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  1. There are copies of each one without the pkrus too. Also those events with pkrus iirc had an impossible combination of bits. They are legit, or generated from a leaked ROM. Either way, legit enough for me since I know the algorithm and trash bytes.
  2. @theSLAYER, we may want to put the language tag next to the OTN for each language since I believe the language tags can change per OTN via the flag in the last array on the WC.
  3. I already added it to GitHub. I assume @theSLAYER will add it to the site gallery soon.
  4. @CharizardOutrage2, so the PGT is different, but what about the PCD? Are those good? It might be the slot? And if so, that depends on who received/dumped it. I'll check over the weekend and do some tests.
  5. Yeah, our wondercards should be accurate. Also PCD is an old format, we use WC4 now (decrypted Pokemon inside).
  6. I have a Mew on a Blue cart somewhere with the OT of a staff (IIRC). It was obtained through a trade with that staff at an event.
  7. I think whether or not it was used, and the date IIRC. I can look it up later. You can also try grovyles wondercard editor and see if you can spot it that way.
  8. Great job everyone and thank you to /u/Th4tGuyUKn0
  9. PKHex would have to be modified to use the entire WC4 format, not just PGT. This is up to @Kaphotics or someone else willing to make the pull request.
  10. No correlation that can be determined by those values alone. The rng is 128bits, of which 32bits are returned. Even with sequential calls to the rng, there is too much missing data. There always will be.
  11. I don't think PKHex uses Gen 4 wondercard, only the mystery gift portion, which does not have game origin information. As for other sources, not to my knowledge, at least none with data that I don't have. Let me know if you find anything.
  12. @dji, PKHex recognizes some events, but not ALL events. If PKHex recognizes an event, it will not say SID 0 is fishy. If it does not recognize an event, then it will say this.
  13. Generally using a double or decimal fixes it. I haven't had time to test it but I assume Kaphotics had already tried various options.
  14. That is a preference. Kaphotics chose to do it like this.
  15. PKhex always says fishy for event SID since it is always 0.
  16. Yeah I am not sure there is a way to SR. Hopefully they come up with a better way. I hope the next game as all of the features of a full Pokemon game.
  17. Try decimal in C# then cast to float?
  18. I answered this also on the Gengar itself and linked to the WCFull.
  19. I can confirm that all mystery gifts are done the same as Mew and Chansey. They are not stored on the save.
  20. The gender is locked after receiving it, so if it can be female either the wcfull is needed or the female one is needed. Here is the WCFull. https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/blob/master/Released/Gen 6/Wondercards/ENG/0049 XY - XY Shiny Gengar (ENG) (P).wc6full Keep in mind the (P) on the filename indicates the WCFull was reconstructed from real wondercards and known information.
  21. I am slowly putting them all on GitHub. Just missing the GCEA. You can use that to fill the gallery.
  22. What Deoxyz said is correct. PKHex is not set up to handle most Japanese events.