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    It's that time of year. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon datamining has begun. To start, @SciresM has extracted the following resources: Game Text Story Text Egg moves Encounter tables Level up moves Personal entries Trainers Tutor moves Pokemon with Shiny and Alternate forms This article will be updated as new information is found. The link below contains the research done so far: https://projectpokemon.org/research/usum/ Warning: SPOILERS ahead (Only Links given right now to avoid lagging spoiler tags from accidentally revealing itself). Island Scans Data (note: Time and location data are not yet discovered) View full article
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    Hi, I open this little thread to reference all possible hints of Gen8 in Alola. I noticed 3: -Backpacker Perdy which you can find in Vast Pony Canyon which speaks you about explore the world after your island challenge in USUM and says "There are so many undiscovered Pokemon" -The dark Granbull in the police station -The guy speaking about a sandman Pokemon in Iki Town (a future Ground/Fairy Pokemon?) Artwork of Fakemon Zable from ???
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    EVERYTHING. For starters, look at the dex: edit: Screenshots of dex entries:
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    Last September, Project Pokémon held an art competition in order to update the branding art for its social media pages, Patreon and eventually, incorporate the design into the site theme. Submissions were excepted until October 13, 2017. After the submission period ended, voting came next. The competition included; BlackShark, wrathsoffire76, theSLAYER, Jovie and Got_Eevees. The community was given approximately one month to cast their votes. On November 16, 2017, the winner of the art competition was announced on the Portal. BlackShark and wrathsoffire76 tied for second place with just four votes each. Jovie’s art received 16 votes, making Jovie the winner. Today, Jovie impressed Project Pokémon staff with a new variant of the original winning submission. We applied Jovie’s art to the default site theme for all to enjoy! Again, thank you @Jovie for your contributions to Project Pokémon! View full article
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    So, yeah, I found a fun new Pokemon forum, while randomly surfing Pokemon pages in general, and made sure I joined I'm actually a long time Pokemon fan, I got into the franchise around the age of 12 (i'm a young woman now; haven't really bothered stating my age in my profile, not yet, though). You can call me CorniFan (my name here); Or "Jirachu" (my pokemon forum username i've used in general for years). Korrina is my most favorite Pokemon character ever and I have a serious crush on her (and trust me I daydream about her a lot too lol). I don't seem to get picked on for liking her too much, dispite her being female, not real, ext, thankfully. I have aspergers syndrome too so she's my 'special interest' right now that seems to keep me feeling calm and happy nowadays For years before I became a Korrina fangirl (which is a more resent thing, mind you) I have had depression a lot; due to my autism and general confusion about the world. I'm glad I finally found something that helps me. But, outside Korrina, I really do enjoy Pokemon in general; The battles, the cute characters, the music, the stories, the gameplay, ext.....its all just so awesome to me. Pokemon is my most favorite franchise ever really And being into Korrina in general has helped me feel more 'in touch' with that again too I hope we can all be friends and I enjoy it on here a lot! (and, yes, i've watched her anime arc several times now x3)
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    I took the very first value in HxD (block 00 in offset 0) and changed it to 01, but after opening in PKHeX and saving, my checksum did not change. Why would this be? And thanks! EDIT: I did, however, get the checksum to 00 F5 by changing my TID to 44405 (and keeping my SID the same at 40171). How can I tell if this is a valid TID/SID combo given the vast amount of seeds that could be obtained with a live battery? The only way I can think of is to search each minute of each hour of each calendar day, which is impossible. EDIT2: I got the checksum to 00 F5 by changing my game time to 5 hr 26 min 30 sec. EDIT3: I GOT IT! Thanks everyone for all your help!
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    The legendaries are something I've been hoping for since the game was announced, so I'm now really hyped about it. That, and Team Rainbow Rocket. Loved the concept (even though I don't like the name that much). Yesterday's trailer got me all fired up! The new photo feature seems like something I could enjoy, too. Specially with Pokémon that are totally unfit for such a "kawaii" feature, namely, Giratina. On the other hand, there's stuff I'm mostly indifferent to, such as the Totem-sized Pokémon (dobut they'll have any stat enchancement), the Ultra Wormhole minigame, or Mantine Surf (gee, they should at least let us wear some decent clothing while doing so, the riding gear is why I avoided using ride Pokémon as much as I could) Also... The Mirage Spots legends in ORAS weren't shiny locked, so I dobut these Ultra Wormhole ones will be.
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    I'm still really mixed about Ultra Sun and Moon to be honest. It's good that Sun / Moon tried something new and I like the whole island / tribal feel to the game. I just think the implementation of the idea could have been a lot better. A lot of things were done which I feel added no value to the game, such as the rotom dex. That to me just seemed a bit childish. That brings me on to the next thing, the whole bottom screen generally felt wasted a lot of the time. In the GEN 6 games I always had the PSS system active there and it was nice to see when certain friends came online and see trainers from other countries passing, randomly getting invited to battle / trade as I progressed though the game, using the O-Powers and so on. The lack of a national dex was a disappointment to me, I’ve had little incentive to bring my living Pokedex from GEN 6 across. I think for me if we get something like the PSS back, National Dex and a better story now Lilly is a proper Pokemon trainer and a lot of new areas to explore it could turn out to be a good game. What would be really nice is if we can catch legendries which have only ever been event only, such as Volcanion and Marshadow for example. I’ve pretty much managed to complete my living Pokedex with myself as the OT for every Pokemon, except event only Pokemon and Xerneas. Xerneas been catchable would be nice as it would mean I don’t need to play most of Pokemon X at some point for one Pokemon, although I really enjoyed Y so wouldn’t resent having to do that at all. I just don’t have a lot of time to at the moment. From looking at the image jojo12100 posted I will have to play both Ultra Moon and Sun to get UB Burst and UB Lay with myself as the OT, so I do want to enjoy theses games. I think with a lot of small improvements Ultra Sun and Moon could be really nice games, maybe even the definitive 3DS Pokemon game. Currently I think Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the best Pokemon games on the 3DS. I still don’t find myself as excited as others seem to be for the games though, which is unsual as i've been pretty hyped for all the Pokemon 3DS games so far. I’m hoping that will change though.
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