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  1. VC RBY - Virtual Console Mew (UK)

    Question, this doesn't halpen on normal GB titles right?
  2. RS - Shiny Jirachi from WISHMKR

    I guess I could even code the seeder as nds hombrew for convenience... didn't think about it since I made all testing on emulator.
  3. The game has been reverse engineered, so it should be easier to directly check te code, then search the flag in the save; or just the old "save before and after" to check for diferences and try locating the flag
  4. GEN1 Legit Mew From ToysRus Distribution

    I'm really happy that at long last we got that savefile dumped. I recall Jen saying a friend of her had a blue cartridge as well, any news about that? Also, confirmation that the cart is a retail one is great. Lots of thanks to both of you!
  5. Japanese Generation I Pokemon PKM Files

    @Afepoke any chance you have the original savefiles with the mews and not just the pk1 files? I personally kind of prefer savefiles for general preservation
  6. I still hope they re-patch the game so you get the gs ball event in all playtroughs in all languages. They've gifted plenty celebies before and would be a great selling point. Maybe the fact that it can be shiny holds them off but one can dream..
  7. USUM - I Choose You Cap Pikachu

    I would scan the card I received at the cinema (in spanish), but if the code is the same i'd rather keep the cards in thenplastic envelope (yes, I'm one of those people)
  8. USUM - I Choose You Cap Pikachu

    Isn't that post referring to the EU code being also compatible with US games, thus leaving JP out?
  9. RNGReporter Legandary Dogs firered/leafgreen Fire Red Version and Leaf Green Version RNG.docx
  10. Wondercards

    If you have two 3ds and 2 games this will allow to safely get any event pokémon without nintendo being able to know you did anything. - Game A: that with your main savefile - Game B: backup save and start new game 1.- Insert special pikachu wondercardswith pkhex into GAME B. 2.- Receive special pikachu 3.- Local trade to main savegame 4.- Repeate step 1 5.- Restore original savegame into gameB There's no way you'll get banned this way since nintendo can only know you traded a pokémon with someone. I guess you could probably use a single game and the pokébank, I doubt they addded that much security checks. You could use this method and a region changed emunand to get other region event pokémon too.
  11. [Gen 2] Celebi Tour Celebi

    I'm confident each celebi machine in the truck had a different OT name and that's it. I don't think OT changed with each distribution but... In any case FRANCO, JENS and NICO should have been obtainable in all countries, I don't know what made nintendo elect those names, Fun fact: Franco was the ruling dictator in spain until 1976, but of course that's just a funny coincidence. I know for a fact that FRANCO celebi was also distributed in germany. Besides distributing celebi in the truck a competition was also held and the winner received a gold cartridge with 20 celebi with CTOUR as OT name. The winner could either keep the cartridge or trade those 20 celebi to 20 different trainers and bring the cart back to nintendo, then they would give the winner a Crystal cartridge. It's worth noting that this crystal cartridge was given a month or two before official release in europe. EDIT: in this picture you can see the truck had more than one celebi machine:
  12. Gen 3 Mew Legality

    When talking about gen 3 pokémon there's another factor to consider about legality: OT name (and nickname if there's one). Even though you can trade between gen 3 games of different region and the japanese/english games will correctly recognize its name because both contain the same characterset, you can't enter the same characters in the Japanese games as in international versions. Also, OT name can be longer in international versions. Thus for full legality both OT and nickname of the Japanese pokémon must also be that possible for a japanese game, including trash bytes in OT (I recall them being different between jap and international games). I wanted to make a "japanizer" program that simpli gets the full OT string for a savegame and inputs it on target savegame, this way you can easily create japanese OT names by starting a new savegame on a japanese rom and insert them on desired savegame (or vice versa). I may code it tomorrow if I get some free time (the one time I needed to do this I manually changed the OT and then fixed the checksums).
  13. A little interesting information: Electronic Game Show 2004: aurora ticket Electronic Game Show 2005 (21-23th October): Mystic ticket So this gives european emerald cartridges 2 days to go there for the event and get it, which is another possibility besides the event at Boston the 22nd (Emerald was released in Europe on October 21st). I'll see if I can find someone in that forum that went to EGS 2005 with a non-english FR/LG cart and received the event.
  14. Me neither, but I guess some people prefer "reverted" files to the most untouched possible state and I don't see a problem in providing them with propper specification that they are modified versions of the file we have, be it removing pokérus or de-leveling to distribution state.
  15. I'm of the kind that thinks that having the most untouched version as well as the "fixed" ones is better for preservation. Also, if anyone is up to it I think it would be interesting to have a compilation of all savefiles from Ahuri in a single zip, as well as html dumps of the page for preservation and future reference from anyone wanting to revise the site,