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  1. Yeah I am thinking the same thing, unless they share prefixes with both NA/EU (but I actually have never seen that before).
  2. No idea. That is really weird. Is your 3DS NA or EU?
  3. For restricted Pokemon, you should make it look like a trade.
  4. Theoretically they could see it. Just generate new Pokemon by changing the PID/EC and IVs.
  5. We don't know the full formula for Hadou Regis. We also don't know the trash data. Therefore recreation is not a good idea. As for Pokecheck, I have all of the not-obviously-hacked private uploads. It's not possible to determine a formula since I don't know which (if any) are legit. As for known legits, I know of 2 Pokemon in 3rd gen format and they are with private collectors.
  6. Yeah, @BlackShark is right.
  7. Most likely other events had flags too. I think I remember Bulbapedia saying something about 48 celebi total being able to be transferred? How is that determined?
  8. The only thing PKHex doesn't handle is trash data. It doesn't matter though cause as soon as you move to gen 6+/bank, the Pokemon trash data is then determined by the app that retrieves the Pokemon from bank. So for practical purposes PKHex is exact.
  9. Sabresite

    bug in last update

    I think this was fixed recently. Please make an mgdb folder and extract the events gallery to it.
  10. I think this was fixed recently. Try making a folder called mgdb, then extract the events gallery to it.
  11. You can only redeem the wondercard once, just like previous generations. For Mew, if you buy more PokeBall Pluses then you can get more Mew.
  12. I'll bring this up in the Checkpoint discord.
  13. I just got a 2nd Switch for Christmas and I thought it would be 1012+ but it's 1011. I haven't tried to hack it, but it might be possible.
  14. There are no perfect IVs. With RNGReporter use Reverse Method 1 and a seed range of 0 to 65535.
  15. Fixed offsets for relearn/memories in gen 7.
  16. GBA carts specifically require Rudolph's GBA Backup tool. It is kind of painful to use and not 100% fool proof, sometimes it fails. Delta Blast Burn is right, for NDS carts, you can just use CFW/Checkpoint.
  17. They were put online at exactly 8pm PST like the website says. They are all up, x12 of each.
  18. It looks like there is still 10hrs until distribution, and according to pokemon.com you get 1 of each berry. The idea being that you should plant them.
  19. Sabresite


    @Jeong, do you have these pokemon? You can attach the PK5 files in a private message to me. Also please private message me any information you have and we can post it for you! Thank you for helping.
  20. Sabresite


    Can you post information about this?
  21. I was under the impression from Amab that it is possible on retail and emulator. Where does it specifically say it isn't on retail?
  22. Someone should make sure we have all seeds for English then I can generate the remaining Japanese. Quicker then trial/error redemption on Japanese disc.
  23. Yeah, this and others we have had since 2007. We are just uploading them now to the gallery from our GitHub collection thanks to @theSLAYER
  24. Do you mind posting or PMing me those saves? They look interesting! kaphotics edit: forwarded via pm