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  1. It creates confusion and then people ask if Pokemon are legal/legit. It is much easier to use the WCs.
  2. This one looks hacked... Nicknamed, 0 catch rate.
  3. https://pastebin.com/Wyk4jYhY That's for US Emerald. I don't have time to pull up the IDA on US Emerald, pull the change location and apply the same to Japanese emerald. Sorry. Maybe someone else can. Should be easy enough with the right programs.
  4. Easy enough to find vblank offset from Smogon research threads, then make a cheat code to patch it. Not technically running legit anymore though since vblank alters RNG. Why so fast other than RNGing?
  5. I wish there were any originals. Maybe in someone's cart in their attic. And with new laws on JP it is less likely to be dumped. As for the algorithm, there is no way to know. We looked for leftover code. Most likely they match 5th anniv except not an egg. Unfortunately no way to know.
  6. Depends how you look at legitimacy. Some communities only allow "originals from that physical event and distribution period". That is not what these are.
  7. You are not supposed to be able to move Crystal to HOME because VC Crystal doesn't have legit access to PCNY events. As for campaign 2, it's a guess. As for Gen 3 Wish eggs, those were distributed via wondercard, not using PCNY.
  8. That same event was held in Santa Monica too IIRC. I wish I knew where my Mew was. I didn't think or remember OT/TIDs back then. I do remember staff members having a line battling everyone and they had 3 Pokemon, all Mew, and kicked our ass.
  9. PCNY is marked illegal on purpose so legality checkers can spot check them from fakes among hundreds of Pokemon on a save. PID is BACD_U_AX
  10. We have some daisuki but I don't have a way of verifying any of them. All I know is that they were wondercards that were generated and received by staff to do the GTS. The PID/TID/SID/OTG are static and there are potentially multiple variations.
  11. Keep in mind that PKHex will not do properly legality. There is a relationship with PID, IV, and OTG. PKHex doesn't validate OTG. And for anyone wondering, not every event has the same OTG relationship.
  12. For sake of anyone reading this in the future. If you have a WC4 and need the PCD for injection then drop the WC4 in PKHex (using a gen 4 save) then export as PCD.
  13. Not sure where we got ours from. Thank you for attaching it! I also wonder how many of our other wondercards are fake. I would need people to submit originals to compare.
  14. Trash data doesn't look consistent with other Mew. Not sure if that is acceptable.
  15. I assume the Pokemon has the same DVs as all of the other Mew?
  16. I think so but it may not be perfect.
  17. Are you changing the secret ID to match?
  18. The main issue is missing information about the distributions themselves. Held Item, Moves, etc.
  19. Staff could modify the campaign.. so anything is possible. I know of one person that got the Mew (shiny). We are currently recreating the machine data to distribute Gen 2 for video.
  20. They won't know because the OTG is random and linked to PID/IV. The algorithm for that is not in any software.
  21. The seed is limited to 0->65535. You won't have good IVs unfortunately. Also I caution anyone reproducing Gen 3 Pokemon because PKHex doesn't have all of the legality info so you could get false positives even with a correct PID/IV.
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