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    1. Got_Eevees


      Wow! That must have been pretty exhilarating!


    2. wrathsoffire76


      I was hoping for you to drop your phone :P

    3. Got_Eevees




      I was wondering if he would stand on the vehicle and jump up and down in a circle then go inside.

  2. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Do we know the types? Or any good guesses?
  3. Upcoming Gold & Silver 3DS Themes revealed

    I agree. Here is a related article:
  4. Conversion failed cannot convert a PK4 to a PK3

    I'm actually in the process of that ")
  5. Conversion failed cannot convert a PK4 to a PK3

    Ill update the pk2pk OP, thanks @BlackShark !
  6. Conversion failed cannot convert a PK4 to a PK3

    @pokejed you can find the program on this page:
  7. New Release: PKHeX 17.09.05

    Download FAQ Support Forum PKHeX 17.09.05 is now available! Checkout the new details below and then visit the download link above to grab a copy of the software. View full article
  8. Recently Obtained

    Yes https://pokemongolive.com/en/post/ver-update-083017
  9. Original Advertisement We recently obtained a Mystery Mew distribution cartridge. It is the original distribution cart containing the event MYSTRY Mew 06930! This Mew was distributed as a perk for attending Geoffrey the Giraffe's Birthday Party at Toys”R”Us stores across the USA on September 30, 2006, from 12 PM to 3 PM. This particular cartridge is important because it contains a MYSTRY Mew, which we did not have before. We are asking the community to help pay for this acquisition since the auction was very expensive. After fees, the cartridge cost us a whopping $900! Please help us by donating to Deoxyz, who got this cartridge on credit. Donations can be sent to: Deoxys04@gmail.com Special thanks to @HaxAras and @Deoxyz. Also, thank you to everyone that has donated so far; any future donations are appreciated. Reply to this thread or contact an administrator with any questions or comments. View full article
  10. Recently Obtained

    Truth^ I'm just glad the recent update brought us the much needed lobby counter for raids
  11. Problem Loading Save Data

    @Schnedi I moved your topic to a more appropriate forum: Save Editing Help.
  12. Recently Obtained

    Great Pokémon, theslayer! I got my eye on that shiny Magikarp @InsaneNutter have you encountered any Entei?
  13. Finally caught a legendary!

    @theSLAYER, your new legendary would look amazing in our trophy room ;P Congrats, btw!
  14. Finally caught a legendary!