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  1. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    How do we apply these patches to current Crystal?
  2. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    You are more than welcome to. We will get it once it is posted on the servers (usually before the codes can be redeemed). Also thanks for the info, I didn't even know. I wonder if Bulbapedia has that info? (@SnorlaxMonster)
  3. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    You could if you NTR RAM Dumped it But it would simply match what is on the servers.
  4. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Yours is dated and the one from the server isn't. But like Purin pointed out, it is best to strive for the WC7Full
  5. That would be really cool!
  6. I am excited to see this event! I bet the OTN will be the same as other events, ポケセン.
  7. Celebi is out for EU now.
  8. Fun tidbit, Celebi's wonder card ID is 251, like it's dex number! Also the final Korean Celebi card was uploaded and it matches the last test card from a few days ago.
  9. SM - Shiny Silvally (SEA Serial Code)

    Silvally is up for JPN/SEA. Looks like another mess up. The OTN was never translated to English from Japanese. Let's see if they notice and fix it.
  10. There will be a distribution in October for a Charizard in the US and/or EU region. Appears to be the final wondercard. Species Charizard Nickname (default, save lang) OT Bullseye TID 100117 Distribution Serial Code Location a lovely place Dates 10/1/2017 - ? PID Cannot Be Shiny Games US 3DS: SM Lv. 50 Nature Random Ability Blaze (1) Item Red Card Bundled Item None Classic Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Dragon Dance Flare Blitz Fly Earthquake WC ID 614: 「Red Hot Charizard!」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Red Hot Charizard! The classic Charizard is once again ready for the heat of battle! Boost up Charizard with Dragon Dance, then turn up the heat with Flare Blitz. Opponents will cower in fear when the mighty Charizard roars!
  11. Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap)

    Drag/drop the wc7full file into the box.
  12. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Here is the Korean Ilex Celebi - Technically the Beech Celebi. No limit on the number of codes you can redeem, and can be redeemed on USUM.
  13. [Gen 4] Pal Park Research

    Very similar to what you said. IIRC, the 22byte array is recycled memory. It gets filled to the terminator, then the array is copied whole to the pokemon structure.
  14. I think with PKHex you can hold CTRL and press the shiny button to change the SID.
  15. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Original Cap Pikachu is up on the servers for EU/US. English French German Italian Spanish
  16. I agree with @theskipster. There are no 3DS cards (and from what @SciresM told me, there never will).
  17. The one from the gallery is probably wrong. IIRC, the gallery needs to be replaced entirely.
  18. [Gen 4] Pal Park Research

    To clarify, I made a mistake about the shuffled memory. Gen 4/5 use dynamic allocation which means it is variable. Depending on circumstance, the pointers would be slightly different. We are thinking by as much as 0x400.
  19. Wish Bagon egg from Emerald

    Does PKHex have Gen 3 from PK3 files like it does with wondercards?
  20. Wish Bagon egg from Emerald

    That pokemon was not distributed to Emerald. Also the algorithm is fairly complicated, and PKHex doesn't fully legality check it.
  21. SM - Shiny Silvally Present! (TWN/HK - Serial Code)

    I wonder if we will see it on the servers!
  22. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Not sure if there is an issue with the event gallery or the contribution archive, but our github has them all: Event Gallery - Gen 7 - FRE
  23. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    I think it's serial code so we will get it?
  24. Not sure if those could write saves, but even a single dev-gba hooked to a PC would do the trick, albeit slowly. Get 3-5 of those setups and in a day it's done.
  25. Is the PID static, or is there a specific algorithm?