同じ。 HP's previous work is difficult to value and population genetics of defense and genetic HGSS same probability in any individual value. o パワー系アイテムを持たせると、持たせた親の対応する個体値が遺伝する。 Power system and give the item to the genetic value of parents who have the corresponding population. o 例として「攻撃個体値31のフシギダネ♂」にパワーリストを持たせてタマゴを作ると「攻撃個体値31のフシギダネ」が生まれる。 As an example, "the value of individual attacks Bulbasaur 31 ♂" we have an egg and create a power list "value of individual Bulbasaur 31 attacks" was born. o また、「性格が陽気のフシギダネ♂」にかわらずの石を持たせて「防御個体値31のフシギダネ♀」にパワーベルトを持たせると「防御個体値が31で性格が陽気のフシギダネ」が生まれやすくなる。 Also, "the vivacious personality Bulbasaur ♂" we have a stone Kawarazu to "protect individual value of 31 Bulbasaur ♀" belt and give the power to "protect individual value of 31 Bulbasaur gay character in" Born to easier. * o ただし両親ともにパワー系統を持たせても♂の個体値しか遺伝しないので片方だけに持たせよう。 We also have a power system to have both parents but only ♂ try not hereditary, so only one individual value. o 個体値遺伝についてはパワー系の遺伝と親から勝手に遺伝するもの(1~3つ遺伝)とは別物であるのかは不明。 What about the genetic value of individuals is genetic and inherited from the parent to hand power system (1 to 3 genetic one) and is different from what is unknown. もし別物なら個体値は最大4つ遺伝することになる(要検証) If you are up to four individual values will be different from the genetic one (verification required)
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