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  1. Special Nintendo Event Items?

    @Kaphotics was showing the misc edits for Emerald not Leaf green. The best way to inject all of the events as other people have said is If your antivirus is deleting it (which mine was too) then just try to disable the anti virus, download the file, put it in a folder, and find out how to white list the folder so that the anti virus does not delete the program. This program is definitely the best tool hands down. I was able to inject all of the events "officially" and its much more satisfying than just editing it in triggers pc.
  2. Hey, sorry it took forever, but I got around to uploading your event cards to our event gallery!
    You got the Image Contributor for that ;P

  3. Restoring Save File

    i used the DS GBA save converting tool. you can find it on the downloads section
  4. Restoring Save File

    here try this POKE RANGER.0.sav
  5. Save File Backups. Are they completely safe?

    Either way (I recommend using the boot9strap 3DS) a save backup is a save backup. Nothing is changed unless you use something like PKHeX so nothing is altered, and even if you alter stuff like most of us do, it doesn't matter because there are only certain criteria that would ban you online anyway. I personally would backup your save files, then backup all of your important pokemon for easy access and also so that god forbid your save backup is lost or anything happens, you would still have all of your pokemon.
  6. Save File Backups. Are they completely safe?

    If your only using homebrew and not a fully boot9strap hacked 3ds then there isnt anything to worry about. The banwaves for sun and moon were mostly from using illegal pokemon, people trying to play the game online early or because in general, their 3DS was fully hacked and they either had many hack programs installed on their 3DS or had the games from freeshop or some other non legitimate method. Also, obviously JKSM will only work for gen 6-7 and you said you wanted to backup all of your saves from gen 3 and up so here is a guide I recently made if you need any help.
  7. Restoring Save File

    Here you go. Try this and let me know if this worked POKE RANGER.0.sav
  8. Restoring Save File

    can you link the save file. Maybe I can convert it for you if that is the problem
  9. Getting PID Mismatch flags on Gen 5 mons

    You would have to ask someone else or find a guide on it. I've never been good with RNG reporter. Also I dont know how old your other version of PKHeX was but they changed a bunch of the legality perameters so its much better with legality issues. edit: I was actually able to fix your genesect by the way lol. I already had the same genesect and the PID worked fine for your genesect so here you go. 649 ★ - Genesect - BF4A1B56008A.pk5
  10. Getting PID Mismatch flags on Gen 5 mons

    Here you go. I fixed your Zebstrika. The genesect you would need to use RNGReporter like the person before me said. The way I usually use to make these pokemon legal, is just hit "reroll" a bunch of times until it lands on a legal PID. Also I really wouldnt recomend editing wild pokemon and giving them perfect IVs, its basically impossible in the wild and is a tell-tale sign of hacking. I would recomend if you want to gen pokemon (except for legendaries, and events) to set their info so that they were hatched from an egg. Then it looks like you bred them where it is possible to have perfect IVs 523 - Zebstrika - FDA5296BA2AB.pk5
  11. Gen 2 Transfer 'Mons aren't legal

    Gen 2 VC transfer has not officially come out yet. Dont try to use those pokes online or you could get into trouble. They will probably be releasing an update to the poketransporter in a few months. Then you can use those online.
  12. Question on How Serial Codes Work for Mystery Gift (SM)

    I'm pretty sure its because you just started the game and tried to get the event instead of going online at least once. That's probably why
  13. I got closer but it still didn't work. This is what I got in PKHeX and I thought it was a good sign but whenever I add an item in game it shows up as a huge number in PKHeX. Also my money pouch is also corrupted so this wouldn't fix that (not a big issue) Like Sabresite said, if its possible to add the feature to PKHeX that would be awesome. I know a bunch of people who experimented with action replay way before PKHeX was out and messed up their bags too who would love to use that. If not that's fine. The bag is functional and I guess its mainly ascetic but I don't know if it could lead to worse problems since the bag is literally corrupted. edit: also if you were considering it, here is a brand new save file as a donor if that helps. Thanks Pokemon - Leaf Green.sav
  14. Would you be able to take a look at my save for me. I cant tell im doing something wrong or if this save is pretty corrupted, but almost nothing lines up between my 2 saves at the exact same offsets (leaf green donor, corrupted save). Thanks. Pokemon Leaf
  15. No it didn't work. I think that the item pouch (and I guess the money pouch) is literally corrupted. I probably have to manually fix it in a hex editor. But I dont know what to fix