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Found 8 results

  1. I read this: http://www.smogon.com/dp/articles/pid_iv_creation#finding_ability_from_pid and this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/search.php?searchid=60203 However, I'd still like something explicitly clarified. If any pokemon has only one ability, it can fall under class 1 or 2, correct? Furthermore, how does the game treat pokemon like giratina, which can have abilities that change?
  2. Sorry for asking another basic (or I assume it is), but I looked on google and couldn't find out what a pokemon class is. For those of you who don't know, I am refering to pokesav, and how it asks for the Pokemon's class when you choose the nature. Again, I am still figuring this whole Pokesav thing out, so sorry for the n00b questions.
  3. Please help! does it ultimately affect the legitamy of the pokemon? can I make REAL shinys that nintendo will accept into say...the video game world championships? ---------- Post added at 02:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:19 PM ---------- Hey guys! check out my web site too! It's featured above...its good and also features the pokesav, but...I have a BIG question...Fenzo if you are reading this, can I please have permission for a direct download on my site for the pokesav package? All credit will go to you and I'll add a link to this site.
  4. I don't quite remember how to determine which class abilities I should be putting on pokemon. For example, I'm working on a Giratina (not O forme) at the moment, so should the ability fall under class 1 or 2? Could someone add the ability information to the wiki?
  5. wraith89

    Pokemon Class ID

    I've seen so many people with this problem, so I'm willing to help here. Anyways, when someone edits their Pokemon like, let's say, Ponyta, with Run Away. But most people don't want that ability. They want her other uberw00tpwnage awesome ability, Flash Fire. So they do that quick editing in Pokesav. Then Ponyta evolves... into a Rapidash. Then you're in battle and send her against a, I don't know, an Infernape. That Infernape uses Flamethrower... and you're expecting that boost, but it hits Rapidash instead! So you're like "what?" and check its ability. It's RUN AWAY! Now what just happened here? While you fixed the pony's ability, you haven't fixed its class (Class 1 or Class 2)! So Ponyta was Class 1 and you fixed its ability to Flash Fire, but you forgot to change it to Class 2. So once it evolves, it retains its property of being Class 1, and Class 1 Rapidash is Run Away. That's why it's important to change to Class 2 (use PID generator for this). So how do I know which Pokemon's ability is Class 1 or Class 2? Here's where the list comes in. Obviously, Pokemon with one Ability is not mentioned. This list is in Pokedex order (except evolved Pokes are grouped with their respective cousins). Have fun. FAQ Tell me if you find any errors. Thanks Click here for damio's downloadable version in Excel Spreadsheet References 1. PID/IV Creation 2. Pokemon Platinum Version Soon to Cover: Generation V Pokemon (Finding this manually is a pain) Better Interface Dream World Abilities Scrap Notes (do NOT use the information here... yet):
  6. So, I want to make a Pokemon. Not as an egg, but I want it to read that it had just hatched from one, so for the sake of example, I'll say Horsea, lv. 1, hatched in Valor Lakefront. Now, I input everything as I believe it should be, left-over. No held item, correct TID and SID, Level 1, 0 Experience, 0 Happiness, and I'll throw in Pokerus. It's a Pokeball, as it was hatched, and the ability is Swift Swim. It's got no nickname, so it's HORSEA, and my trainer is a girl, named Haruka. Then, I chose desirable, yet random, IVs; HP/Atk/Def/Spe/SpA/SpD were 31/18/30/31/31/29. But as much as I've read, I'm still not certain about the whole lack of any PID mattering, as IVs are overwritten. And this isn't truly hatched, it's... a baby, not-really-hatched. So according to Pokesav, a legit PID yielded was 2330405090. Type 4, Modest, 1, Male, Not Shiny. * I don't know what the Type # represents. I assume that the 1 or 2 corresponds to the ability it can have, so... Swift Swim works there? Converted to Binary, the last digit is 0, meaning ability 1, right?) I guess what I'm getting at is: What do I need to do to show this as truly legit? Legal, even, for tournament play (assume I'm going to something official, say, Nashville's VGC.) It came from an egg, so 85h is 00. 44h is D0, 45h is 07, 46h is 49 and 47h is 00 (07D0 is Day Care Couple's hexadecimal, and 0046 is Valor Lakefront's hexadecimal.) It has a seemingly legit PID, the correct hidden hex values... what, then, do I alter to make it real? And, if nothing, should I upload the .pkm for testing? I have problems using the legality checker, and people say it lies because I'm on Platinum, so... @_@ help is greatly appreciated.
  7. What does this option in the generate menu does? What I need to do with this?
  8. Hi, first, sorry for my english:creep:. Btw, i trade a Clefable that was transferred to Platinum from Fire Red (so the legal.exe show me a Invalid Trash Bytes), but the problem is another. Clefable has Magic Guard, but in the Generate windows is check the Class 1 tab (the pokemon isn't a egg). Is it possible? Thank you :grog:
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