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  1. Mine's female so it's definitely legal. @Kaphotics (Semi self-obtained; I had a friend buy a cart and download it, then I claimed it; can show proof privately if you want confirmation)
  2. Can confirm. SPA, FRE, GER, and ITA languages on a PAL 3DS cannot receive HKTW codes or HKTW+SEA codes. Instead, you'd have to use ENG, JPN, KOR, CHT, or CHS. My theory is that, for HKTW codes on a PAL 3DS, the game looks for a card specifically for each language. GER looks for a card that's coded as a German language card, and so on. So that's why you get a "gift is not there" error when you try to redeem a HKTW code in that language - the game literally cannot find the card, because there's not one. ENG language cards find one because there is an English card, and JPN/KOR/CHT/CHS are set to "default" to looking for the English card, so you do find the gift when you try to redeem the code on those languages. I'm pretty sure the same thing happens with SEA codes on the NA 3DS - except for the fact that when SEA codes go online, they upload the English card as the English card, and the Spanish card, and the French card. So you'll always be able to find a SEA code on a NA 3DS. Presumably, they could do this with HKTW codes too, but choose not to for some reason. Put another way, here's what a HKTW event looks like on the server: - JP - PAL-ENG Here's what a SEA event looks like: - JP - NA-ENG - NA-SPA - NA-FRE So naturally, when you see this, you can tell it's a combined HKTW+SEA: - JP - PAL-ENG - NA-ENG - NA-SPA - NA-FRE (There's actually more, because they upload one each for Sun/Moon/US/UM, but you get the idea)
  3. It's pure marketing. Can't sell $50 Mews if you let people transfer the ones they got in Go for free.
  4. This turned out to be really long, so here's a super short version. Long version below. 1. Started with Pokemon cards, then got really into Pokemon Silver. And other games, including spinoffs. 2. Ditched Pokemon games before gen 4 because I hated the DS. Sold stuff, replayed on emulators instead. Still liked Pokemon. 3. Got Soulsilver, a remake of my favorite game. Liked it a lot. Got back into Pokemon. 4. Got XY. Got obsessed with trading and breeding. 5. Got obsessed with legit/uncloned event collecting. 6. Got obsessed with moderating /r/pokemontrades. 7. Helped PP collect missing wondercards using my collection and other event collectors, since we need PP's wondercards for Porybox legality. 8. Present day: still event collecting, still moderating /r/pokemontrades. Also using the wondercard server and wcparse to share unreleased info of upcoming events.
  5. I just edited. I'm still going through them. Basically, I downloaded the 4 most recent EU WCs, one for each version. Some of them match the US version. Others do not. After splitting them, I came up with the above conclusion, based on what WC will actually be received by each game. Check it out and see if you get what I got.
  6. Not exactly. Some of the versions are identical, but others aren't. Right now, it seems to look like this (matching the filename to the actual appropriate WC for that game within its file): Moon: Legends 2018 Sun: 2018 Legends UM: 2018 Legends US: 2018 Legends Guess I'll hope they fix the rest.
  7. "SID" doesn't really exist for event Pokemon like it used to, due to the gen 7 changes. If you look at the FID (full ID; combination of TID and SID), a pattern quickly emerges. It's one of two things: either WCID is placed in front of the intended ID No, or it isn't. The FID for these events is 20218, or 0000020218. The game hides all except the last 6 digits, so we get 020218. Meanwhile, an example of an event that does have the WCID in front is the NA/PAL Marshadow. FID is 0626100917. Its WCID is 0626, and visible ID No. is 100917. See the pattern? Basically, they don't just pick a random TID and SID to get the ID No they want. They just pick a FID they want. The TID and SID visible in PKHeX are derived from that. Anyway, as for these events, I think they've only changed a test WC to include the WCID in the FID once before, so I wouldn't expect it to change here. It's possible, though.
  8. Nope, unfortunately. I made a deal to trade for one (and am expecting video proof), but that's all I got.
  9. HKTW QR code is out. https://twitter.com/MRoberto1991/status/930727983144493057 I made a PP version because I felt like it.
  10. I tested it myself, and can confirm it's a bug. https://twitter.com/kirzi9/status/930335365638033408 It was the SG Summer'15 one that couldn't be traded at all in gen 6. (It can in gen 7, but it changes OT to "Sun.")
  11. Interestingly, it seems there are actually two birthday distributions going. https://twitter.com/Lakia_poke163/status/926019162652033026 https://twitter.com/Lakia_poke163/status/926116517426561025 https://twitter.com/Lakia_poke163/status/926596370147958784 https://twitter.com/Lakia_poke163/status/927806553586987008 From what I can tell from the pictures and Google translate, it varies by Pokemon Center. Some distribute the old, others are already distributing the new. The Twitter user I linked already got the new distribution, which is ID 171101. (On a side note, if they add the WCID to the FID, I'll be able to at least find out that sometime in December, along with the card text. I have a pending deal to trade for a set.)
  12. I know one of my friends isn't going. Dunno about the other yet.
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