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  1. There are now new instructions and structure for building HANS packs.
  2. The Big September Update

    sneak-peaks https://twitter.com/StealthMountain/status/421133051742015488
  3. OP has new download links, and the instructions for creating a CIA or 3DS file of this hack are simplified.
  4. NTRBootHax/Magnethax Released

    Yeah i just have had plenty of ignorant support questions from CFW users asking "how i use hans" for my hacks. Hans doesn't support CRO patching and it requires entire compiled ROMFS bin files on the SD, so vs LayeredFS it: Is less fully featured (cannot edit starters, shops in SM, legendaries in XYORAS...) Takes up much more space on the SD Has longer load times Requires the user to either download a prepackaged ROMFS (considered to be piracy by Project Pokemon rules, so the files couldn't be posted here) or... Requires the user to obtain their own ROMFS files, overwrite, and rebuild (introduces a lot of room for user error, PC issues, etc) Is less convenient to load since it needs you to open Homebrew then load the HANS launcher (or a custom HANS launcher banner if the romhack includes it) Cannot use game updates, meaning it can never go online and will miss out on possibly important bug fixes (XY Lumiose save glitch, for example) HANS was a really good tool back when the only other way to use a ROM hack was by patching a .3ds or .cia file, but now that there's stuff like Luma3DS Game Patching there really isn't a need for HANS besides the poor souls that are locked out of CFW but can still use HBL. Thankfully with NTRBoothax, everyone in that state is one flashcart away from full CFW.
  5. NTRBootHax/Magnethax Released

    Don't even bother mentioning HANS here. This hax allows CFW installation, so you can use Luma3ds LayeredFS, which is better than HANS in every way!
  6. That won't happen in these hacks. I place some value on "honesty" to the player: Everything in these hacks is within the bounds of the standard game. I want my challenge to come from legitimate strategies, not surprise moves/typing. Think of it this way. If you got swept by Guts + Bulk Up Heracross, you'd feel like you lost, but you lost to something you understand. If you got swept by Bulk Up 120 Base Attack Iron Fist Ledian's new Bug Punch move (80BP and can flinch), you'd feel betrayed and there was no way for you to see what was coming.
  7. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    For the record, you might want to refactor the patch to work with self-dumped ISOs. Emuparadise no longer has any Pokemon games, so finding the correct ISO for the patch is going to be a massive pain. Alternatively, provide instructions for decompiling the ISO and copying files over, then rebuilding: I think Dolphin has a native support for this.
  8. If you only wanted to use the wild encounters from this hack without the actual hack, you would have to manually edit every encounter level back to the standard ones. Update the ROM hack to the latest version. This happens when there's a version mismatch between NS/UM and the update of Sun and Moon. If you are running Sun and Moon v1.2, you need Nova Sun/Umbra Moon v1.5+. Follow the instructions on the second post of this thread to properly update from NSUM v1.4 or lower to NSUM v1.8. Alternatively, if you are using NSUM v1.8, you need to update your Sun/Moon to v1.2.
  9. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    Late, but I finished this game on my YouTube channel. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Probably my favorite ROM hack I've played.
  10. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    Really impressive stuff, man. Put me in the list of people who are interested in your tool kit, when it launches I really want to work on my own PMXD hack.
  11. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    Thanks for the indirect compliment! I've really enjoyed your hack so far. How developed are the tools you used to make it? Super impressive how you did the REing and the actual hack production.
  12. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    I'm doing a Let's Play of this, really enjoying it so far. Episodes once per day at noon! The starter Beldum is guaranteed shiny, right?
  13. Try copying the files again, and re-download the pack. You are correct to use the included code.bin, the reason my Sun/Moon hacks don't need code.bin is because Pokemarts are in a cro file instead of as part of the code.bin.
  14. Nuzlocke catching rules are a great way to play the Expanded Build! Glad you're enjoying the game. No. Those files are part of the ROM that isn't live-patchable, not even an update from Nintendo can change the banner and icon. Update Sun / Moon to v1.2, Update Luma3DS to 7.0 or later, and update the ROM hack to v1.7. Use the Leveled or Expanded builds if you want wild Pokémon to match enemy trainers. Default shiny rate, this will not change. Announcing Pokémon Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon! I'll reveal exactly as much information as Game Freak did as to how these will be different from Nova Sun & Umbra Moon. As with this release, I won't be making a thread for these until they're complete. I intend to release Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon v1.0 as feature-complete as the latest release of Nova Sun & Umbra Moon!