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  1. Your link just goes here: https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/. Nothing special. Not sure how your explanation helps.
  2. Based on another thread, it looks like KingImpolean had one too.
  3. The newest PKHex will generate if you drop a let's go wondercard onto the bag slots.
  4. Ahh there it is. I was wondering if they would have a distro at that event.
  5. Sabresite

    zangoose realgam tower

    Can you give us a list of steps to reproduce this problem?
  6. Sabresite

    zangoose realgam tower

    @Kaphotics, is it possible the PID detection method is flawed with certain spreads like antishiny? Because if he captured it in-game (without cheating), it should at least come up legal? Or am I missing something?
  7. Ah ok because people who are interested and technical would also jump in and fix the bugs. Up to you though.
  8. I don't think there is enough recorded data to do it.
  9. Rolling the PID and EC ensures you won't get banned on PGL for save editing.
  10. Wishmaker Jirachi is generated by checksum. This was specifically done to prevent SR. So if the Jirachi is not shiny, then reset, play the game in some way, save, and try again. If someone has made documentation on how to RNG this by manipulating the checksum then go for it, otherwise its basically a shot in the dark. You could play the game and contribute zero to the checksum because fun fact, the checksum calc was broken and instead of considering all checksums, if uses one from a specific section based on order of the save parts. And I don't see an easy or possible way to identify your save section order without save editors.
  11. Due to concerns over malicious code, we have forked the WC Tool here, where we can support it and update as necessary. The release 0.1e has been compiled directly from the source by me and if there are still false positives, then there is not much we can do. The app has no external dependencies, and the targeting version has been upgraded to v4.7.2 in case of issues with the CLR.
  12. The way GBA stationary events worked, the same PID/IVs work for all stationary event pokemon. Other than trash data, you will be fine.
  13. For restricted Pokemon, you should make it look like a trade.
  14. Theoretically they could see it. Just generate new Pokemon by changing the PID/EC and IVs.
  15. Most likely other events had flags too. I think I remember Bulbapedia saying something about 48 celebi total being able to be transferred? How is that determined?
  16. I'll bring this up in the Checkpoint discord.
  17. I just got a 2nd Switch for Christmas and I thought it would be 1012+ but it's 1011. I haven't tried to hack it, but it might be possible.
  18. There are no perfect IVs. With RNGReporter use Reverse Method 1 and a seed range of 0 to 65535.
  19. Fixed offsets for relearn/memories in gen 7.
  20. GBA carts specifically require Rudolph's GBA Backup tool. It is kind of painful to use and not 100% fool proof, sometimes it fails. Delta Blast Burn is right, for NDS carts, you can just use CFW/Checkpoint.
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