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  1. Hey guys, Is anyone here in Korea and will be getting wonder cards to share? I had found a person on Reddit's PokemonExchange who was going to Korea next week for a few days and was offering to get Mew + eggs, but of course the nature of paying money for events like this is a bit annoying. Especially with them being random in nature. If nobody plans on archiving the wonder cards (as I know Korean events have a tendency to go underlooked here), I can shell out some money to get at least some of the eggs, and upload the wonder cards to share. Just figured I'd ask so I don't spend money I don't need to spend. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but since IR and local wireless events don't go through Game Sync or the PGL, if you inject one of the WCs between game syncs it shouldn't result in a ban, since the same would happen legitimately, right? From playing around with PkHex, I can see that wonder cards are stored outside the super-encrypted area of the save, so if ALL you do is add a WC and re-save, it shouldn't leave any traces of having been edited at all.
  2. Hey guys, Ever since I went to Journey Across America in 2006 and got 15 of the 20 event legendaries, I've been looking for the other 4. Basically, I got there too late and got kicked out after getting the third set of 5, LOL. I know people have experimented with gen 3 save editors, but has anyone successfully made something like a .pkm file for Ruby/Sapphire? I am also really upset because I accidentally lost 6 of my events by trying to clone them. Long story short, I wanted to migrate all my JAA events to Diamond, but without losing them in Ruby. I didn't realize there was a way to dump saves at the time, so what I did was trade them 6 at a time to my slot-2 Supercard (which requires you to actually manually save the .sav file, even if the game tries to save), save it, then trade back and restore the save. That way I'd be able to import 6 into Diamond and then restore them. But I screwed it up and forgot to save on the Supercard so they're gone. I think I have them in Diamond, but obviously there's no way to reverse import them into Ruby. If there's a way I can take the .pkm files from Diamond and stick them back on my original game, that would be awesome. I know there are lots of the JAA Pokémon as .pkm files on here that people have imported into D/P, but I'd like to get all 20 of them (plus Celebi) on my actual Ruby game. Is this possible yet?
  3. Hm, interesting. I noticed that when I went to restore a save, it read the cartridge first so I assumed it was grabbing the encryption key. That being said, I've heard through the grapevine that someone has figured out how to force games to use the older save encryption (think Gateway 3DS and EmuNAND) so that you can use the XOR decryption that already exists. If that ever ends up being released, it should be possible to inject the wonder cards into games - the only catch is you'd have to start a new save with the older method.
  4. Hmm, Datel Powersaves obviously decrypts the saves (at least at some point, maybe they're stored on the local machine encrypted still) since I can confirm you can backup a save and restore it to a different cartridge. I wonder if there's any way to use a similar method to inject it into a save backed up by Powersaves?
  5. I've noticed some people posting files of the X/Y events (like the Torchic)... is there actually anything that can be done with these? I have Powersaves, but I Datel's save database is not legit at all. I tried adding the Wonder Card for Garchomp and the OT was the same 10123 as Torchic, which according to the event database is NOT the proper OT! So I'd really rather not use Powersaves on my game (I have a copy of Y I'm keeping legit, and X I just mess around with, that's the one I tested) I realize there's not much that can be done with 3DS saves at the moment but I'm curious how people are able to extract the WCs in the first place :confused:
  6. It doesn't. I play D/P/P on my Supercard and AceKard all the time... and the 6 hour thing still applies. And it still yells at you if you change the clock and try to migrate. What do you mean "doesn't care about resetting"? Anyway, I guess the DS would HAVE to log time changes. Because if emulators indeed let you mess with the game like that... I don't know how else it would work. I wonder if somebody could do an AR cheat for the game that makes it ignore the DS' log LOL
  7. Does the DS really log if you change the clock? I'm curious. Does anyone here use an emulator? Because obviously changing your computer clock wouldn't be reported the same way as changing your DS clock... so I want to see if you could make berries grow faster that way. Really, it's the only thing that makes sense, so I hope that's actually correct, or I'll be ripping my hair out! LOL On a side note, am I the only one who was really mad that you can't change the clock for daylight savings time in RSE?
  8. Alright, so this has been bugging me for some time now. Scenario: You put Honey on a tree. You save your game, then turn off your DS and take out the cartridge. About 6 hours later, you put the game back in and turn on your DS. There is a Pokémon waiting for you to catch it on the tree. So this time, your DS clock reads 1:00. You spread Honey on a tree and save the game. You turn off your DS, then change its clock to 7:00, save, and turn off. You then put your game back in and start it. However, there's no Pokémon there. You have to wait until your DS reads 13:00 for one to show up. The same thing applies with berries. And I want to know: How does the game do it? I know it does not have an internal clock. If the game is turned off, how can it detect that your DS clock was changed? The same thing goes with migrating - though that I can see if it compared your clock against the internal clock of RSE. Does the DS have some sort of method of telling the cartridge? I might try some fooling around on an emulator to see if I can trick it by changing my computer clock, when I know the computer won't tell the ROM I changed the clock illegally. But does anyone actually know? I've been trying to figure it out for a while.
  9. What I mean is, they weren't from the actual events... they were created by someone instead. I have 16 of the 20 actual event ones, plus Celebii. But what I need now is someone who has them on the GBA.
  10. Those are the .pkm files for Pokésav. See, I don't want them in my DS game. I want them on my GBA game. And as far as I know you can't use .pkm with GBA games. Also, I heard that all those .pkms are fake...
  11. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but I've been on the chat before. Here's the scenario. In June 2006, I went to Journey Across America in Michigan. I was able to get Celebi (on 5 different carts, even), as well as 16 of the 20 "top 20" Pokémon. Well, when it came time to put them on Diamond, I didn't want to lose them, so I used my slot-2 Supercard to clone them, and once I had two of each, I migrated one set. Well, I was trying to do that again so I could put them all on Platinum, and I foolishly erased five of them. (In order to have it actually save, you need to save the .sav to RAM, and I failed to do that so they're now gone forever) Well since there's no Pokésav for R/S/E, I'm looking for somebody who has a GBA cartridge that still has LEGIT JAA Pokémon on them. I could then use their .sav on my Supercard, and put them back onto Ruby so I'll have them again. (And I could possibly have all 20, not just 16) So far, though, I haven't encountered anybody who still had JAA event Pokémon on their R/S/E games. Hopefully one of you can help. (You have to be able to dump a GBA save though) @Moderators, if this belongs in the "Event Pokémon" board, feel free to move it. If you want anything in exchange... I have a bunch of Diamond and Pearl events, but then again, who doesn't since the WCs are up and most of you know how to use Pokésav :wink:
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