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  1. sorry didn't read that word "platinum" you write down there =_= and also i thought you asked the same question as the one in codemonkey's thread, i also assumed that you use diamond savefile for that =_= for pokebox, u have to wait for platinum compatibility , dude .. and also, the program won't work if you don't have a pokedex .. so, if you open the savefile using this program , right after you got your very first pokemon, it won't work ^^
  2. ... i don't know that korean pokemon game's savefile can be edited in pokesav =_= coz' there is no translation whatsoever for korean pokesav ... and it could probably mess up the trashbyte 'coz the program(english pokesav) was not designed to write down korean words ^^, especially if you rewrite the name using that program anyway ... starly ... it reminds me of starfy's brother ^^ ... kind of silly to think about that game in pokemon's forum and also, as guested said above, legit pokemon is not equal to legal pokemon .. legit if you got it purely from the game without hacking device and such legal if you use hacking device but it still "obey" the pokemon's gameplay mechanics so, it's better to say that yours is legal
  3. i've already answered your question here hope it will work well
  4. maybe because of your savefile type .. it should be RAW type with 512kb size use this webpage to convert your savefile http://www.shunyweb.info/
  5. in fact, several games cannot be played in emulators and some of them still lagging/error if you play it ,so why do you mention that emulators is fast?? and also ... NDS' emulators is not as perfect as GBA's emulator ... so don't hope that it will surpass the handheld itself :bidoof: anyway i also bought DSi because of wifi .. but right now ... i don't think that that is the only benefit from getting my DSi .. coz' i realized that i also need DSiWare :bidoof:
  6. right click the PPSE.exe .. choose 'properties' try to search for compatibility option and tick that one .. make sure that it is set to "windows XP" , otherwise it won't work and click apply .. and click OK .. and run the program ^^
  7. xeomyr

    Pokemon Class ID

    you could use DSPokeEdit to check the class number <-> ability relationship ^^ and even the movesets anyway nice guide
  8. yeah .. it works tested and works in XP .. and also works in Vista if you change the program's compatibility to windows XP(SP2)
  9. not only vista ... when i open it using window XP ... while no savefile is loaded (don't know if it is loaded) the program automatically close itself after i press pokedex button ^^ for vista , i've tried several ways ... by changing the compatibility to Windows2000/98/XP and still it won't work i hope that SCV will fix this program ^^
  10. nice, SCV .. thanks for your effort I will be waiting for the next update , and i hope it will have a lot of features ^^
  11. ^^ yeah this is the great thing to use emulator for playing pokemon ,because when you change the date ... there is no log whatsoever reported into the game ... so it can bypass the honey tree clock and many things ^^ ... you can pour honey to 21 trees and save, exit ... setting the clock +6 hours and you will see all the honey trees shake :bidoof: great isn't it .. you don't have to wait 6 hours to search for munchlax :grog: anyway .. i've only tried it in no$gba ... i've not tried it in other emulators
  12. for pokemod ... just wait patiently .. do not ask the release date ^^ as for the palpark ... you can use the one that kaarosu's posted before ... uh mm .. the compact version of platinum pokesav ..dunno who's the maker... if i'm not wrong .. it's cada guti or somethin similar ^^ anyway it's quite worthless to make a pokemon in the platinum pal-park coz' there is no information on the platinum trashbyte in the forum =_= ..so you will always get "illegal" pokemon =_=
  13. yeah the baby should be legal ^^ even if the parents have all 31 IVs it's also legal ^^ it will not be legit if you use hacking software to get the parents well... it's just the term anyway ..
  14. =_= .. huh .. why everyone arguing something like that ... i mean .. all of them are nintendo's product and they all can play DS-games .. so, no need to fight ^^ .. after all we are nintendo fan-boy, isn't it? ^^ (if not then, you shouldn't be here .. this is nintendo's pokemon forum dammit ) @phototoxin yeah the camera is hellish fun if they put more "MegaPixel" in it ^^ .. dammit ... it's only less than 1 MP i think =_= ... and the game that utilize that feature is only WarioWare snapped (DSiWare) which is a half-ass game =_= ... the gameplay itself is pretty funny but, why i can't save my picture from the game =_= .. the picture will got deleted if i close the lid or go back to DSiMenu ... so =_= it's quite worthless to download this game
  15. please post the trashbyte so i can make a legit platinum pal-park pokemon :bidoof:
  16. it's really nice ... thanks so much ... pokesav lacks of this sprite thing .. so this one's hell much better than pokesav
  17. nintendo rulez ... talking bout handheld sony's a fool ..look at the design of PSP GO, i don't really like it =_= and also why they stop producing UMD after October =_= ... to think that they will only provide games through PSN store ... it will only lead into hacking their stuffs =_= .. coz' many will not be able to play their games because of internet speed problem and stuffs, they will try to hacking the PSN games and maybe the web itself still .. nintendo is the best at handheld .. DSi rulez ... DSiWare rulez .. i beleive that many great games will be released through DSiWare .. and with reasonable price (i think it's cheap ^^coz' their game is only range from 2$-8$, and free offcourse ) .. to think that super mario vs donkey kong : minis march only cost 800 DSipoint ... and many improvement here and there .. especially for the brand new stages and the wifi stage trading ... DSiWare is totally awesome i hope that nintendo will release a clock application of pokemon
  18. vote for DSi ... coz' i've already got my DSi
  19. LOL ..after looking in the polling , i've just realized that .. most possibly .. i am the first indonesian in this forum ... the second one is my friend, volcanflame darn .. so many americans here ^^
  20. uh mm ... i've already used your program and codemonkey ... have you already figured the "Trash Data" algorithm in the PKM files it's in 0x9C-0xD3 "Unknown - Contains Trash Data" the values shouldn't be all 00 =_= coz' i see my party pokemon (using the game, not your program) and the values are mixed of "FF"(most of them) and "01" and "00" well ..i know that it can be fixed by putting the pokemon in the box .. but that will make me work twice , right put aside of that, the program itself is really2 nice .. since it can automatically calculate my stat
  21. 1. Use HxD and put the wonder card files using it ^^ 2. Use codemonkey's program to fix the savedata checksum(for diamond/pearl) and SCV's program for platinum checksum anyway both of the checksum fixer are in "Save Research & Development" forum
  22. wow .. i've just realize that there is a checksum fixer for platinum savefile =_= great indeed .. thx SCV ^^
  23. unfortunately .. pokebox can't do that that kind of thing it can only edit pokemon and trasfer the pokemon between each savefile for event pokemon activation ,you'll have to use AR code for that .. =_=
  24. here is the program ^^ PokeBox/PokeStock PokeStockver6_4 English Version.zip
  25. yeah , i know it ... but still .. it will be much easier if i have the program that will do it automatically ^^ .. hahaha ... so i don't have to open HxD =_= since i can't do anything in programming and stuffs (except the basic of using HxD =_= ) , so i really appreciate codemonkey in making this program ..
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