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  1. Mine's female so it's definitely legal. @Kaphotics (Semi self-obtained; I had a friend buy a cart and download it, then I claimed it; can show proof privately if you want confirmation)
  2. Can confirm. SPA, FRE, GER, and ITA languages on a PAL 3DS cannot receive HKTW codes or HKTW+SEA codes. Instead, you'd have to use ENG, JPN, KOR, CHT, or CHS. My theory is that, for HKTW codes on a PAL 3DS, the game looks for a card specifically for each language. GER looks for a card that's coded as a German language card, and so on. So that's why you get a "gift is not there" error when you try to redeem a HKTW code in that language - the game literally cannot find the card, because there's not one. ENG language cards find one because there is an English card, and JPN/KOR/CHT/CHS are set to "default" to looking for the English card, so you do find the gift when you try to redeem the code on those languages. I'm pretty sure the same thing happens with SEA codes on the NA 3DS - except for the fact that when SEA codes go online, they upload the English card as the English card, and the Spanish card, and the French card. So you'll always be able to find a SEA code on a NA 3DS. Presumably, they could do this with HKTW codes too, but choose not to for some reason. Put another way, here's what a HKTW event looks like on the server: - JP - PAL-ENG Here's what a SEA event looks like: - JP - NA-ENG - NA-SPA - NA-FRE So naturally, when you see this, you can tell it's a combined HKTW+SEA: - JP - PAL-ENG - NA-ENG - NA-SPA - NA-FRE (There's actually more, because they upload one each for Sun/Moon/US/UM, but you get the idea)
  3. This turned out to be really long, so here's a super short version. Long version below. 1. Started with Pokemon cards, then got really into Pokemon Silver. And other games, including spinoffs. 2. Ditched Pokemon games before gen 4 because I hated the DS. Sold stuff, replayed on emulators instead. Still liked Pokemon. 3. Got Soulsilver, a remake of my favorite game. Liked it a lot. Got back into Pokemon. 4. Got XY. Got obsessed with trading and breeding. 5. Got obsessed with legit/uncloned event collecting. 6. Got obsessed with moderating /r/pokemontrades. 7. Helped PP collect missing wondercards using my collection and other event collectors, since we need PP's wondercards for Porybox legality. 8. Present day: still event collecting, still moderating /r/pokemontrades. Also using the wondercard server and wcparse to share unreleased info of upcoming events.
  4. I tested it myself, and can confirm it's a bug. https://twitter.com/kirzi9/status/930335365638033408 It was the SG Summer'15 one that couldn't be traded at all in gen 6. (It can in gen 7, but it changes OT to "Sun.")
  5. This isn't an entry, but the low quality of the PP favicon always mildly annoyed me, so I retouched it. Feel free to use it (or not).
  6. Yep, we got it. @theSLAYER got the same dump I did.
  7. Porybox is kinda stalled at the moment due to the main contributors being busy with other things. Legality is planned (and there's been some progress), search is planned, along with a number of other features, but at this point, we'll probably need some help to get these things going. If anyone's interested in contributing: https://github.com/porybox/porybox https://github.com/porybox/pokemon-legality-checker
  8. Given 3DS date can be easily changed, that wouldn't be a reliable way to determine which algorithm was used.
  9. Right, I'm aware of those events, thus the "haven't in awhile" part. But they're all so rare that they're difficult to find legitimately (note: I do not consider clones legitimate), and I don't have them. I don't really count Bayleef and Quilava as events either.
  10. It actually has: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_local_Korean_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_V#Seung_Heon.27s_Cresselia As for mine, I won't bother putting them in any particular order, but... All shiny mythicals, including those that have already had events. Something not too common (like NA wifis/Gamestop codes), but not impossibly rare either. The other shiny Tapus AZ Floette A redistribution of V-Create/Glaciate/Bolt Strike/Blue Flare Victini Things with cool exclusive moves. For example: V-Create Arcanine V-Create Flareon Boomburst/Earth Power/Flamethrower/Follow Me Sylveon Anything else that would be relatively good competitively A set of shiny Kyogre, shiny Groudon, and shiny Rayquaza, with their primal/mega items/move. I was expecting them to do that in gen 6 since they were all black shinies, but nope. Any Absol event. It's one of the only Pokemon that got a mega evo in gen 6 that did not get a gen 6 event. Totally unfair. Other events of my favorites that haven't had events yet, or haven't in awhile: Luxray, Lycanroc-midday, Alola Ninetales, regular and/or shiny Ninetales, Bayleef, Quilava, Growlithe, Vulpix, Castform, Shinx, Minccino, Talonflame, Silvally, shiny Minior Paras. Specifically, Worlds Paras.
  11. The event itself may be free, sure. But these things take time and effort to redeem - not to mention possible travel costs. (That's not to say that the prices are necessarily fair, but well, supply and demand.) Regardless, money at least provides an incentive for those users to actually go out, collect, and trade the events. More events are in circulation thanks to that. Most Japanese/Korean sellers on /r/pokemonexchange have little to no interest in trading, as they already have everything, so it'd be selling or nothing. (Of course, all of the above assumes that the events in question are legitimate as stated. Selling hacks as legitimate would be scamming, which is obviously not okay.)
  12. Credit to @Droidem. 0244 SM - カキ Turtonator (JPN).wc7full 0244 SM - マオ Steenee (JPN).wc7full 0244 SM - リーリエ Vulpix (Alola) (JPN).wc7full
  13. Credit to another Reddit user for this one (who preferred not to be named). 0228 SM - テンセイざん Marshadow (JPN).wc7
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