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  1. USUM - I Choose You Cap Pikachu

    Found the KOR QR code.
  2. USUM - I Choose You Cap Pikachu

    HKTW QR code is out. I made a PP version because I felt like it.
  3. perfectly legal pokemon cant be traded

    I tested it myself, and can confirm it's a bug. It was the SG Summer'15 one that couldn't be traded at all in gen 6. (It can in gen 7, but it changes OT to "Sun.")
  4. SM USUM - Birthday Events (Round 2)

    Interestingly, it seems there are actually two birthday distributions going. From what I can tell from the pictures and Google translate, it varies by Pokemon Center. Some distribute the old, others are already distributing the new. The Twitter user I linked already got the new distribution, which is ID 171101. (On a side note, if they add the WCID to the FID, I'll be able to at least find out that sometime in December, along with the card text. I have a pending deal to trade for a set.)
  5. SM - Movie Piplup (Korea)

    I know one of my friends isn't going. Dunno about the other yet.
  6. USUM Line Rotom

    I'll have to try tomorrow; already got 5.
  7. USUM Line Rotom

    Really? Everyone I know got Pikachu, Rowlet, Popplio, Litten, and UB Adhesive. I wonder if it's regional?
  8. USUM Line Rotom

    More info here: Basically, you do need to interact with it.
  9. This isn't an entry, but the low quality of the PP favicon always mildly annoyed me, so I retouched it. Feel free to use it (or not).
  10. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Yep, we got it. @theSLAYER got the same dump I did.
  11. SM - Shiny Mimikyu (KO)

    A friend of mine should be able to get the wc7full via RAM dump.
  12. Does Fake GTS website still exist?

    Porybox is kinda stalled at the moment due to the main contributors being busy with other things. Legality is planned (and there's been some progress), search is planned, along with a number of other features, but at this point, we'll probably need some help to get these things going. If anyone's interested in contributing:
  13. Pokemon Transporter Version 1.3 Rolled Out

    Given 3DS date can be easily changed, that wouldn't be a reliable way to determine which algorithm was used.
  14. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    That's been my running theory. I think I figured it out:
  15. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    It's true that it doesn't have the _US_E or _EU_E like "released" wondercards do. That said, HKTW events are always in the same WCID range as JPN events, so we can rule that out. It's definitely NA and/or PAL. We just don't know which, or if it'll be code, wifi, or password. 223 = WCID 784 = size of wc7full 1489391014 = ???