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Found 7 results

  1. Version b1.5.3 A Pokémon Platinum Overhaul Hack Modified from Pokémon Renegade Platinum by Drayano, with permission Note: b1.2.1 and b1.2.0 contain a game-breaking bug where Fantina's script in the Contest Hall won't play properly, and progression is impossible. Please update as soon as possible! The game crashes when the first Barry battle begins if you did not use a Revision 1 rom to patch. This is a known issue, and not possible to fix, as this hack was based on Revision 1 of Platinum. Also, since the game's code is different, I cannot guarantee that patches for Renegade Platinum will work correctly with Altered Platinum. If you use any additional patches, I may not be able to fix any issues you encounter. Introduction Pokémon Altered Platinum is a Platinum hack which makes radical changes to the way the game works, for the sake of fun and a fresh Sinnoh experience. Meet 30 new Sinnohan forms(not rushed, just been working on this thing for WAY too long), each with a unique design, type, stats and more! Play with old Pokémon that have been changed so extensively that it's like they're brand-new, and get used to an overall higher standard of power where almost everything should be usable. The Ice type has undergone some extensive changes, with its Rock weakness removed and new resistances to Water, Ground, and Dragon. Face an increased challenge, that isn't quite Kaizo levels, but it's definitely tougher than base Renegade Platinum. With the removal of effort values, you're limited to roughly the same level of power as the NPC trainers(who also can't use EVs), and you don't have to EV grind for hours! Gym Leaders are no longer limited to types! Instead, their teams are centered around a particular gimmick, such as Roark's Stealth Rock team. Play around with some new moves with (sorta)custom animations, such as the low-power physical Fairy move Roughhouse, or the 100% accurate, 90 power, no effects physical Flying move Meteor Dive! Some are even signature moves, such as Skarmory's Steel Feathers or (SPOILER)'s Cosmic Void. Find newly recolored shiny Pokémon, like an autumn-colored Leafeon, or cherry blossom Torterra, with Renegade's 1/512 shiny rate included! Some NPC dialogue that didn't give lore or story has been replaced(not all of it yet). This includes new jokes and references, but also some extra lore for the new Sinnohan Forms, to help them truly feel at home in this brand-new Sinnoh! Each new form even includes new Pokédex entries! On top of all of this, there's even a familiar face as a new postgame boss trainer, whom is equivalent to Renegade Platinum's Steven Stone battle. Check the Screenshots spoiler for more info! Note: This is my first ever romhack, and I've released in beta because I keep losing interest during my playtesting sessions. I figured it would be better to at least post some kind of release than let it sit on my hard drive for potentially another three years. Currently, the hack has been balance-tested and tweaked up to the credits, and the postgame should be free of bugs, as I've tested it with a specific postgame testing save. Screenshots (Spoiler warning!) Preview of all Sinnohan Forms (Spoiler warning!) Preview of all shiny Sinnohan Forms (Spoiler warning!) Preview of all recolored shinies (Spoiler warning!) Download (Documentation included!) Contains all current and previous versions. Note: This hack requires that your vanilla Platinum rom is Revision 1. It will not work correctly with the older version. This hack is also based on an older version of Renegade Platinum without the Steven fight, though a different- but equivalent- fight may be added in the future. The Miror B. sprites in this Google Drive are also free to use, but credit would be appreciated! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ooydJKGFE3AajHm1w8sCUx0Z8J2vo95q?usp=sharing Changelog (Unmarked Spoilers!) Tools Used JackHack Tools: Like Drayano, I used a bunch of tools from his site, such as the DPP Attack Editor, DS Pokemon Editor, PokePicDS, and so on. WPEDS: Used D-Trogh's Wild Pokemon Editor DS for most of my encounter edits. PPRE: Mostly just used it for the trainer editor, everything else is kinda unstable... HxD: A capable hex editor, which allowed me to do things like change sprite animations and offsets, and replace TMs DSPRE Reloaded: Using this now for trainer, text and script editing in place of PPRE. BTX Editor 2.0: Used it for replacing overworlds. Made the whole process far easier. Credits Drayano, for the original romhack and plenty of personal guidance. Without him, this wouldn't have been possible. TheOnlineNinja759, a friend of mine, for the cute Sinnohan Raichu art at the top- and for helping me with the design of Sinnohan Dunsparce! Jay-San, for a variety of helpful tutorials JackHack96, for many of his tools D-Trogh, for WPEDS Alpha, SCV, for PPRE AdAstra-LD for DSPRE Reloaded, and Mixone-FinallyHere for the original DSPRE. KazoWar, for BTX Editor 2.0 Many people I'm probably forgetting because I've been working on this thing off and on for way too long...
  2. Hi, after reading about a beta picture of Tyranitar in the Mobile Trainer ROM I found today that this cardrige have much more secrets to discover such as Odd Egg Event, GS Ball event or wallpapers for the cardrige (Celebi) or Pokemon Crystal, maybe we can dump the pokemon pictures? I'm not very confident about finding back the events as they are located in the sav but who knows? Sources: here and here
  3. If you need a beta tester, you know to find all the bugs i will do it for any game you'd like.
  4. The theme is beta at the moment. Let me know of anything you guys find that needs fixing.
  5. Just as an FYI to all those out there, this project is long dead. You can see my new stuff here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?20984-PKMDS-Code-Library-Gen-V Hello again! Work has begun on a new take on the old PKMDS Box Organizer program. Now running off my new code library for handling Pokémon DS save file data, I present to you PKMDS Box MK II (now in beta)! It solves a lot of problems I had with the first box organizer as far as actually re-organizing Pokémon is concerned. SCREENSHOT: FEATURES: Sort your Pokémon stored in the PC storage system via full visual interface, implementing drag and drop functionality! Double-click on a Pokémon to see detailed information! For the first time in Pokémon hacking history, drag and drop Pokémon from your PC storage system directly onto Windows Explorer as a PKM file! Drag and drop a PKM file directly into your PC! You can even drag and drop between two instances of the application to transfer Pokémon directly from one save to the other! Now supports Platinum! Thanks to SCV and Jiggy-Ninja for the inspiration on how to auto-detect which save type is being loaded! Please bear in mind that this is a beta; more and more features will be added as time goes on. Anyway, check it out! EDIT: Big news (at least for me): Pokémon Platinum save files are now supported! Now you can open up two instances of the program and transfer Pokémon between a Diamond / Pearl save file and a Platinum save file! Nice. PKMDS_Box_MK_II.zip
  6. I wonder if there is gonna be a Beta style Pokesav or a Pokesav that can respond to any Pokemon game?
  7. well i have been think about making my own game and i was thinking and i thought that its not really that hard so why not i said to myself! the name of the game i havent thought of yet or the style even so all ideas are welcome. So once i get an idea or someone elses ill need some spriters (i can sprite a bit but now much) then with time the game will be ready for beta testing so if you want to be a beta tester , spriter or just contribute in any way just reply :grog:
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