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  1. Seguramente la fecha que detecta el juego en VBA y la de My Boy son distintas.
  2. @Jack4728 ¿Prefieres en Español, verdad? Al jugar en emulador VBA el juego utiliza el reloj y fecha de tu ordenador, así que queda guardado que estás en 2018. En el momento en que lo pones en la consola original, el reloj es diferente porque la partida empieza en enero del año 2000 (aunque no se muestre tal fecha). Así que es como si volvieras 18 años al pasado y las bayas no crecerán hasta que el reloj vuelva a superar de nuevo la fecha, algo muy difícil de conseguir sin que se te gaste la pila. Para arreglarlo puedes utilizar el PKHex: En la opción RTC (real time clock) puedes ver la fecha de inicio del juego y los días que han pasado. Simplemente pulsando "Reset RTC" vuelve todo al año 2000 y al ponerlo en cartucho crecerán las bayas y avanzará el tiempo. Sin embargo sospecho que la semilla (seed) de la isla espejismo, los eventos diarios de bayólogo/floristería, las revanchas en bases secretas y la lotería no van a avanzar. Todavía no sé por qué, pero es un problema que yo he tenido. En algún lugar del juego debe quedar registrado que ha pasado menos tiempo del que toca A question for everyone: If the seed is kept until the day I advance but I reset the RTC (initial & elapsed) why the berries grow in game but daily events don't work? Berry Master and his wife don't want to give me more berries anymore. I'm playing in original cartridge, I changed the internal battery and use PKHEx to restart the clock. I played this game for years, maybe the game keeps that information appart from the RTC...
  3. About the ID/SID combination... I am a weirdy gamer who likes playing my own game from scratch, too. But... sometimes it's fun to choose the numbers. For example, I like my very first trainer ID in Pokémon Red so I put it on my new saves. Not in the main new game each generation, maybe in second or third attempt (playing in emulator, or with en editor).
  4. That's exactly what I need ? OK, thanks for the info. I searched for the option but I didn't find it.
  5. I don't know why, but PKHex fails detecting the file version for some of my Ruby saves (from original spanish cartridge, 100% no cheats). I've been using Collosseum, XD and Pokémon Channel all these years with that game, maybe that's the reason... Maybe some data changed!? I suggest implementing a manual version selector for RSE, if it's possible. I think that would fix the problem. The save works fine with Trigger's PC (has version selector), but in PKHex I had problems with the trainer data and that stuff that are different in Emerald. Thank you. BTW: Great job, best editor ever!!
  6. This is awesome, Suloku!! You're doing a great compilation work, our grandchildren will appreciate it. ?
  7. Hello. Great job, Suloku. Thanks. I'm glad to have given you the Celebi.
  8. Nice! I was on a similar project many years ago, on a spanish forum. sav: https://mega.nz/#!eEkwHRgA!K6YsRjAJ-E1ENm_xZBAj61KZJCB5-_v6UUmaN32-Mxw The original post was lost and I don't remember what's in. We have a spanish Collosseum Ho-oh (OT: ERNESTO), spanish Channel Jirachis, spanish Box eggs, 10ANIV pokémon... And others.
  9. Buying old games on eBay is cheaper than sending it to Italy, I think. We can make a contribution.
  10. Tried on a spanish game, but the dealer speaks Italian (as expected) :biggrin:
  11. I have to try this new editor, I had problems with pikaedit and others. :smile:
  12. Yeah, but in terms of legallity, if you send games from countries that not had the event in the past, you can get it legally.
  13. If we start to sending again our carts, illegal events on the past may be legal in 2016. lol Or even italian events on french games, for example.
  14. That mew isn't legit on a EUR/USA game. And if you get a legal mew from the 90s in a savegame and transfer it to your 3DS, the same. So: Mew in EUR/USA VC games = Not legit.
  15. Awesome. Nintendo still gives tickets? Then they still have the official machine/way. If only we could make a friend there, an infiltrate... Real.96, please, send some italian delights. I don't know what, but it doesn't matter. In Spain we do it with serrano ham, it works fine.
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