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  1. Pokémon GO Update

    Data mining suggest the gym rework is comming soon, and more hidden changes: Gym raids added to the APK Raid encounters added Pokémon feeding added Max same Pokémon per Gym added Anti-cheat mechanism added New sponsor (NIA_OPS) More redeemable codes support New Unown sprite sheet added better memory management, re-work of the news feature, a number of refactored features. source: pokemongohub
  2. Pokemon Prism VC Cheats

    Try this: - Delete the save with JKSV (it has an option for that) - Play the game so it creates a new save. - Make a copy of your backup save folder, then leave only sav.dat in this new copied folder - Restore this savegame that only has sav.dat inside
  3. Which Pokémon is better (Mew or Mewtwo)?

    In spanish you would use the male pronouns when referring to animals which gender you don't know (which may sound as assuming it's a male, but it isn't), unless you already know it's gender beforehand, but even when people know the animal is a female you may still refer to it as a male if you are using the animal's name (i.e. "a dog"->"un perro" regardless of it being male or female, but you could also say "una perra" if you know it's female). I for example would say "un jynx" or "un chansey" even though I know they are female only species. I rarely refer to any pokémon as a female if talking about species (maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I do the same when referring to animals). If translators used female pronouns it's either because they translated a script that already had a gender or because the original script wanted to emphasize a gender over the other, or maybe it's just some kind of politics in there, not wanting to refer to all legendaries as male and giving the more "cute" ones some female traits, and if you think it deep enough I don't know which is worse. Also, colective nouns are also male or female, even though they would include individuals from different genders. In the end I think that scripters at the MD games only wanted to humanize pokémon so they wen with genders instead of "it" (well, I haven't played any MD game). Sorry for the little offtopic, but I'm not into competitive play and I'm quite curious about this and how "should" MMY stats be. Was that on purpose to underpower it? I don't see a reason since it's already normally banned from competitions...
  4. Which Pokémon is better (Mew or Mewtwo)?

    Better on what? - Stats: mewtwo - Baddass: Mewtwo - Versatility: Mew (due to being able to learn almost any move) - Cuteness: Mew - MO slave: Mew Also, Mewtwo has 2 mega evolutions, while mew has a signature z-move Personally, mew is my favorite one due to it's mysterious nature in the original games and being the first event legendary (which I only managed to personally get my hands on a gen 1 legit one after 18 years, adding some more personal meaning). Also, it's the last one I got on my original gen 1 pokédex (a gamesharked clone, but I didn't know the difference back then. It's a shame that with so many legendaries that came after it hasn't been able to stay top tier, even some non-mega non-legendary are on par with Mew stats wise.
  5. I've just seen we are missing Lycanroc on 3 languages for gen7. I thought we could get all wifi/zone events from nintendo servers like in gen 6, was I wrong? I thought theSLAYER was getting all the events by himslef this way (including wcfull), but if that's not the case I'll try hard to get all the SPA language events. I do have lycanroc's unused wc on my save, but if needed I can go to a nintendo zone (or spoof if that still works) and get the wc7 dumped. EDIT: I guess somehow the missing WC list was misleading as it listed SPA as missing, but the WC is already in the gallery:
  6. Mirage Islands in ORAS

