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  1. I think @suloku has been able to help people with that. I know you can buy an adapter to do it.
  2. I assume each of your Mew was from each of the employees?} Let us know if you find your brothers! Lastly, do you plan on dumping the Mew or want to contribute them to the community?
  3. I know it's a long time ago, but we are trying to find out how many separate cartridges were given to the stores. It seems like RA, RB, BA, and BB are Red A/B and Blue A/B. Let me know if you remember anything and thank you for sharing!
  4. Most gen 3 events still need to be added.
  5. Only egg Pokemon and non-Pokemon stuff were distributed via WC3
  6. I have seen Method 3 twice, both wild encounters.
  7. Eventually! Having a hard time with emulation. I'll keep everyone updated.
  8. Show screenshots of the data or post the Pokemon.
  9. We have the PCNY hardware. Definitely wasn't by chance though. This is legal, not legit.
  10. Technically any method can happen at any time. Static encounters rare have anything other than Method 1 since it doesn't use animations (splash, rocks, grass, etc) nor does it load separate music. The longer the animation (generally stuff that cause vblanks) the more likely a method 2/3/4. Forcing a nature (syncing) will increase method 2/3/4 because of nature confirmation (rolling for a PID that matches the nature sync). H (no idea why that letter) IIRC is the designation for spreads specifically for wild encounters via random chance. A wild encounter is grass/surf/caves/power plant. The order from seed for wild encounters goes similar to this: Should encounter? Which encounter slot? Which level? Which nature? (Or Sync, or swarm, etc) Roll PID until nature matches (many times there is a vblank here) IV1 IV2 Held Item Static encounters, gifts, and rod are not wild encounters. I don't even think gifts have nature confirmation. Fishing is weird cause it's like a wild encounter minus the change of the encounter occurring. I am not sure if it's lumped under H or not, but if it is, that's superficial imo.
  11. @cloud_strife8, do you remember if the CTOUR Celebi were incrementing in Trainer ID?
  12. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a little gem. It is a perfect Jirachi! For anyone that isn't aware, multiple events in 2003 including World Hobby Fair and Festa 2003 used Gamecube Dev systems with Pokemon Machine v2 attachments and a GBA slot to distribute Jirachi. This was the same machine that was used at PCNY for generation 2 and generation 3. Note: There are actually 6 possible PIDs with perfect IVs. None are Timid sorry RS - ネガイボシ 6IV Jirachi (D694C91C) (JPN).pk3
  13. I have never seen predominately Method 2/4 on a retail cart on a GBA with normal gameplay. If you are specifically RNGing using various techniques then that is different. Also seeds can be "skipped" depending on many times nature confirmation iterated and the animation (surf/rod vs grass or static overworld) that causes vblank.
  14. Yeah according to @Admiral_Fish that is most likely due to the background music. It is well known that emulators (box included) cause method 4 because of the timings. Method 1 for grass encounters on a retail cart on a GBA should still be the most common.
  15. I added it to GitHub.
  16. I have never seen method 4 from Pokemon box. Do you have self obtained box pokemon this way? Edit: I was thinking about bonus eggs.
  17. @RobustRabbit or @MetaleroSmith do you have it?
  18. That wishmaker entry must be new because I don't remember that being there. I'll let him know.
  19. I think your right. Might be updated on digiex. I'll have to check and fix it here. Deoxyz is retired so I also don't expect any updates.
  20. Gen 1/2 source got leaked so that is there. Gen 3 is still being disassembles but if the source gets leaked you can use that. I am not aware of any research into trading specifically though sorry.
  21. As an update, there is no relation between species and PID/IV.
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