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  1. This isn't an entry, but the low quality of the PP favicon always mildly annoyed me, so I retouched it. Feel free to use it (or not).
  2. Yep, we got it. @theSLAYER got the same dump I did.
  3. SM - Shiny Mimikyu (KO)

    A friend of mine should be able to get the wc7full via RAM dump.
  4. Does Fake GTS website still exist?

    Porybox is kinda stalled at the moment due to the main contributors being busy with other things. Legality is planned (and there's been some progress), search is planned, along with a number of other features, but at this point, we'll probably need some help to get these things going. If anyone's interested in contributing:
  5. Pokemon Transporter Version 1.3 Rolled Out

    Given 3DS date can be easily changed, that wouldn't be a reliable way to determine which algorithm was used.
  6. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    That's been my running theory. I think I figured it out:
  7. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    It's true that it doesn't have the _US_E or _EU_E like "released" wondercards do. That said, HKTW events are always in the same WCID range as JPN events, so we can rule that out. It's definitely NA and/or PAL. We just don't know which, or if it'll be code, wifi, or password. 223 = WCID 784 = size of wc7full 1489391014 = ???
  8. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    What do you mean? We already know it's for NA and/or PAL, since it's WCID 627.
  9. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    The source is a friend of mine, SnowPhoenix, who also has bots checking the servers. There's not really anything else to report or take pictures of, since as theSLAYER mentioned, it's just the Charizard WC with "Pikachu test" on it.
  10. SM - Marshadow (JP/US/EU)

    Nah, I mean the TRU one. Ash/01301 They probably thought it'd be easier to say it's holding the Marshadium Z than to say you'll be handed the crystal along with the Marshadow. (They could just say "comes with Marshadium Z", though.)
  11. SM - Marshadow (JP/US/EU)

    There was one in gen 4.
  12. Your WishList Event Pokemon

    Right, I'm aware of those events, thus the "haven't in awhile" part. But they're all so rare that they're difficult to find legitimately (note: I do not consider clones legitimate), and I don't have them. I don't really count Bayleef and Quilava as events either.
  13. Your WishList Event Pokemon

    It actually has:émon_distributions_in_Generation_V#Seung_Heon.27s_Cresselia As for mine, I won't bother putting them in any particular order, but... All shiny mythicals, including those that have already had events. Something not too common (like NA wifis/Gamestop codes), but not impossibly rare either. The other shiny Tapus AZ Floette A redistribution of V-Create/Glaciate/Bolt Strike/Blue Flare Victini Things with cool exclusive moves. For example: V-Create Arcanine V-Create Flareon Boomburst/Earth Power/Flamethrower/Follow Me Sylveon Anything else that would be relatively good competitively A set of shiny Kyogre, shiny Groudon, and shiny Rayquaza, with their primal/mega items/move. I was expecting them to do that in gen 6 since they were all black shinies, but nope. Any Absol event. It's one of the only Pokemon that got a mega evo in gen 6 that did not get a gen 6 event. Totally unfair. Other events of my favorites that haven't had events yet, or haven't in awhile: Luxray, Lycanroc-midday, Alola Ninetales, regular and/or shiny Ninetales, Bayleef, Quilava, Growlithe, Vulpix, Castform, Shinx, Minccino, Talonflame, Silvally, shiny Minior Paras. Specifically, Worlds Paras.
  14. SM - Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak

    Full details of all:
  15. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    The event itself may be free, sure. But these things take time and effort to redeem - not to mention possible travel costs. (That's not to say that the prices are necessarily fair, but well, supply and demand.) Regardless, money at least provides an incentive for those users to actually go out, collect, and trade the events. More events are in circulation thanks to that. Most Japanese/Korean sellers on /r/pokemonexchange have little to no interest in trading, as they already have everything, so it'd be selling or nothing. (Of course, all of the above assumes that the events in question are legitimate as stated. Selling hacks as legitimate would be scamming, which is obviously not okay.)