    I tried several times to port the code reversed by Falo to c#, but it's too complicated to my current understanding of variables and how each language handles all the shifts and other operations, so I've never got c# code to work properly. I could make a simple command line app in C, but my goal was to get some proper code in c# to eventually add it on pkhex. You can still use this (not sure if you already knew it): You can set any 10 islands on your save as if you had had them passed, but those islands won't have the hidden item in them, but you can get any pokémon and those hidden items aren't unique and can be got trough other in-game means. You can still manually edit your own island (which has hidden item and you can pass it to other players). There's a list with values for each island, including cresscent isle, but 10 islands are missing and you need to modify your TID (so this is only really useful if you want to pass a certain island to someone else, otherwise editing passed islands is a way better solution).
  7. Does save injection work on 11.4? Homebrew (no kernel access = no CFW/CIA/Full access but save managing possible) on 11.4 is only possible with Swapdoodle (version 1.1.1 or lower). Other (homebrew only) exploits on 11.4 can be done with the physical cart games FreakyWorms Deluxe and Cubic Ninja (really hard to get nowadays) and Smash Bros (New 3DS only and highly complicated). Apparently on New 3DS secondary exploits like OOT3D and Pokemon Super Mystery dungeon still work, but old 3DS isn't compatible (yet?). Since OOT3D is a player's select and cheap, if you are really against any kind of CFW or nand emulation, have a new 3DS and want to keep homebrew access, installing oot3dhax prior to updating is a viable option and OOT3D has been consistent at allowing homebrew access until 11.4 on which it isn't compatible on old 3ds models. If anyone is still on 11.3 or lower, my personal recomendation is to stick on 11.3 and either install a9lh with custom firmware (preferred if you know what you are doing) or use homebrew to run an updated emunand from SD card.
  8. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    What's that test e-reader card? I'm not sure what you are trying exactly, but if there's some error I want it fixed.
  9. There's no need, the scripts are in the e-reader program, with the propper tools you can get them from the savegame uploaded by blackshark.
  10. Actually if I recall correctly the regi dolls e-card is script based, but instead of being one that gets stored and assigned to a NPC like the eon ticket script, it runs inmediatly in the game after connecting with e-reader and grants you the selected doll (for those that do not know, you transfer one doll at a time). It's essentially what you said, but I though I could get more technical. Edit: also, it's on my (growing) to do list to make the regi saves compatible with other language roms (although using your save on the jap rom would yield the same result).
  11. Unreleased/Beta Pokémon Contribution Thread

    I forgot to mention I do have a complete platinum spanish savefile, I could go and catch the Arceus later. In any case the same save should be compatible with all version for the pokémon retrieval, so the same save could technically be used. Maybe OT encoding, but I think they already made character encoding global gen 4 onwards.
  12. Unreleased/Beta Pokémon Contribution Thread

    I have one in my savefile too, but it's a spanish one: - Edicion Diamante (Spain)-25_allnational.dsv?dl=0 Darkrai and shaymin too are there if I'm not wrong. I used cheat codes on a copy of the savegame for the event though, then traded the pokemon to my savefile (which is "clean").
  13. That's exactly it. Maveon said he knew people who imported other language roms (mainly spanish, since we are talking about Mexico) and he said he didn't remember anyone complaining about not being able to download the ticket. The questions are: - Was the mystyc ticket distro rom compatible with all languages (except jap)? - Was it english only? This was the latest distribution, maybe they already did it multi-language? Or since that wasn't nintendo of europe they didn't do it multi language? EDIT: By the way, Dark_Lucario's wondercard is 1:1 with the one Maveon contributed, which in turn was 1:1 with the one from PNYC. About downloading in other regions, maybe we'd have better luck asking in mexican forums (seems logical, but I've just though about this now...)
  14. Does save injection work on 11.4?

    I read that NTR was already updated long ago for 11.4, only 3-4 days after release. Also one of the main features in the recent luma 7.x update is focused in rom patching, allowing romhack creators to distribute the patches without modifying the original games at all (something like HANS, but with IPS patches and built in the CFW), but you can use it on 11.3, you don't need 11.4 for luma 7.x
  15. Thanks! It's always helpfull to check for the data from different distributions and see if nintendo used the same rom. Also, about the imported carts I was asking because some months ago Maveon posted this: Unfortunately the forums were hacked shortly after that and were down for 2-3 weeks (if I recall correctly) and after the forums were back Maveon didn't come back. ps: not related to gen 3, but do you happen to have any gen 1/2 Mew/Celebi from Mexican distributions?